the wicked wench


Beckett organized a search for the mythical island of Kerma, hoping to find its legendary treasure. However, the quest for Kerma didn’t succeed because he was betrayed by Captain Jack Sparrow, the man he trusted enough to place him in charge of his own ship, the merchantman Wicked Wench. Not only Sparrow didn’t bring him the bearings of Kerma, but he also liberated a cargo of slaves which Beckett’s patron Lord Penwallow needed for his plantation in the Bahamas. Since Sparrow’s act ruined his chance to join the British nobility, Beckett ordered his men to burn the Wench and personally branded Sparrow as a pirate.

Reasons not to become an escort

If your neighbor outs you you will lose your home.

If you miss a safety call bc you are being murdered, no one will call the police bc they will be sent to jail as your traffickers

You will become vulnerable to police and sexual assault by them in a way few people can imagine. You will not be able to stop it.

If you work together with a white woman for safety and you are a woc–you’re her pimp. No appeal.

you will never hear the end of men whining about condoms. Ever.

If you have kids your ex/family can take them at any time by outing you at any time. You will also now never have a future outside the industry.

If you’re a young woman of colour being assaulted for others profit, you are not innocent and trafficked, you’re a wicked little wench who will go to jail.

If you’re a high end escort whose client asks for drugs as a condition of the appt and you acquiesce and he overdoses, you’re his murderer.

your options for getting out will largely depend on how many people you have to lie for you as references and how legit they sound.

even if you do get out, if anyone outs you you will lose this job and all other employment prospects. You will be uncomfortably famous.

You will be found guilty of assault or murder if you try to keep from getting murdered (unless the assaulted in question is very very obviously a serial killer. Then you will be outed and have no other way to make a living but hey at least you’re not in jail).

If you do get murdered, it’s your fault. You will not be remembered except maybe by us.

Reasons to be an escort:
You literally need the money this is capitalism.


Shakespearean Jaime x Brienne Swordfight


Hold, enough! Another step I cannot take.


Shut thy abhorred mouth, and quick’n thy pace!


No further, good wench–my soles and soul do beg thee!


I care not for thy feet, nor thy honorless soul.


Nay? A wicked wench thou art, without a heart!

Do I not cry, honorless though I be?

Hast thou no regard for the likes of me?


And hast thou no regard for thine own good?

A bridge is not so safe as shaded wood;

We are but mice afield a grassless ground

Whilst hungry prey do circle all around.


[takes her sword]

The wench without regard hath lost her guard!

Now–mouse or prey, show me what thou art.


Lay thy sword upon the ground, Kingslayer.


To what end, pray?


Else thy life’s end, upon my blade.


Such wild, lusty boasts from but a maid!

Thou art the weaker sex; thou hast no blade.

Well, then—shall I thee teach thy first true dance?

Come spill thy blood upon my sword—advance!

[They fight]


Thou art good—green and lacking grace, but good.


I would not hurt thee, Kingslayer.


Thou coudst not hurt me if thou tried to do so.


Try me not!


Try thee? I would not try thee for all th’world.

Thou art too large and lumb’ring for my needs.


I would have thee show’t, if thou art man indeed.

[they fight, until Brienne is straddling Jaime in the river]


Gods, wench! This is a posture too advanc’d

For maids of Tarth just learning how to dance!


Yield, Kingslayer, yield! Or I shall thee drown!


But nay–thine oaths are hard and thick as lead,

Much like thy undesir’d maidenhead.

[enter the BRAVE COMPANIONS, laughing. Jaime and Brienne rise.]

JAIME [aside]

The blush upon her cheek doth give me right

T’imagine her in heat of love’s sweet fight.

And what a fight it was, I do concede.

The wench is strong; from several wounds I bleed.

But what uncomely strangers now are these?

I trust them not, and feel much worse at ease.

The path ahead winds long, now more than ever

The wench and I must hold together.

The Wicked Wench was a three-masted galleon. Her hull was painted red and black while her stern was decorated in crimson-red and gold colors. Her armament was composed of 18 cannons. Her firepower was strong enough to damage a stone fortress and allow her pirate crew to invade an unsuspecting town. The Wicked Wench flies the same pirate flag that was historically used by Richard Worley and Blackbeard.

My rogue on WoW that’s the leader of a pirate crew, Crew of the Wicked Rose. Her background she used to be the captain of a ship called the Wicked Wench* and she herself was known by some as the Wicked Rose. The ship and its crew were destroyed by the Horde so she is using the Alliance connections to get her slow but eventual revenge, plus a lot of gold and a brand new crew.

(*WoW wouldn’t let me name my guild Crew of the Wicked Wench, so I had to change it to Wicked Rose and add that to her backstory… it’s weird, WoW considers Wench to be too bad of a word for a guild, but some NPCs have CALLED ME THAT. So it’s okay for THEM to say it but I can’t? Rude.)

Anyway, Mordynn is a lot of fun to play and she loves her crew and I love my little light-fun-RP guild. YAY.

(Art is currently fuckin  killing me with pain due to a bad shoulder but while deliriously exhausted to the point of pain being numbed, I did this piece and another last night. I HUUUUURT for it today but yay, art!)