the wildwood

The light of morning’s grace was subdued and no longer found in her hair, but her gaze still marveled in its auric hue. Of sun-kissed flesh she was, delicately adorned in fabrics of white and gold. Her perfume was of spring, and the warmth of summer was found in her eyes and smile. 

              The Golden Flower ♛ The Shieldmaiden.

                In her grasp lies Dawnbreaker, a sword made for one who shalt never wilt.

                      Commissioned by the wonderful @tosquinha​. Rivienne Marcellus.

Some artists manage to capture your characters’ souls. And then there’s @istehlurvz, who somehow never fails to deliver far more than you even dream of.

(Follow her, commission her. Drown in her art like I do.)

With @thebookofireine, because she’s the only one who can stand Augustiniel. And the only one he can stand, in turn.

Vergiliaux Renata

By @nyxastra
For @vergiliaux 

This is the first time ever doing something like this and I am very thankful of the people behind the Art Exchange. This was fun to do! It really brought me out of my own comfort, pushing me to go beyond. I am grateful to end the year with a piece like this. To the artist of this character, I am glad to be able to draw them. Your motivational post about your art progress really motivated me. I wish a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !