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BBC Sport on Twitter
“What a picture, what a legend. Five-year-old Bradley Lowery led England out at Wembley today. Read all about it...”

Louis liked this tweet today and it’s a beautiful story focusing on generosity and giving back by helping a terminally ill child have a good day.  

‘Terminally ill five-year-old Bradley Lowery led out the England team at Wembley for Sunday’s World Cup qualifier against Lithuania.

The young Sunderland fan was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in 2013, and developed a new tumour in February.’

My skin breaks out and flares up, resentful of my poor bone structure, perhaps. My hair tries to fly away from my scalp, unruly and untamed. My body aches and creaks insolently. My hands gesticulate wildly, trying to fly from my wrists. My eyebrows raise frequently, wanting to distance themselves from my eyes, I suppose. Why is my physicality so rebellious, contrary carnality? It’s in protest of my insides, foolhardy heart and cutting mind.
—  I’m failing at feeling beautiful

Phil Lester is a creative genius! Pass it on!

black sails: there is one episode left :)

me: i’m glad we’ll get to see silver and flint resolving their differences and mending the trust between them; i’m glad we’ll see them saving madi and together leading and winning the war against the civilisation and killing woodes rogers in the process and reshaping the entire world into something better; i’m glad that later we’ll get to see flint finding out that thomas is alive; i’m glad we’ll get to see their reunion and james mcgraw’s happily ever after; i’m also glad we’ll get to see anne recovering completely and rebuilding her relationship with max; i’m glad we’ll see max building a life for herself without ever needing to sacrifice anything else; i’m also glad we’ll get to see jack becoming a great captain and finding peace instead of finding flint; i’m glad we’ll get to see the reason behind eleanor’s actions in this season and that we’ll learn that her relationship with woodes rogers was actually a masterplan devised to bring him down; i’m glad that this entire story ends with a reunion party ten years later on a brand new ‘walrus’ with everyone spending the remaining spanish gold on expensive alcohol; i’m glad that we’ll finally learn that this is not a ‘treasure island’ prequel but a ‘treasure island’ nobody dies au,