the whole video was my favourite bit


Can you believe it? I stayed up all goddamn night so I could finish this and get it uploaded. Rocker!Bakura in all his glory <3 I think he’s my favourite of the rockband!AU references I’ve made so far, his pose is more inventive and the whole thing has more attitude than the others. Plus he looks pretty damn hot too ;P

So I’ve taken a few liberties with him, I removed his batwing hair pieces and just made the top of his hair spiky instead. I like it to be honest. He’s also a bit of a video game nerd, so that gear you see around his neck is actually the replica of Adam Fenix’s cog tags that came with the Epic Edition of Gears of War 3. I was drawing a blank on what to put around his neck, but I happened to remember those existed (because I have one, lol) so I thought ‘why not?’

Just gonna tag @king-among-knights here because I know the Bakurae are your children :3

Avatar Cosplaying

Summary: Phil enjoys Dan’s new leggings a bit more than he should.

A/N: This is another little fic that I’m wrote during my travels to Los Angeles (/^▽^)/  bc who isn’t absolutely obsessed with their new gaming video? 

Dan’s tweet

Pokemon Go! Video

Warnings: Touch of smut (ish, but not really)

Word Count: 538

“Did you jus-don’t put the camera to my crotch!”

The boys couldn’t remember the last time they did a legitimate vlog and what better way to do so then play the new, but infamous Pokemon Go!

After a bit more banter for the video, Phil turned the camera off until further notice. The little kid inside of Phil was really being brought out today. Catching Pokemon was a passion and a profession that him and Dan both shared and Phil could hardly wait.

He couldn’t lie, however, that his favourite bit of the whole shebang were the outfits. Although Phil enjoyed dressing up in his fancy new jacket, his attention had been set on Dan’s outfit. Specifically, Dan’s leggings. 

Knowing that they were going to film this pre-hand, Dan had went out to buy the most resembling leggings to the one’s in the game that he could find. When he had brought the pants home to show Phil, his first reaction was to burst out laughing. This however was no longer the case.

Now, seeing Dan in the leggings for the first time got Phil a bit flustered. The way the pants hugged his hips and thighs so tightly made Phil want to hit himself for thinking about such indecent things in public.

“You seriously had to wear that, Dan?”

“What? It adds to the whole aesthetic, Phil.”

Now seeing a group of pigeons, Phil switched the camera back on.

“Dan, look! I found some Pokemon.”

“Phil, phil. Those are real animals you’re looking at there.”


“Oh. Or are they pidgey?”


The two adventured for a couple hours, finding multiple Pokemon and capturing some content that the boys actually were very excited to edit.

“I reckon we’re done then, yeah?”

“Yeah, I think so.”

“Can we please go home? It’s getting a bit warmer and these leggings are chafing.”

“Yeah, course. You were right, though. They look good on you.” Phil attempted to make it sound like a simple compliment.

“Oh?” Dan smirked. “Someone like them?”

“No, Dan. Not like that. I mean, I’m not saying that they don’t make you look hot. They do, but I didn’t mean it like that.” Phil sighed.

“Okay, sure.” Dan replied, unconvinced. “Let’s head back.”

They managed to grab a couple more Pokemon as they made their way back as well as being greeted with a Rattata in the lounge.

Once Phil had set their equipment down, Dan began an another attempt at teasing Phil.

“I guess I’ll be getting changed out of these leggings now.” Dan dramatically announced.

“Dan,” Phil whined. “I didn’t-”

“Philip, you’ve been staring at my ass all day. Don’t lie and tell me you don’t love these.”

After a moment of staring each other down with a visible desire, Phil, coming closer to the younger boy, roughly grabbed Dan’s ass.

“You’re really asking for it now, Danny.” Phil brought his face an inch away from Dan’s. “Maybe we should move this to the bedroom?”

“Mm, sounds good to me.” Dan then pushed his lips against Phil’s, the two moving sensually in sync. A second later, Dan broke the kiss.

“Can I literally take the leggings off, though? It’s actually crushing my crotch.”

“Yep, okay.”



Better later than never, but Belgian media are FINALLY writing nothing but positive articles about Taylor. I woke up to a gazillion articles, so let me translate my favourite bits: 

The first article called Taylor a “phenomenon” and the video a “spectacular action movie full of celebrities”

The second one notes that the video has “more celebs than the average Hollywood movie “

The third one said how the whole video leads up to “an epic ending” in “mission impossible style”

The fourth one, full quote: “Whether she trademarks lyrics or inspires an iOS Keyboard, Taylor Swift has a talent for taking part in new technology trends. She is the first ever celebrity to have her own emoji on Twitter”

The last one is a teen magazine that tried to be funny with the pun “A-Tay-zing”, they called the video a “gigantic success” and warns students for “not being able to pay attention in class because of the urgent need to play this video on endless repeat”


When bae tells you to Sshh and you say no #SassyStyles aka my favourite bit of the whole show, that bitchy little “sorry?” at the beginning 😂

My Top 5 Toms

I was tagged by @prplprincez and @angryschnauzer I’m putting these into reverse order for delayed gratification….

5. Loki in Thor the Dark World

This is who pulled me in to the rabbit whole. No further explanation required.

4. Tom laughing or being dorky himself

I know this is bit of cheating, but I mean really. Who can say no to this?

A video posted by David Marti (@daviddtsfx) on Feb 10, 2016 at 10:12am PST

3. Tom in any interview where he can give long answers = his brains

His mind is full of interesting and pondered thoughts and views and he wants to explain himself thoroughly because he wants his views to be understood as they are. TimesTalks in Oct 2015 is one of my favourites. (plus the tie is to kill for.)

2. Glasses!Tom

The only man in the world who looks better with glasses on. Nothing more to add.

1. SDCC 2015 TOM

Blond swirls, bulked up, tanned, fresh out of shooting TNM, post-Wimbledon Tom with smart, super casual outfit. Do I need to say anything more to make my point? I didn’t think so.

Bonus for SDCC: It also produced Embarrassed!Tom which is propably one of the most adorable Toms there is 💜

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