the wife bit is a joke by the way

“” - Bruce Wayne x Reader

Summary : The women of the League are teasing you about the love bites that litter your body….

I already kinda had the idea of doing a similar story on the women side…So here we go. Last time the guys of the League were mocking Bruce for the scratches on his back (you can read that here), now, it’s Batmom’s turn (though I feel it’s not as funny as the other, I tried something else you know, so that the stories wouldn’t be exactly the same, too similar and shit…erf, whatever, hope it’s kinda ok). Hope you’ll like it (insecuritiesoverloadbutitsok) 

WARNING FOR LANGAGE and slightly NSFW, just slightly. Also, My masterlist blog here :


It wasn’t really part of your initial plan to shower at the same time than them. Bruce told you about his friends trying to tease him about the nail marks you left on his body after a heated night, and you were afraid that your girl friends would do the same, a bit paranoid about it really…

But then you thought about the fact that usually, women tended to be a bit more mature about that (maybe?), that they would probably behave and ignore the hundreds (literally) love bites on your body. 

Besides, there was only Diana, Zatanna and Dinah, surely, they wouldn’t say anything, after all, they were used to Bruce being affectionate towards you when he thought no one was watching, small love bites wouldn’t shock them or anything. They were your three best friends, they knew how to not intrude too much in your life. They would definitely not talk about the marks your husband left on your body. 

And oh you were so wrong. 

You were in your underwear when you started to notice their smirks, and the way they whispered in each other’s ears while looking at you. No…could it be ?

You turn around, and when Diana’s eyes go wide at the sight of the love bites on your front while Zatanna and Dinah just start laughing stupidly, you know you actually were right to “fear” a reaction from them. You roll your eyes and give them your best “really ?” facial expression before saying :

-Are you guys snickering like idiots because of the love bites ? 

Zatanna answers your question :

-No, we’re snickering like idiots because Bruce…

And then it happens. The worst pun you ever heard in your life (and you were used to Dick and Tim’s nerdy jokes). All three of them yell : 


Stun. That’s what you are. Wow. Even worst that the poor attempt from your male friend in the league to embarrass Bruce. An awful pun. 

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  • The Best Friend™ Husband
  • he loves you but you can sure as hell bet that he’s always ready to go for the drag
  • don’t get me wrong, Minghao definitely has a romantic side with his wife and he’s probably adorable when you were still his girlfriend but when girlfriend turns into wife… well people get comfortable and you two go from 
  • Him: “Oh do you want to order mint ice cream and share?”
  • You who hates mint ice cream: “Yeah..!”
  • to 
  • “Why do you always buy mint ice cream, you know I hate it” “Its the only thing i can love in peace, you finish everything else”

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Father III

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“This is getting out of hand.”

“What is getting out of hand?” Asked Pomona.

“Those two.” And Neville pointed at Harry and Malfoy, who were attending breakfast again after two days of absence.

“Last night, I actually dreamed of them. I was smashing their heads together while shouting ”and now kiss”.” He made some aggressive movements with his hands to underline his words.

“Who should kiss?” Asked Malfoy.

“Your mom.” Answered Neville.

Malfoy opened his mouth, offended. “My mother does not…”

“I was joking, I was joking. Djeezus Malfoy, loosen up a bit.” Neville was angry, and suddenly he sprang to his feet and stormed off.

“What was that all about?” Asked Harry looking confused. He hadn’t followed the conversation.

“Nothing you can help.” Said Poppy with a sad look on her face. “Pomona, could you save me some breakfast? It appears I’m needed for damage control.”

“Sure.” Pomona gave her wife a strange look. There was something off about how Poppy looked when she followed Neville.

Like she was on her way to a bad news conversation.

“Its not fair!” Neville kicked a metal trash can. The bang resonated loudly in the greenhouse.

“It’s. Not. Fucking. Fair.” He emphasised every word with another kick.

Poppy grabbed his hands and pulled him back before he broke one of his toes, something he’d done many times before.

“No it isn’t, life isn’t fair.” She sounded stern and calming, but didn’t say anything else to calm him down.

Life was almost never fair, and sometimes it was downright cruel. No nurse could offer words of comfort when it was. No one could.

After a while Neville started to calm down, and his bottom lip began to tremble. Silent tears ran down his face. His shoulders slumped in defeat.

“You really care for them don’t you?”

“Yes. Fucking yes.” Neville’s words were interrupted by sobs here and there. “Do you know how many nights I’ve spent guarding Malfoy’s room to make sure he wouldn’t fling himself of the astronomy tower while no one was looking? Do you know how often I had to make him dittany extract because he kept tearing up his mark? Do you know how hard it was to see Harry slip away into his depression? It’s infuriating that those two can make each other happy but don’t. I want to leave something good in this world before I die, is that too much to ask for?”

“No.” Said Poppy, even though she knew better. She had seen so many people die who left nothing but broken families. She feared Neville would be no different. “No of course that’s not too much to ask. But you know you’re not responsible for their happiness, right?”

“Yes of course I know that, but I need something else to focus on. Anything better than this.” He looked down at his trembling hands.

“It’s not certain it will kill you. Miracles haven’t left the world yet.” Poppy knew she shouldn’t try to give him hope, but she hadn’t fully accepted his fate yet herself. Couldn’t accept that Neville really was going to die at twenty eight, twenty nine if he was lucky.

“I wish the miracle that is keeping me alive right now would bring them together, instead of buying me more time.”

A year had passed since Neville had been diagnosed with a rare magical autoimmune disease. He should have been dead within weeks but more than a year later he was still alive.

The trembling in his hands told him that it wouldn’t be long anymore though.

“Poppy? Why is this happening to me?” Neville sat down on the floor and held his shaking hands in front of his face. 

Poppy kneeled down next to him and clasped her hands around his shaking fingers. The slight tremble in his voice caused by suppressed tears made Poppy do something she had sworn to never do in front of a patient.

She cried. 

“I don’t know Neville. I honestly don’t know.”

After some minutes peace had returned to the great hall again, but not for long.

“And where do you think you’re going?” Asked Harry sharply. Malfoy had gotten up as soon as he’d seen him eat the last bites of his full english breakfast.

“Class preparation. I’m days behind schedule now and…”

“And you are going to add some more days to that.” Harry got up and followed Malfoy. They had agreed he would stop teaching until he had a plan for handling the upcoming case.

“I am not. You wanted a plan, well I have one. It is not failing my students over small personal matters.”

“Small personal matters!” Harry called out loudly, and he made several students turn their head. Harry got an angry glare from Malfoy and continued in a whispered but still angry tone. “Small personal matters? Malfoy your father is suing you for all you’ve got for no reason other than being an utter arsehole! That is far from a small personal matter.

“Let me be the judge of that Potter. I have given it enough thought the last three days. I know what I have to do.”

“No you don’t. You promised me we’d talk about this! This is not talking, this is declaring and expecting me to go along with it. But I won’t accept it.”

“And I am not asking you to accept it nor am I declaring anything!” They had reached the dungeon stairs now and Malfoy swiftly turned around. His whispered angry voice was much more impressive than Harry’s.

“Have you ever stopped to think that he might have more reasons for doing this, other than “being an utter arsehole”? Because I did my fair share of awful things, I can promise you that. The entire reason my parents joined Him at all was to keep me safe, to keep me out of harm’s way. I never refused or protested or rebelled against anything they wanted me to do. I bloody well nearly murdered your best friend! Part of the blame falls on me and I walked free while my father got a life sentence. It’s only fair of him to ask me to take responsibility in his trial.” Malfoy turned around again and descended the stairs.

It took Harry several seconds to let his words sink in, but when they did…

“Malfoy!” Malfoy did not respond, just kept on walking. “Malfoy!”

“Draco!” Harry ran after him while Malfoy, no, Draco, froze on the spot.

“Don’t think a “you’ve redeemed yourself over the last years” speech is going to make me change my mind. Whatever is coming will come. I’ve waited long enough for the other shoe to drop.” Harry skidded to a halt just as Draco started walking again.

“Don’t do this.” Harry tried to stop him by putting a hand on his shoulder. Draco pushed him away.

“Don’t do that. This is my choice, my past, my mistakes, my father and my case. You have nothing to do with it.”

“Yes I do.” Said Harry defiantly.

“No you do not, Potter. You walked into your forest alone, now let me walk into mine.” Harry thought he heard a small crack in Draco’s voice, but he didn’t care.

“Don’t compare this to what I had to do, that was completely different.” He had a cold edge in his voice. No one should, no one would, ever understand what it was like to willingliy walk into your own death. To learn you’ve been raised for the slaughter… Draco might be facing prison time, he wasn’t facing death.

“That was a bad metaphor and I shouldn’t have used it.” Draco regretted his words but didn’t turn around to face Harry. “You need to know I was raised for him, for my family. And though the chances of me surviving Azkaban are very slim, if this is what he wants me to do in order to pay for what I did then I’ll do it. Because I know I deserve at least part of the blame.”

Draco started walking again.

It doomed on Harry that Draco really wouldn’t change his mind if he gave him a speech. He really did believe it was fair of his father to ask him to give up his life. Draco had resigned, given up, accepted that this case, this re-trial, reliving everything, really was the other, inevitable shoe dropping.

