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Caroni Swamp. Caroni. Trinidad and Tobago.

The Caroni Swamp is located at the mouth of the Caroni River, the largest river in Trinidad, on the north west coast of Trinidad on the Gulf of Paria. Large areas of mangrove trees are separated by waterways that can be navigated by small pirogues. The Swamp is known for many different species, including caimans, swamp boas, crabs of different types, herons and egrets, but in particular the Scarlet ibis.

Most of the Ibises feed in Venezuela eleven miles away. Similar to flamingos and reseate spoonbills, the Ibis gets its rich colour from their diet of crab. The Caroni Swamp is a favourite with visitors to Trinidad and Tobago, particularly in the early evening when the flocks of Ibis are returning to roost in the mangroves.


Excellent, wildlife-filled tour of Kruger National park, South Africa


A landscape and wildlife tour of Australia, Fiji, and New Zealand


French artist Paulo Grangeon has made 1,600 papier-mâché Pandas to represent the exact number of pandas that are still alive in the wild today. The pandas will be travelling the globe and have already visited Paris, Rome, Berlin and Taipei, and they are currently touring around Hong Kong.


Baby Gorilla by ORYX Photography
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It is about taking you to places with exceptional wildlife and photographic opportunities. It is about giving you an experience like no other. It is about assisting you in capturing your story. It is about your photographic journey and growth. ORYX Worldwide Photographic Expeditions. It’s about YOU. Client image by Nima Sarikhani, taken on one of our Mountain Gorilla Signature Photography Safaris. For more information, please email us at


Photography Archna Singh

That takes the biscuit! Stunned photographer spots a lion taking a packet of GINGER NUTS back to its pride.

This lion cub appeared to be fed up of litter in its territory so decided to kick-start the clean-up - as it was snapped with a packet of biscuits in its mouth.

Mother-of-two Archna Singh captured what she at first thought looked like an amusing scene of a cub innocently playing around in Serengeti National Park in Tanzania.

However the 44-year-old photographer quickly realised the sight was less humorous than she first thought and believes it reflects today’s environmental issues in the world.

Singh, from Delhi in India, said: ‘I was on a safari in Serengeti National Park in Tanzania when I spotted this group of lion cubs playing in the grass - at first everyone on my group found it cute and we were all enjoying it.

'One of them walked towards us and we quickly realised he had something unusual in his mouth which was in fact a pack of biscuits left by unscrupulous tourists.’

The Delhi-based professional photographer claims pollution is an increasing problem, which now affects her job.

Singh said: 'I spend 10 days every month shooting in different countries of Asia and Africa but I encounter this problem everywhere, some tourists unfortunately do not have respect for nature.'I often tell people off when I see them throwing their junk away, they usually get embarrassed and pick it up. It makes me really angry.'Wild animals obviously don’t have a clue what those objects are and might be tempted to eat it, which can be very dangerous.'I am very aware of the effects foreign bodies can have to animals, I have seen domesticated animals dying on the street of Delhi as a result of them eating rubbish left by local residents.'Why don’t we teach our children about the effects of pollution on wildlife and maybe prevent animals from dying?’

The locals in Africa tend to be very respectful of nature but also aware of this issue. I have seen volunteers picking up trash in the jungle.'African wildlife safari tours have recently become very popular among tourists, which is great but I think it is partly to blame for some of this pollution.’


Pairing: Yato/Hiyori

Rating: K+

Title: Overprotective

Notes: So, I know posted this already last week but an anon informed me that apparently, when you click on the read more page, it says that the url could not be found. I really have no idea why that happened and I’m really sorry for the inconvenience. So here it is, yet again ^^

When Yato and Hiyori started dating, Hiyori told him that it would be best that they not tell Masaomi for a while. He took his job as her big brother very seriously and for as long as she could remember, he had taken it upon himself to protect her from members of the opposite sex. The first time was when she was in kindergarten and he caught Hiyori holding hands with another boy. He retaliated swiftly, sending a barrage of snowballs at the poor five-year-old.

