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Hmm I have quite a few many friends on here, irl I have:

lucky-charm-s and izbeebonquiqui and someothers

On here I suppose my ‘main’ or the ones I talk to most are alliesiriuscollision baku5ds myyanderehusband and greedy-dork and I’m hoping to become better friends with ur-so-noizy and a lot of other wonderful people~

There are plenty others I consider friends but, I don’t know if they consider me one so I’m not doing favorites promise I love all you guys so much and my friends know who they are hehe~


so I was tagged by both rzclo and ambertheliuser — so I guess I’ll do this 5 selfies thing haha

So yeah, here’s me, loving animals, wearing makeup for like the fourth time in my life, and when I got all my hair cut off.

I honestly don’t know who to tag so any of my loyal followers/mutuals, feel free!

Go for it

1. The meaning behind my URL

2. A picture of me

3. Why I love my bestfriend

4. Last time I cried and why

5. Piercings I have

6. Favorite Band

7. Biggest turn off(s)

8. Top 5 (insert subject)

9. Tattoos I want

10. Biggest turn on(s)

11. Age

12. Ideas of a perfect date

13. Life goal(s)

14. Piercings I want

15. Relationship status

16. Favorite movie

17. A fact about my life

18. Phobia

19. Middle name

20. Anything you want to ask

I edit the look of my blog whenever you edit my feelings.

… I’m sorry, but if you don’t think siamusic is one of the most evolutionary, boundary defying artists out there… we simply can’t be friends. She’s a goddess. She’s everything.


Legion Of The Black

I can never get enough of this movie !