the wild unkown

I’ve been feeling out of sorts this week so I thought I should do a quick Body/Mind/Spirit spread with The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck. 

Body-Crocodile: Resting, Submerging. It’s time to step down and wait. I’ve been realizing how much I need to listen to others recently. It’s my turn to observe and learn. This also explains my reaction to lash out, since I’ve been fighting against progress. 

Mind-Crow: Creative, Watchful. It has become clear that I need to work towards my tarot related goals. I am mentally ready to move forward towards creating new spreads and working with new people. I need to embody more self confidence when it comes to carrying out my plans. 

Spirit- Stingray: Developing Confidence. Look at that! Again, I have it in me to achieve creatively. I need to believe more in my abilities. I’ve always struggled, but anyone can see that I’m passionate. It’s not time to quit!


My Wild Unkown deck arrived in the mail today! <3 I can’t get over how beautiful it is. I’m still gushing over the gorgeous artwork.

I took some photos of the cards that I found especially striking. And the two at the end are my two favorite cards, compared to their Rider Waite counterparts. Honestly, I’m so glad RW isn’t my only deck anymore. 

anonymous asked:

Your blog is gorgeous and so are you! I'm new to the witchcraft/ tarot realm and was wondering if you have any advice for a newcomer? Thank you so much!

Thank you so much! I feel like I’m not one to give advice only because I am relatively new as well! I’m still figuring things out and learning new things everyday. I think it is beneficial for every newcomer to not only understand the background and history of tarot, but to more importantly develop a relationship with your deck from the get-go. With my Wild Unknown Tarot deck, I had a journal alongside of it where I would document what I saw in each individual card, and my thoughts and interpretations as well for each card. Through that process, I was able to develop a relationship and understanding of each card, which only made me more successful when I started doing readings for myself. I urge you to do the same with your deck! It’s definitely a long process, but completely worth it to me.

Anyone else have any thoughts or advice for beginners? Feel free to let me know!