the whole video is so perf

171028 the day I first saw NCT 127 in real life

It’s been a week since that crazy day. All I can say is they are really amazing/fantastic performers, warm to their fans, and unrealistically handsome live. They deserve the world. I miss them so much.

If you want to see my whole experience, videos i’ve taken, moments i’ve seen, check this out: I’ve compiled them here for your convenience. 

Please also don’t forget to vote for our boys as best dance perf male group at MAMA’s!! They’re in last place again :(( They dont deserve to be, yall know that. Please, please, please vote. They need us now more than ever.

Russo Brothers Report

My Shield is happy and safe with me back in San Francisco yay! (okay it came back last week but whatevs right?) 

The Russo Brothers were my favorite expectation - and ended up exceeding everything and more since. 

Long report cut under \o/ 

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