the will inside


“I’m sorry. You shouldn't— No one should ever have to go through that…You were just a kid.”
“We both were.”
“Are…are you okay?”
“I don’t know. I don’t know if I should say anymore, I shouldn’t…I-I…I should go. I have to go. I can’t…I can’t.”


Jun saw it coming, but it’s gonna bite back someday, Wonwoo. Took an entire year for him to take revenge on Dino though.

Ignoring all the spooky hollywood stuff associated with mirrors, they’re powerful tools for magical workings, especially in a ritualistic format. 

They are a portal much like a window. But unlike a window, a mirror is a portal that leads into your own self. It is reflecting our being, and reveals what is inside ourselves. 

So by using a mirror to invoke spirits and gods, I am calling to them from inside myself. The Gods, my fetch, my familiar, my ancestors, the man in black… A mirror allows a connection that can only be done with a reflection of self, to recognize them being within myself.

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I love your account!!! But tbh irl I imagine EXOs groupchat being filled with Chanyeol sending memes whilst the members leaving him on seen and occasionally Suho sending stuff about important meetings 😂

Suho would totally join in with the memes tho
Xiumin and Ksoo probably got it muted since day one  😂
Lay sends pics of cute animals he sees or clips form the songs he just composed
Chen complains why the milk is out AGAIN 
Sehun pretends he has no idea where the milk went
Baekhyun idk what Baek does probably being annoying
Kai just sees he has 200 new messages form the chat and still doesn’t read them bc taemin is online duh