the whole thing is really quite amusing

The Chocobros React: You’re Really Clumsy

Hi! I really love writing reactions because they’re nice and fast to do i also love getting requests of them too so I hope you enjoy

— Sky  ٩(◕‿◕。)۶

In case you’d like to request something

⤑ Noctis

The first time you drop your drink and end up spilling it all over the expensive seats in the Regalia, Noctis had offered a tight smile and murmured something akin to “Maybe you shouldn’t be allowed drinks in here…” 

But then you did it again. And again. Until suddenly he’d legitimately decided that you weren’t to eat or drink anything in the car any more. Ever

⤑ Gladiolus

You’re—unsurprisingly—out camping the first ever time you show your true clumsiness; it’d be when you insist on helping him set up the tent, having originally thought that he would appreciate the gesture. 

Of course, then you manage to trip over one of the few tent pegs you’d ‘safely’ fastened to the ground and bring the whole tent down (yourself included). Gladiolus might laugh at you a bit, but would eventually dissolve into light grumblings about having to do the whole thing himself now.

⤑ Ignis

When Ignis had agreed to letting you help with the cooking, he’d initially been quite excited to prepare a meal with you. That is, until you dropped the pan on the floor and accidentally made it so he had to redo everything all over again—without you this time. 

(or ever again, really)

⤑ Prompto

He’d probably find out about your clumsiness by watching you knock cups and plates and bowls off of tables a lot in a short space of time. 

“Are you struggling a bit, there?” He’d ask, voice shining with amusement as he simply takes great pleasure in finding out about your little quirks (aka the fact that you might one day spill a piping hot beverage all over someone (hopefully Ardyn))

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heyyy could you rec some malec fics u personally love?? :))

Hi nonnie!

I would love to, but unfortunately, I don’t tend to read a lot of fic in fandoms that I also write fic for. I find that it tends to mess with how I mentally perceive (and thus write) the characters. That isn’t inherently a bad thing ofc, but it messes a bit with my writing process.

There are a rare few things I’ve read and really liked, however. They’re popular works, so you probably already know them, but still:

  • The Boundless Saga by sarcasticfluentry and Teumessian. I actually read the most recent part of this first and liked it so much that I went back and read all of it in one go. It starts off as mostly smut but the plot gets more and more involved with each installment. And I’m just going to just straight out say that I’m a little bit in love with how they dealt with the immortality issue and the happy ending that they provided Malec. I can’t imagine that you haven’t read this, but if that’s the case, please do.
  • Closed Doors Don’t Lie by RedOrchid. Okay, confession time. I’m ridiculously fond of canon-divergent fics. I adore the show, but it’s easy to wonder how it could have been different. It’s like the chaos theory of fiction: if this one element changed, even if it was just this one, what consequences would it have had? What path would the show have followed? And then you go from there because fiction is all about exploration. Beyond the Malec dynamic, I like the characterization of everyone involved in this fic and I particularly like what they’ve done with specific things from the mythos (e.g: soulbonds, love and how the parabatai bond or Magnus’ magic may affect such things).
  • Three’s A Crowd by GoldenDaydreams. This fic just downright makes me happy. It starts off as being funny and amusing and while the tone doesn’t really change on that front, the friendships between all the characters and how they relate to one another just shine. So yes, it is quite funny (Alec’s drunkenness and Jace’s mortification especially) but it’s also very heartwarming.

These are the only ones I have bookmarked on my phone since I don’t tend to read a whole lot for this fandom. I keep making a note to read the Star Wars one because that sounds like something I’d definitively be interested in checking out.

On tumblr, and for shorter things (but I really need to see if he has longer fics, I keep meaning to do so too) I can’t recommend @abloodneed enough. Seriously, nonnie. I like to think that my writing has something lyrical to it in some parts but I’ve got nothing on him. Have you ever read a line in a poem that left you breathless with the images that it evoked (or even invoked) in your mind? And have you ever glimpsed an entire world through that same imagery, in a matter of seconds, only to have it slip away? Yeah. Imagine that every other sentence.

I don’t know if you ship it but there was a Jimon fic I read here somewhere that I really wish I could find so that I could link you to it too, but I can’t for the life of my remember which one it was. I’ll go through my History later and see if I can find it there.

I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more help, nonnie! There are a few blogs dedicated specifically to malec fics and to recommending some of them. I can link you if you’d like?

Thank you for the question!

How would the romanced companions react to something falling in between F!Sole's cleavage and seeing her flustered, desperately trying to get it out??

I laughed a little bit I really did because this also happened to me to anon, I dropped a bit of hot nugget down my cleavage and yelled at my partner for not helping me get it and he was like where in public, no :/ :/ ??

Cait, She watched for a moment with a wicked smirk on her face, “As much as I like watching you touch your on boobs hun, I do think helping you would be even more so”. She pulled sole’s chin up, giving her a quick hot kiss while slipping her hands down and removing the offending object, “all you needed to do was just ask hun”. She gave sole a smug grin. 

