the whole thing only lasts for a couple of seconds

Day6 Reaction on How They Kiss you for the First Time

This was so fun to do, thank you so much for requesting this :3 :3 :3

Always glad to get Day6 requests, they deserve lotsa love



He’d kiss you somewhere between the third and sixth date. You’d be at an arcade playing, and you’d have beat him in air hockey and you’d be all like ‘YUSS. I. WON. I beat you, you lost’ and he’d think it was adorable and he’d defend himself jokingly as the two of you put down your pucks and gradually make your way around the side of the table, and you’d be like ‘I’m just that amazing.’ And he’d look over at you and you guys were kind of standing next to each other, and you’d both be laughing, and he’d look down at your lips and get really quiet for a moment. Then he’d turn towards you and bring a hand up to cup your cheek while he leaned on the air hockey table with his other hand, and then he’d lean forward in little increments to give you plenty of time to say no, but you don’t, so his lips would connect with yours and it’d be really soft, but not shy, just very casual and gentle and sweet. And it’d taste like coke because you’d both had a coke from the snack stand. After a second, he’d bring his other hand up to hold your other cheek, and take another baby step towards you, and you’d rest your hands on his waist. Over all, it’d be really sweet and slow and simple, and you’d both blush and smile afterwards and you’d hug him and he’d hug you back and just grin like an idiot.


He’d do it all old fashioned like after walking you back from a date, probably like the fourth to sixth, like Jae. It’d be late and a little chilly but not too bad. There’d be a porch light right by the door and you’d be standing under it and looking down at your purse to find your key, but he  steps really close to you and holds your chin between his fingers to tilt your head up to face him. He’d move his hand to hold your jawline really gently and put his other hand on your waist. It’s really quiet and it’s one of those frozen still moments, and then after a really brief second he just leans in and plant one on ya. It wouldn’t be as soft and gentle as Jae’s, but it wouldn’t be harsh either. Somewhere kind of in the middle? He’d get a little into it and put some feeling into it, but also keep it within the range of simple because it is the first. When it was over, he’d lean his head on your forehead a little for a minute and you guys would just enjoy the silence before he pecked you on the lips one last time and said goodnight while smiling casually.


Sungjin would do it kind of spontaneously. It’d be when you guys are kind of comfortable with each other, so if you knew each other for a little while before you started dating then it might happen even as early as the first date, but if not then he’d probably wait for a few weeks. You’d be doing something casual like just standing next to each other somewhere and talking, or both sitting and working side by side or something, something really chill and where you’re physically close together. You’d do something that he loves, whether he loves your laugh and you laugh just really wholeheartedly, or you’re really smart and you say something really introspective or enlightening, , or you say something that just showcases something like how humble you are, or kind, or something kind of meaningful, not just did a kind of cute thing. Something that he appreciates on a deep level about you. And then after you did the thing, he’d just stare at you for a second, and then put one or both hands on your cheeks with his fingers curled a little behind your neck to pull you closer to him and kiss you. It’d be actually a little deep. He wanted to actually kiss you for real, so he would, but not to the extent where you’d be overwhelmed. It’d be gentle but firm. Afterwards, he’d lean his forehead on yours for a while and just bask in the moment and feel just this flood of emotions, and then when you guys went back to what you were doing, he’d probably have an arm over your shoulder or be holding your hand or something like that just to stay close to you.


If Wonpil is in a place where he feels okay with kissing you, then he’s probably pretty comfortable with you and significantly less shy than he is a lot with unfamiliar people. I don’t think it would be easy for him to just ask anyone out so if you guys are together then you probably knew eachother for awhile before so that he could get used to you and feel less awkward around you. It’d be a few dates as well so that he can kind of get past a little of the first date jitters type of thing. So he’d still be nervous just like anyone would be, but he wouldn’t be in his super awkward shy boy mode. He’d be at a place where he’s comfortable being a little affectionate with you. The kiss would happen in a cute cuddly sort of moment between you two. He’d have planned on kissing you and have been building up some nerve, but he wasn’t sure quite how to go about it. Then you guys would have been hugging so his arms are around your waist, and you’d giggle for some reason and look up at him and he’d be like… :3 and then really shyly and slowly with a little baby smile still on your face, he’d lean down and tilt his head slightly, and then stop for a moment when your lips are about to touch. Just for a brief moment though, barely even perceptible. And then he’d just give you this kind of long peck, just really soft and sweet before pulling away just a tiny bit. You’d both break down into blushes and ridiculous smiles and giggles and he’d hide his face in the crook of your neck a little. He’d want to kiss you again, a little more this time and he wouldn’t be afraid to because judging by how much you were smiling and giggling, you didn’t mind at all, so he’d kiss you again a few more times, still smiling, a little longer and a tiny bit harder this time. Afterwards, you guys would be a giggling happy mess with just too many emotions and it’s like waaaah :3. He’d be really, really, affectionate for the rest of the day, nuzzling into your neck, hugging you a lot


Dowoon would be pretty shy through the whole thing. He’d kiss you a few dates in at the end after walking you home. It’d be dark and he’d stop you by grabbing your hand a few steps in front of your house, and sort of just stand there looking a little nervously between his feet and you and kind of just off to the side before he took a hesitant step towards you. He’d lean in a little bit, then pause, and then kind of quickly lean all the rest of the way in and just barely put his lips on yours, and when you responded to it, he’d kiss you a little more surely, but the whole thing would be very soft and it would only last a couple of seconds before he pulled away and smiled, letting out a tiny breathy chuckle of shyness. You smiling and showing signs that you’d enjoyed it would put ease and he’d just be really happy. He’d be afraid to overdo it, but the temptation would just be too much and he’d lean in to peck your temple gently while still smiling shyly before saying goodbye. He’d be completely over the moon for the rest of the night and he’d barely sleep out of excitement. The next time he saw you, he would be a little bashful but in a very happy sort of way. In like that comfortable sort of shy where it’s like a mutual agreement of just :3 :3 :3. He’d want to hold your hand the next time he saw you as well.


Because I’m a terrible human being, you guys can probably expect the final installment of the Jimin Corporate Intrigue thing in the next two days, like a full two weeks after the last part I’M SORRY ;_; but in my defense I have a friend who I’m currently taking some time and indoctrinating in the ways of kpoppery, so at least I’ve been doing something productive for the fandoms :D

Some Adrien and Chloé friendship ideas:

• They had sleepovers before Gabriel let him attend school in which they watch movies and talk about cute girls
• The sleepovers dropped off a bit when he enrolled in her class and befriended Nino &co. She started flirting with him as a way to try and make them have time alone together again
• Adrien (and lowkey also Adrien-as-Chat-Noir) is Chloé’s biggest supporter in her slow path to becoming a Good Person™ - oh wait that’s basically already canon
• If/when Chloé gets nicer and starts forming healthier relationships, they start having secret pick-up line competitions on their classmates
• Chloé absolutely knows Adrien is Chat Noir because they’re BFFs and she’d know his voice anywhere. If/when she officially becomes “in on it”, she scolds him about taking hits for Ladybug so often
• Once she understands that he’s legitimately interested in Marinette, Chloé is second only to Alya in shoving them at each other
• Adrien is as oblivious as he seems only until Chloé sits him down and gives him a thorough walkthrough of the evidence that he and his crush like each other
• The problem with that last one is it happens IN THEIR CLASSROOM and Marinette walks in and hears everything. She blushes, starts stammering, and faints, but once she’s recovered they agree to try out the whole “couple” thing
• To get revenge/say thanks, Adrien starts “accidentally” doing a bunch of things to force Chloé and her own crush to acknowledge their feelings (organizing three-person study groups then leaving, inviting them on what are essentially double dates, etc). Plagg helps a lot
• Chloé meets Plagg and thinks he’s the cutest thing in the whole wide world and doesn’t for the life of her know why Adrien would get fed up with such a sweet widdle kitty (this may or may not be genuine on her part). Plagg gets all smug, up until she decides he should wear make up at which point he hides in the furthest corner of Adrien’s bag and refuses to come out in Chloé’s presence for months

