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what she says: i’m fine

what she means: I will never stop being amazed by the resilience and duty that Yuna possesses. Not only did she lose her father at the age of seven to the very task she would undertake, and have to listen to the whole world celebrating something that caused that great loss, but she still chooses to accept the same fate, even though there’s no reason for it. She doesn’t have to be the one to defeat Sin. She could live her life peacefully. Then she goes on this huge long pilgrimage with so many obstacles and forms so many relationships, falls in love, and still chooses to sacrifice herself for the world. She is a truly incredible heroine who needs to be celebrated and recognized more.

Imagine giving Daryl a Christmas gift.

The house was buzzing with laughter and warmth. Rick had Judith on his shoulders, while Carl was showing Michonne a comic he had in his hand. There was an actual smile on Rosita’s face for once and Tara was hugging Denise from behind. Your whole family was relaxing and actually celebrating Christmas for the first time since the whole world went to shit. But someone was missing and you knew where the archer was. Grabbing a beer, you went out to the front porch. There he was sitting on the first step, unlit cigarette in his mouth.

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Firstly I love this. The whole world needs more love. So kudos for spreading it! The thing i like about myself is my eyes probably and occasionally i have a really good hair day. As for bloggers i love....i get excited when I see your stuff as well as jotink78, not-moose-one-shots, luci-in-trenchcoats, impala-dreamer, chelsea-winchester, faegal04, impalaimagining, whispersandwhiskerburn, winchesterprincessbride, avasmommy224, 67chevy-imagines...i could go on and on. They rock my face off! 😊

Thank you!  I couldn’t agree more, let’s keep spreading it.  Your eyes are beautiful!  And I can appreciate a good hair day, I feel you.

@jotink78 @not-moose-one-shots @luci-in-trenchcoats @impala-dreamer @chelsea-winchester @faegal04 @impalaimagining @whispersandwhiskerburn @winchesterprincessbride @avasmommy224 @67chevy-imagine Can you feel the love?  

YOU ROCK HER FACE OFF.  How cool is that?

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DAY 3154

Jalsa, Mumbai                  Nov 16,  2016                  Wed  11:17 pm

The most beautiful grand daughter in the whole wide world celebrates her birth today though she turns 5, her countenance lingers close to 55 ! The children of this generation are so .. extraordinarily bright, self assured, and knowing all that happens around them .. and more ..

Innocence on their faces is nothing to go by .. they know they have they are accomplished .. no coochi - cooing shall ever be able to get a response that a coochi-coo, would contemplate to give  ..

They shall look at your face with that utmost expression of lingering ‘ who what where ‘ and then suddenly slam you with a comment that shall perhaps give you sufficient time to register and get back ..

The concentration that engulfs their thought process, is far superior to any of the giant computer systems that the world may have invented to register, calibrate and store all that the world speaks or makes noises of .. but rest assured that all your jargon or speech therapies that they seem to be paying attention to is a register of their actual thoughts .. no ..

Their actual thoughts are probably at the proceedings that happen elsewhere .. the attitudes that others play up in her presence, her own interpretation of them .. which one shall never be able to gauge, and which shall be used at an appropriate time and place .. unknown to us, yet known when it occurs ..

Who really are we to decide what is there for them .. what is their feel of matters .. why do they indulge in such manner .. we never can tell .. their Mother’s can at times, but not us  .. that then is the exclusivity of the 5 year old .. !!

The grandmother temperament at the age of 5 going on 50 ..

And it is love .. love of the gentleness of their presence .. love of their warm cuddle .. love of their concern at times of concern .. and the love of their love for us .. those little gestures, those endearing modes of conduct .. and their softness ..

Amitabh Bachchan

PR Stunts: Example of Lauren and the weed citation

Hello again - I’m back with another post. Sorry it’s so long and detailed but I felt the need to get everything down.

I’m not an industry insider or an expert, but I’m interested in the whole phenomenon of celebrity PR. Just google celebrity PR stunts and you will start to uncover a whole other world. There are multiple stunts that celebrities/managers have basically later on admitted were fake. To name a few: Nikki Minaj and DJ Khaled engagement, Robert Pattinson and K stewart relationship/ break-up, Solange and Jay Z elevator incident (hinted at by Beyonce’s dad who also said he did this kind of thing with destiny’s child), multiple rapper ‘feuds’. If you pay attention to the narrative and timing of events you will realize how scandals, fights, paparazzi shots and fake relationships create a buzz around a name/product that sets up other events and drums up sales. Celebrity gossip outlets don’t do much real investigative journalism, they are very much a part of the industry and have relationships within it.

