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McDanno AU (7/?)

They tell me that I’ll make it.
It’ll only be a while.
But a while lasts forever
Without you.

I won’t be happy ‘till I’m with you
Home for me is where you are.
These four walls are nothing without you.
Home for me is where you are.

- Us The Duo, Take me Home

Only a month after their wedding, Steve is called on a classified mission and has to deploy, leaving his ohana behind. Danny and Grace have to adjust to life without Steve.

“I’d trade all my tomorrows for just one yesterday…” 💙

The boys once again showing the meaning of real friendship, sacrifice and family… 💕 This one is mainly inspired by Fall Out Boy’s song “Just one yesterday” 🎵 The scene from the incredible final episode of season 6 came up in my head while listening to it… Really loving this episode! 🎥


Favorite Relationships

Sam and Dean - Supernatural
Harvey and Mike - Suits
Sherlock and John - Sherlock
Neal and Peter - White Collar
Steve and Danny - Hawaii Five-0

haole-cop  asked:

Top five Steve and Danny scenes.

Oh. God. How do I even? Why am I your friend? I hate you so much. I’m totally going to break the rules and make this episodes, I think. Because it’s usually arcs that slay me.

1. This whole episode. This is everything that became everything. Steve’s noticing. Danny’s ranting. Chin’s gentle need. Kono’s bright eagerness. The laughing. The case work. Undercover. Laughing in the office. Danny & Grace. You can’t make me pick a scene, they are all perfect….but if I have to, the punch scene. 

2. This episode is my next favorite after. This is the first time Danny bucks all course and refuses any logic, going by his heart and his guts. And Steve’s “Oh” and this “I know you.” These were my next perfect. This whole growth episode for them, that makes Steve never question Danny’s loyalty ever again. 

3. You knew this was coming, right? You did. This whole episode, too. Danny down in the doorway, but especially this moment right here. How do I even. Danny is so happy and Steve has just gone through the first big shock of him possibly dying right there and then. 

4. Guh. This, okay? This episode where Danny goes to court for Grace for the last time, certain he’s about to be thrown off a cliff. Home of “You look good.” – “It’s for you. It’s all for you.” and “Come here. Come here.”–”I’m here.” and the important “ He’s actually the kind of father we all wish we had.“ and the Danny-Steve hug at the end, when Danny wins, and steps back and then surges forward.

5. This is probably my last truly favorite episode. Steve McGarrett rewrote the whole world and Danny Williams? Was the superhero who saved his Dad, and then he saved Steve, in real life, and he still told Steve the heart-shattering truth about that death all over again. 


(And one to grow on:

The follow-up scene connections. The difference from Steve leaving a “Dear Danno” letter on his desk and running off to Asia and getting STRAIGHT UP SCHOOLED by Danny about being an ass of human no matter if it had been professionally informative. 

To first calling Danny and leaving a message before leaving a country, if he was on the island and busy. To now, calling Danny even while he’s inland to tell Danny he has to leave the island/country. I’m serious. Steve doesn’t stop to tell anyone he’s gotta do what he’s gotta do.

Except Danny.)