A Different Type of Feeling - boyf riends

Title: A Different Type of Feeling

Word Count: 1387

Pairing: Jeremy Heere x Michael Mell (boyf riends/Meremy)

Warnings: I don’t know anything about pot, so I’m kind of cringing at that part and I’m sure you will too (unless you know as little as me), kissing?

A/N: First ship I’m writing! (Well, publishing actually). I kinda got obsessed with Be More Chill, and especially boyf riends, so here’s this! I have two others in work that I’m not sure if I’ll finish, but I hope I do. I also have a Lin x reader one that I’m not sure I will finish, but I’ll try.



Gosh, Jeremy was in love. He know he shouldn’t, at least not with him. Now that he was with Christine he should love her. But he couldn’t help it. Michael was so cute and so good to Jeremy, and every time he saw his best friend his stomach filled with butterflies and his face turned beet red. He always cherished their moments together, and he had lost count of many video games he had lost to him because he was distracted by the way the shadows and light from the TV flickered on his face. Or how many times he had woken up beside him and just stared at his sleeping form. He always looked so peaceful. And his face seemed a little different because he didn’t wear his glasses. And sometimes he would smile a bit in his sleep, and small adorable dimples would appear on his cheeks. 

It was not like he didn’t like Christine anymore. He still thought she was the prettiest girl in existence, and he still loved to talk to her. But he had realised he loved her more in a friend type of way. He didn’t get all flustered around her anymore, and he never felt the sparks to start with.

But he didn’t want to hurt her. She hadn’t judged him after the whole SQUIP incident, and she supported him afterwards when he had to deal with all the consequences. But so had Michael. He had honestly not believed it when Michael came back to him after he had treated him like he had done. He had been so happy. That was when he realised he loved him.

“So, what do you think? Jeremy? Jeremy!” Christine yelled, trying to get her boyfriend’s attention.

“Huh? Oh, uh, cool?” Jeremy shook his head as he tried to not think about Michael.

Christine wore an annoyed expression on her face. “Were you listening at all? Or were you to distracted staring at Michael?” 

Jeremy’s eyes widened as his face turned beet red, and he started to shake his head. “N-no, I mean, I wasn’t staring, I just, I have a lot on my mind.” 

It was obvious Christine didn’t believe him. With a sigh she took a deep breath and looked into his eyes. Jeremy hoped she couldn’t see his fear in his eyes.
“Look, I think we need to talk after school. Can you meet me in the drama room at three?”

Dread and relief filled up in his stomach as he nodded. He knew those words. We need to talk. That was something girls said when they wanted to break up with you. He felt bad for being relieved and hoping she would break up with him, but he really didn’t want to do it.  

Christine smiled and stood up. “See you after school.” Then she left with her plate of food.

Jeremy caught Michael staring at him with a confused look, and Jeremy could feel the blush rise again. He put his head in his hands and sighed.


Jeremy were supposed to meet Michael after school to go home to his and play video games, but since he had to meet Christine, he had asked to just meet him there. But as he stood outside his best friend of twelve year’s house, he felt something he had never felt before. He didn’t want to go inside. He didn’t want to meet Micael and dealing with his feelings for his best friend. He didn’t want to worry about Michael finding out, or even losing the game because he was distracted. He just wanted to curl up in a ball under his covers and sleep. But he couldn’t, so after standing and staring at the door for five minutes, he finally walked in.

The way to the basement was memorised by now. He could walk the route in his sleep. 

“Hey, what took you so long?” Michael asked from his beanbag, his eyes fixed on the screen.

“Oh, uh. Christine and I, we sorta, kinda, broke up…” Jeremy trailed off.

Michael’s smile was immediately wiped off his face, and he paused the game to look at Jeremy.
“Oh, I am so sorry. Are you okay, I know you loved her?”

Jeremy got a sort of fluttery feeling in his heart. Michael looked so worried about him. What had he done to deserve this?

“Yeah, yeah. I’m okay. It was mutual anyways. I had planned on breaking up with her soon, I just needed to find the right moment.”

Michael patted the place beside him, and Jeremy realised he hadn’t even sat down. He still stood by the staircase.
When he sat down, Michael handed him something small rolled up. A joint. 

“Nah, dude, I’m fine without.”

Ever since the SQUIP, Jeremy had been terrified of not having a clear head. Of not being able to think without something influencing him. But he hadn’t told anyone. He should tell Michael.

Michael shot him a confused glance, but took the joint himself instead. Soon the familiar smell of pot filled Jeremy’s senses, and he felt strangely calm.
“So, what happened?”


“Why’d you break up? I thought you were helplessly in love with each other?” (A/N I’m feeling so helpless! Look into his eyes and the sky’s the limit-because I had to) Jeremy thought he heard a small undertone of bitterness in his voice, but he told himself it was just his mind running wild. He was hearing things that weren’t there, just because he wanted them to be there.

“It just didn’t work out. I didn’t feel like that for her anyway.”

And then Michael did something Jeremy should’ve expected. He hugged Jeremy. And a sweet scent of Michael’s shampoo and fabric softener, just ruined by the pot he had smoked engulfed him. Jeremy could feel himself instantly relax, and the butterflies in his stomach started to flutter again as his face went warm. Suddenly something Christine had said popped up in his head.

“You should tell Michael how you feel. Or else you might lose him.”

“Michael?” Jeremy said, his voice muffled because his head was buried in Michael’s shoulder.

Michael pulled away, and a small twinge of regret and nerves settled in his body.

“I-I have to tell you something.”

Michael’s eyes furrowed in confusion as he nodded. In the back of his mind Jeremy didn’t want to pull away, he didn’t want to this at all.

He took a deep breath, collecting courage, and then as he breathed out he said it. “I-kinda-have-a-crush-on-you-but-I-don’t-want-to-ruin-our-friendship-since-you’re-my-favourite-person-and-my-best-friend-and-I’m-never-gonna-have-a-better-person-than-you-in-my-life.”

Even though Jeremy had said it as fast as he could, and it probably had been pretty unclear, Michael seemed like he understood it, because now a shocked face had replaced his confused one, and a small blush spread on his cheeks, barely visible. 


Jeremy looked down, his courage almost all gone, replaced by regret. How had he thought this wouldn’t affect their friendship?

“Jeremy, look at me.” Michael used hand to lift Jeremy’s face up. 

He was met with his best friend’s brown eyes just a few inches from his face, and his breath fanned his lips.