It was his time to pay.

Well screw that. Thought Harry as he closed the gap between him and Draco. As he shoved the other man against the wall despite being smaller than him. As he pulled Draco’s tie down, hard, to level their faces for something better than any speech could be. “You stay the hell out of that forest you hear me?”

“I can’t.” Draco quickly pulled his tie loose from Harry’s hands and stood upright again. Harry’s nose was pressed into Draco’s chest as the tall man wrapped his arms around him. “But it’s nice of you think that I can.“

“It’s stupid of you to think that you can’t.” Harry’s voice sounded muffled, and suddenly Draco laughed, despite everything. Because Harry bloody Potter was talking against his chest, sounding like he cared so much, so much, about what would happen to him.

“Are you laughing at me?” Harry looked up at Draco. The torches lighting the hallway danced in his emerald eyes.

“No, I am laughing at us.”

And he bridged the last inches that still separated their faces.

And he kissed Harry like he’d never been kissed before.

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Request: Can u do imagine about Ubbe? The weeding night, her first time, lots of fluffy things. I just love seeing Ubbe as a good guy and wonderful husband 😊 and ofc u know that u r amazing writer but I just can’t so YOU ARE AMAZING WRITER ❤️👑 ~B
Warnings: Love, Fluff, slight smut

Tag: @burningsunshin3
Words: 2494

This was an arranged marriage in which you hardly knew the man who you had to spend the rest of your life with. First time you saw him was on a dinner invitation from his mother. She had investigated every earl around hoping to find that perfect match for her eldest son … and that was you. So when you walked in that first time, already months ago, you saw four brothers sit around the table. One was staring at you with so much judgement in his strong blue eyes that you wanted to run off right away. The blond one seemed a little displeased with your arrival. The two left from the four looked at you with admiring, one let his eyes travel down over your body while the other just looked with a soft expression in his face before he got up, greeting you with his name, Ubbe Ragnarsson. And he was the one you were going to marry, in some kind it settle your restlessness for a little while. He was kind, he was generous and tender. But the thought you had to marry him, carry his children and share a bed with him scared the crap out of you. He was still a stranger, you had no idea what was hidden behind that handsome face.

In the month before the wedding you traveled over to Kattegat with the family. While they did all the preparations you walked over the beach, through the fields, clearing your head. It was that day that started everything for real. Ubbe found you lying on the sand looking over the bay.
‘Can I show you a beautiful place?’ He asked you. You startled out of your daydreaming, squeezing your eyes together while you looked up to him. You hesitated, a second, two, three before you nodded and he offered you his hand to pull you up. You followed him in a firm hike onto a hill were he showed you that beautiful place. You walked over the edge and looked out over Kattegat, stunned by this rare beauty from up high. ‘This will be your home now.’ He smiled, standing behind you. You looked down to the small houses and nodded softly.
‘I’m not fully understanding it.’ You answered, honestly. He laid his hand on your shoulder and you tensed a little under his touch. He never touched you before, you hardly met for three times before this.
‘Are you scared?’ He asked. You pulled your gaze away from the view and looked over your shoulder to him.
‘Why?’ His voice was nothing more than a gentle steadiness, giving you the confident to go further, to be honest.
‘Because I don’t know you and I need to marry you.’ You wanted to look away but his hand stroke over your throat, cupping the side of your face. You closed your eyes under his warm hand and slowly turned around to him, looking up.
‘I won’t harm you. I won’t even touch you if you don’t want it. I will treat you with respect, love you, caress you,’ like he wanted to put some extra strength in his words he stroke his thumb over your cheek. You took in a small breath, you hand resting against his chest. He placed a soft kiss against your cheek, keeping his lips on that exact position while you closed your eyes. You felt his beard brushing against your skin and in some way it pulled something loose within you. ‘Can I kiss you?’ He whispered.
‘Maybe.’ You answered him back, trailing your head a little up to his. His lips placed themselves onto yours, he didn’t move, you didn’t flinch under the little pressure he putted there. And because you wanted to know how it felt you opened your lips to him and all at once he took you with him in that sweet embrace, not only from your body against his but also the taste his tongue brought in with you. From that moment it felt a little easier to marry the stranger for you were falling in love, all because of that tender kiss.

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Part 27 - Distractions

Down the Voltage Rabbit Hole is an ongoing story about our MC, who could easily be anyone in voltage fandom. She woke up in hospital bed only to discover that she’d somehow been transported Voltage universe.

This story is ongoing, so if you missed a part, or are new to the story, please use the master post since tumblr is being buggy and not linking in this post!

Part 27 - Distractions

I followed Shun, Toshiaki, Toma, and the doctor (Yukihisa Maki) to a posh bar that was tucked away in the city’s center.

I fit right in with my stylish cocktail dress and heels, and Shun treated me exactly the way I’d imagine he’d treat a lady. He held the door open for me, and as I walked by, I felt his hand gently rest on my lower back as he guided me to their usual table, all the while whispering in my ear how pleased he was to have bumped into me.

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stuck underground and missin’ you

The subway comes to a screeching halt and Lukas nearly topples over into the man beside him, trying to hold onto the bar. Everyone starts muttering to each other and Lukas looks around, peering out the door that he’s standing beside. He can only see the wall and it doesn’t look like they’re anywhere near the next station.

“Not this again,” the girl behind him says.

He turns to look at her, narrowing his eyes. “What?”

She sighs, glancing up at him from under heavy lashes. “About a week ago I was stuck on the C train for an hour,” she says. “Threw off my whole goddamn day.”

“An hour?” Lukas asks, raising his eyebrows.

She nods at him, clicking her tongue. “That’s the longest I’ve ever dealt with. But I’ve heard of longer.”

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Can you write 9 with Hinny please? Your blog and writing are fantastic!

A/N: Thank you so much!  Also I lied here’s another one :)

Also available on FF and Ao3!


Over the years, Harry’s tried to become less of an overly suspicious individual.  Which is difficult to begin with considering the way he spent the majority of his formative years, but coupled with his chosen profession, which involves situations where not thinking the worst can mean maiming or death – Harry tends to be a bit cautious.  

So, when he comes home to an eerily – that’s right eerily – quiet home and an unmarked package on his kitchen table, he’s a little on edge.  Aside from Death Eater wannabes out for revenge (savior or no he has plenty of people who hate him), Ginny’s status as an up and coming in the Quidditch world means they’ve had their fair share of stalking scares so it’s not unheard of for undesirable things to be delivered.

Except thanks to Bill, the wards usually prevent packages from unknown senders.

All this means Harry has been staring at the fist-sized box for a quarter of an hour before he prods it with the tip of his wand.  Yes that’s the official way to deal with suspicious packages.  No mysterious ticking or strange gases start eeking out so at this point he’s fairly certain the worst he’s about to get is a faked photo of one of them marrying some random witch or wizard and as disturbing as that is, at least it won’t kill him – hopefully.

Gritting his teeth, he disconnects the spello-tape with quick slides of his fingers and tears the brown paper away to find – Ginny?

Tiny Ginny.  Tiny Harpy Ginny.

The figurine is still strapped into the official plastic and cardboard box but that doesn’t keep it from winking at him cheekily and a blush rises onto his cheeks. Until he remembers that’s not Ginny. And Ginny is his wife.  So winks shouldn’t lead to blushes anymore. Ideally anyway.

He’s undoing the ties that hold the doll in place when he remembers Ron’s ill-fated Krum figure he’d gotten at the Quidditch World Cup the summer before Fourth Year and can’t help but think he prefers this one.

In the end he plays with the little figure longer than he’d like to admit but the charm work involved is a lot more reactive and realistic than he thought. Tiny Ginny follows him through the house – maybe it imprinted? – as he prepares a mug of tea and swipes some biscuits from the cupboard until they settle in the living room where she circles over his head while he reads Quidditch Today.

Some unidentified amount of time later, Harry hears the front door click shut and the locks slide into place, followed by some rustling of fabric and plastic.  “Harry?”

He answers with a grunt but is two thirds of the way through an article on the rise of protective gear in professional games – which is more interesting than he’d guessed.

Two thumps sound as Ginny kicks off her shoes and strides in from the front hall, arms laden with copious amounts of take out from their favorite Chinese place.  “Harry I’m – I see you got my gift.”

Harry looks up at that, “I – ”

She gestures toward the doll swirling in figure eights around his head, grinning smugly.

“Oh my god.”

Ginny saunters over to the table and sets the bags down gently, flicking her wand toward the kitchen for two chilled Butterbeers that float in gently.  Harry pops the cork out of both and glances at his wife, “You know I was joking, you didn’t have to buy me one.”

“If it makes you feel better I got it for free,” Ginny drawls as she works her way around the couch.

Harry quirks his brow but doesn’t respond verbally so Ginny continues, “Plus you’re going to need it.”

“Divorcing me dear?”

Ginny wraps her arms around him from behind and nuzzles at his neck, working her way to nibbling at his ear.  “Nah, I’m keeping you around for a bit.”

Harry hums, “So why am I lonely, then?”