Here is the last post I made about the fifth harmony saga and management: (  

I wrote it after reading this post ( from an industry insider who consulted the girls’ management team once and was shocked at the amount of manipulated negative publicity they were going for. This is the only ‘exposing’ source I have ever believed. Note that they also say ‘staged events’ are quite normal.

To make my point about the ways in which management can manipulate and exploit events, I thought I would take the example of L being caught with weed. Let’s treat this like a logic puzzle by thinking about every possible way this event may have happened and got to the press. (let me know if you can think of any more possibilities than the ones I list, but I really don’t think there are.)

Here are all the possibilities for what happened:

1. Lauren genuinely accidentally got caught with weed in her bag, she was stopped by security, some stranger nearby or a worker saw all of this and reported it to a gossip outlet like TMZ to possibly earn some cash. TMZ would have then pursued the airport security forces and fifth harmony team to find out more.

This sounds so unlikely - this is Dulles, not LA. People would have to have the contacts and the know-how (and have to give a shit!) to report something to a gossip outlet. The source would have to closely see everything that happened (unlikely) or be one of the security workers or police (who would probably be risking their job by leaking info). Also Lauren’s not that famous. Even this option involves management going along with it publicly and not denying it even though there is no proof. So the most ‘natural’ version of events still involves PR to an extent.

2. Lauren genuinely accidentally got caught with weed in her bag, she was stopped by security, someone on her team purposefully reported it to a gossip outlet like TMZ. They first reported it as her being ‘arrested’ to get a buzz and then later made sure it was out there that it was only a citation to set Lauren’s record straight.

This is much more likely than option 1 imo - celebrity managers have ongoing relationships with these news/gossip outlets and owe each other favours etc..

3. Lauren (instructed by management) purposefully left weed in her bag in order to set up the PR stunt, having made sure that the legal status meant she would only get a citation. Management had it all planned out how they would respond and everything went to plan.

This is possible but risky business. Also, is it worth it when they could easily just fake the whole thing without the risk element or any possible legal issues? I don’t think so.

4. Management planted weed in Lauren’s bag and let the whole thing play out as planned.

I honestly think this is too legally dodgy to have happened. I think they wouldn’t like doing things they could get sued for.

5. The whole thing is a fabrication and it never actually happened. Management decided on a convenient date and leaked this story to the press. (also… who knows, maybe there was another reason Lauren genuinely couldn’t go to Brazil - maybe she forgot her passport (lol) or needed it renewed and they thought this plan up in a more last minute way).

Some version of this option 5 seems quite likely when you think about the big picture - I’ll explain later.

Now think about all of the options. I would say options 2 and 5 are by far the most likely of all the possibilities. Even if the weed citation was a real event, it was sure as hell convenient to the PR team’s narrative and they sure as hell milked it for all its worth. But please note even the most ‘natural’ version of events (option 1) involves management choosing to admit to it publicly even though the sources are just hearsay and have no actual proof/photos.

So why would management want this information out there?

So we’ve established that management either chose to exploit real events or created fictional events. Either way, this means that ‘Lauren gets cited for weed’ is a headline that fits into a narrative/ plan they have for Lauren and the group. First of all think about Lauren’s image and her role in the group. She’s the ‘rebellious’ ‘edgy’ one and (unfortunately in this heteronormative environment) this might also partly be why she was mercifully allowed to come out as bi recently. Now think about the group as a whole and recent events. In a general sense, it seems like they are pushing the group into a more mature/edgy image (they have grown up and so have their fans). It was a pretty intense month for Lauren right? I don’t think that its a coincidence that Lauren had a very intense series of mainstream headlines just before 5H’s most famous member ‘quit’ the group.  It’s all a bit too neat and well timed - ‘Lauren caught kissing a girl’, ‘Lauren comes out’, ‘Lauren releases solo single’, ‘Lauren arrested for weed’, ‘Camila quits the group (in a very messy headline-grabbing way)’. I think its pretty transparent that they were trying to get Lauren’s name out there so that she can take over C’s role as the main publicity tool/celebrity headline grabber. So even if the weed incident genuinely happened, management must have been delighted with the publicity opportunity for the new face of the group.