“I-I love you.” Jeremy breathed, his mouth not following his head. Because in his head he was too busy picturing kissing his best friend.

Even though Jeremy could only see his eyes, he knew Michael was smiling.

“Good.” And then Michael gently placed his lips on Jeremy’s.

Even though this wasn’t Jeremy’s first kiss, it felt like it, because he had never kissed, or been kissed like this before. His kisses with Christine was awkward and lasted for a couple of seconds. He didn’t really feel anything with her. With Michael he felt like his whole body exploded. His eyes were closed but he could still see Michael’s eyes behind his eyelids, and the butterflies in his stomach was replaced with fireworks.

When they pulled away, the only thing Jeremy was able to think was ‘This was a different type of feeling’, and before he was able to react, he put his lips on Michael’s again.

anonymous asked:

i dont know if you take requests but i would love it you write your take on what would have happened if yousef had to answer that question lol

“Last person you became friends with on Facebook,” Elias said, reading from the strip of paper. His dark eyes settled on Yousef. “Who was it?”

“Uh, let Mutta go next. I don’t have anybody interesting.” Yousef felt the heat rise to his cheeks as he hurried to give his lame excuse. He wasn’t exactly sure how Elias would take the fact he’d recently friended his little sister on Facebook but he was sure that he didn’t want it caught on camera.

“Nah, man!” That came from Adam, who’d already had his turn. “That’s not fair! I did mine!”

“Dude has a point,” Mutta spoke up, nodding his agreement. “Plus, didn’t I see you added S-”

Elias’ eyes had narrowed on him, obviously noticing how cagey he was being about the whole thing. Yousef’s hand moved to grip the peak of his cap, adjusting it on his head. A nervous habit. He guessed it was confession time after all.

“Oh yeah,” he said casually, picking up his gaze to look Elias in the eye as he spoke. He was conscious of the fact awkwardly avoiding returning his best friend’s gaze wouldn’t send the best message. “I added Sana.”

The silence that followed felt like it lasted an eternity but in reality was probably only a matter of a couple of seconds. Something clouded Elias’ eyes and Yousef felt Adam shift behind him, presumably looking to Mikael who sat to his left. There wasn’t exactly a spoken rule against adding each other’s family members but despite the fact they all cared about Sana, none of them had added her. Or at least, she hadn’t accepted any of them if they had.  

“And she accepted…” Elias finally spoke. It wasn’t a question.

A moment later Elias glanced towards the camera, a bright smile forming on his lips. Yousef could tell it was for show. The smile didn’t reach his eyes. It was obvious he was still trying to process this revelation.

“Ooh. My little sister?” Elias said in a dramatic fashion to the camera and the extra emphasis put on ‘little’ did not escape Yousef. “This is going to be interesting, guys!”

Yousef quirked a brow at him. “I don’t think we shou-”

“Shh! Now pick something else from the cap.” Elias offered the hat to Yousef, the look in his eye almost daring him pick something. They all knew the kind of shit they’d put on those strips of paper and having Sana associated with any of them left him feeling more than uncomfortable, least of all because she was Elias’ little sister.

Yousef hesitated for a moment, which prompted Mikael to reach over his head and swipe one of the folded pieces of paper from the top of the small pile that lay in the bottom of the hat. A small gasped sounded from Mikael shortly after unfolding the paper and reading whatever he found there. “Eh, yeah… not this one.”

Adam caught the balled up strip as Mikael attempted to toss it away.

“Why? What is it?” Elias asked, leaning back to try and get a look at it. Adam burst out laughing, throwing himself back against the back of the sofa.

“Nudes for nudes. He has to ask her for nudes!” Adam was still laughing, his hand gripping at his gut.

“Well that’s obviously not happening,” Yousef said, pinching Adam’s ankle to sober him from his laughing fit. It really wasn’t that funny. Nothing was that funny. Elias obviously agreed and Mutta and Mikael looked uncomfortable too. Yousef was relieved when Elias finally spoke up.

“Eh, guys… I think we should probably edit this part out. The last thing I want to do is piss off Sana,” Elias said, his eyes lingering on Yousef for a moment. “We can circle back to Yousef.”

Yousef was grateful the spotlight was finally off him as Elias extended the hat towards Mikael for his turn. Though, he had a feeling this wouldn’t be last he’d hear of it.

felix culpa, one.

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pairing: namjoon x reader 
word count: 3.1k
content: mafia!au, angst

prologue, one, two

“So… He is a teacher?” Seokjin asked while going through the file his partner got him once again as they waited for any sign of Kim Namjoon leaving the building.

“Professor.” Hoseok corrected, his eyes attentive to any movement on the main entrance.

The eldest just nodded and kept reading to collect data. He didn’t know much about that case and needed to keep up with his partner - an expert on whatever was related to you - if he wanted to do a good job.

But still, it didn’t make sense to him that you had such a loving and healthy relationship for almost ten years with the man they were after in order to make you talk. For all he had learned about enders - the most common word for mafia’s assassins -, every single move they made in life was highly planned in order to take advantage of it or survive through it and, so far, he hadn’t seen anything special about Namjoon for him to be so precious to you.

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Souryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni…

L-lewd! Did you see that? He’s bald! Really, though, this was the extra lewd version, for those who may have only seen the version lacking like the whole minute of smex at the end. I guess I didn’t check the R+ rating on MAL, but the lewdness caught me by surprise. When I got over that, I thought that it’d be nice if romance anime had more lust. Kuzu no Honkai is doing it this season (pun intended), aside from that Suki itte Ii Na Yo is the last one that comes to mind where holding hands is not the most sexual thing the couple will ever do. Second thought was, “why only 4 minutes?”. I can’t help but get the feeling that the anime industry is testing the waters for the ultimate money saving scheme. The future is bds with 8 minutes of anime per volume…

8 anime down, 26 to go.

soulmate!jung jung
  • when you turn 13, a small box containing an oval locket that is sealed shut is sent to you
  • this locket is specially made to get warmer when you meet your soulmate
  • and opens to a picture of them
  • it’s been 9 years since you’ve received this gift and you’re starting to think the whole thing is a hoaxed
  • you’ve seen a couple of your friends complain about the warmth of their necklace only to have it feel cold in your hands
  • and the opened locket they show you only shows nothing from your eyes
  • 21 and you’re almost done with your college career
  • you’re preparing for a district-wide showcase the dance program in your school partakes in
  • once you reach your second year in dance, you can participate in the showcase
  • you missed out last year because of a bad fall but this year you were more than ready to participate
  • the night before the showcase was a final run through of the show
  • it was your first time seeing everyone and what they were performing
  • sitting in the audience was you and your school mates also participating in the showcase
  • a boy with auburn hair entered the stage dressed in all white
  • his hair stuck out like fire
  • upon landing your eyes on him, you felt a warmth on your chest
  • it only got warmer the more you watched the boy dance on stage
  • his body moved flexibly with the music
  • your necklace became too unbearable on your chest as you decided to yank it off your neck
  • confused at the feeling, you stared at the chain that dangled in your hands
  • your friends stared at you in confusion as well 
  • “are you okay?”
  • “why did you yank that off your chest?”
  • moments later soft mumbles filled the room as everyone conspired what was going on
  • you looked around the room to see the dancers around you whisper to each other and pointing to you and to someone else
  • searching, your eyes wandered to where they were pointing at only to see the boy on stage holding a gold chain in his hand
  • he looked at you with intense eyes, catching his breath from his dance
  • then his look changed. it became softer. his eyes somewhat relieved after seeing you.
  • slowly, he made his way towards you
  • his facial features became more prominent the closer he got and his smile grew wider
  • he stopped just a foot away from you and crouched to meet your eyes
  • “you look a lot like the person in my locket…” he said with shy eyes

When I saw this, I imagined myself as Stanley, looking at Lefou (hoping he or no one catches him), gushing and fanboying over him. I would love to see a fanart of this so badly. ;-;

And I wrote this based that idea:

“Adorable. Just absolutely breathtaking. There are no amount of words that can describe what I am seeing and every time I do look, I feel like the world around me is frozen in time.” Stanley thought to himself as he peaked his head from behind a wall, looking into the distance.

"Gaston, there is certain damsel in distress.” Lefou said to Gaston, who was too busy looking into a mirror to look at Lefou. Stanley let out a sigh. Stanley was so in love with Lefou but was so scared about admitting his true feelings for him.

"Lefou, my love. If only you knew how I truly felt about you. To me, you are the most beautiful man in the world, not Gaston and if only he knew how truly amazing you really are. The way you speak makes my heart sing and when I hear you voice, my mind feels like mush. Your smile makes the cloudiest of days seems like sunshine. I want him to be mine and mine only. I want to give him the world and so much more. All the poetry, songs, hugs, kisses and the most cutest materials for his bows, both for neck and hair I would give you and in abundance. Hold you against me as we dance, looking into your eyes and yours only. ..Among others things I would like to do to you as well that are a bit more passionate, heated…impure. …Oh, if only I was not so would make things a whole lot easier in my life and make me feel less like a stalker..” Stanley thought to himself once against he slightly blushed. Stanley snapped out of his thoughts as he heard Lefou speak once again to Gaston.

"Gaston…” Lefou said, getting a bit irritated as he was waiting on Gaston.

"Oh, right! Hero time. Come one, Lefou!” Gaston said as he took once last glance in the mirror and began to walk away. Lefou walked over to the mirror to take at himself for a couple of seconds.

"A true and fine specimen of a man Lefou is. He may not think he is attractive but I do and I will always let him know that whenever he feels down about himself.” Stanley quietly said to himself. Lefou then adjusted himself and walked away to catch up with Gaston. Stanley peaked out more at Lefou as he walked away until he was out of sight. Stanley let out another sigh as he leaned against the wall.

"One day, Lefou, you and I will together but for now..I will just have to look from afar and just dream about it for just a while more. About you…”

Eva-centric POV. Slow-burn Chris/Eva.

A Family We Chose For Ourselves

Chapter 2: Penetrators (3122 words)
The girls make paper mâché sex toy decorations for the Christmas tree and Chris is missing.

The Penetrators and Yakuza rivalry run much deeper and more dangerous than anyone thought possible, until one of them ends up paying a heavy price. Chris was on his way to the Kose group Christmas party that night.

He never made it there.

Canon relationships. Ensemble cast. Friendships all round. Whump-Hurt/Comfort holy trinity. Injured Chris. Worried William. Worried Eva.

[ch1 / ao3]

“So you and Chris, huh?”

The question comes as an eerie déjà vu, but instead of the guilt she felt when she heard it the first time, Eva has to physically supress the sheepish grin threatening to emerge. She remembers the same voice telling her not to long ago to break up with her boyfriend and hook up with Chris. She’d been taken aback and offended at the time, angry even. Like who did this person think she was, telling her to do something like that? But Sana had been straightforward and factual in her argument and despite feeling slightly insulted by the suggestion, Eva really could find no fault in Sana’s reasoning.

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Destruction from habits (End)

Originally posted by chimchams

Jungkook x reader x Jimin
Word count: 10.2k
Angst, romance, smut
For @inktae


The next few days, Jungkook is in his same outfit, declining Jin’s offer of wearing his clothes while he sleeps, and all Jungkook asks for is a hot cup of coffee. Milk, one cube of sugar, no cream. He didn’t say word to Jin about last night other than ‘don’t wanna talk about it’ and ends the conversation. Until today, Jin is sitting across him with a cup of peach and lemon tea with a drop of honey. Jin has his balled up hand placed on top of the table, watching Jungkook sit down with his hands under the table and only shows them when he picks the cup by the handle.

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            but can we talk about trans guy!remus lupin who started his at a young age because he was always so adamant about being seen as male and being called by male pronouns? so his parents kinda just went ‘fuck it' and started beta blockers until he was like nine or ten when he started t? and as he got older & was obviously passing as male coming out petrified him even more than telling people he was a werewolf? but there’s non-binary!sirius black who’s comfortable best with male pronouns, and frick, remus just wishes he could be as comfortable in his skin as sirius feels? and on days where he’s felling shitty about himself and is thinking he’s rather feminine that day he’s a lot more distant than he normally is? he’s not even pretending to laugh at james’ stupid jokes? and he cancel’s on his little study group with lily and really just wants to be by himself for the majority of the day? and after classes and everything he’ll go to the lake and sit against a tree, pulling his knees to his chest and just fall apart? and the rest of the marauders can’t find him at all until they look for him on the map and see where he is and everyone wants to go out to see what’s up with him in a group, but sirius stands up and goes all 'nope i’m going, and me alone’ and doesn’t take no for an answer? and he’s this persistent about going because he’s connected the dots? he’s noticed that remus goes to the infirmary every monday morning & comes back with a little cotton ball with tape? or how he always seems to be trying to memorize peter or james’ gestures and just behavioral habits? and every once in a while he’ll see him mimicking them? he’s always had that little feeling about it but it took til the beginning of fifth year when he was rooting through remus’ things in the middle of the night looking for the jacket he would’ve sworn that he stole before the last year ended, and he stumbled across his binder tucked under everything else? but anyways, remus ducks his head under his arms when he sees the black-haired doofus walking towards him? and sirius know what it feels like to have that little ball of dread in the gut of your stomach that’s just reminding you that you’re not the same as everyone else? that you’re not normal. but he just tends not to let it get to him but the thing is he know /exactly/ how the other’s feeling, so he kind of just sits across from him looking at him for a while not really sure how to start the conversation? and he’ll wait until the other boy looks up at him with these tear stained eyes & he just shatters inside and pulls him into him because he’ll be damned if remus makes him start bawling. and they won’t talk for a while because how do you start a conversation when the person you think the world of is holding you so tightly that you feel like if they let go you’ll fall to pieces? and it’s probably twenty minutes before remus musters the courage to look up at him and goes 'sirius i – i’m,’ only to be interrupted by him going 'i know & i still think you’re amazing’ and oh dear lord that’s the moment moony smiles the first time in the whole day. and he’s just filled with this giddy feeling and he just pauses for a moment because, damn, does he like sirius black? and he just pushes the thought to the back of his head & they just sit there while remus tries to collect himself? and when they do they go back to the dorms and james just kinda yells 'pETER HE’S BACK NEVER MIND’ ( they never find out why he said never mind ), and they let remus study in, albeit not very silent, peace. and the next week is just full of remus looking up and finding sirius looking at it and sirius’ll just smile at him before going back to the conversation with james he was having. and it just fills the pit in his stomach with happiness, because he knows black’s one of the biggest flirts in the school but the goofy smile he’s always giving him has to mean something, right? and it’s not long before he pulls black out of the group with him asking if he could talk to him about the homework for potions. and once they’re far enough out of the group he’ll once again go 'sirius i – i’ only to be interrupted by sirius’ lips ontop of his own, and wow, this is a lot better than that one time they kissed during a game of spin the bottle ( but that was before he realized they liked each other & it only lasted a couple seconds & coming to think of it remus was kind of in love with the whole thing ), and they get lost in the simple little kiss for a little bit before they both pull away, out of breath, and they just look at each other for a little. and remus is very confused doesn’t know what to day & sirius has this giddy little smile on his face and he’s over the moon, and he kind of jusst let’s out a little laugh before going 'i like you to moony – but god, sometimes you need to get the hint and kiss a guy okay.’ and that’s when they start acting a little more clingy with each other? and sirius starts going to the nurse with him every sunday, and shows him how to think of other things instead of the evergrowing pit of dysphoria that plants it’s self in the middle of his stomach. and black just show’s him how to be confident all over, and when remus feels like coming out sirius just wants him to make sure he’s ready because he doesn’t want him to rush things because he doesn’t want him to get overwhelmed. but he does it anyway and tells them all one night and he’s anxious and shaky because he’s never done this before. and then he does and they all kinda shrug and nod and all just go 'okay’ because they could care less? i mean it’s stil their same old moony, the one that’s taller than the green giant and murmurs things in his sleep. and after that you’ll see remus being a little more open about everything, and a little more happier. and he’s less reluctant to kiss sirius when they’re alone because he’s not getting himself stuck in the mindset of 'why in the world does he like me, he cant like me this has to be some kind of prank’ and is slowly accepting that he’s like able. and sirius becomes the best partner in the world (even if they’re not using those terms yet), giving him kisses when no ones looking, always knowing when he’s upset, talking for him every once & a while, but honestly it’s because he get’s what he’’s going through. and remus does the same thing, but mostly by doing all the things he did before like using the right pronouns he wants for the day or giving him space when he wants it or just letting him be clingy when he wants too. and yes that’s it this is getting lONG I’M JUST VERY INVESTED IN THE IDEA OF NON BINARY!SIRIUS BLACK & TRANS GUY!REMUS LUPIN HELPING EACHOTHER OUT WHITH THEIR DYSPHORIA AND BECOMING THE BEST PARTNERS OKAY!!!

