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A Fellow Traveller by Phil Newton
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Spotted Hyena. Taken on foot, Letaba, Kruger National Park, South Africa.

You never realize how similar your OTPs are until you watch all their movies in a row... (These are just a few of mine lol)

Like… They all can’t stand each other at first and then stuff happens and then…yay 😋👍❤

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(Spoilers for GotG 2)

(Somebody take that Afterlife AU away from me, I’m running wild with it.)

Since kicking Ego’s ass can’t be all the unconventional team made up of Yondu, Meredith and the Ravagers do to pass eternity, have some more little ideas:

The Ravager instantly love Meredith – well, after some confusion as to “Why is there a beautiful lady comin’ over to us and greetin’ us so friendly, and why is Capt’n near speechless?”. It doesn’t take too long for them to figure out her similarity to Peter, though, and that’s when it clicks.

After that, they all but fulfill every of her wishes. They are amazed by the fact that this nice beautiful lady can both be an angel and kick ass (because, ho-boy, you all should have seen what she did to Ego, that wasn’t pretty). Meredith very nearly becomes a crewmate of honor, called “Miss Meredith”, “Ma’am” or “M’lady”.

She laughs merrily at their antics, but can’t get them to stop.

Meredith and Yondu become great friends and very nearly inseparable. Where there is one of them, there is the other never far away.

There is a sort of friendly contest between them, concerning Peter. But it’s not about jealousy or “I did better than you” – it’s the exact opposite. They are arguing that the other did better at raising Peter than they did.

“Don’ be ridiculous, woman, boy got it all from ya!”

“I raised him for eight years, you for twenty-six – excuse me, but he’s clearly taking after you!”

“Hah! As if I would save the friggin’ galaxy! That’s yer soft heart there, not mine!”

“Says the man who died protecting our son.”

“Don’cha freakin’ remind me of that day after day, Meredith…!”

“I wouldn’t have to if you would finally stop making yourself the bad guy!”

And the crew is just in the backline watching like, “They’re still goin’ on about that, huh?”


Meredith wants to teach the Ravagers how to dance, only to find out, to her great delight, that Peter had already taken care of that long ago.

What really stuns her, though, is…



“You said you couldn’t dance!”

“Darlin’, I said I never dance. Never said I couldn’t do it. ‘S a difference.”

“I feel tricked.”

“Ravager, Meredith. ‘S my job.”

“Oh, shut it and dance along.”


They set out to find Ego’s children and their mothers, one by one, all of those he killed for his plan. Yondu likes to pretend it was all Meredith’s idea to do so, but when you listen very closely, you can hear Horuz mutter something about the Capt’n having a thing for saving little brats. (Yondu literally kicks him in the ass for that.)

It all goes well until one day, they encounter a child, a little girl with big eyes and an easy smile, who knows Yondu. Girl starts beaming when it sees him, insisting on calling him “Mister Yondu”, and Yondu…

Yondu withdraws, growing silent and angry like he once was, and tries to avoid the child where he can.

It’s Meredith who figures out what’s going on – though, the Ravagers, know, too, they just don’t know how to address it. They all remember the little girl, of course.

“Yondu,” Meredith catches him one day, when he’s once again busy avoiding the child. “She’s asking for you.”

“Would be better if she ain’t gunna see me ‘gain.”

“You can’t avoid her for eternity,” that doesn’t get the reaction she has hoped for, and she sighs, reaching out to lay a calming hand on the silent man’s arm. He twitches, but doesn’t pull away. “Yondu, it’s not your fault.”

“She wouldn’t be here if it ain’t been for me.”

Ego tricked you. Ego killed her. Don’t shoulder his guilt for him. Jackass doesn’t deserve that.”

Yondu’s lips twitch into a half-smile at hearing her swear like that, and Meredith beams at him as she links her arm with his. “Now come on. She’s begging for your whistling. Apparently it helps keeping nightmares away.”

“Yeesh, she still remembers that?”

“You bet she does. And we others wouldn’t mind hearing you whistling a child to sleep, either.”

Somehow, Meredith ends up as a surrogate / second Mum for a few dozens to a few hundred of children, with the actual parents of the children becoming her friends. The Ravagers take up the rolls of the dorky, weird uncles, and Yondu…

Well. Meredith keeps insisting he’s being a great father figure for all those kids, and Yondu keeps scoffing when she laughs at his face whenever she says that.

It still doesn’t stop him from indulging the children, much like he once did with lil’ Peter.


Once they gathered as many of Ego’s dead lovers and children as they could find, they decide to track down the former god once again. He’s got a break from the hell they have put him through – and break time is over now.

Let’s just say Ego is very, very done with his afterlife when he gets visited by a whole army of people who want to see him suffer for what he did to them, Yondu and Meredith and the Ravagers leading the whole group.


All in all, there is a lot to do in the afterlife, and somehow, Yondu and Meredith and their crew manage to make it a whole lot more interesting than it ever was.


Aunt Judy is away on a con-vention (get it?? XD) and if there is one thing Nick hates, it’s the lifeless empty bed beside him. So little Isa had to “volunteer” to bunk with him… and a Judy-scented bolster XD

This is a gift for @ryutolbx, I hope u like it! :D

Note: Isabelle is not mine, she is an OC by @trashasaurusrex.