the whole video was dark tho

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Kmusicblackwoman made a wonderful video it's about the excuse people use telling dark girls that Asian people don't like them and her video is living proof of how wrong they are. I encourage you guys to check it out if you're in doubt of then liking you. I recommend you take a trip to Korea, Japan etc I heard a lot of great experience from fellow dark girls.

Yeah there is def a whole lot of proof that even tho there is discrimination over there towards black ppl there is also a whole lot of acceptance. Their is a video on the YouTube the YouTube channel Asian Boss(and Asian culture channel) interviewing millennial age Koreans on what they think of black ppl and their responses are so eye opening to just how accepting younger Koreans are of black ppl and darker skin (id link it but I’m on my phone🙃) ! I would def suggest ppl check that video out and the Asian Boss channel out they have a lot of great content of blacks in Korean from the perspective of Koreans Sam Okerye the popular African entertainer who works in Korea I was talking about is a huge part of that channel as well and does a lot of stuff with them they put a lot of stuff into perspective there it’s a really good channel has some great content!!