Okay so let me talk to you about the Russo Brothers

One of the things we were most excited about this con was that the Russo Brothers were going to be there!  Now, don’t get me wrong - Chris Evans, Jeremy Renner, Hayley Atwell, and (of course) Frank Grillo are HUGE draws and super cool - but really, when you get down to it, its the Russo Brothers who have a greater hand in making my favorite movie what it is.  

So yeah, my wife ( @araniaart​ ) and I were super stoked to be meeting them - we went directly to their table on Friday and waiting for them for a few hours because we were near the front and that excited to see them.  I do think the con might have underestimated the draw of these guys, because their line got filled up pretty fast.  Now, like in the most cases of signature tables at cons, I think most of the people there were there to just get their signature on some Civil War something or other to up its value, so I think by the time we actually got to meet them, we were the first fans to really just start gushing and fangirling.

“You’re work is a gift to mankind,” wifey said when we walked up (they seemed amused).  We didn’t have a TON of time with them, after all there were a lot of people waiting, but they were SO generous and nice and didn’t rush us at all.  We told them that CATWS was legitimately out favorite movie and all that jazz.  But the real highlight was when we brought up Stucky.

It started when @araniaart​ brought up how perfect their response in China was about the relationship between Bucky and Steve (if you’re not familiar with it, check out the relevant bits here).  Not only did they look pleased we were familiar with that interview, Joe (who by the way was more vocal and open than his brother, who seemed a bit more reserved, but they were both listening and contributing to the conversation) emphasized that they are completely supportive/comfortable with any interpretation of their characters and their relationships.  That’s why they make movies after all - like all art how the fans interpret the art is why they do it.  That’s what makes great storytelling.  It’s not really their job to tell us, as fans, how to interpret the stuff you can read between the lines.  

We were overjoyed with that, of course, and I joked, “We’re slight Stucky fans, if you couldn’t tell,” as we were obviously a couple and cosplaying Cap and Bucky.  Joe smiled and looked directly at me and said, “If you love Stucky, you’re going to love Civil War.”  

Well, there it is.  Proof that they know the term, used the term several times throughout the con, and seemed to indicate that the trailer is probably just a taste of the heart-wrenching stucky goodness we’re going to get out of this damned film which will probably kill me.

We were ecstatic with that answer of course - we told them as bisexual monogamous ladies ourselves how IMPORTANT that is to us.  Joe and Anthony were so nice and supportive.  Arania gave them a watercolor piece she did which they seemed really touched about (I have a feeling they don’t get as many ‘fan gifts’ as the actors do) and of course, without even asking for it, Joe wrote our inscription on the poster:

Lookit at these adorable fuckers.  They know exactly what they are doing here.  They know THE LINE.  They know what it sounds like, lol.  

Anyway, they let us take a picture with them, too, and just seemed pleased as punch to have met us.  

Not only were they generous enough to sign the poster, they also signed our CATWS poster (because, at least for now, that’s our favorite movie), and they got to pop the cherry on our new shield-for-signatures.

And that, my friends, was only day one.

The next day was super busy with photo ops and signatures of the headliners, but we did manage to swing by the Russo’s table again.  Sadly, they were just packing up to leave but when they walked by they recognized us and waved, and asked if we were going to their screening later that day (which of course, we were!)

Sadly, because of all the photo ops and such we missed most of their first panel, but we did catch the tail end of it.  Stucky got brought up again.  <3  I really need to dig up some videos from that panel, it sounded like fun.  But as I mentioned, we only caught the tail end, and both Joe and Anthony saw us before they left, and made a point to wave to us.

Screen Junkies and The Russo’s has a screening of CATWS that evening and… holy shit.  There was so much said and going on, I don’t know if I can recall all of it, but it was amazing.  Especially because Screen Junkies asked up to sit up front (they liked our costumes) and we ended up being virtually RIGHT next to the Russo’s during the screening.  

So close, that while a majority of the questions were fielded by the Screen Junkies, wifey and I were close enough to ask questions and personally comment with them as well.  And they were SUPER nice about it.  Actually - going back to the fact that Joe seems like the more extroverted of the two, he mostly spoke to the crowd/Screen Junkies but Anthony was closer and seemed to enjoy the more one-on-one interaction.

Unfortunately they couldn’t stay the whole time (they left after Steve’s escape from the Triskelion) but even for the amount they were there is was probably the Crown Jewel of the whole weekend.  

