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The Thing About Genies

As an apology to @thetourguidebarbie for not tagging my angst, I’m writing more Genie!Caroline. For the first little tidbit, please read this.

The thing about being a Genie?  Really not as bad as the stories made it seem.

              Caroline had been around for… a while.  She’d lost count around the 9th century or so. And okay, yeah, for a while (a long while) the whole thing was kind of boring.  But in the past couple of decades?

              She’d spent an entire year binge watching shows on Netflix, and she didn’t regret a second of it.

              The wonderful thing about magic meant equipping her lamp with wifi was a breeze, and most colleges and universities offered online courses for degrees.  

              This was an age where boredom was only a thing if you let it, and Caroline wasn’t the type to allow herself to be bored.

              She even had a cat – a gift from her last mistress, a particularly precarious child named Trixie, who, after wishing for chocolate cake and cash (Caroline couldn’t fault the kids desires), had used her last wish to give Caroline a pet.

              Since the wish had been a general I want you to have a cat to be friends with!, it had been easy enough to make sure that her new pet was a breed that didn’t shed particularly horribly.  She had named it after a friend of hers, because in the early days, it had torn her belongings to shreds, sort of like the original Enzo liked to do.

              So yeah, Caroline was perfectly content in her life and in her lamp… she didn’t need someone to come and enliven her boredom.

              Yet Niklaus Mikaelson had come anyways.

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