With two short taps to his chest, she moves back toward the table and starts pulling food out of the bags, shooting him a look when he eyes her Kung Pao until their chosen dinners are dispersed.  Once she’s finished, she glances at him with forced casualness, “Well I’m going to be awfully busy prepping for the World Cup so – ”

His lips are on hers before she finishes and they dissolve into gleeful laughter, collapsed across the carpet.

feeling this way

i’m back bitches!! updates on bob worked okay he’s still a little slow but hey! what can i do? anyway here is my comeback imagine this is probably going to be shitty but here we go

Originally posted by whenimaunicorn

you laughed loudly throwing a punch at ubbe’s shoulder making your way up to the training grounds, you and the four boys were in need of some practice not wanting to get rusty at your skills, ubbes joke about you snoring was making you and the others laugh “gods, iv’e never heard someone snore so loudly in my life” ubbe continued ignoring your hits, you shook your head at him and spoke catching the brothers attention “he’s lying, don’t listen to him” you said making the others smile.

you were glad they liked you the way they did, you honestly thought they’d never like you considering who your mother was,

their fathers ex wife, lagertha.

of course you were a bit of a surprise to lagertha, as the seer said that she wouldn’t have anymore children, but here you were. you were a little confused as to why your mother killed your father, kalf, but you never questioned her, you loved and respected your mother, you knew everything she did she had a reason to.

when she had business to tend to she always left you in the care of ragnar when he was there, and he had become like a father to you, never treating you like an outsider and almost loving you like you were his real daughter.

bjorn was the same, he loved you just as he had his sister, gyda, making you feel even more at home with them. along with lagertha they trained you to be a dangerous viking woman, you could take on almost any man when you were just fifteen years of age.

and when you met ragnars other sons, they accepted you as their sister, not so much their mother, but that was good enough for you.

you had really become close to the youngest son of ragnar,


but it wasn’t so much as a brother sister relationship like the others, you two almost had a flirtatious relationship, holding hands longer then you should, sharing dark glances across the table at dinner, hating it when someone else talked to each other, it was a very confusing relationship.

but you wouldn’t change it for the life of you, but you never denyed it that you wanted something deeper with ivar, but you couldn’t. you just couldn’t.

you all had finally made it to the training grounds, you sighed and dropped the axe and sack of knives that was hanging heavily from your shoulder and sat on the ground leaning up against a tree. you smiled when ubbe and sigurd started to fight each other almost immediately,

boys” you thought with a small shake of the head, hvitserk sat ivar down on a log and picked through his own weapons. you looked over at ivar and your smile widened when you saw that he was already looking at you, his dark blue eyes illuminated from the soft rays of sun peeking through the thick trees.

he was beautiful, that’s what made this all the more hard.

your attention was tore away from him when you heard the sound of pain leave sigurds mouth. ubbe had sigurd pinned to the ground, his foot pressed into sigurds chest, sword pointed to his neck

“you’ll have to do better next time sigurd” you teased making the boy scowl at you, and ubbe grin “she’s right, brother” ubbe said following you in the teasing, while helping his brother up. sigurd then pointed his sword at you wiping a bit of dirt from his lip “you think you’re better?” he asked, a bit of anger in his voice.

you knew he’d never be angry at you, but it still made you smirk and nod at him clenching your jaw together.

sigurd and the other two borthers agreed that you and ivar were basically the same person, you two always acted the same, talked the same and had the same dark humor about death and yourselves.

ivar would make fun of his legs, you’d make fun of the large burn that adorned your neck and chest, you had received the burn when you were just a toddler,

getting to close to a blacksmith at work, lagertha almost killed the man, but decided against it ,seeing that your pain was much worse then her anger for the man, ever since then it hadn’t faded,

but the red was mostly gone, it was now like a large bruise, purple and blue and black all over the side of your neck and chest.

you loved ivars legs, he loved your burn, so backwards but just the same.

“maybe just a tinge better, sigurd. but i think we both can agree that we are so much better then hvitserk” you said making hvitserk stare at the both of you in shock and surprise making you and sigurd laugh

“i have to disagree with you two on that” hvitserk said making you both laugh harder, even ubbe cracked a smile.

“and what about me, love?”.

you looked past sigurds legs and seen ivar staring at you, rubbing the end of his sword, tongue gently caressing his bottom lip

you shrugged, raising a brow at him, leaning back against the tree, smugly smiling

“maybe” you said making your voice higher then usual, he scoffed and clicked at his tongue “let’s find out” he suggested biting back a smile, you sighed and nodded to ubbe, he reached back behind his back and grabbed your sword, he always carried it for you, because of all the littler weapons you carried on your back.

he handed it to you patting your shoulder as you rose off of the ground, striding towards ivar, your brown boots crunching against the moist earth, you ignored ubbe and hvitserk who started to fight on their own and stood infront of ivar, who was now full on staring at you shamelessly

“you sure, love?” he asked as if talking to a small child, you nodded leaning in close to him, your nose almost touching his and whispered “anytime” it sounded more seductive then you wanted it too, but it had a good effect on him, his eyes darkened and they flickered to your lips for a millisecond, but you stopped him by jerking back slashing your sword through the air, of course he was too quick and blocked it with his.

the looks you  were giving  him  were enough to make any man pants tight, you looked so pure yet dangerous and lustful, another thing you two were alike on, you loved fighting especially each other, it fueled even deeper lust between you both.

the brothers had to pause and stare at you both, it looked like you two had done this about a million times, it looked like such a beautifully complicated dance that only you two could master,

he swiped at your throat and you leaned back smiling as the sword barley hit your lovely jaw, you jumped back into position and spun around ready to slam your blade down at his chest but he grabbed you and pulled you to his chest, your back to his front,

his hot breath fanning against your neck, lips pressed to your ear, one hand wrapped around your waist, the other holding the sword to your neck

“you done?” he whispered, his voice rough and deep, sounding ready to rip all of your clothes off at once, not caring about his brothers, who were staring at youboth in worry and amazement

“nope” you growled jerking your head back harshly connecting with his with a loud crack, you slipped down out of his arms swiping your sword at his abdomen, cutting through his shirt, gently kissing his skin.

he wiped away blood that had started to drip from his nose and glared at you in lustfilled anger, he then jabbed his sword foreward catching you by surprise and sliced a large cut from your forearm to the outside of your wrist.

you gasped loudly almost dropping your sword, ivars eyes softened at his action and went to say something but you raised a leg and kicked the sword out of his hand pointing the end of your blade at his neck, right at his pulse making his eyes widen and mouth fall slack

“i win” you muttered, sweat making your hair stick to your face and neck, shirt falling off of your shoulder showing more of your deliciously soft looking skin, ivar looked all the way up the blade to your eyes, he licked at some of the blood on his upper lip and raised his hands in surrender “well done”

he said breathlessly, you smiled proudly and bowed to him, picking up his sword and handing it to him your hands softly brushing against each other, making a hot tingle fly down your spine at the contact.

“i’m impressed” ubbe said smacking hvitserk on the shoulder as they ended their fight as well

ivar scoffed, wrapping an arm around your waist “what did you expect?, she’s been fighting like this since she was a child, ubbe” ivar said squeezing your waist softly, almost making you mewl at his touch

“yes, but so have you ivar. i just can’t believe it” ubbe explained grabbing a bow moving closer to you and ivar, aiming at the dead deer’s head

“i can” ivar muttered looking at you with hooded eyes, making you blush lightly under his gaze but you hid it, making a curtain of hair between you both.

he reached a hand down and brought your wounded arm closer to him, blood was still flowing gently “hvitserk!” ivar called out making the boy look at him and you “clean her arm up” you looked at ivar to see him staring at you apologetically, before you could say anything, hvitserk gently grabbed your hand leading you away from ivar.

you hissed loudly as hvitserk washed the blood away from your arm in the creek, you sitting on your knees, him crouched down still on his feet

“sorry” he whispered rubbing his hand over your wound making sure to wipe all evidence of blood away from your skin, you glanced back to see ivar and ubbe swinging at each other slowly, practicing for battle. 

the thought of ivar going to battle scared you, hell, if any of your brothers left for battle you’d worry, ever since ragnar left you haven’t been the same, he was like your father, you loved him and needed him in your life, then he just left.

“ugh, hvitserk!” you groaned when he pressed a piece of his shirt to your wound, a sharp hot burning flying through your body, he chuckled then wrapped the cloth around your arm.