I mean, to sit in the same room with the DIRECTORS of your FAVORITE MOVIE was just something I don’t know I would ever have the honor of doing.  I’m going to try to list the most significant things I can remember them talking about / learning while watching:

- they had to fight to get Black Widow in as an important role as she did, eventually it seems Marvel wanted to focus on mostly Cap and Falcon, but they really wanted to delve into Black Widow and get a solid grasp of her character

- They definitely didn’t want to do a romance plot with Black Widow, instead, they seriously wanted to focus on the texture and depth a friendship could be. (I would say, “Sorry, Romongers,” but that would be silly considering their answers previously to Stucky.  So if you’re a Romongers shipper, you keep on doing you).

- The Screen Junkies pointed out that doing a romance with BW/Cap would be silly considering they already have a romance subplot with Cap/TWS.  Video here. Subtitled here.

- The Russos agonized over almost everything to make sure it was in-character for Steve.  Would he really throw a knife through someone’s hand?  Yes, he was about to set off an alarm.  Where would he keep his shield? In the bathroom? The bedroom? The hallway?  

- Was “It’s Been a Long, Long Time” a deliberate choice.  Yes.

- Anthony Russo referred to me as his friend ;)  I know he was just being polite but still, my fluttering heart.

- If you didn’t know already, Joe Russo is the surgeon (the very sexy surgeon, as he pointed out) who is operating on Nick Fury after he’s shot, and later treats Nat’s gsw in the underground bunker.

- They explained how The Winter Soldier was able to shoot Nick Fury though Steve’s Wall.

- They also explained the reason they used TWS to go after Nick Fury to  begin with - they actually based his car after what the President uses.  They researched its specs and features (like being able to take a bomb exploding underneath it, for example) and basically gave it a FULL SHIELD upgrade.  Nick Fury is harder to kill than the president, so that’s why they brought in the big gun.  And to also show, narratively, that a full squadron of HYDRA agents couldn’t take down Nick Fury but the Soldier shows up and immediately ends the fight.

- They also explained why everything seemed to happen NOW and so suddenly - basically just the completion of the Insight Hellicarriers.

- Why does Steve live in a crappy apartment?  He’s an everyman - he most likely wouldn’t choose to draw a salary from SHEILD (just ask to cover his modest living expenses).  He also most likely gave away most of his money he would have received as back-pay from the US Army to charity because he’s fucking Steve Rogers, guys.

- The cute kid from the Smithsonian exhibit is the Russo’s nephew. 

- The women speaking in Sam Wilson’s support group is their sister.

- Robert Redford only agreed to do the film because his grandchildren are huge fans of comic book movies - so the joke about Iron Man making a fly-by at Pierce’s granddaughter’s birthday wasn’t completely inaccurate. 

- Joe might have accidentally slipped who dies in Civil War.  Anthony looked a bit blanched when he did, and they tried to cover by joking about a Red Herring.  So either he slipped, or they were being purposely deceptive.  Only time will tell (and no, I’m not going to say who).

That’s all the highlights I can think of right this second… *taps chin*  I might add more later so feel free to check back.  I didn’t record the whole thing, but I did get the last couple of minutes if you want to see what the experience was like.

my stranger things review

Was pretty good. But first couple episodes were way better than the rest, the conclusion was hodgepodge mess. Nothing got explained, annoying. Teenager romance subplot was boring and unnecessary, also Billy as an entire character, all of this should’ve been replaced by fun middle schooler shenanigans. Creating friction between Max and Eleven for no reason was cheap and made me mad, I feel that all the girls on this show are written with a palpable sense of condescension, but maybe im too critical of that kind of thing. Whole punk rebel warehouse thing was weird and corny but it only lasted a second so its ok. The monster dogs were cool looking though, and the tunnels were cool. And the big storm thing. All of that was cool, I liked the aesthetics of it. Was pretty emotionally sincere which I thought was nice. Thought Jonathan was going to be gay, very hurt and betrayed. Bob is cooler than Hopper.


The Thing About Genies

As an apology to @thetourguidebarbie for not tagging my angst, I’m writing more Genie!Caroline. For the first little tidbit, please read this.

The thing about being a Genie?  Really not as bad as the stories made it seem.

              Caroline had been around for… a while.  She’d lost count around the 9th century or so. And okay, yeah, for a while (a long while) the whole thing was kind of boring.  But in the past couple of decades?

              She’d spent an entire year binge watching shows on Netflix, and she didn’t regret a second of it.

              The wonderful thing about magic meant equipping her lamp with wifi was a breeze, and most colleges and universities offered online courses for degrees.  

              This was an age where boredom was only a thing if you let it, and Caroline wasn’t the type to allow herself to be bored.

              She even had a cat – a gift from her last mistress, a particularly precarious child named Trixie, who, after wishing for chocolate cake and cash (Caroline couldn’t fault the kids desires), had used her last wish to give Caroline a pet.

              Since the wish had been a general I want you to have a cat to be friends with!, it had been easy enough to make sure that her new pet was a breed that didn’t shed particularly horribly.  She had named it after a friend of hers, because in the early days, it had torn her belongings to shreds, sort of like the original Enzo liked to do.

              So yeah, Caroline was perfectly content in her life and in her lamp… she didn’t need someone to come and enliven her boredom.

              Yet Niklaus Mikaelson had come anyways.

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Together For The Media (Chapter 1/?)

Anonymus’s requested:

“imagine milex pretending to date for publicity’s sake or some shit but then it turns real and can you please write this?”

sooo I am still working on this one and I loved the idea (thanks anon) but I’m gonna make it chaptered and you can find any kind of writing there also nswf stuff so stay ready and yeah enjoy :) I dont know if it turned out that good and/or if you like it at all. I’m going to certainly carry on with it and chapter 2 will come soon. 

thanks and enjoy xx

Together For The Media (Chapter 1/?)

“I can’t believe it. They’re doing it again.”

Miles said as he put the newspaper down.

He was having breakfast in a nice terrace in London. It was a sunny weather and he was wearing sunglasses. Also his best mate, Alex, sitting infront of him wore his shades. He just couldn’t stay without them.
He sipped at his cappuccino and raised a brow to Miles with a questionly expression.

“The media is talking about the thing again. They are still wondering if we’re dating or not.”

“Tsk! That’s ridiculous. Read out loud.”

Miles read from the article:

“The Last Shadow Puppets have been seen together again, roaming through the streets of the wild London town. Last night the two british musicians spent their whole time together going from restaurants to pubs and discos. Like a real couple. Why are those two lads spending so much time together? The answer could only be one of those two options:

1- they are working on a second TLSP album.

2- they are really dating and can’t have enough of each other.

But it is true actually that the fans of the two band members, Miles Kane (27) and Alex Turner (27), do really enjoy the idea of them being together. They create several Twitter and Facebook and other social network pages called “Milex” (the ship name of Miles and Alex as a pair) or similar names, where they ship those two love birds together. One is simply, the boys are not trying to hide their secret relationship and I think it’s finally the time to stop pretending to just simply being “Bezzies” and start to snog the hell out of each other even in public cause the sexual tension between them is unbearable and you can clearly notice it.”

“I don’t believe this!” Chuckled Alex not as bewildered as he really was.

“Damn mate! They really think we are dating..” he chuckled too a little “and they actually like it… At this pic we do really look a little gay,don’t we?”

He showed Alex a picture under the article of them two last night: they are both drunk and are stumbling across the sidewalk and Miles holds Alex under his right arm and stares at him while Alex is snuggling into his mate’s chest with his eyes closed.

