the wild documents

Are we going to talk about the fact that the underground city Tamlen saw in the Eluvian was probably Arlathan? And that Merrill has that Eluvian? And that it seems to now be hanging out in the crossroads? No? And how Tamlen caught the blight from said underground city that sounds suspiciously like Arlathan.

Wild Past.

“It was one wild night in college. How bad could it be?”

How bad could it be? Imagine ‘terrible’ and multiply it by 3. A wild night in college could mean a lot of things. For me, it meant drunken nights and reckless mistakes that were now documented on the internet for all to see.

“Cyn, it’s the worst possible thing that could happen!” I tried to reason, sorting through the bundle of clothes I had quickly dropped onto my bed in a rush when I realized I had to place a call to my best friend before I did anything else.

“Now you’re being overly dramatic. The worst possible thing that could happen is a sex tape of yours ends up on the net and to my knowledge, you haven’t done that sooo calm down. You act like you’re dating the President of the United States. Neymar’s reputation isn’t so clean either. There’s gotta be some embarrassing pictures of him on the net.”

I groaned in response to her trying to calm me down. It wasn’t exactly working the way she was probably hoping it to. “He’s going to see those pictures and end it with me. No way will he want to be seen with me.”

“I, in fact, think it will have the opposite effect. He’s going to look at those pictures and think ‘Damn, my girlfriend was a hot piece of ass who used to go out and have fun before she abandoned her best friend for me’.”

I rolled my eyes, unable to control the slight giggle that escaped my throat at my best friend’s joke. “Oh shut up. I didn’t abandon you.”

“What about that cookout we were going to go to last weekend and you said ‘Nooo. I can’t go. My baby has a match I have to watch’,” she mocked in a prepubescent voice that was supposed to mirror mine.

“He did! I don’t know why you invited me out on a Saturday anyway.”

“Because that is literally the only day I’m not being bothered by these damn bosses of mine. Look, back to the original topic. You will be fine. Neymar will be fine. He’s not going to take them serious. Trust me. It was one fun night in college. He’ll understand.”

I just hoped she was right.

To say I wasn’t trying to suck up to my boyfriend and make him as happy as possible when he arrived home would have been a lie. I had scrambled to cook a nice dinner for him and cleaned up around the house all before his arrival but once that door opened to signal he was home?

I panicked.

I looked down to my clothing, still clad in sweats and a t-shirt that was supposed to turn into a dress before his arrival. I cursed to myself and began running from the kitchen before he could see me but my quick jolt didn’t go unnoticed.

“Babe?” He called out curiously.

I stopped in my tracks. “Yeah?” I looked over my shoulder to see Neymar now walking up behind me, still looking confused.

“Where are you running off to? Avoiding me?” He playfully smirked. He wrapped his arms around me from behind and placed a gentle kiss to my cheek in greeting.

“No,” I quickly defended. “I’m not. I was just…let’s just eat dinner.”

“You cooked?” He raised his eyebrow in questioning and I knew what that look was for. I rarely ever cooked dinner and when I did it was usually to pacify him after an argument or a bad day. Me cooking always meant bad things.

“Y-yeah,” I stuttered. “Let’s go.” I took his hand before he could protest and led the way into the kitchen, the plates and food already set up on the dining room table. I decided to take a seat and settle for being in my terrible attire. I silently grabbed for my fork and watched as Neymar reluctantly took a seat across from me. He still had a look of suspicion on his face.

“You’re worrying me.”

I lifted my head to look towards him and shook off his concern. “No need to be worried.” I gave a smile that I thought was reassuring but I was sure it probably didn’t come off the way I wanted it to because he didn’t return the smile.

“Fess up.”

His stern look caused me to huff a defeated sigh. “Promise you won’t be mad?”



“I’m not making that promise when I don’t know what you did. So what is it? Did you cheat?”


“So what did you do?” He dropped his fork onto the plate and gave me his full attention, only causing me to grow more nervous under his gaze. I didn’t know whether to break out the phone and show him for myself or insist that he never look at the pictures ever. To be honest, I was surprised he hadn’t already seen them.

“There’s a few articles about me…online,” I fumbled with my fingers, unsure of what to say and how to say it. “They’re not all that great.”

“What do they say?”

“Just that you shouldn’t be with me and I’m not the good girl I portrayed myself to be.” Though when did I ever paint myself to be a good girl? Never. People just always assumed I was because no one could find any dirty information on me but with this? Oh they were having a field day as they were finally able to prove I was no good for their beloved Neymar.

“Why would they say that? I don’t get it.”

It was then that I knew I would just have to show him the pictures I was dreading re-visiting. I pulled out my phone and went to my images, already having saved them all when I sent them to Cyn for her to see what I was whining about. I went to the first image of me at a party, a beer in one hand and my mouth planted onto the lips of a random man who I still couldn’t identify.

Yeah, that type of night.

Granted, I didn’t do anything too reckless most people probably assumed from that picture alone that I was the type who randomly hooked up with men. If I did? So what. But that wasn’t me and I didn’t want anyone painting a false image of my character to try and destroy my relationship.

The others were similar including an image of me and a few of my friends on a beach in revealing bikinis and drinks in our hand. Sure, they weren’t too bad. I wasn’t exposed a la Kim Kardashian but it was enough embarrassment for me to think that my boyfriend and eventually my parents would stumble across these images.

I watched Neymar’s reaction closely as he scrolled through the pictures and I could practically hear my heart beating as I waited for him to utter something to let me know he wasn’t ready to dump me here and now.

After a moment, he dropped the phone to the table and there was a pause before he looked at me again.



“Did you look at them or…?”

“I did,” he calmly responded.


He leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms, using his hand movements to illustrate his words while I continued panicking until he spoke. “I don’t see what the big deal is,” he shrugged. “I mean granted, that guy you’re kissing looks horrible. So not your type.”


“Y/N, I don’t care that you used to get drunk at parties in college or whatever else you did. We’ve all done some wild things, some documented, some undocumented. Like those twins I hooked up with, whew.”

I grew relieved until the last statement he made, completely taking me off guard. “What did you just say?”


“What did you just say, Neymar?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he sneakily smirked. He stood up from the table and I quickly followed him, watching as his smirk broke into his signature laugh. “What did you say?” I hopped onto his back, only causing him to laugh more.

“I didn’t say anything!”

“Don’t joke around like that.” My legs wrapped around him as he carried me on his back, now purposely picking up speed as he ran.

“Fine, drama queen.”

Things that remind me of the signs

Aries: Autumn, denim jackets, bright orange/red hair, lollipops

Taurus: Baking, nature, sketches, jewelry

Gemini: Split hair, messy rooms, books, mornings

Cancer: Sleeping, pastel colors, small animals, video games

Leo: Makeup, dancing, coffee, gifts

Virgo: Clean and neat places, grey clothing, wind, seashells

Scorpio: Roses, high heels, smiling, money

Libra: Watching movies, flea markets, marshmallows, sunlight

Sagittarius: Running, pretty stones, hugs, crafting

Capricorn: Writing, brown eyes, wild animals, nail polish

Aquarius: Documents, pleated skirts, silence, water

Pisces: Winter, friends, pastel pink makeup, bows