But why would Lauren go along with this?

I mentioned in my previous post that things are confusing for us because the girls are both real people and puppets of the big bosses. The fans watched them grow up and we know Lauren as this super genuine, independent, no-BS kind of girl - she doesn’t seem like she would go along with publicity stunts. BUT… First of all, I don’t think she really has much of a choice. If the girls’ contracts are anything like the leaked X Factor/AGT contracts, they may have clauses in them saying that the bosses have the right to publish information “real or fictional” that may be compromising/ humiliating etc etc… Publicity stunts are literally part of their job. Also, as I mentioned in my last post, I think she may have decided to stop resisting and started to ‘play the game’ a bit. Playing along with PR might actual be better for her mental health and for the band. She might be ‘taking one for the team’, knowing that they are going to be needing any help they can get to stay afloat as 4H. Now, there might also be more specific things going on that are to do with the internal politics/ relationships in the team. Perhaps she agreed to do this in return for a favour, maybe some extra freedom they gave to her at another time. Maybe she is going along with it as a kind of payment/punishment for some breach of her contract at another time. (e.g. imagine a scenario where she actually got caught with drugs at another time and was given the ultimatum to either pay a fine for breaching her contract or go along with a publicity stunt later on). Also consider that this whole thing isn’t actually that bad for Lauren: She wasn’t actually charged or arrested so there’s no legal trouble, she clearly does smoke weed and doesn’t mind people knowing that about her, AND while the girls had to go on a long flight and perform a show she got to kick back with friends and take a break before the next show. The fans forgave her pretty easily - It’s Lauren we’re talking about.

Sorry this has been a very long post - I wanted to really dissect things in detail to make a point. Just like Camila leaving the group, we shouldn’t think of things as either ‘real’ or ‘management’. The truth is more complex and probably somewhere in between. There are sooooo many different ways (some more subtle than others) that management can play with reality and control our perception of the girls and certain events. It is, like I said, a mixture of reality and fiction. For example Lauren likely IS a slightly more rebellious, edgy, bit-of-a-stoner type of girl, and she may have actually been cited for weed possession or not…. but the point is that there is a reason why this headline ended up on our computer screens. It’s not magic - It’s what management wants us to perceive in order to ultimately sell more of a product and make more money.

(I originally wanted to do this break-down for Camila’s i-cloud hacking because I sensed there was something very fishy about it and it might be the perfect example a ‘partly real, partly fictional’ type of event. However, I wasn’t here when it happened and theres too much I don’t know about how it went down/ the order of things/ who published the messages etc… I might still write it but if someone can post something objective about the sequence of events please do! it would be a big help)

Peace out.



i lov u all <3

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It's so weird that we never know who Camila loves or any of the girls .. Like wtf every other celebrity when they date someone all the world know but with the girls it's like they're ninjas we know nothing about them ! ..

for other celebrities, ‘the whole world knows’ because a lot of the time it’s for publicity, but for celebrities that are committed to relationships/someone they’ll know that privacy is key and will usually keep things lowkey

I like my friends like I like my wine

Keeping me up all night
Provoking small talk and deep conversations
Making me talk about everything and anything,
Feel like humming or dancing,
Ask for more.

Igniting the will to change the unchangeable
Energising and soothing, when necessary
Fitting wild night out and a calm evening in

In vino veritas

aaaaaand with 2 minutes left in the first day, I give you my quick doodle for day 1 of ExR week: Embrace :) also since it’s Pride Month I figured I’d give you modern AU R’s phone background, which was taken before a Pride parade :D

I’m really going to try hard to participate all week, guys! and, as an added bonus, we over at @vinesdelabc are doing our week-long 1K Follower Celebration Week this week– my whole world is going to be school and Les Mis  haha

Happy Barricade Day, everyone!

edit 6/8/2016: because i’m terrible and real life is busy, idk if my exr week art is all going to necessarily go up on the days it’s supposed to… oh well, if it gets posted, it’ll be in the exrweek2016 tag

I’m such a proud Jennifer Lawrence fan

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“I’m attracted to intelligence and creativity and passion - and not necessarily the romantic kind. I want to learn from someone who is greedy for information and light and laughter and the whole world. Someone who celebrates their days and finds inspiration in what other people accomplish.”