“again, i apologize dear sister” he said bringing your arm to his mouth kissing it lightly, then helped you stand, walking back over to the others, laughing when hvitserk bumped his hip against yours, you honestly didn’t feel ivars eyes burning a hole into the back of hvitserks head.

you watched amused as ivar challenged hvitserk to fight.

it was like this almost everyday for all five of you, you always battled each other and it made you all closer. but no matter how much you loved being in kattegat, you missed your mother a lot, you just wanted her arms around you again.

and ragnars.

you did really wish you had a chance to meet your father before he died, and you had actually told lagertha this, but all she did was smile sadly and kiss your head whispering “i know, i know” and that was that, you never talked about your father to her again.

but you did talk about him to ivar, he was such an amazing listener, he never not once stopped you from talking, he always just layed his head in your lap allowing you to get everything off of your chest, until you’d finally fall asleep, him laying down beside you, letting you switch places, you loved nights like that, even though you shouldn’t.

you were brought back to reality when an axe shot towards ivar knocking the cup he was holding out of his hand, your eyes widened as you realized sigurd was the one who threw it. and before you could say anything ivar threw an axe aiming for sigurds head, but thankfully sigurd dodged it allowing it to hit the tree with a harsh thunk, he was staring at his brother in shock, but ivar was just looking pissed at him, no remorse.

sigurd was about to launch at his brother but you ran in between them, one hand on each other their chests “stop it, now. i think we should be done for today” you said your voice low and angry that either of them would do such a thing, of course ivar was unpredictable, but sigurd?, you hadn’t expected it.

ubbe stepped in placing a hand on ivars shoulder “i agree with our sister. let’s go” he said making you sigh with relief that your older step brother agreed.

ivar nodded angrily clenching his jaw together “good, let’s leave” he said his eyes boiling over with anger, but you were glad you had stepped in, who knows what would have happened.

you were just glad ivar wasn’t killed and that he didn’t kill.

you thanked every god that you knew of that dinner was over, it was so quiet and tense, you wanted nothing mor then ragnar to stride through the doors and make everything better, but of course that didn’t happen.

currently you were laying in your bed, staring at the ceiling wishing you were being held by someone, warmly pressed up against their chest, but alone you lay, the moonlight glowing around your body making you glow in the dark.

maybe you could- no, you couldn’t, shouldn’t.

you shook your head hopefully getting rid of the thought, but it wouldn’t go away. but you used to do it when you were younger, would it really be that bad?.

even though you knew it was wrong, you decided to do it anyway.

in nothing but your thin nightdress, you made your way out of your room and down the hall. you cursed lowly when you hit a loose floor board by sigurds door, you bit at your lip and hurridly made your way down the hall towards the room you had been to a million times.

you slowly opened his door and slipped in, closing the heavy wood behind you, and turned around, your breath catching in your throat. he looked so young and peaceful as he slept, less angry and dangerous. 

you tip toed to his bed and lifted the soft furs off of his body and slipped in hopefully being as stealthy as you thought you were being.

with his back turned to you, you backed into the bed, meeting his back with yours, you sighed softly at his warmth, you wished it could be like this every night.

you froze when he turned and pressed his front to your back, wrapping an arm over your waist “you’re so loud, girl” he whispered into your hair making you laugh quietly “i’m sorry, i can leave if you-”

“no, stay. please” he whispered cutting you off brushing his nose along your bare shoulder, his hand rubbing along your stomach and hips. 

so wrong…..but so good.

“how’s your arm?” he asked his lips hitting the skin of your neck making you shiver in his arms, you wetted your lips and spoke breathily “it’s fine, doesn’t hurt much” he hummed and kissed the skin behind your ear, making you close your eyes and clench your legs together, desperate for friction. 

“you alright, love?” but he knew what he was doing, the sly bastard. you nodded laying you hand over his, in a small attempt to make him stop, but you knew he wouldn’t and you were okay with that

“do… you want me to touch you?” he asked so quietly you thought you heard him wrong, you whimpered loudly without a thought and shook your head no “ivar, we can’t.” you whispered out, trying to ignore his wandering hand

“why?, just let me touch you, let me fuck you with my fingers. i wanna make you cum” you moaned out loud at his words, biting at your  lip when he nipped at your shoulder “i-ivar” you mewled out accidentally jerking your hips back against his, making him groan into the skin of your neck “please?” he whined out moving his hand down getting close to your hot wet sex.

to answer his question you grabbed his hand and made him cup you, making him and you moan out loud. it felt so good, better then anything you had ever felt, and this was just his hands on you.

you slightly jerked your hips foreward grinding against his hand and hips at the same time. he grabbed the bottom of your revealing night dress and pulled it up, running his fingers along your folds, you rolled your head back into the crook of his neck sighing out loudly “ivar” you moaned pressing a kiss to his clenched jaw. he then gently probed at your opening with his pointer finger, then slowly slipped into you, your wetness aiding him.

“so tight” he whispered huskily  making you whimper against his neck causing a hot shiver to travel down his spine, if anyone caught you both right now, there would be hell to pay.

but ivar had to take his time, he didn’t know when the next time he’d get to touch you would be, so he’d savor this moment as much as he could.

he retracted his finger then slid it in again, your walls clenching around it making him bite down on your untouched and flawless skin.

his finger continued to work relentlessly on you making sure you felt every movement of his finger, you nearly screamed when he added a second one

“fuck, yes. harder” you gasped gripping his wrist when he complied, moving even harder, he hissed when your nails dug into his wrist, but he loved it when you hurt him.

you reached around you both down to his trouser and was about to touch him too but he stopped you “this is about you, love. let me love you tonight, just you” he muttered jerking his hips connecting to your making you move forewards and hit his hand, allowing his finger to go deeper

“i-i wanna make you f-feel good too-”  “believe me, you are” he groaned out his hard prick brushing against your ass, making you moan louder, to assist in helping you be quiet you grabbed his other hand and wrapped it around your throat, toning the sound of your moans down.

he squeezed at your throat tighter making you gasp and grind harder into his hand. you could feel your orgasem fast approaching, ivar could feel it as well, the clenching on his finger made his prick harder at the thought of being inside you.

“say my name” he growled against your hair, licking a long wet stripe from your shoulder to your jaw “ivar” you moaned, the feeling of his tongue on your skin, his fingers rocking in and out of you, and his body heat on yours almost made it too much to bare.

“say my name” he growled again his fingers becoming even tighter on your neck, you cried out sharply feeling the knot ready to explode, the only sound enacting from the room were the sounds of your breathing, and the soft wet sounds coming from his fingers and your pussy meeting.

“ivar!” it was so much that you actually sobbed his name out this time, he leaned in close to your ear and licked the outer shell of it whispering words that made you shiver and shake 

“say me name loud, so loud my brothers know who’s making you feel this fucking good. say. it.”

ivar!!” you cried out, your orgasem ripping through your body, shaking and convulsing against him, your juices running over his fingers and onto his furs, ivar had honestly never seen of heard anything hotter in his life.

you took in a huge gulp of air finally having the strength to open your eyes again, finding ivar already staring at you, half in lust half in awe, he then retracted his fingers from you, giving you a small pump before he did so, and brought his fingers to your lips, slowly slipping them in your mouth.

you moaned at the salty taste coming from his fingers, his eyes darkened even darker then they were before as he felt your tongue swirl around his meaty fingers, silently wondering what it would feel like to have your mouth on his prick.

“so good, so good my pretty girl” he whispered, leaning down rubbing his nose against yours, you reached a tiered shaky hand up and ran it through his hair finding it slightly damp from sweat, making you smile.

“can i keep touching you every night?” he asked sounding like a small child, it made you wet and hot all over again. you knew you shoukd have said no, said that you were technically his step sister and that it would be wrong and go against everything you were raised to think, but you didn’t.

“yes, only if i can touch you too” you agreed making him smirk, he leaned in closer his breath hitting your lips “nothing would make me happier” he whispered, you couldn’t help but lean up and press a soft kiss on his upper lip, making it linger more then you should of, but of course you had agreed to meet him everynight and let him touch you and you him, so what had you to lose?.

“goodnight, love”

“goodnight, ivar”

sorry guys that this is pretty shitty, but it was already so long so…yeah i’ll hopefully do better next time! again sorry!! lots of love and thanks from me <3

Jealous Jumin?

Anonymous said:
How would Jumin react if Elizabeth 3rd was giving her attention to MC instead of him? Like would he get jealous of MC or Elizabeth?

Yes! Here you go Anon!
Admin Pika

Jumin had had a long day at work, tons of meetings, tons of workers messing up things that were important. Overall it was just a shitty day for the corporate heir. So when he got home around midnight he expect MC to be up waiting for him like usual, but was disappointed to find out he was wrong. Instead he found her in their bedroom, she was awake though, but Elizabeth was sprawled out clear across MC’s chest. Sleeping soundly.

“O-Oh hi Jumin, I would have greeted you at the door but…” She looked down at the sleeping feline before looking at Jumin. “I’m trapped” she stated before giggling a bit.

He nodded in understanding before walking over to the bed, sitting on his side of the bed, kicking his shoes off before slipping his jacket and vet off, tossing them on the floor. He was way too tired to change into proper pajamas and just wanted to snuggle with his wife and cat.

But when he laid down and then went to cuddle his wife. Elizabeth magically woke up and just started growling at Jumin. Like a territorial growl,, he immediately sat up and stared at the almost pure white cat. Was this the correct cat? Was this Elizabeth?

He went to pet her and she didn’t growl, until he went to touch MC. She hissed and pawed at his hand.

He was getting a bit agitated. He couldn’t touch his own wife without the cat getting jealous? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? He wasn’t jealous, but he was really confused as to why Elizabeth was growling at him because this was so OOC of her.

He looked to MC for clarification and could see her blush a bit. “I might know why elizabeth is being protective…” She said timidly. He raised an eyebrow as a silent way to ask her to answer. “Well Jumin… you’re going to be a father” His eyes widened.

“MC…” He said in a warning tone. They better not be joking.

“Jumin i’m not joking. I’m pregnant” He almost screamed and hugged MC, despite Elizabeth’s clear protests.

He was almost in tears and went to kiss your stomach.