“Wow” Alex raised his brows “I really can’t remember this, mate.”
He was clearly wrong tho’. He remembers a little from last night and he remembers enjoying and loving Miles’ scent and having him so close. He has always loved it, and he would never admit it but it was true. And it was also true that he was a little disappointed when Miles fell asleep that quickly when they arrived home and went to bed.

“Neither can I” chuckled Miles.


After breakfast they went walking through the park when suddenly two fans came giggling over them “hi..ehh.. Can we have an autograph, please?”

“Sure” said Miles cool and Alex just smiled and nodded.

While they were signing one of the fans said “you are so cute together, i love you.”

Alex looked up at her bewildered “together in what sense?” he asked acting smooth.

“As lovers.” Said the other girl smiling at them.

Miles looked at Alex and laughed quietly.

“Haha a lot of people are saying this bu-” Alex was interrupted by Miles

“That’s really cute! Thank you so much. We appreciate it.”

Alex was confused by Miles’ action and was about to ask him something but his mate put an arm around his shoulder and said

“He is the really cute one..” looking at Alex.

“Aww” the both girls giggled and fangirled a little.

“What the fuck, mate-” Alex whispered confused.


“Can we take a selfie all together?” The girls asked.

“Sure” answered Miles all nonchalantly, and they all posed for the selfie. Miles posed by giving Alex a kiss on the cheek and Alex acted a little surprised by raising his eyebrows, but he was really surprised actually.

The girls thanked them and leaved.

“No seriously mate WHAT THE FUCK??!” Alex blurted out all of a sudden removing his sunglasses for watching Miles better.

Miles laughed for Al’s behavior

“Pretty cool, isn’t it? Acting to be a couple haha”

“This is not cool Miles! And there’s nothing to laugh about. Those girls are going to post the pic in Instagram or Twitter or some other shit and they are going to make everyone believe it’s true and we are going to get overflown by reporter’s questions and I don-”

“Keep calm, mate. Keep calm. It’s not such a big problem tho’. We’re gonna act like we’re together infront of everyone. Together for the media!”

Alex just looked at him wide eyed and bewildered.

“Come on! It’s fucking amazing! They love it, Alex! They love it. Let’s satisfy our audience for a little. And I think my manager wouldn’t have anything against it neither.”

“Miles…” Alex was massaging his forehead “why should we do that..? I don’t know if it’s a good idea, you know? They are going to start questioning everything. And we’re going to loose some fans cause unfortunately a big part of the society doesn’t still accept homosexual people..”

“Alex!” Miles stopped him again “they are going to love it!” He smiled at him.

Alex sighed. “The only thing that is keeping me a bit less stressed is your sureness.”

“That’s it. And look over there!” He pointed at a paparazzi who was positioning himself behind the bushes for stealing some snaps.
“Let’s start it now. Let’s show him we love each other.”

“Ehh… Miles.. i don’t want to snog you I think..”

Miles shushed him by putting his hand behind Al’s neck and pulling him closer.

“We can do this.” He whispered as he leaned in and kissed Alex.

“Wha-” Alex was so surprised and bewildered and confused. He didn’t know what to do but after a while he just gave in and he actually did really love it. Miles’ lips felt so soft and the wetness turned him on very much. He always wanted to kiss Miles that deeply, they never went that far. He leaned his head a little and opened his mouth for Miles to let his tongue enter. It felt fucking amazing. He loved it. He wanted to moan into the kiss but he swallowed them all cause he didn’t want Miles to have any doubts about him. The paparazzi was snapping frantically.
Miles gave in more by letting his tongue twirl deeper and stronger against Alex’s. The older one started to whine quietly, he just couldn’t afford to hold it back now and his heart was beating really quickly. Miles took him by the waist and pulled him closer. Alex was wondering if Miles was enjoying this too but then he snapped out of it and pulled away carefully.
“o-okay.. Stop..” He looked away, embarrassed.

Miles smiled at him “you’re a quite good kisser, Turner. Have to admit it.”

“You did all the work” Alex murmured, looking down.

Miles was happy to bring out the shy and clumsy Alex back instead of the cocky rockstar.

“I think the paparazzi got the best of it… I’m happy I’m going to experience this again soon.” Said Miles smiling and heading away.

“Wh-what..?” Alex followed him, frowning.

“Now i have a good reason to feel those cute lips again some time.” He smiled at him “oh and for completing the mission..” He took Al’s hand and entwined their fingers.

Alex was surprised and his heart started to beat fast again.
“Damn..” He whispered and turned his head around, hiding the blush.


When Alex went home he tiredly fell on his bed and sighed. What the fuck are they actually doing.
He turned on the tv and the music channel was on. He was about to go to take a shower but suddenly the tv caught his attention. They were talking about him and Miles.

‘It’s actually weird to believe but it’s true. The Arctic Monkeys frontman has been caught snogging with the british musician, Miles Kane, who is also known as his best mate and the other member of their duo side project, The Last Shadow Puppets.’

“Oh shit..” He whispered to himself as he sat down to his bed, paying his fully attention to the tv.

'These are the pictures of the two musician kissing from today in London’s Hyde Park.’

The tv showed the paparazzi’s pics from this morning and Alex observed him. He had a strange feeling seeing how they both were kissing and how they actually gave in. He noticed that their eyes have been closed for the whole time and he smiled a little when he saw Miles’ hand on Alex’s waist in one pic.

'Today has also been posted a pic on Instagram of the two band members with two fans and the caption says: “met the cute couple MILEX today, it is real!”
Well, dear Miles Kane and Alex Turner. We are happy you finally stopped hiding your secret relationship and don’t feel ashamed over it. It’s a good example for young people to learn and lo-‘

He turned the tv off.
“This freaks me out..” He murmured to himself.
He went to the bathroom and took a long and hot bath, his mind sinking in the quicksand of his own confused thoughts.


He has been in the bath tub for how long now? 5 or 10 minutes must have passed. He was laying in the tub full of bubbles and only his head, half of his shoulders and his arms were outside. The rest was disappeared beneath the white and frothy shower gel.

Miles had always had the keys to Alex’s flat. He and the other Monkeys were the only ones whom he would ever give the copy of his keys.
Miles entered Alex flat and he heard the TV being on. He went to the bedroom expecting Alex to find there but there was no trace.

“Alex?” He called after him.
No answer. He decided to look at the bathroom and here he was, asleep. Miles chuckled a little when he saw his best mate sleeping in the tub. He closed the door and approached him, sitting on the tub counter.
He observed the older boy, he is beautiful. His hair all wet and messy, his eyes closed and lips a little parted. And Miles found it too adorable how a little lather was hanging from his chin.

He smiled to himself and wiped it away with one finger. Alex started to blink and he mumbled


(chapter 2 coming soon)

A few things before I call it a day:

- please, let’s not make comparisons between Justin Bieber’s team being extremely competent and One Direction’s team being garbage. We’re talking about two completely different situations. JB’s team, as any other team on earth (more or less) is working for their client. What is happening to the boys right now in particular, and has for years in regard of certain aspects, is absolutely nuts. Out of any common use in this industry (dragged to this level, I mean). 

- I’m absolutely confident NT has everything ready to counterattack in a few days. They’re letting things spread more than I’d expect, which leads me to believe their strategy is to let it flow completely and smash it all hard at once soon.