Curie She looked at sole confused as she watched them, rooting around in their on shirt flustered, “Have you lost something my dear”. She gave her an innocent smile as she gently removed her hands, “okay let’s see what’s down there”. She gently removed the item with her slender fingers, giving sole a cheeky giggle as she did so.  The cheeky look didn’t leave her face as she told sole “all better now”. 

Danse He was redder than sole and desperately not trying to make eye contact, when she yelled at him for some help he awkwardly walked over immediately staring, “apologies, do you want me to? err….oh..I’ll see what I can do”. He gingerly removed the item, not looking sole in the eye once, then stepping back and clearing his throat. “It’s gone, apologies for being embarrassed myself”. Sole couldn’t held laughing, and pulling him in for a big hug.

Deacon “lose something babe? don’t worry I’m fully prepared to except this life of death mission”. Much to sole’s displeasure, Deacon gave a commentary about how he may never return, he slipped his hand into sole’s cleavage fishing for the item, “noo!! it’s got me the cave monster’s eating my hand” He yelled, eventually pulling out the unwanted item, “Nah just joking babe it’s just this”. Sole couldn’t be mad with her childish lover, breaking out in a giggle fit at his comments. 

Hancock “A show for me? aww baby it isn’t even my birthday” He teased sole, shamefully watching her until she became angry with him. “Alright cool it sweets I’d be happy to retrieve it”. He made a point of taking his time to have a “good search” before finally retrieving the object. He grinned at her, “isn’t really fair this thing got to be in there longer than me though, might have to fix that later” 

Nick If he could blush he’d be redder than her, the site of her rummaging around in her own top made Nick have to turn around and try to cool off. When he was yelled at or not helping, he strode over and stuck his fully covered hand down retrieving the object swiftly, “Now maybe I can get back to work, less distracted by err”. He pointed to sole’s chest, “Maybe I could do that again later, take my time though” He coughed, clearing his mind and returning to his desk. 

Maccready His eyes lit up at the site of souls hands down her own top, he could tell she’d dropped something but he preferred to observe rather than intervene, when soul yelled at him, he just laughed at her, “No no, you’re doing a good job of handling this yourself go ahead”. He carelessly stared until she managed to get the shell she’d dropped, “finished already, darn, just when I was really starting to enjoy watching”. 

Preston Seeing sole fluster as she dug around made him smile slightly amused, “Want me to have a go at getting that?”, he awaited confirmation before sticking his hands down to retrieve the item, giggling the whole time like a naughty school boy, “careful next time babe, wouldn’t want to be caught with my hands down the generals shirt”. He gave a small life, cheeks slightly pink. 

Piper Used to this thing happening to her quite often it didn’t really phase her, “Hey blue stick out your chest, move your hands and I’ll grab it for you” She laughed at sole’s flustered face as she removed the item, “she kissed sole on the cheek when she was done, “Next time try keeping a napkin over you so you don’t drop food in your tat-tats okay”. She stuck her tongue out and nicked the rest of her lovers snack.  

X6-88 Flat out just sticks his hands into her top and grabs what she’s dropped but not expecting to enjoy the task so much, “It is very warm and comfortable in here”. He just stays not  hands quite comfortable, until sole shifts them, laughing at his behavior, “was that inappropriate for a public place?” 

Maxson When he notices his girlfriend angrily rummaging in her uniform, he knows it could be a good opportunity, he closes the door to his office and approaches her, slowly pulling her arms out of the uniform and down to her waist. When sole looks at him confused he smirks and undoes her bra in a swift movement. The item dropping to the floor, “There you go sweetheart now there’s noting to bother you”.He gives her a devilish grin 

My Thoughts About Sherlock’s The Final Problem

I was never one to be thrown off by spoilers. Maybe that’s the very reason why I kept lurking on Tumblr the day the BFI screening and the supposed leak happened. And it was, needless to say, as expected of the Sherlock fandom to blow things up more than they should because, in a way, this entire time, we were shaped by this series to smarter, more vigilant, and to be just like Sherlock: logical, until emotionally compromised.

To summarise:

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

(I am mostly talking about myself, but hey, feel free to sympathise).

This is why it was puzzling to me why the response was split in half. I saw people who find it amazing and there are some who were deeply disappointed. And it wasn’t until I watched the episode that I understood why.

Some of us expected bigger things ahead because we have been amused by this series in the past, making us theorists. But I realised that they said this series was darker because it dealt with matters of the heart. One that is often more devilish than what the mind can conjure. We were expecting a complete mind game and yet what we got was a harrowing experience through and through.

Originally posted by oithatsmytardis

And yes, I liked it. Loved this episode, in fact. Although I did find the explosion and the 3 men hanging by the window a bit too much to the point of hilarity (it was quite cringey if I’m being honest) but it didn’t make me lose my attachment to the plot because it was a culmination of everything. It has it’s highs and lows, in which I will get into detail.

So as I am drowning (no pun intended) in my own feelings today, I will discuss my assessment of the episode because why the heck not.

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It's quite amusing to see Normani's fans act like the show was rigged against her when that clearly wasn't the case. 😂

It’s really fascinating to watch. They were so happy with everything for weeks and telling people how she was gonna win. Then the producers take their hands out of the show and let things happen organically the last two weeks and they are up in arms and upset that people just weren’t voting for her. Something that a lot of us were saying the whole season. It’s fascinating. They’re going off on everyone, trying to make sense of it lol.