Elizabeth was given training for dealing with children and adults for when they would go to touch MC, and Jumin had a claw mark on his cheek from Elizabeth.

Sansukh Re-read Ch.1

Okay, first, FlukeofFate and a-sirens-lullaby did amazing art for this and it always reminds me of the cover art on certain books, fancy and giving you hints of what the book’s about but not spoiling anything. That really doesn’t have anything to do with the writing, but it’s amazing! Also, all of the art people have done for this? Amazing!

This is also probably a good time to admit that I read this before I had finished reading The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings books and before I’d watched all the movies. I knew that Thorin, Fili, and Kili died, it was impossible to avoid those spoilers on tumblr, but I’d put off starting this (despite how cool it sounded) because of that. I caved, however, and thus there were a few things that I read here before I was able to read them in the books (I think there were fifteen or twenty chapters of Sansukh by the time I finished reading both books).

Where was the Hobbit? Where was the frozen lake? Last he recalled, he had been bleeding to death at the edges of the silent battlefield. His madness had passed, but it had exacted too high a price. His family was spent and gone, his nephews cold and stiffened in death and rent with many wounds. Their soft-handed and great-hearted Burglar had forgiven him, even as he wept over Thorin’s broken body.

He did not deserve such forgiveness.

Poor Thorin, he’s got so much guilt and it takes him so long to work through it :’( I really just want to wrap him up in a soft blanket and tell him that he’ll be okay.

Thorin opened his new, useless eyes and glared into the darkness. “Then why, may I ask, did you make me so flawed?”

Thorin yelling at his Maker is both heartbreaking and a bit funny. Heartbreaking, because everything that he says, he believes. He really thinks that Mahal made a mistake, that he was flawed, that he was the reason things had gone wrong and that nothing else contributed it. A bit funny, though, because Thorin is literally yelling at a supremely powerful being who can’t even touch Thorin without him feeling the amount of power Mahal holds. And Thorin literally doesn’t care, he’s speaking his mind and Mahal just lets him vent.

“I lived less well. And amends are not of use,” Thorin spat. “That is not the point of them!”

Thorin understands this better than 90% of people I interact with on a daily basis.

“Everyone, this way! Found him, finally, how many sepulchres are there in this place?”

“Mahal only knows. Actually, he probably does. We should ask.”

As soon as I read the summary for this story, I was honestly hoping that someone would make a ‘Mahal only knows’ 'Well, then why don’t you ask him’ joke, and it happened in the first chapter!

“Best move out of the way,” Thrór muttered, and Thráin chuckled again.

“Aye, she won’t be patient much longer.”

“You mean she can be patient?”

“Don’t insult my wife, you old coot.”

There’s a lot of feels in this chapter, but it’s the funny bits like this that help me keep from breaking into tears so soon. I need to pace myself, after all, or there’ll be none left by the time I get to Dís and Dísith.

“By the way, Grandma is kind of terrifying,” Kíli said, and then he yelped as the lady Frís, daughter of Aís, Princess Under the Mountain and wife of Thráin, presumably pinched him.

“Behave, young one,” she said sternly, pulling back to stroke Thorin’s face again and thread her fingers through his close-cropped beard. “I’ll get to you two in a moment.”

“Terrifying,” said Fíli admiringly. “I kinda see where Mum gets it from, now.”

“Our grumpy little Dís as a mother,” said a young, laughing voice, a voice that rang like bells. “Let Middle-Earth tremble.”

Have I mentioned that I love Frís? Because I do, so much, and it’s things like this, as well as how compassionate she is, how organized she is, how loving…okay, there’s a lot to love about Frís. She’s one of my favorite Sansukh OCs.

“Shut up,” Thorin choked, and Frerin threw back his head and laughed his silver laugh and oh, Thorin had missed him, missed him so much.

“You shut up,” he said gently, and then Frerin was pulling his braid and abruptly Thorin was struck with a memory so vivid that he reeled with the strength of it, sent back to a hazy, golden time when he was five years old and the new baby kept chewing and tugging at his hair.

How every sibling reunion ever probably goes, minus the hair pulling. Or with more of it, depending on who the siblings are.

“I’m dreaming, yes?” he asked of no-one in particular. “Thorin doesn’t tease. He got brought back wrong. Mahal made a mistake.”

“Oh, you think you two were bad?” said Thrór archly. “These two had you beaten.”

“Why do you think he already knew most of your tricks?” added Frerin. “We thought up that stuff a century before you two.”

“It was always your idea,” Thorin muttered.

“And you always led the way,” Frerin said, and nudged him. “Such a dutiful Prince!”

Kíli wailed aloud, and Thorin could just picture the look of betrayal on his face. “Everything I knew is wrong,” he moaned.

Thorin smiled through his tears and Fíli chuffed a laugh. “Poor Kíli. He’s pulling at his hair again.”

“Tell him to stop. He doesn’t have hair enough to spare,” Thorin said, and Kíli’s outraged yelp made him smile all the harder.

Poor Kíli, he doesn’t know half of the things Thorin and Frerin got up to before he was even thought of. His pranking title is in serious jeopardy in light of this new information.

“I have a bone to pick with you,” said Fíli into his ear. “Why didn’t you or Mum ever tell me I looked like your mother and brother? I always thought I was the odd one out!”

“In this family?” Frís snorted. “When it comes to odd, we are rather spoiled for choice.”

I’ve said something similar to this so often in real life, that I actually laughed when I read this bit for the first time. My dog looked at me funny, apparently I’d woken her up from her nap.

“You weren’t so nice to us,” accused Fíli. “Mobbed us, you did! I thought we were under attack at first! I punched my own father on the nose!”

That surprised a true laugh out of Thorin, thought it hurt his chest. “You hit Víli?” he said.

“He did. And I stamped on Grandfather’s foot,” said Kíli.

Thráin cleared his throat. “And bit my hand,” he added sternly.

“Well, you try being blind as a bat and naked as a mole and having your dead grandfather commenting on your lack of beard, see how you like it,” Kíli grumbled.

Poor Víli, that’s probably not how he expected his reunion with his sons to go.

“Oh, it’s Thrór all over again, someone stop him,” groaned Frís. “We’re going to drown in the combined guilt of the Line of Durin before we ever lay a stone of Arda Remade.”

If all of the Durins are like Thorin, then Frís is probably right about that.

Relationship Headcanons - Poe Dameron

A/N: I just noticed the gif I had was acting up and there are exactly two gifs of poe so here is just a random one

- Poe will give you a lot of encouragement in whatever you want to do, as long as no one is getting hurt. He’ll be your biggest fan and always in your corner, just like you are in his. 

- Be prepared for a lot of subtle PDA, like an arm around the shoulder, kiss to the temple, hand holding. No one really minds, since it’s actually quite cute. 

- Every time before he leaves for a mission he’ll kiss you like he’ll never see you again, and every time he comes back he’ll kiss you like he’s been gone for centuries. You don’t mind it in the slightest. 

- Poe will often have one arm thrown around you while you’re sleeping, no matter what position either of you are in. It makes you feel safe, but sometimes it can be a bit funny trying to wiggle your way out of it to get up or to go to the bathroom. 

- While you never explicitly told anyone you were dating, Poe will often refer to you by pet names or just simply his girl or his girlfriend. He even called you his future wife once before you were dating, as a joke of course but now you’re hoping for that day to come. 

- Be prepared for a lot of action, there never seems to be a rest day. It’s always pretty packed with excitement, but you like it that way. 

- As far as sex goes, you never seem to find a time to have it, you’re always busy or in rooms full of people. Once he suggested the X-Wing. 

- When sex does happen, Poe is the kind of guy to laugh a lot during it, which makes you laugh which makes it seem a lot better. You can really feel how much he loves you and he can feel how much you love him, which just causes you both to be smiling the whole time. 

- If you ever got hurt, Poe would immediately take action and try to help you first. Then, he would get everyone he could on the ass of the person who did that to you. 

- Overall, what to expect with Poe is the sweetest and most exciting guy in the galaxy, one you have to fully appreciate and will appreciate you. There’ll be a lot of love there. 

tillthenexttimedoctor  asked:

Both series 4 of Sherlock and series 10 of Doctor Who - in the two episodes written by Moffat, no less - feature a doctor (or a Doctor) with a dead wife. In both cases, her belief in who he is becomes key to the plot and has a significant impact way beyond her death. Would that be something you might feel like writing a few words about?

I think the overriding message is that, for Moffat, love for another is how we hold ourselves to our best and find meaning in our hardest times. I know he’s cracked a few jokes about how unpleasant he was between marriages in regards to relationships, and I think that’s a notion that’s very personal to him.

I also think, in a bit looser a sense it’s a way of taking these franchises where the constant is, of course, a man, and making the wills of the women who surround them last even once the whims of the patriarchal narrative he’s adapting (I feel weird calling Doctor Who that, but I suppose until it proves it can do a woman Doctor and gets more women writers/directors that’s sort of how it is, even if the companion is the lead) demand their substitution or removal. They make their wills heard and indeed become the thematic core going forward, becoming the people who lay the boundaries for the narrative. River’s Diary and Mary’s videos, they become encapsulations of a belief in the ideals of what not just the characters but the shows as a whole should be, practically a window to fan wishes. Not sure where I’m going with this, I think the next step in that train of thought is eluding me at the moment, but there’s very much similarities between the two.


