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Chris Hemsworth comes across a bunch of @marvelentertainment action figures

Hilarity ensues

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For infinity war I want everybody to grab their loved ones and kiss or hug them like it's their last time doing so while epic music is playing before going into battle

Take note russos

I just realized that one of the Russo brothers is a Romanogers shipper and the other brother is a BuckyNat shipper

 I think that’s one of the reasons they send mixed signals to the audience. Because Buckynat has very significant moments that make reference to the comic, And why is so worked up that the chemistry that there is between Steve and Natasha, and the relationship of loyalty and mutual appreciation that exists between this pair, nevertheless doesn’t leave of the Platonic thing. I think they stop themselves from making a couple canon. And it’s good because they evolve more to the characters without needing a romance that seems forced as happened with sharon (Sharon is an incredible character who could have evolved much more before that kiss passed and possibly that would have helped people to like Staron more than at this moment)

And the actors don’t help (I love it)

On the other hand there are rumors (unofficial) that the end of Brutasha is approaching with the arrival of Betty Ross in infinity War.


Avengers: Infinity War Featurette

None of us would even know about Van Gogh’s paintings if it hadn’t been for this woman, Johanna Bonger. She was Vincent’s brother Theo’s widow, who was left all of Vincent’s paintings after his death. She then dedicated the rest of her life to preserving his paintings and his memory. Yet she is almost entirely forgotten to history. Let’s hear it for the woman responsible!!!


Photographs from the funeral of Lee Harvey Oswald, who shot and killed president John F. Kennedy. The only people in attendance were his mother, his brother, his widow and his children. The weren’t enough mourners present to carry his coffin, so instead it was carried by the reporters who attended the event. Not even the minister went to the funeral, instead the executive secretary of the Fort Worth Council of Churches conducted the ceremony.

It was reported that Jackie Kennedy wrote a note to Marina Oswald, following the murder of her husband Lee Harvey Oswald, saying she was sorry for her loss.
Russo Brothers Tease Familiar Location For Avengers: Infinity War

With production ramping up on Avengers: Infinity War, fans are beginning to more updates on the film’s production. The blockbuster has been busy filming abroad as it made rounds in Scotland, but the feature has since had a change of scenery. Now, thanks to directors Joe and Anthony Russo, fans have a new look at where the Avengers film is - and it will remind you of a certain country.

Over on Instagram, the Russo Brothers posed for a photo update which sent fans reeling. The image sees the two directors driving a terrain vehicle loaded with camera equipment. Surrounding by trees, the duo are seen sitting amongst a grassy field, and the picture came with the following caption: “Tootsie Roll and Winter Fresh, deep in the Serengeti.”

No Avengers actually appear in the behind-the-scenes snap, but the caption does have fans buzzing. The nod to the Serengeti alludes to Africa as the continent hosts that ecosystem in its northern countries. The reference compounded with Chadwick Boseman’s recent filming has got fans thinking Avengers: Infinity War will partially take place in Wakanda.

So far, there is plenty of circumstantial evidence pointing to the country’s return. Casting calls for the feature have sought out extras who could portray Wakandans. Also, Black Panther will see supporting characters like Shuri, M’Baku, and Man Ape appear in the impending film. Boseman first had fans speculating about Wakanda when he posted a picture of his set chair for the film on Twitter, and the seat was partially hidden by a traditional drum. 

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Hello! Do you know of any really long fics with a lot of smut? Thanks!!

Saving the future by Lulling Sisters and witches, Snow, Ruby and Regina, get a visit from mysterious Emma Swan. She has come from the future to save the world the sisters know. Emma’s secretive, guarded, mysterious and hiding secrets about her true origins and the horrid future she comes from. Secrets no one can ever know. The fate of the future and her own family rests on Emma’s shoulders. No pressure.

Lament of the Asphodels by @dracox-serdriel Killian Jones is the Keeper of Stagrock Light, the Sole Beacon of Northedge, and he lives a simple life apart from the society he serves. His entire world turns upside-down when a shipwreck leaves him with a stranded Survivor, born with the name Emma Swan. Complications arise when they both begin to experience a rush of other memories that might just be from another life.

The Dark Horizon by @qqueenofhades AU. The Caribbean, 1715: Royal Navy Lieutenant Killian Jones and his brother, Captain Liam Jones, have just arrived to help pacify the notorious “pirates’ republic” of New Providence. But they have dangerous allies, deadly enemies, and no idea what they’re getting into when they agree to hunt the pirate ship Blackbird and the mysterious Captain Swan. OUAT/Black Sails, COMPLETE.

Take Me to Church by @optomisticgirl Emma Swan returned to her southern hometown of Storybrooke to pick up the pieces of her last shattered relationship, determined to rebuild her life in the one place she swore she’d never return to. What she didn’t expect was the new priest and the journey of passion, love, and redemption he would take her on. [Priest!Killian Modern AU]

Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire by @lizzyc807shipscaptainswan Killian Jones is ex-special forces Navy and a fire fighter in a company in the city. One night after a particularly bad day he meets a bail bonds person named Emma Swan who awakens something in his heart that he hasn’t felt possibly ever. The unlikely pair just might be the kindling that ignites the flames within each other’s heart that had been dulled for years.  

To Make Your Heart Race by @fergus80 Killian “Hook” Jones is NASCAR’s bad boy, who is forced to do some community service to clean up his act. Emma Swan is the counselor at the local Children’s shelter who is done with men and relationships after her latest in a long stream of nightmares. (You do not need NASCAR knowledge to read this.)

His Dark Beauty by @wordsmith-storyweaver Emma lives a quiet life on the small farm she inherited upon the death of her parents many years ago. That life is disrupted when one good deed brings her to the attention of Prince Killian-widower, father, and brother to the king. He offers her a deal too good to be true, and yet, who could possibly refuse the man who might one day rule their realm? Rated M.

These Nights Aren’t Made For Thinking by @nowforruin AU. Emma Swan came to Portland, ME to start over. She’s got a job she loves, but when a particular case gets under her skin, she finds herself visiting the Jolly Roger and its curious bartender, Mr. Killian Jones, more often than she thinks is wise. But some nights aren’t made for thinking. Captain Swan.


Set images from our work with I The Mighty on their first video off Satori.

“Speak To Me” was also the first video we shot after the new year (in January of 2013 & released in April of 2013) and was the spearhead for a string of work that is now resting on our website. 

We adore these gentlemen to the moon and back.