Then, there was that time in grade school when a boy had gone to her house to give her chocolates for White Day. Masaomi answered the door before she could and when he saw the neatly wrapped, heart-shaped box in the boy’s hand, he wasted no time in giving thinly-veiled threats as he ushered the boy into the house. Hiyori didn’t know how Masaomi managed to do it but by the time she went up to meet the boy, he was already sufficiently creeped out and could only give a slightly terrified squeak as he handed her the chocolates and bolted away.

And when she had to go on an overnight school field trip in middle school, he protested it much more vehemently than her parents did. He spent several heated hours trying to convince their father that it was not in his best interest to allow his one and only daughter to spend a night unsupervised in an area where she would be in close proximity with boys. Yes, there were teachers and yes, the girls and boys would be sleeping in different rooms. But teachers could be careless idiots and rooms could be sneaked into and there was no telling what kind of lecherous things boys thought of at that time of the night. Luckily, her father had only thanked him for his concern before persisting in his determination to let Hiyori have her freedom and telling him that he trusted her and the school staff completely.

Incidents such as that had become rare and far in between since her brother started college (which was, by the way, a point of worry for him because with him gone, who would be there to look after her honor, especially since their parents absolutely refused to do such familial duties? ). But with him back to help out in the hospital, he had decided to resume his duty of scaring away every boy that showed even the slightest hint of romantic interest in her.

In fact, it had already started. Even after Hiyori had assured him that she and Yato were just friends, he tried his hardest to feign interest in whatever it was that they were planning to do. Going to the mall? Perfect! He was just planning on going there to buy some socks. Visiting the zoo? Wonderful! He couldn’t wait to see the exotic wildlife! Tour of old temples and buildings? Fascinating! He just loved history. On the way to Kamuhakari? Amazing! Week-long, boring meetings were just his style. Oh, what do you mean you need to be a phantom to be there? That was okay, he was perfectly fine with just hiding in Hiyori’s suitcase.

“See?” Hiyori solemnly said. “Do you understand why we can’t tell him yet? He’s already not leaving us alone, how much more if he finds out that we’re dating? We’re going to have to ease him into it.”

“Just how many boys tried to give you chocolates on White Day?” Yato demanded.

Hiyori blinked at him. “What?”

“And did anyone really try to do anything with you when you had that field trip?”

“What are you—”

“And how badly hurt was that boy? Did Masaomi get him good with the snowballs?” Yato said, lips curving into a malicious smirk.

Hiyori scowled at him before tackling him into a hurricarana and fiercely saying, “Have you not been listening to anything that I’ve been saying!?”

“What!?” Yato said as he attempted to wrench free from her grip. “He deserved to be snowballed! Hiyori! Hiyoriii. Let me go!”

Actually, anyone who held Hiyori’s hand that wasn’t him deserved to be snowballed.

The two of them bickered for a while but eventually, they came to the agreement that they would not be telling Masaomi that they were dating until Hiyori gave the go signal.

And so, for the next few weeks, Yato was content to keep a good distance away from Hiyori and refrain from hugging or kissing her whenever they were in Masaomi’s presence. They did a whole lot more when he wasn’t there anyway so Yato could stand to control himself for a few minutes. And besides, it seemed as if they had thrown him off their track. Recently, he had backed off and stopped trying to strong-arm his way into their dates. He even gave up on trying to go with them on the latest Kamuhakari, not even raising much fuss when Hiyori informed him that she would be going alone with Yato and Yukine.

Things were going along rather well up until he, Hiyori and Yukine took another trip to Capyperland and Yukine snapped a picture of them waiting in line for a ride. The photograph was cute. The two of them were standing side by side, with his arm wrapped around Hiyori’s waist and her head leaning against his shoulder. She was wearing his jacket (he remembered giving it to her because she had forgotten her own and it was cold) and her lips were stretched into this adorable smile that gave him the warm fuzzies whenever he looked at it.

So he just had to post it on twitter. With the caption, “Sunday fun day with my girl 3 ^_^ :D”

It wasn’t long before Masaomi contacted him.

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