Full Name: Nicolas Renzo Gabrielli (nickname: Nic)
Is the applicant submitting himself? No
If not, name of person submitting application, and relation to applicant:
Older siblings, Emilio and Sofia Gabrielli. They are both settled down and joke that Nic will never find someone on his own because he only sees animals, not humans! So they think this is an excellent way of getting Nic “out there”.
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Describe the applicant’s personality in 5 words:  Animal lover, rebellious, athletic, vegetarian, over-emotional.
Favourites Food: Porcini risotto
Favourite Colour: Spice brown
Bio: Nic (29) is the youngest of three siblings, in an Italian family living in England. His older brother Emilio and wife lives in Itality on the family wineyard, his older sister Sofia is married to an American businessman (Alexander Buchanan). Nic is a bit of a work-a-holic and has focused on getting his degree as a vet and getting a good job so far. He also works as a volunteer for an animal shelter.
 When he’s not working Nic can usually be found running, making delicious vegetarian food, and sometimes he even goes to a concert to socialize! Nic isn’t shy, he’s usually the center of a attention, with his easygoing attitude and sharp wit. He’s not shy about his sexuality, but he always practises consent and safe sex. He’s been in some short-lived relationships, but his main passion has been his work. Now he’s starting to feel the need to slow down and find someone to share his life with.
Nic is warm and caring, but he has a very typical italian temper! He’ll be touched to tears by the most cliché romantic movie, and he can get very loud and passionate when he’s upset. He’s not always the best at talking through difficult subjects (mostly because he’s too emotional, so he gets too choked up) but he will be there to listen, and he will make you Nonna’s pasta and feed you until you feel better. He’s loyal to a fault, and hates being around when people he cares about argue. He’ll shut down instead of taking any sides.
  His lifetime wish is to be able to open his own animal sanctuary, to rescue homeless animals :)

Does the applicant believe in the supernatural?: He has never exerpienced something to confirm it, but he’s always been enamored with the idea of magic, of dragons and witches and fantastical things. He will never admit this, but his highest wish would be to have a unicorn! He will be absolutley thrilled to learn that magic and the supernatural is real, to the point of probably breaking out in happy babbling now and then, and maybe asking a dozen questions about magical creatures.

Nic is a private download for @amuhav‘s BC!

I Wanna Be Yours: JJP

[ sara! i’m back with the sequel to ‘even if it’s a lie’ ^^ sorry it took me so long! this part turned out a lot longer than i had planned 11k+ words of utter nonsense tbh but i hope you like it! and i hope your finals went well and that you are relaxing wonderfully during your break from school!

ps: very very very loosely inspired by this song~ ]

Written by: @engraved-in-the-moonlight // @after-you-fall-asleep

Waking up in a cold sweat and in an overly warm bedroom caused you to panic as you tried to catch your breath. Your eyes danced around the somewhat familiar bedroom as you desperately reached for the silky maroon bed sheets to shield your naked frame. The space beside you was no longer occupied and your gaze moved towards the doorway where it stood cracked open just a smidge. The faintest sounds of footsteps began to ascend up the staircase and you didn’t hesitate any longer to call out, “J-Jinyoung?” Your voice trembled and you could feel your heart pounding against your chest while you held the covers over your body. “Jinyoung?”

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Don’t Forget Your Ring.

In the midst of my rushing, there was one important thing I forgot to grab. Not my cell phone, not my wallet or I.D., not that small tube of lip gloss I carried everywhere I went, not my phone charger if my boss decided to send me a barrage of emails regarding our latest client.

Nope. It was my wedding ring.

And to most, that wouldn’t have been that big of a deal. It was better than misplacing or forgetting your phone behind but for me, Mrs. Lionel Andres Messi Cuccittini, it was a big deal because this wasn’t the first time this had happened. It was more like the second time this week. The third if you counted the time Leo found my ring on the bathroom sink and just silently slipped it on my finger.

I think he was growing tired of reminding me of the etoile five-row band ring with the intricate diamonds set in platinum. He was tired of reminding me that the ring he had spent a hefty sum of money on always seemed to find its way onto a counter, a stand or inside the brilliant blue box it came in instead of on my finger.

I wasn’t used to this. I wasn’t used to this at all. Being married was an entirely different lifestyle and one I don’t think I was quite ready for because stuffing my hand down into my junky purse seemed ten times harder when there was a rock the size of a planet wrapped around my finger.

Leo had tried to keep it simple. The engagement ring that decorated my finger was simple enough, only having one stone covering the band but the official ring was in an entirely different ballpark. I tried to get used to wearing it but the many stares that accompanied my wearing it and the soft, delighted murmurs of the women who walked past me and seemed to catch the diamonds sparkling just as the light hit them made me a bit self-conscious. I didn’t want the attention nor the many pictures that were now floating the internet of me and my hand cowering into secrecy.

Now at dinner, I could feel my husband’s silent stares when he glanced down at my bare, unpolished fingernails. Under his gaze, I moved my hands to my lap instead and away from the table.

Dinner with Cesc and Daniella was going well. They were updating us on their life and the pregnancy with every other topic we could think of mixed in between. Cesc broke the temporary silence that fell over us as we began getting into our meal.

“Where’s your ring?” He nodded towards my hand, his eyes downcast to where my hands lay in my lap.

Leo took a sip from the glass in front of him before responding before I could do the honors. “She doesn’t wear it.”

“What?” Cesc questioned, a genuinely confused expression on his face.

Daniella fell into the conversation as well. “Is it the wrong size?”

“Nope. Perfect size. She just doesn’t like wearing it. Right?” My husband peered to me sitting next to him. I felt guilty for it all. I knew he enjoyed seeing that ring on my finger even if he had yet to fully come out and say such directly.

“I do like wearing it. It’s just…”

Leo’s eyes focused in on his former teammate and friend before he offered him a scenario-type question. “Cesc, if you gave Daniella a really nice wedding ring, one you would think she loved and she didn’t wear it, would you be upset?”

“For sure.”

“Well I’m sure I would have a good reason for not wearing it if I didn’t.” It was obvious Daniella was trying to defend me as her eyes gazed on me with empathy. What a great friend she was but it wasn’t enough to get Leo completely back on my side and it seemed he was dragging them into it as well.

Cesc turned to look at Daniella with his face screwed. “What would be a good reason not to wear your wedding ring?”

“Okay let’s not bring them into this. I’m not wearing my wedding ring because I forgot it, okay? I’m not used to wearing it and it’s a bit uncomfortable walking around with this flashy thing on my finger all the time.”

“So you don’t like it?” Leo’s voice was calm and the couple across from us awkwardly sat back in their seats and remained quiet.

“I like it. I just…it’s huge.”

Daniella jumped in then. “It is really big. That thing is gorgeous.” She shook her head and took a sip of the drink in front of her.

“Leo, you’re raising expectations too high,” Cesc grumbled in a joking manner.

“Well not that high because my wife won’t even wear it.”

“I’m sorry, okay? I can’t help it.”

“I’m sure she has a good reason.” Cesc was jumping in now to defend me but I didn’t think I needed much defending. Leo wasn’t even upset from the tone he used or the way he looked but I could tell he was at least a bit bothered or disappointed.

“I forget to wear it. I don’t like the attention that comes with it,” I reiterated.

“So you want a smaller ring?” Daniella proposed.


“No ring at all?” Cesc spoke this time.

“No! I just…no. I won’t forget it anymore. I’ll wear it and everything will be fine.” I gave a weak smile as if that would solve all problems but I knew that wasn’t the solution Leo was looking for. I didn’t want him to feel bad for giving me a ring he thought I would love but one instead I felt insecure wearing. It was a gorgeous ring. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen but the attention that came with it? I couldn’t handle it.

“You could always just give the ring to me,” Cesc winked in Leo’s direction which caused him to chuckle.

“Yeah. I’d love to give you a ring, Fabregas.”

“I know. Daniella gets a bit jealous though so keep the love low.”

Amidst their banter I slid my hand into Leo’s lap and without even looking or missing a beat in the conversation, he gave my hand a gentle squeeze between his firm grip before raising my hand up to his lips and placing a delicate kiss to it. He dropped our hands back into his lap but didn’t release his hold.

Looking at the man I loved who sat beside me I felt even more guilty for not showing off my love for him. I knew Leo didn’t think me wearing a ring represented just how much I loved him but it represented something. It represented our union and having a bare hand…well, that didn’t really say the same thing.

gif credit to piqueque

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I think her engagement isn't the problem, you know? As sad as it may sound, I think she would have been sidelined anyway. If anything, she probably would have been more sidelined because she wouldn't even have those panels to talk about. I don't know, I just feel like she is more than just another wife and the setting just doesn't allow her to contribute as much as girls like Kougyoku, for example, who are directly involved in the situation. I'm sorry for the random rant! 2/2

I’m going to paste your entire question below before answering. In retrospect, it would have made things less confusing if I had responded to this ask first with the bit about my submission box being an option for long questions. Whoops!

