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February 23rd 303: Great Persecution begins

On this day in 303, the Roman Emperor Diocletian began the systematic persecution of Christians in the Roman Empire. It was this day that Diocletian ordered the total destruction of the new Christian church in Nicomedia, demanding the building and its scriptures to be burned and its treasures seized. The following day Diocletian issued an ‘Edict Against the Christians’; the persecution of Christians had begun. Christians had been targeted throughout the history of the empire, but violence was at its fiercest between 303 and 313. The campaign did not end with Diocletian’s retirement in 305, as his successors continued what he had begun (though to varying degrees of intensity). The persecution saw the execution of Christians, the rescinding of their legal rights and the requirement that they embrace traditional Roman polytheistic religion. The persecution is generally considered to have ended with the 313 Edict of Milan issued by the converted Christian Emperor Constantine.

Ancient Egyptian jewelry depicting the ba, a human-headed falcon that symbolized one’s unique personality.  Artist unknown; 3rd cent. BCE (Ptolemaic period).  Now in the Walters Art Museum, Baltimore.  Photo credit: Walters Art Museum.

  • Rome: Do you know the punishment for a slave who strikes a Roman citizen?
  • Germania, Chibi Prussia, Chibitalia and Chibimano: *raise their hands*
  • Rome: OK, you, you had your hand up first.
  • Germania: Death by torture!
  • Rome: Nooo. You?
  • Prussia: Crucifixion!
  • Rome: Wrong! You?
  • Romano: They shove a living snake up your arse!
  • Rome: Whew, ahh. No, but that's very creative!
  • Germania: They send you to the lions!
  • Rome: Right!
  • Italy: No!
  • Rome: Whaddaya mean, no? He was right! They send you to the lions!

the God Seth at the prow of the sacred barque of the God Ra-Harakhty, repelling and slaying with His spear the cursed apopi (the enemy of the Gods, represented as a huge snake).
To the left, the God Ra-Harakhty (falcon-headed and wearing the Solar disk) enthroned.
Detail from the first scene of the second funerary papyrus of Lady Heruben, “Lady of the House”, “Chantress of Amon-Ra”, “Great One of the harem of Amon of the fourth phyle”, and “Second Prophetess of Mut”; Heruben was the daughter of Isis-em-kheb (wife of the High Priest of Amon, Pinedjem II, ca.990-969 BCE) and granddaughter of the High Priest of Amon and King, MenkheperRa (son of the High Priest of Amon and King, Pinedjem I). XXI Dynasty; now in the Cairo Museum

fun sparta fact of today

in case you thought sparta had no flair for the dramatic, keep in mind they were banned from the olympics in 420 for political reasons… but some guy entered his four horse chariot anyway under an assumed name and then made a big show of throwing off his disguise when he won and claimed his prize as a spartan

then the judges disqualified him and also had him whipped which is one exception to the rule that corporal punishment is for slaves only

Anabasis adventures: the mountain murder episode

When we last saw the Greeks, they had decided, after really annoying the King of Persia, having all their leaders murdered, and being chased for hundreds of miles through enemy territory by an angry Persian army, to head north into the hills of Kurdistan - the territory of the Carduchi, a people so warlike that even the Persian imperial army takes one look at them and goes ‘uh, you know what, never mind’.

What could possibly go wrong?

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Hello everyone and I finished with the Hooligans, I hope you like it.
In them inspire me in:
Nack in Mccree for his outfit, and also in Sonic Skyline’s drawloverlala.
Bean in bombers’ ideas and @nonetoon
Bark on Sonic Skyline, I like your color palette. Besides that I was able to make a little goldfish costume. LOL. Well I hope you have fun with these 3 and @drawloverlala hope you do not mind that I have inspired you.

A little history, they work for Eggman as mercenaries to try to get rid of them so try several things, but they always shit.