the whole town's sleeping

*Derek Hale Imagine*

Readers POV

So for about six months now I’ve had this friends with benefits thing going on with Derek. At first it was fun but then my feelings started to get involved and I eventually fell in love with him. Unfortunately for me, you can’t help who you love and I know Derek will never love me. The thing that really sucks is that I just took a pregnancy test and guess what…it came out positive. Yep that’s right, I’m pregnant with Derek Hale’s baby. He doesn’t even want a real relationship with me let alone a baby. So it seemed like there was only one answer. I needed to run and get out of Beacon Hills. I packed my bag that night and left town. I ended up in a couple towns over before I got tired and deicided to crash at a little motel. I got a room and fell asleep only to be awoken by a surprise the next morning.

The Next Morning

*knock knock* “If it’s the maid I’m fine thank you!” I shouted through the door and tried going back to sleep. *knock knock*

“I said no maid service at the moment!” I yelled a little louder, starting to get irritated. *knock knock* okay that’s it! I thought as I got out of bed and swung the door open. What I didn’t expect was to see Derek standing there with an amused look on his face.

“What are you doing here?” I asked him.

“I was going to ask you the same thing. You had everyone worried. Most of your things are gone, your car is gone, and you were gone. What are you running from, Y/N?”

“Nothing.” I snapped at him.

“Mhmmm.” He hummed, unconvinced.

“How did you find me anyways?”

“With the help of Stiles and his father I tracked you down with the location of your cell phone. Next time you might want to leave it behind.” I rolled my eyes at him.

“Well it was nice seeing you. Bye now!” I said and tried to slam the motel door, but of course, he stuck his foot in the way and helped himself inside the motel room, closing the door on his way in.

“Look Y/N, I just want to-” He started but suddenly stopped. I gave him a weird look.

“You just wanted to what?” I asked.

“Is there someone else here?” He asked while going into each room and making sure we were the only ones.

“Derek you are starting to freak me out. What’s going on?” I asked a tad bit scared.

“I hear a third heartbeat.” He said and I froze.

“Maybe it’s from another room.” I tried to convince him. He shook his head.

“No it’s in this room specifically.” He said and kept looking around until his eyes eventually ended up on my stomach. He looked at me shocked.

“Your pregnant?” He asked and I nodded as tears started falling down my cheeks.

“Is it mine?” I looked at him kinda hurt.

“Of course it’s yours! I don’t go sleeping around with the whole town!” I shouted.

“Why didn’t you tell me? Why did you choose to leave town instead?” I shrugged my shoulders.

“Because I was scared. We aren’t in a relationship and I didn’t think you would want to have a baby with me.” I said as more tears fell. Derek walked over to me and cupped my cheeks.

“Of course I want to have this baby with you. Yeah it’s unexpected but it’s a good kind of unexpected. I’ve wanted a relationship with you since the beginning but I thought you wanted to keep it casual. No strings attached. I actually care about you Y/N. And guess what? I love you and now I love our baby too.” Woah. Did Derek really just say he loved me?!

“Wait. You actually love me?” I asked surprised.

“Of course I do and I won’t ever stop.” I smiled so big I thought my cheeks might burst.

“I love you too! I said and jumped into his arms. He held onto me and swung us side to side gently. We pulled apart and he pecked me in between my eyes and on my nose before giving me a real kiss on the lips. Once we pulled apart to catch our breath he nuzzled his nose against mine.

“Now how about we go back to Beacon Hills and you move into my loft with me?” He asked with hope in his eyes and I quickly shook my head yes.

“I can’t think of anything that sounds better.” I said and he pulled me into another kiss. I’m so thankful for our soon to be little family.

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Rough day

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: UNPROTECTED SEX. Guys, wrap it before you tap it, really.

HIII!!! I saw you were taking requests and I would love a Bucky fluff/ smut were the reader is playful and funny and loves teasing Bucky, they have recently started dating and it was a surprise for the Avengers bc Buck is shy and reserved and the reader is all out going and fun. But one day Buck comes home from a difficult mission and she gets in his nerves and they end up having rough sex? Thank you! I love your blog!!!

A/N: Ok so, I apoogize to the person who requested for taking so fucking long. I just had no inspiration, and when I did, it was just a few days ago.

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Steve, Natasha, Bucky and (Y/N) were at the platform where the quinjet was about to leave. Bucky was going on a mission. It wasn’t that dangerous, it wasn’t even hard, but for some reason, among the avengers there was a strange feeling.