I hope I don’t sound mean but I think people are too harsh on poor Morgiana. She’s not royalty or anything so I think people expect her to do things she can’t in a setting that focuses so heavily on politics and whatnot. Obviously Ohtaka could put more focus on her (I wish, I really love her) but I think a lot of people also have somewhat unrealistic expectations for a character built this way.

 The “trophy wife” jokes kind of rub me off the wrong way, I don’t know.  I think her engagement isn’t the problem, you know? As sad as it may sound, I think she would have been sidelined anyway. If anything, she probably would have been more sidelined because she wouldn’t even have those panels to talk about. I don’t know, I just feel like she is more than just another wife and the setting just doesn’t allow her to contribute as much as girls like Kougyoku, for example, who are directly involved in the situation. I’m sorry for the random rant!

I agree with you wholeheartedly, anon. I think it’s extremely unreasonable and unfair that Morgiana is constantly being criticized for not hitting a political home run while so many other  female were born on third base.

I think she suffers from a problem similar to Mikasa Ackerman from Shingeki no Kyojin in that she’s generally tight-lipped and got a great deal of character development early on in the story. I think more people would be able to see that she’s just as developed as fandom darlings like Kougyoku if her development had been stretched over many story arcs. Of course, that wouldn’t make any narrative sense. It would be silly to have Morgiana dancing for the first time in the World Exploration Arc, or realizing that she didn’t have to ask permission to do something she wants to do just after the battle against the medium.


Realizing you have friends rather than masters who you don’t need to ask permission to hang out with? Experiencing joy and dancing for the first time? Pfffft. That’s not character development! Why look at that skimpy outfit she’s wearing. She’s just a mindless trophy waiting for a man to claim her. *eyeroll*

Even before she came to that realization in Sindria, Morgiana was willing & able to speak freely to a powerful monarch and successfully persuade him to take Alibaba more seriously. That’s a huge step for someone who was still mentally struggling with the notion that she could break free from slavery again just days before she arrived in Balbaad!

I think she gets a lot of flack for being “all brawn and no brains” because she spends so much time with more emotionally volatile male characters who are also seeking to increase their physical combat abilities. The only difference is that she has doesn’t have as many responsibilities to fret over while she’s training. She shouldn’t be faulted for not being born with the burdensome responsibilities that Aladdin, Alibaba and Hakuuryu do.

Why isn’t it enough just to get over the psychological trauma associated with being a slave and managing to live a normal, happy life? 


Masrur essentially does the same thing over the span of two standalone mangas. I’ve never heard anyone criticize him for being one-dimensional or lacking character development. I don’t know, maybe people have criticized him for it, or think that he’s a one-dimensional character and are fine with it. I think he’s a very complex, well-developed, insightful character. Honestly, Masrur seems to be the only person in the manga who has consistently able to give sound personal and political advice to anyone who bothers to ask him about such things. Ja’far and the magi have their moments, but I think Masrur still comes out on top when you consider how many times people have come to him for advice and how many times he gave them good advice. 

 So what if Morgiana wants to get married and not fight in bloody battles every day? Even when she had come to accept that she had feelings for Alibaba, she showed an admirable amount of self-awareness when she assertively asked him to wait because she still needed to grow more as an individual before entering into any kind of romantic relationship. 

That’s an impressive amount of emotional intelligence for well-educated IRL early twenty-something in our day and age to have, nevermind a former slave with little formal education in an overwhelmingly patriarchal society! If Kougyoku, who possessed a superior formal education and carried a great deal of responsibility as a princess and king vessel, was that emotionally intelligent and mature, she never would have fallen prey to Sinbad’s manipulation. Her character has developed significantly since the made her debut, but she’s still suffers from a bit of naivete with regard to politics and a lack of self-awareness when it comes to romance. I’m not claiming that such shortcomings are evidence of Kougyoku being a poorly developed character, but I think it underscores the value of knowing what you want out of life and being realistic about the things you need to do to get there. That applies to commoners and empresses alike.

For as much as people praise Magi the Labyrinth of Magic for it’s complex, grey characters, the notion that complex characters who spend their early years fighting to save themselves and the world would never want to settle down to a peaceful life akin to the people they fought so hard to save is patently ridiculous. Isn’t that what Ja’far spent much of his life being thankful for?

Yes, he has a busy job doing lots of paperwork and keeping Sinbad out of trouble, but I fail to see how deciding for yourself that you want to act as a support system for your childhood savior for the rest of your life diminishes the character’s complexity. That’s what both Ja’far and Morgiana are doing. Morgiana went even further by acting as bot watchdog and emotional support system for the person she had finally realized that she truly loved.

I triple double dog dare you or anyone else reading this to roll up on earnest SinJa shippers like @sinbad-ai, @mari-m-rose or @naoscifra and say that Ja’far is lacking in complexity or character development. Those are the most reasonable, emotionally mature SinJa shippers I can think of and I suspect they would take umbrage with the notion that a canonical romance with Sinbad would “ruin his character,” and they absolutely SHOULD.

I can already hear Morgiana critics claiming that a comparison between her and Ja’far is doesn’t work because she didn’t switch gears from being a martial artist to being some sort of administrative staffer like Ja’far. Again, she’s running up against a double standard. Much like Masrur, she already had a knack for martial arts. Jamil forced her use her skills to harm others against her will. Now she decides how she gets to use her power and what skill subsets she wants to hone and utilize. It’s no different from Masrur giving up swordsmanship and refusing to fight to the death in Zepar’s dungeon.


Ironically, I think the greatest testament to how much her character developed came from the heartbreaking scene in Magi 331 where she explains to Alibaba why she’d be satisfied with dying as she is. She seems to be saying that she’s been through so many changes and experiences that she truly believes she’s already lived a rich and fulfilling life. I don’t think the things she expresses in the panel below are ideas entirely planted in her head by Neo-Sinbad. I think his brainwashing has put her in the same mental state she’d be in if she was about to lose a physical fight to the death or die from a terminal illness.

I’ll end this dissertation response with the aforementioned panel, and let Morgiana’s words as translated by @itsdannystormborn to speak for themselves.


 i knew myself. what i can’t forgive, what makes me happy, what i think it’s fun, what happiness is

i have experienced a lot of different emotions/feelings by your side(together with you)

i was able to do it.

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Can you write something about the first day shikatema move in together after marriage? I really love your writing >~<

This request is months old, and I’m so sorry - I thought I had posted it.

Anyway, here we go. I’m getting back into the swing of writing and it’s not long at all, but I hope you still enjoy it :)

.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .


“Get out of the way.”

“I’m not ‘in the way’.”

“You are in the way, you miserable git. Now move or else I’ll…I’ll…”

Shikamaru Nara leaned against the threshold of his home, watching as his new wife heaved box after box through the narrow doorway. “You’ll what?” he asked, voice low and mischievous. “Divorce me?”

“Don’t even joke about it,” hissed Temari.

She bit down on her lip as she frowned, almost tripping up on a cushion strewn carelessly across the floor. Clumsily she stumbled and gasped when she felt her grip falter. The box she held, filled to the top with her most prized possessions, wiggled on her fingertips as she panicked.

Finally stable she breathed a sigh of relief, setting the cardboard down on the coffee table - a surface currently holding an array of items. “It wouldn’t have hurt to tidy the place up, Shikamaru.”

“Give it a rest. Last time I was here was the morning of the wedding…” He winced, rubbing his temples like the shooting pain he remembered was coming back. “I had one hell of a freaking hangover so it’s no surprise I didn’t think to clean.”

Temari groaned. Her eyes fluttered shut and she fell into his arms. She found it ironic that her haven from the stress of everything in her life was in the arms of the thing that stressed her our most: Shikamaru.

“Lend me a hand with the boxes,” whispered the blonde into his chest as she embraced him and the heat that radiated from his black jumper. “You’re my husband after all.”

“My vows did not include ‘I will help Temari with unloading all her crap’, did they?”

“No, but they should’ve.”

The whining tone of her voice sparked off a deep chuckle in his throat. Boy did he love her, as much of a surprise that was when it hit him. Not to mention was she beautiful; so strong and confident, the glint of feverish annoyance permanently in her eyes as she looked at him.

After the week of their honeymoon in the warm desert plains of Suna, coming back to Konoha and helping Temari move into his place in the compound seemed like more effort than he could handle. And, thanks to his lack of will, she was starting to lose care, too!

“Shikamaruuu,” she whined, drawing out the final sound. She could feel her cheeks blush red as she complained. Only he brought this out in her, and more than anything she hated it. “Please help.”

“I’ll help later,” chuckled the young man, pulling her into him and falling back into the plush cushions of the sofa. “But now we’re resting. Too much work so far. We’re newly weds. There’s better things for us to be doing-”

“I’m not having sex until my clothes are hung up and the cushions are tidy.”

He stared at her in disbelief, taking an age to decide whether to groan or laugh at her comment. Only her - only she could turn him down over the placement of the cushions scattered about the living room.

“You’re kidding?”

“No. I have to get settled in or else-”

“Temari we’ve done worse things than fucked on a couch while the cushions are untidy.”

“I don’t care,” she laughed humourlessly.

Shikamaru smirked. “You know, I know you’re just making excuses. You don’t have to lie if you don’t want to.”