- the timing with the end of OTRA, Jeff being in the UK (last time it was only Glenne) and the bears calling for our attention is very, very suspicious.

- we’re in for a very long week end and probably for a long couple of weeks, but let’s imagine for a second where we’ll be this time next year. One Direction will be on the verge of coming back after a whole year of rest and new positive experiences, a decent management and a proper personal and professional image, Harry and Louis will be out and publicly engaged, Niall and Liam fabulously happy. And all of that while Dan Wootton will be stuck on his shitty newspaper, probably busy writing about the increasing amount of dog poop in the street of London.

Memories Won’t Forget

Supernatural One Shot


Warnings: Drunk Reader, Mild Language

Word Count: 1,407 (More of a short dabble)

Author’s Note: Well, this was supposed to be a real funny one shot but somehow it turned out to be real angsty instead. I just can’t seem to write happy. But let me know what you think. I hit a writer’s block with this one about halfway through writing it. Maybe I’ll try rewriting it.

Imagine getting drunk and Dean having to put you to bed.

Another smile inched onto my lips as I raised the glass that contains one of the best whiskeys that I’ve had in my life. Tonight was one of those rare nights that we got to celebrate after a semi-successful hunt against a witch. We didn’t get hurt and there was one less creature roaming the earth.

I reach out to grab the bottle to refill my cup but it was empty. I stood up to get another bottle from the kitchen but stumbled and fell into Dean’s lap. I looked up at him as a giggle escapes from my mouth.

“My bad,” I laughed and tried to stand back up but Dean pulled me back into him.

“You shouldn’t be walking around, you could get hurt,” he said.

“Hurt? It’s just the… the bunker. There’s nothing around here that could hurt me,” I slurred. “Unless you try to hurt me. I just want another drink, Dean.”

“Yeah, that’s the last thing you need. You’ve had what, half that bottle?”

“No,” I seconded, lying my head on his shoulder. “I’ve only had a couple of drinks.”

“And this would be the reason why we can’t take you out to a bar. You’ll drink the whole place dry,” Sam laughed, setting down the beer that he was drinking. “You are probably the only person I know that can drink more than Dean and not pass out.”

Dean looked at me and then back at Sam. “Yeah, I wouldn’t say that too quick, she’s already falling asleep.”

“I’m just tired,” I mumbled.

“And drunk,” Dean added. “Come on, let’s get you to bed.” He lifted me as he stood up but he didn’t set me on the ground. I lightly fought against him.

“I don’t want to go to bed,” I whined.

“You sound like a five year old. It’s been a long week, you need sleep.”

A quiet growl came from my throat and Dean just chuckled. “I just want another drink.”

“I know what you want and you’re not going to get it. You need to get some sleep. Don’t worry; I’m not far behind you. “Then he turned to Sam. “You also need to get some sleep. I don’t want to have to carry you too bed.”

“You couldn’t even pick me up, Dean,” Sam replied.

“And whose fault is that?”

Sam chuckled lightly and shook his head. I thought it was hilarious. My whole body shook with my laughter as Dean carried me to my room. He struggled to open the door and when he did he laid me down on my bed. Then he took off my shoes and tucked me in. He turned to leave but I grabbed the tail of his shirt playfully.

“Don’t go just yet,” I pouted.

Dean turned back around with a grin on his face but he didn’t make any advances toward my bed.

“Maybe some other time,” he replied.

“But I want you now.”

“I know but you need to sleep. Trust me; you don’t want this right now.”

I sat up and grabbed Dean by the collar his shirt down to my level. He tried to pull back but it was weak. His lips parted as he looked at my face. His hot breath made chills run up and down my back. I started to lie back down and pulled Dean with me until he was above me, his arms on either side of my head. He looked hesitant.

“You seem nervous, Winchester,” I whispered.

And that broke the trance that he was in. He lifted his body from mine and got off the bed.

“Where are you going?” I asked, disappoint laced my voice.

“I can’t do this too you right now. You’re not yourself. I don’t want you too…” he stopped and rubbed his face. “I’ll see you in the morning.”

He turned and started to walk out of my room and turned out the light.

“Dean,” I croaked, suddenly scared of the dark. Any of the alcohol that was in my system didn’t seem present. “Please don’t leave me here. I don’t think that I can face her alone tonight.”

He paused at the entry of the doorway, knowing full well of what I was talking about. The first victim was a young girl that reminded me of my sister. The witch had a personal vendetta against her parents and she wanted to make them suffer. My sister went out very much the same way. I almost was next but luckily the brothers had found the hex bag and pulled me out of our burning house before I could die.

“Please,” I begged.

With a sigh he kicked off his shoes and climbed in next to me. He wrapped his arms around me and I snuggled up against him. I wrapped my arms around his, trying to absorb the heat that he was putting off.

“Do you still she her?” he asked, breaking the silence.

“Sometimes. Nights like tonight, she likes to visit me,” I said, almost scared to admit it.

“You know that she is just in your head. You can tell her to go away.”

“But it’s the only way that I see her anymore. I’m scared, Dean, I scared that I’m going to forget her face. I’m scared that I’ll wake up one morning and not remember who she was. I have nothing of hers. Nothing.”

Dean pressed his lips to my forehead. “I know but you can’t have her lurking in your dreams. It’s not healthy.”

“Nor is keeping secrets from those who care about you but you still do that Dean.”

“I guess that we all have that one fatal flaw but you need to let her go. Can you promise me that you’ll stop thinking about her?”

“I don’t know.”

His grip on me loosened as he pulled me away from his body to get a better look at me.

“You need to let her go.”

But I shook my head. How was I too just let her go? She was my baby sister. The one person that looked up to me. The one person that I was supposed to protect. She died too young, too early and I didn’t deserve to live without thinking about her.

“Trust me, it will get better,” he said after I didn’t say anything back.

I looked up at him. His words were sincere but he never lost anybody like I had. “How do you know that Dean? Hell, when your brother died, you sold your soul to bring him back. So how do you know that it will get better?” I was suddenly angry at him. He had no right to tell me to forget about my little sister.

“You’re right, I did sell my soul to bring Sam back but I’ve lost people. I’ve lost good people. Some of my earliest memories are those who I’ve lost. My mom died and then it was my dad. I had to deal with their loss. It hurt when dad died though. You know, I spent my whole life following that man, looking up to that man and then one day he’s just gone. Come to find out he died because of me. He died and went to hell to save me. The pain that I felt was…I’m never good with words but trust me when I say that drowning in alcohol will do nothing to ease the pain.”

Tears had started to roll down my face.

“I don’t drink to ease the pain,” I whispered, unable to think of anything else to say. What was there to say?

Dean chuckled. “You and I both know that that is a lie. You’re too much like me. You would much rather make friends with a bottle of Jack than to face the reality.”

“How am I…how am I to forget her, Dean?”

“You don’t. You can’t. She’ll always be in the corner of your mind but what you can do is when she comes into your dreams, you tell her to go away. You tell her to leave you alone and at some point she’ll leave you alone.”

“And when will that be?”

“I can’t tell you that,” he sighed wishing that he had an answer. Instead, he pulled me closer to his body and kissed me on the forehead. “Now, go to sleep. You’ll have one hell of a hangover in the morning.”