“Take care, ok?” (Y/N) said as she tenderly caressed Bucky’s cheek trying to sooth him and shake off the soldier’s feelings. “Remember that I want you in one piece” Bucky leaned forward to capture her lips in his, eliciting an audible gasp from Steve and Natasha, his mates during the mission they were getting ready for. “Oh god, Natasha, and you call yourself a spy?” the (Y/H/C) haired teased.

“Barnes has never been good at demonstrating feelings, so I couldn’t really tell” Natasha pointed out with a shrug. “Anyway, I’m happy for you two. Barnes could definitely use some of your personality”

“Thanks, Natalia” Bucky sneered and rolled his eyes. “Take care you too, ok?” he looked at (Y/N) with concern. “I know you’ll be staying here, but still. Take care”

“Of course I will, Sergeant Barnes” (Y/N) replied happily as she stepped on her tippy toes to kiss James one last time.

“Don’t be so boring, baby” (Y/N) said with a childish voice as she pulled from Bucky’s hoodie.

She had been trying to get on Bucky’s nerves for quite a while. He had been home for a few hours only and all he wanted to do was sleep, not because he was tired, but because there was something about the job that kept him uneasy. The job was finished, but the way it had been was not right for him, and so he needed to rest, to think, to be alone for a few hours.

For the last 30 minutes she had been teasing him, but all the answers she got were plain “no” and groans of discomfort. Bucky was already sick of her, and he made it very clear.

“I already said no!” His voice was loud, and his eyes were shinning. (Y/N) knew she could take advantage of this situation; her eyes lit up and a mischievous smile spread across her lips. “You don’t wanna piss me off, (Y/N)”

“Oh really?” she asked back with the sexiest voice she could find. Bucky had her against the wall, and his nostrils moved as the air came out of his lungs quickly. (Y/N) bit her lip in anticipation as she looked up to him.

“Yeah, doll” Bucky’s voice changed, it was still very strong, but it was not angry, not even annoyed. His eyes had darkened, and his hot breath hit (Y/N)’s face. It was her doom, or at least, really close to it.

The hallway was silent, empty. Maybe the only thing that could see them were the surveillance cameras that Tony thought were never enough. Both Bucky’s arms were on each side of (Y/N)’s head, she could feel her heart trying to escape from her chest as it grew bigger each time she took in some air. The wall of muscles she had in front of her slowly came closer, leaning in to reach her lips, so close, but yet so far away.

Swiftly taking (Y/N) in his arms and over his shoulder, Bucky kept his way back to their dorm. After closing the door with his foot, he threw her over the mattress.


(Y/N) started to do as she was told. She lifted her hips to make her pants go down. Her bottom lip trembled, and her hands were shaking in pure nervousness. 9 out of 10 times, Bucky was all sweet, loving and caring when it came to love-making; that’s what they did most of the time. But that day everything was different. There was little love, if any at all. The way he stood so calmed, just like a storm before it raged. Soon after her pants were spread on the hardwood floor, her underwear and top followed. She was completely naked and anxious before the lustful eyes of Bucky Barnes.

“Good girl. Now open up for me.”

Her weak legs were spread wide on the bed. Bucky smiled devilishly and took his human hand to his mouth as if to think and ponder about life while (Y/N) was giving him the full view of her already throbbing pussy. He turned the lock without taking his animalistic eyes from (Y/N)’s. She felt like a deer that’s been dazzled by some bright lights, and Bucky was the predator ready to jump up on her and probably eat her alive.

In a matter of seconds, Bucky was already naked and hovering over (Y/N) and devouring her lips impatiently. His hands gently took hers, and not-so-gently instead, he placed them over her head, allowing no move from her at all, and as much as she tried to resist his tight hold, his metal hand that now held her wrists only gripped tighter.

With his free hand, he didn’t need to tease her at all, he didn’t want to either. He was so angry at everything that happened during the mission that the only thing he could think of was letting it all out with her, in her. And so he did.

Burying himself in her warmth and groaning at the tightness that hugged him so perfectly, he stayed motionless for a minute or two, allowing the both to adjust to one another. (Y/N) kept her eyes shut tight and toes curled while she tried to catch her breath. But it was useless. Bucky slowly started to pick up a pace that went faster each passing second. She wrapped her legs around Bucky’s waist and dug her ankles on Bucky’s buttocks to make him go deeper. Once in a while, Bucky would squeeze and knead her breasts as he pleased, making her moan and curse even louder.

He leaned in again to crash his lips against hers, roughly biting everything that his teeth could get to. His mouth moved down her jawline, continuing the harsh kisses and leaving marks all the way down her neck. Those would look awful the morning after.