With a sigh, Temari gave up, burying her face into his shoulder. “I feel so dead and moving in is stressing me out and…Shikamaru I don’t know if this was a—”

“Don’t give me that,” snapped her husband with a groan. “Don’t tell me you don’t think our marriage is a good idea. I might be strong sometimes, Tem but that would break me.”

Surprised by the sincerity of his answer, she raised her head from his neck, looking up into the dark eyes of the man she loved so much. He stared at her with purpose, the care and affection of someone who would give the world for her. But he didn’t need the world anyway - not if he had her.

Temari’s mouth curled at the corners in a soft smile before she pressed her lips on his cheek. “Sorry, I don’t know why I’d even think of saying it. I’m so stressed.” She pulled away, frowning slightly at the stubble that grazed her lips and chin. “But you need to shave. Now.”

Shaking his head, he chuckled in response and leant further back into the sofa, pulling her into him.

“I’m serious.” Her voice was firm and certain. “I’m not joking, Shikamaru; go and shave.”

“You really mean it? You want me to leave you on the sofa alone?”

“I relish the thought.”

Smiling slightly he got to his feet, reaching out and holding her cheek. “Fine. I’ll help you in with the rest of your things…”

“You will?”

If you let me grow a goatee, yeah.”

“Oh for God’s sake…”

Ok long but

My 55+yo uber driver from Boston and I weirdly bonded over our fucked up, dysfunctional families today. He seemed like he needed to get stuff off his chest and started telling me about his shitty ex wife who he lives with , his 30yo black step daughter (by legality only) her 4 undisciplined children who all live with them, and how she bit his ex wife so horribly that it’s infected now. I mean it was like the sort of family white cuck memes are made out of except I could tell he wasn’t about that life lol. And what was really touching was when he started telling me about his daughter who doesn’t fit in and gets picked on and I started tearing up because a lot of times kids with fucked up family lives don’t learn to socialize normally and still get picked on for it. We also joked about crazy women and how the main way to handle it is just walk away - he goes out driving for money and I just walk out the house lol. It’s funny thigh because I hate talking to drivers more than I need to but hearing this guy be so devoted to his daughter and relating about weird family relations and ex’s still living in the same house and just how dysfunctional family life is these days was in a really weird way nice? Smh I still hate the thought of making more convo besides “good how are you” S M H

Yes, Goku loves his wife. It may not be a conventional kind of romantic love, and he may not have the feeling of being a husband the way humans do, but in his own way, yes, Goku absolutely loves Chichi and all the jokes and tropes aside, has a special and unique regard for her that he doesn’t have for anyone else.

Does that make him any less thoughtless and selfish? A bit, actually, but neither of them are without their failings. When Goku leaves home it’s not to get away from them, it’s to pursue what he loves and both of them have a mutual understanding of his nature in that way. They have a private side to their relationship that’s mysterious to fans because outside of filler, we haven’t seen how their love grew within their marriage. We don’t have giant sacrifices or proclamations of love but those aren’t necessary.

And as much as Goku’s a stickler to his principles, which is why he married her, he is NOT immune to changing his mind. Goku doesn’t always get his way in married life; but he wouldn’t stay if he were miserable. He’s not as detached as you’d think. There are more subtle shades to Goku’s character than meets the eye, but she’s seen them.


BEBE’S KIDS (1992)

A 1992 American animated comedy film produced by Reginald Hudlin and Hyperion Pictures, directed by Bruce W. Smith, and released on July 31, 1992 by Paramount Pictures.

the film is based upon comedian Robin Harris’ “Bébé’s Kids” stand-up comedy act. It features the voices of Faizon Love (in his film debut), Vanessa Bell Calloway, Marques Houston, Nell Carter, and Tone Lōc. Tom Everett, Rich Little, and Louie Anderson also lend their voices.


Ahh, Bebe’s Kids, what a way to kick off a tribute to Black animation, with the other rite of passage for every smart ass animation blogger/vlogger on the planet. Yeah, everyone has taken a potshot at this movie in some form at some point in their career.

Since this is a month of positivity I’m going to look at the positive points of this movie. At a time when Disney were once again the reigning kings of animated cinema and everybody was either trying to be Disney or do everything in their power to be different in order to stand out against Disney, this movie managed to do its own thing  and be different without being too crazy about it. I like the animation to; there’s a lot of movement and fluidity to it. The movie has a good flow that makes it easy on the eyes.

There’s also plenty of funny lines in the movie to. Everyone involving in the production went to great lengths to capture the energy and quickness of Robin Harris’ stand-up routine and does it in an entertaining way.

With that though, we come to the major problem with this movie that I can imagine probably dissuaded a lot of audiences and critics. That’s the fact that this is a very mean spirited movie. Aside from maybe 1 or 2 characters, just about everyone involved is rude, mean, destructive, or just not very pleasant.

Hell, I don’t have to say much about that because you can find out for yourself in what’s pretty much the most iconic line in the whole movie.

“I’m gonna beat the black offa ya.”

Yes, a threat of violence on a child is the most memorable part of this movie. It kind of ends up painting everyone involved in a very negative light, and the whole movie is kind of like that. There’s threats of violence, actual onscreen violence, and mayhem galore–

I don’t know, Pix, what do you think about Bebe’s Kids?

Bebe’s Kids is polarizing. It was pretty polarizing when it premiered back in 1992, with critics on one side panning it, while audiences, who actually went to see it—which I’m guessing was a lot of black families like mine—actually liking it. And to this day, not much has changed on that stance. 
It’s still basically the Glass Joe for today’s snarky online critics, while some children of the 90’s like me, still love it.
It’s a cult fave to many, but hasn’t really ever cut away from that anchor that keeps it from universally being recognized as a worthy cult fave, like what happened to films like Fight Club or Shaft, where media takes a step back and says “It was ahead of its time, we were just too slow to catch up.” And I’ve never been able to figure out why that is, other than maybe it was a film that black audiences just got, or it was just bad timing.
For me, I remember seeing this film basically because my dad was a big Robin Harris fan who had already heard the stand-up bit this film originated from. And I think that was the case for a lot parents that took their kids to see this film, along with curiosity, since Harris had passed away from a heart attack shortly before it was made.

“Yo mama so dumb, they told her it was chilly outside so she went and got a bowel.”
Bernie became a household name at one point before his death. Beyond black audiences, Robin never got that.
Or would it still be just a nearly forgotten cult fave?
On the outside, Bebe’s Kids might give the impression that it’s simply an easy cash-in on black stereotypes, when really it’s anything but that. Sure it gets absurd. I mean you’ve got Tone “Wild Thing” Loc voicing a baby as if he’s a deep-voiced O.G. Uncle at the family BBQ.
It doesn’t get more ridiculous than that.
But at it’s heart it’s really an animated film about misunderstood children labeled as delinquents, and a guy whose motives go from selfishly trying to hook up with a woman to actually doing something right.
But it’s told in a hilarious but skewed viewpoint from Robin Harris, that some audiences might not get or laugh at. This is a PG-13 film, but Harris was pretty much an 80’s/early 90’s R-Rated black comedian. To me, it would have been like taking a bunch of non-black co-workers to old Def Jam Comedy shows. Some will laugh. Some will be too afraid to laugh. And others will think they need to be offended for black people.
So yeah, Bebe’s Kids is funny to me and lot of other black people, but I could see why others, especially someone who isn’t black, is not going to find some of the jokes funny.
However, if you weren’t laughing during The Dozens scene between Robin and his ex-wife, you have no sense of humor. That’s just plain funny.
In a lot of ways, the premise and creation of Bebe’s Kids reminds me of the late Bernie Mac’s show. Heck, much of Mac’s stand-up used to remind me of Harris too. Mac’s show was built from a funny bit from his stand-up act concerning some trouble-causing kids. Yet, not only was the Bernie Mac Show a success thanks to black audiences, but the show was loved by a lot of critics and seemed to smash its way into the homes of mainstream and white America.
And yeah, you could say that it’s because one was a T.V. Show, while the other was a PG-13 animated film starring a black cast. But you have to wonder. If a film like Bebe’s Kids would have been released today in theaters or even some channel like Adult Swim, would it have fared better with more people?

Huh, that’s an interesting take, and is pretty much what I was thinking was the problem I had with it. The fact that I just don’t get it, and the way the characters talk, interact, and what they talk about it is so different from how I talk and interact with, well, white people like me.  But because it’s different, I ain’t about to trash it because I don’t get it, in fact I kind of appreciate it for that fact.

Thanks for totally killin’ it, buddy.


  • this movie was the directorial debut of  Bruce W. Smith
  • he film received generally negative reviews from critics but was well reviewed from the audience.
  • The film currently holds a 25 percent “Rotten” rating on Rotten Tomatoes
  • It was released on DVD on October 5, 2004, but was discontinued by Paramount in March 2008.
  • The original theatrical and home video release were preceded by the short, Itsy Bitsy Spider. This title (including the Itsy Bitsy Spider short) was also released on Laserdisc in March 1993.
  • It was later adapted into a poorly reviewed video game on the Super Nintendo in 1994.


My uncle had this movie on laserdisc and when I bought his collection off of him that’s when I first saw it. Gotta admit, I kinda liked it, and I still kinda like it. It’s a movie you can definitely get some laughs at, even if it is pretty mean spirited.