the winchester clan

Awesome graphic made by Kate

  • mbf Kate and Meli
  • reblogs only
  • you can like it to bookmark but it won’t count as an entry
  • must reach at least 40 notes
  • “The Hunter Award”: Best Supernatural
  • “The Charlie Bradbury Award”: Best Multifandom
  • “The Kevin Tran Award”: Best Url
  • “The Meg 2.0 Award”: Best Icon
  • “The Bobby Singer Award”: Best Posts
  • “The Abaddon Award”: Best Theme
  • “The Samulet Award”: Best Updates Tab
  • “The Impala Award”: Best Sidebar Image
  • “The Lucifer Award”: Best Graphics/Edits
  • “The Samandriel Award”: Nicest Blogger
  • “The Sam Winchester Award”: Best Overall
  • “The Castiel Award”: Kate’s Favorite
  • “The Dean Winchester Award”: Meli’s Favorite
What you get:
  • + follow from both of us (if not already)
  • a spot in both of our updates tab
  • promo when announced
  • + random promos
  • our love and eternal friendship
  • you can enter until January 18th
  • winners announced January 19th / 20th
  • there’ll be 1 winner for each category
  • 1-2 runner-ups depending on the notes

Good luck! <3 

blog changes [ew pls no]

hey, guys…

i’m finally moving to this blog! sooo, you can unfollow my current blog (and follow my new one, but only if you want to). 

my new blog is multifandom. (mostly supernatural with hp, thg, nbc hannibal, etc.) everything will be tagged accordingly. stuff that isn’t supernatural will be tagged as not spn, and stuff that isn’t fandom-related will be tagged as misc. 

my blog hasn’t been top quality as of late, but i’ll have a queue set up for this new blog and everything. (currently, it’s under construction.)

so that’s pretty much it. please reblog and have a lovely day. uwu