The air of the room was thick, and besides from skin slapping against each other and the creaking bed, only moans and curses could be heard. Each huff Buck let out was his way of saying how hard the job was, how incredibly exhausted he was of avenging, and how frustrating everything seemed. He was just done for the night. Probably, the next morning he would be as if nothing ever happened.

Bucky let go of (Y/N)’s wrists and placed both his hands behind her neck to start thrusting faster and harder as she pleaded for more. Bucky felt indulgent that night, and he conceded every wish she had. (Y/N) felt far away from the earth. As he was usually sweet and tender, this roughness was new to her, and it felt beyond amazing, and she wondered why they hadn’t tried going a little rough sometimes.

She tried to announce her orgasm, but it came before she could possibly get the ideas straight. It was loud, it was glorious, it was dizzying, it was a hundred times better than any other time. Bucky pressed his sweaty forehead against her own sweaty as he kept pounding to finally release his warm cum just moments after her.

Their hot skins met when they breathed, and due to exhaustion, they decided to call it quits for the day really early. Bucky timidly asked if he could be the little spoon just for one night; after letting everything out at sex and being the one in charge, he needed some comfort and the safety that he didn’t have the control anymore. (Y/N) accepted happily, and when they slid under the covers, she crossed her arm over his side, and pulled his back closer to her chest.  She kissed his shoulder and dozed off in the hot air of the room and the strong smell of sex and manhood that Bucky expelled.

The next morning, as (Y/N) got out of the bedroom still a little sore, she got to the kitchen to get something to grab and take upstairs to eat with Bucky. She didn’t really see the people there until she heard a fake coughing that was most probably Steve.

“Didn’t see you guys” (Y/N) said carelessly as she placed things on a wooden tray. She took a look at the group and saw Clint and Tony holding back their laughter and Steve smacking them. “Whoa, you all look like shit, you didn’t sleep well?”

“I don’t think someone had a good sleep in this whole freaking town last night, (Y/N)” Tony said with a slight smile, obviously teasing her. The sight of her being in nothing but a huge hoodie that belonged to Bucky and having love marks on her neck was enough evidence of a long night awake for the three superheroes and probably, the whole city of New York. “You and Terminator are the loudest people on Earth. You’re gonna have to do something about the sound on that room of yours”

“What can I say?” (Y/N) shrugged with a sly smile on her face. “My man needed to let it out, and I was more than happy to help.”

“Yeah, no shit” Clint said in between teeth.

I don’t normally comment on OUAT, but that episode was everything, Snowing seeing little emma, Snowing kisses, Snowing flashback, the whole town going into a sleeping curse (for a second) so they could be together again, Captain Swan reunite, Captain Swan proposal, Captain swan cuteness, Captain Swan cuddles, i caN’T

Dutch’s cousin was staying with him and his family for the school year, so he made sure to tell her multiple times to not invite people over when he was home. The last thing he needed was people knowing he was part of the family that basically owned the whole town; it would give him unwanted attention. So after accidentally sleeping in one Saturday, Dutch was heading towards the kitchen when he heard a group of teenage girls (one being his cousin) talking and he stopped to see them all sitting in the living room. “Shit,” he said, then mentally cursing himself for drawing attention from the self-proclaimed queen bee of the school. He could just tell this wasn’t going to go well for him.

anonymous asked:

I genuinely loved the re-proposal and the conversation where they both apologized was satisfactory (at least it was acknowledged that they were both at fault), but I also feel we could have gotten a better conversation between the two of them if CS had woken up Snowing with a TLK rather than that whole 'town sharing a sleeping curse' thing.

I loved the proposal too. The conversation that came before was great as well, it could’ve been better but what can you do? 

Don’t get me wrong, the townspeople being the ones to wake them up was a cool idea and it hit me in the feels, it’s just my mind was like awww CS’ TLK are gonna wake up Snowing, but of course that’s not what we got. I guess they wanted to wake Snowing up as soon as possible and move the plot along. 

I guess I just wanted more.

Waiiiiiiit wait so according to the promo Maleficent is going to cast a sleeping curse on the whole town… I’d assume that’s how she’s sending Emma and everyone else to sleep

making for the perfect setup for another dream sequence like say Emma wandering down the street on her own looking lost and scared

like say Emma confronting her dark self just like Regina was confronted by her dark self in this episode

aaaaaaaaaand also how do you break sleeping curses? aaaaand have we maybe seen people go to find their loved ones while trapped in a sleeping curse before? aaaaaand did we just establish that a certain pirate is very determined not to lose his happy ending, not to the crocodile, not to any villain, and not to her own dark side?

