the wild ones 2013

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“That moment when you realize you forgot to turn your notification sounds off”

Things I Have Learned Since Watching KDrama

1. The first male lead is always selfish , rude but no matter how he is , he will always get the girl .

2. The female lead is always poor and but has the best cellphone .

3. The female lead always have two cute friend who are also poor .

4. The second male lead will always be caring , supportive and will always find the female lead when something extreme happens but no matter how perfect and caring he is , he will never get the girl .

5. The Second male leads always has family issues and always ends up fixing it .

6. First Kiss is soo important .

7. Mostly every couple are childhood lovers .

8. Evil rich mothers are everywhere

9. There’s always last minute concussion where the female lead or the male lead forget eachother and end up trusting someone they just met .

10. You can storm out of a restaurant if you are angry with out paying .

11. The first male is always good at everything but does not have a good personality .

12. The female lead always looks ugly but transforms herself into this beautiful butterfly in the end of the Drama .

Indefinite/permanent hiatus announcement

Hello friends and followers! This blog is about three and a half years old which is wild (I’ve been on tumblr a bit longer but I made this one in October of 2013). It’s been a wild three and a half years, but it’s time for it to come to an end. Recently, tumblr has bored me, and just made me annoyed and unhappy. It doesn’t satisfy me the way it used to, and the way other social media now does.

I also threw myself into the Cats fandom here, but for very personal reasons, I’m needing to distance myself from Cats drastically right now. To the lovely, amazing friends I’ve made from this hell site, old and new– thank you for everything!!

The blog isn’t going anywhere. But I’m not going to log into it with any frequency anymore. I won’t answer messages or check my dash. At times I may check up on certain blogs but I won’t be interacting with posts.

THAT BEING SAID, I’m not just disappearing!!! You can find me in the following places:

Twitter: skimblcshanks  ***this is my main one right now. let me know if we were tumblr mutuals and I’ll be sure to follow you back!***

Instagram: nattyd24601 

Snapchat: nattyd24601

Discord: You know who you are– I have the servers muted but you can always PM me!!!

RP blog: @mvcrofts ***IF YOU NEED TO CONTACT ME ON TUMBLR, this is where I’ll be, both on desktop and mobile. Please don’t flood me with messages unrelated to RP here, because it’s a high-traffic blog, but it will work for contact! I’d prefer other social media, however.

If you’d like to add me on FB or get my phone # (only if we’ve talked more than like… twice?), you can contact me at any of the above social media platforms to ask! I will not be on this blog effective immediately so contacting me here is useless.

I’m going to have this post queued for a few times a day for a while. Thank you all for being there and for understanding. Goodnight!

2013 5sos were wild

halloween 2013 was such a wild time for one direction fans like harry styles was running around in spandex pretending to be miley cyrus with his middle aged bodyguard as robin thicke while niall horan was running around in a sleeveless leather vest as a member of kiss carrying two beers in his hand at one time

Favorites of 2013
Stole this from classicrockrose

Favorite Artists of 2013:


Local Natives (every year)

Arctic Monkeys



Purity Ring

Washed Out

Wild Nothing

American Football

Brand New

Fall Out Boy

Kick-Ass Concerts I Went To:

South By Southwest; included Alt-J (twice), Atlas Genius, Haim, Tegan and Sara, Twenty One Pilots, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Zedd, Local Natives, Fall Out Boy

Bonnaroo; included; Twenty One Pilots, Walk the Moon, Purity Ring, Alt-J, Local Natives, Of Monsters and Men, Foals, Grizzly Bear, Paul McCartney, Pretty Lights, Animal Collective, Cults, Portugal. The Man, Matt & Kim, Beach House, The Lumineers, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Kendrick Lamar, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes, Tame Impala, A$AP Rocky, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers. *NOTE: Bonnaroo is one of the greatest experiences ever. Go. Save the money and do it. You won’t regret it.

Older Albums I Enjoyed:

Fall Out Boy: From Under the Cork Tree (2005)

Neutral Milk Hotel: In the Aeroplane Over the Sea (1998)

Favorite Albums of the Year:

Alt-J: An Awesome Wave

Cayucas: Bigfoot

CHVRCHES: The Bones of What You Believe

Haim: Days are Gone

Kings of Leon: Mechanical Bull 

Arctic Monkeys: AM

Local Natives: Hummingbird

Purity Ring: Shrines

Favorite Songs of the Year:

Alt-J: Tesselate, Taro, Bloodflood,Ms

Arctic Monkeys: Do I Wanna Know?

Cayucas: Cayucos

CHVRCHES: Lungs, Gun

Dead Man’s Bones: Pa Pa Power

Cut Copy: Take Me Over

Haim: My Song 5

Kings of Leon: Wait for Me

Local Natives: You & I, Ceilings, Three Months, Bowery

Lorde: The Love Club

Modest Mouse: 3rd Planet

The National: I Need My Girl

Purity Ring: Fineshrine, Grandloves, Amenamy

Tame Impala: Apocolypse Dreams

Vampire Weekend: Step, Hannah Hunt, Unbelievers

Washed Out: Feel It all Around, Amor Fati, All I Know, It all Feels Right

Wild Nothing: Nocturne, Paradise, Ocean Repeating (Big-Eyed Girl)

Brand New: I Believe You, But my Tommy Gun Don’t, Degausser

Fall Out Boy: I Slept With Someone in Fall Out Boy…, America’s Suitehearts

American Football: Never Meant

What a good year for music

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Mack Wilds - “Love In The 90z” (Video)

Tristan “Mack” Wilds had one of my favorite albums of 2013 with his debut LP, New York: A Love Story. Despite his youthfulness (he is only 26), the Grammy-nominated album was steeped in vintage 90s’ hip hop soul in a similar fashion to songs from Mary J Blige’s My Life era and Faith Evans’ early Bad Boy years. Although he returned to his original hustle of acting (he starred in Adele’s “Hello” video, and was a lead on VH1’s movie The Breaks), he also plans to drop his sophomore effort on Epic Records later this year. That album has been set off by its first single, “Love In The 90z.” An extension of the sound of New York, Mack has unveiled the visual treatment for the song. Inspired by the early directing days of Spike Lee, the video was actually shot in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, and plays on Spike’s 1989 opus Do The Right Thing. With bamboo earrings, boom-bap stylings and an appearance from Saturday Night Sexy alum Crystal Rodriguez, viewers can take a trip back in time below.

Throwback K-pop Thursday: Eight Times SHINee Made You Feel Things

Last week, SM Entertainment’s strongest (and when I mean strongest, I mean the group that’s definitely last the longest in terms of original member lineup) just celebrated their eighth year anniversary. As official SHINee trash, I feel more than obligated to fan over this amazing achievement on the part of both SHINee and the SHINee World (which is a darn great place to be ya’ll). 

For this week’s Throwback K-pop Thursday, I will be listing down my eight favorite SHINee moments. From their awkward, flower boy phase to their more put together mastery of their contemporary style, this will definitely be both a fun and feels-worthy article.

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