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Hi! This might sound a little silly, but I've been seeing a lot of gifsets about Ned's quote about Sansa and Arya being as different as the son and the moon and in them Sansa's the sun and Arya's the moon. I understand the aesthetic reason for the sorting, but I was wondering if there was a meta reason for it. I think both of their arcs could have the traditional sun and the moon parallels. Your thoughts?

I also got this anon within about 24 hours of your ask (was there a wank I was blissfully unaware of?):

Hey, I really love your thoughts on the stark sisters. This might be a silly ask, but who do you think reflects the moon better and who the sun? I know Ned’s words were more metaphoric than literal, but I always see edits with one sister being the sun and the other the moon, which always vary on which one is which. I can never decide. Do you have a preference?

Before I get into this, I… don’t really have a horse in this race tbh, largely because I think that focusing on the imagery in that line is missing the point of what Ned is saying.  He’s not necessarily saying “one of you is the sun and one of you is the moon,” he’s saying “you are as different as” so I think of it more as a poetic turn of phrase more than anything else.

But since you’re asking here are longer thoughts on the matter, the ones I do have go into symbolism as it appears for Sansa and Arya respectively.

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I noticed you said that animal rights and animal welfare aren't the same, whats the difference ?

The short and easy to remember version? (because I don’t have the energy to have a full blown essay long discussion on it. Sorry) 

Animal rights groups are (usually for profit) organisations / companies like PETA, Animal Liberation Front and the Humane Society. They usually push for radical and extreme actions “for” animals, often stating they want animals to have “equal” rights to humans. They often have no experts in animal science, health or biology in general in their organisations. 

Animal welfare on the other hand, are (usually non-for profit or charity) organisations or governing bodies such as RSPCA, Animal Welfare Institute, or the The Wilderness Society. Animal welfare is for the treatment, care and state of animals, aiming to protect and ensure the basic needs of an animal are met. These organisations therefore push for legislation and acts that ensure animal’s basic welfare and needs are met, and protest against companies, legislation or people who go against these basic needs. Often are backed by scientists and experts, vets ect. 

I think simply comparing the above animal rights groups to that of the animal welfare groups shows pretty well the very clear difference between the two.  

Family Holiday || Sam Drake x Reader ||

Characters: Sam Drake x Reader

Requested: Yup! By Anon, thank you this was cute! [Sam Drake x reader where they all go to vacation somewhere]

Prompt: You, Sam, Nate, Elena and Cassie all go on a family holiday to Australia. Despite a long history of dealing with a lot of weird shit, none of them is at all prepared to take on the most notoriously dangerous wildlife lurking around the hot continent. 

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Word Count: 2,000

A/N: This idea was something @missdictatorme and I were discussing, Sam being absolutely petrified of spiders despite being tough as shit. Also, I live in Australia, I can 14/10 confirm that crazy shit like this happens and has happened before in my own personal experience especially the fucking snake THEY ARE EVERYWHERE???? I also live in the country so we do see more shit than suburban folk. ENJOY 

You woke up with a smile on your face, oh how Australia had been such a breath of fresh air for not just for you, but Sam, Nate, Elena and Cassie. Sam groaned beside you, feeling you had shifted. “Mornin.” He mumbled into the pillow, he was face down on the bed and you were sure he was trying to suffocate himself when he fell asleep like that. 

“Good morning. It’s a beautiful morning.” You grinned, peering out the window of the lovely apartment over looking rolling hills and beautiful vibrant farm land, The first week you all had done the typical touristy business, staying close to the city, visited the iconic Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Now the five of you stayed in an apartment further away from the city, wanting to experience wildlife to the fullest. 

Next week you were all going to camp out in the wilderness. 

“It’s also incredibly hot already, what time is it?” Sam rolled onto his side and looked at you as you checked your watch. “Almost ten, and according to my phone, it’s too goddamn hot.” You informed him, making him groan. The sweat had already started forming on his skin as well as yours, but it didn’t deter your excitement.

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In one of your posts you said that wolves dont have alpha-pack structure. However, in documentaries I have seen the "alpha-male female" pair that are the only ones allowed to mate and give birth, the alpha male that asserts himself in scuffles with his male pack mates, eats first, and that male wolves in general eat first not matter what. My question is: What is alpha behaviour then? Which animals really have an alpha-animal mentality? Wild stallions and elephants? Gorillas? Lions?

You’ve been watching documentaries either a) made before 1990, when Mech published his revised pack theory or b) ones that didn’t get the memo and continue to misrepresent them. It’s hard to find ones that get it correct unless they’re super recent. 

A lot of people think horses have a dominance-based hierarchy, but they really don’t. I think a lot of that comes from the fact that we want to see dominance everywhere because we bought into some weird Nietzche-esque “feral wilderness” crap as a society. Elephants don’t either. 

Lions are sort of in the middle. The strongest males control breeding and have harems, but it’s not like everyone is fighting each other to be the top. You’re big and in control or you aren’t. 

Hyenas have a fairly structured and dominant-behavior-based hierarchy, and are one of the few social carnivores that do. Gorillas and chimps both have pretty hierarchical societies, as do baboons and other smaller primates. 

“No European who has tasted savage life can afterwards bear to live in our societies. All their government is by counsel of the sages. There is no force; there are no prisons, no officers to compel obedience, or inflict punishment.” -Benjamin Franklin

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There is a pleasure in the pathless woods,
There is a rapture on the lonely shore,
There is society, where none intrudes,
By the deep sea, and music in its roar:
I love not man the less, but Nature more…
—  Lord Byron

Thoreau wrote extensive on political philosophy, especially as an advocate of civil disobedience against unjust laws, but he is known best, perhaps, for his love of nature.

According to Thoreau “all good things are wild and free”  and so he thought we should live free from the trappings of government by embracing nature and the natural world. It was only once we had rid ourselves of the artificial trappings of the city, of money, and also of friends and family, that we could confront the essential nature of man. Society, even a just and kind society, suppresses spiritual freedom.

Thoreau has been criticised on the grounds that his idea of a ‘wild and free’ world is one of a comfortable, first-world academic, and not of the harsh reality of nature. It is perhaps easy to live  ’free’ in your finely tended garden, but less so amidst hurricanes, blizzards or sand storms.