I’m just saying there’s a lot of potential here for several things to happen none of which would be unwelcome


graphic redo (x)

Sleeping Hook AU - Two souls bound together across time. A forbidden love. A small town in Ireland and a terrible curse… A young priest who is struggling with the decision to take his final oath. A young woman living in the mental ward of the local hospital for severe sleeping disorders. When he finds her in the park of the hospital one night on one of her sleep walking excurses, he feels a strong connection to the young woman he can’t quite define. And she finds that maybe her dreams aren’t delusions, but memories of a past life - why else has she been seeing the young priest in her dreams for years before they first met? When bad things start to happen around them, they have to find out what is binding them together in a cruel circle of love and blood and death - and defeat an old curse powerful enough to destroy the whole town…

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3) When Wynonna finally finds out (it's been 84 years) she's actually super happy for them because Nicole is approximately billion times better for Wave than Champ was. Think like, Dawnie-about-Will-and-Tara level happy (same goes for her reaction).

Oh yeah. Wynonna is Clueless ™ but she’s the most supportive big sister ever

Like she probably doesn’t even realize they’re dating until like they’re at the station (and Waverly legitimately thinks she already knows like she’s caught them almost kissing, flirting, she dropped the chicks comment, there’s no way Wynonna doesn’t know) and so they’re at the station and Waverly sees Nicole and she’s like, “Hey baby!” And runs up and gives her a quick kiss. In front of Wynonna.

And Wynonna just freezes.  “Wait what’s happening?  Are you two like, together?”

“Um, yes?  I thought you knew?”

“How would I have known if you never told me?!”

“I dropped hints.”

and then after the initial confusion of “why didn’t you tell me I told you I was sleeping with doc!” “yeah after the whole town figured it out first” then Wynonna just gets really excited but she’s like casual about it so she just gives her baby sister a pat on the back

“Officer Hot, though?  I knew you had it in you Waves!”

“So you approve?”

“Hell yeah! She’s not even a step up from Champ she’s like the top floor of an entirely different building”

it’s not like Waverly needed Wynonna’s approval but it is nice to know that her sister likes her new girlfriend

A Violent Man

Author’s Note: this is the fanfic inspired by my Captain Charming post about David “getting his mate back”. Just so you know, my first language isn’t English, so feel free to help me improve. Reviews and feedback are more than welcome! I hope you’ll enjoy it!

David Charming Nolan could safely say that his daughter Emma brought out his most violent tendencies. 

The moment she drew breath for the first time, he’d fought countless of the Evil Queen’s guards because of her, with her tiny body clutched against his chest. 

28 years later, after the Dark Curse was broken, he’d chased a Mad man who tampered with hats through the whole town and put himself under a Sleeping Curse only to find a way to get her and Snow back from the portal they’d fallen into. For such a short time being a real father to her, she’d already thrown him into battles rather successfully. 

Then, He arrived. 

Even before meeting Him, David could see that whenever He was mentioned because of his feud with Gold, Emma was all furrowed brows and high walls, shoulders and back tensing. It was clear she didn’t trust Captain Hook, and since Emma took more after him in her attitude towards other people than from his wife (she was a “less rainbows and flowers and more punches and guns” type, a sassy woman who called out the others for their games and lies, and he couldn’t be prouder), he raised his guard as well. 

When David finally met Him, his guard shot higher than ever. He swaggered in black leather, stubble and big rings, smirking and talking suggestively to his wife and about his daughter (his daughter!), and David was more than ready to kick his pirate butt back to Neverland or wherever he came from. When later He hit him to retrieve his hook and then came back to them with nonchalance to find a way to cheat death together, David didn’t hesitate to punch Him on the nose and threatened to shoot Him in the face if he tried to betray them. It was the most violent he’d felt because of Emma, and he didn’t regret it one bit; her daughter didn’t trust Him, and the less she’d deal with the smirking bastard, the better. 

In Neverland, Charming didn’t have many opportunities to hit Him properly, but oh, how he wished he could. If he’d felt violent before working with the selfish, untrustworthy pirate, now he felt actually murderous. David saw the way He stared longingly at Emma, the way He silently and steadily supported her in her quest to save Henry. What made his fists itch with the need to meet the stubbled jaw, though, was the fact that Emma stared back at Him, relying on Him even with her walls.

When He saved his life from the Dreamshade’s poisoning, David still wanted to punch Him. Of course he did, since He was all lowered eyes and sudden shyness, downplaying his generous act, thanking him for dedicating Him a drink, when it was David who was in his debt, who should have repayed Him with more than a sip of rum in His name. He had just proved himself more than a selfish pirate, and David wanted to punch Him for thinking He was undeserving of his gratitude. 

After that, the desire to punch Him still accompanied David, tasting like routine, even though the prince didn’t act on it. He felt it between cheeky comments about planting and demanding midwives. He felt it when He said “I thought you didn’t trust me, mate”, because of course David trusted Him now that He’d travelled through realms to get Emma back, stood by her side when He could have run away with his crew to a safer land, kept himself away from her to protect her and her family. “You’re going with her” Charming ordered firmly, ready to punch Him if He questioned his command, because it was not the time or place for feeling an unworthy pirate and Emma needed someone who’d fight with her in her father’s absence. 

David also felt that desire when He and Emma went on their first date, because his dear daughter was all excited, feminine like he’d never seen her and beautiful, and he’d punch Him if He let her down. When Emma came back with a big smile on her face, happy and blushing, David still felt a bit violent, but for a different reason. So he acted all grumpy with his wife and daughter, because he didn’t want details anyway, but after making sure he was truly alone in the bathroom, he punched the air above his head in victory. Emma was happy, and it was all that mattered. 

He still felt the desire to punch Him, because when did He bond with Henry so effortlessly? When did Emma begin to smile so often because of Him and to slowly but surely open her heart to the man who’d become her anchor? Nobody had prepared him for the constant leather-clad presence in their days and for the way it didn’t seem strange. 

When He fell to Granny’s floor bleeding for a wound on his neck, Emma kneeling on his side and desperately pleading Him not to leave her, David felt the need to punch Him stronger than ever. Now that He was in mortal peril, David couldn’t repay the favour he’d received in Neverland, and Emma was crying so much his heart felt torn to pieces, and He didn’t get to leave like this after bragging about being a survivor and teasing him for stabbing Him in the Author’s alternative universe. He couldn’t get away from them so easily, after sliding into their lives so effortlessly and fighting for Emma for so long. 

When He returned to Granny’s with a now Dark Emma, David felt the need to punch Him one more time, because He didn’t look like himself. His hair was dishevelled, his attire completely black, his eyes empty, focused on something David couldn’t see or hear, moving back and forth like the eyes of a madman. He looked drugged, or drunk, which was simply ridiculous since He usually drank rum everyday and stayed sober. He understood why Emma had done it, but he didn’t trust Him now that He’d been burdened with the Darkness He’d always hated, and it hurt. The Darkness twisted Him into a man he didn’t recognize. 

But the need to punch Him was never stronger than after Emma had stabbed Him with Excalibur at His request. David wanted to beat the hell out of Him, because Emma’s cries would haunt his dreams forever. He could almost hear her heart shattering to pieces like glass, and he never wanted this for his beloved daughter, for his little girl; he would kill himself to spare her such an intense pain. Instead, He practically killed himself to save Emma and her family, and David wanted to beat Him because their days, his days wouldn’t be the same without Him. David wanted to beat Him until His soul would come back from the Underworld only to ask with annoyance to spare His devilishly handsome face. 

That night, David found Emma breaking like he’d never seen her, clutching His hook to her chest. He hugged her and held her in his arms until the sun rose again, wishing he could bear even a small part of her overwhelming burden. Then he found His flask, raised it briefly and drank to His name, as he’d done so long ago. 

So when Emma came to him first, revealing him that she’d go to the Underworld to save Him, David knew what he had to do. 

“He’s the one” he stated, staring at her hopeful, determined green eyes, and she nodded, clutching the ring He’d given her in Camelot. He nodded too, approving of her answer. 

Charming was always a violent man when it came to protecting her. What he’d been pleased to find out was that when it came to fighting for her, Hook was just as violent as him. 

It was time Emma and him got violent for Hook, too. 

So Charming grabbed his sword and led the way to the door, declaring:

“Alright, let’s go get my mate back”.

For the first time in days, Emma smiled, and David smiled too.

He was looking forward to punching Hook just to make sure that he was alive again. 

Missing Sleep (a poem)

Missing Sleep

My dog and I walk
the whole town ours
at 3 am
I don’t care I’m missing sleep
I have the tapping
of his nails on the sidewalk
and stars spinning overhead
and sometimes
it’s all so perfect
I have to go home
get warm
and write a poem
about it all
one that’s probably
boring as hell
to everyone else
but what other way
can I drag you along with me
to see the sky
feel the wind’s bite
maybe take your hand
in mine
for a little ways
until you want to hold the leash
on the walk back home
missing sleep along with me
but not caring one bit at all.