I love how laughter is notated in so many different ways through internet communication, and how different methods of typing laughter convey so many different pieces of information.

I mean, there are already a LOT of synonyms for laughter in English - titter, giggle, snicker, laugh, chuckle, snort, cackle, chuckle, guffaw, chortle, snigger, crack up, roar, crow, howl, hoot, peal - all of which have their own nuance of meaning. A “guffaw” has a totally different sound than a “titter”, after all.

And typed internet laughter has just as much breadth and nuance of meaning - you can hear it through a combination of onomatopoeic and visual-symbolic means.

You’ve got all the acronyms, which are small little conversational inserts/reactions, and “lol” doubles for a basic friendly mood indicator to avoid tone misinterpretations…


And then you have “haha” versus “hahaha” and “hahahahahahahaha” where the increasing amount of repetitions shows an increasing intensity of laughing fits and amusement. “Haha” is a little chuckle, “hahahahahahahahahahahaha” is something much more hearty.

And then the way that you start that “haha” also matters.

mwahahahaha = evil laughter
bwahahahaha = a big burst of hearty, almost bawdy laughter erupting at once
ahahahahaha = a somewhat louder or more resonant laugh than “haha”
ohohohohoho = that surprised, intrigued “oh” factor about something juicy
hohohohoho = either a similar sort of laughter to “ohoho” or a jolly, Santa-esque belly laugh
hehehehehehe = mischievous laughter, almost tittering

And then, the less related “teehee” and “teeheehee”. And I think I’ve seen “lololololol” around there somewhere??? And how about things that are basically sarcastic, like “har dee har har”? And someone who doesn’t quite laugh, but they blow out a bunch of air in amusement? We’ve got that too… “pffffffft!” If their lips begin to buzz in the process, you hear, “pbbbbt!”

Thor, you can even indicate laughter as a simple action, like you do with anything. Which means we can get *laugh* and *snigger* and [chuckle] and [cackles wildly] and a whole bunch of other means of expressing laughter.

Adding caps lock adds a whole new dimension to all of these. And keysmashing! And punctuation marks! Which means we get some REALLY AWESOME EXPRESSIONS LIKE;

ha. ha ha.
[maniacal cackle]
*points and laughs*
hey how a re u? lol
ooooooooo ohohohohohohohoooooooooo!

Or gif laughter!!!

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And this is only in ONE language. I haven’t even gotten to jajaja or ㅋㅋㅋㅋ and all of those cool things, too!



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ok so Munakata lumps Fushimi with a little strain kid to take care of and of course Fushimi has no idea what to do so along comes Yata to help (post-reconciliation probs) and I just want sarumi with a kid pls... bonus points if the kid has hilarious mind-reading powers and keeps blurting out what Fushimi and Yata think of each other XD

Imagine one day Munakata calls Fushimi into his office because he has a very important mission for him. Fushimi walks in to see Munakata sitting there trying to get this like disaffected six year old child to play puzzles with him. Fushimi can probably see where this is going and tries to make a break for it, Munakata happily calls him in and informs him that the child is a Strain and Munakata needs someone to watch her for now until her parents can be found. Fushimi sighs and asks why he has to do it and Munakata just notes that of all the force Fushimi seems to be the best at bonding with children. He’s giving Fushimi the day off to basically keep the child entertained. Munakata pretty much pulls Fushimi forward by the hand and makes him take the kid’s hand before ushering them out of the room. Fushimi sees the kid looking up at him and he’s like ‘what do you want?“ before huffing and telling her to come with him. He belatedly realizes that he forgot to ask what kind of Strain power the kid has, but she seems quiet enough and docile so maybe it doesn’t matter.

Fushimi of course has no idea what to do with a kid and since it’s creepy the way she keeps staring at him while he’s trying to work he figures he should probably like take her to the park or something. He ends up somewhat reluctantly calling Yata – they’ve made up at this point but haven’t quite gotten to the ‘admit our feelings’ portion of the relationship and Fushimi’s feeling a little awkward about the whole thing but he figures well, Misaki’s got siblings he probably knows how to deal with kids. Yata’s all amused that Fushimi’s taking care of a kid for a day but he takes pity on Fushimi and offers to meet him at the park and they can keep an eye on the kid together. The kid keeps giving Fushimi these looks as they head out, like she feels kinda sorry for him or something and Fushimi finds it really irritating without quite being sure why.

So they get to the park and Yata’s there, he’s all happy to see Fushimi and is probably immediately in big brother mode when he sees the kid. The three of them end up having an adorable day at the park, Yata makes Fushimi buy the kid ice cream and then they all go over to the swingset and Yata pushes the kid really high while Fushimi sits on a bench and tries not to complain about the heat and the people and all the nature. Then later Yata and Fushimi get to sit in the grass and help the kid find flowers and she makes them both cute flower crowns. Yata laughs a little and says Fushimi looks good with a daisy crown over his head, Fushimi looks away and mutters at Yata not to act like an idiot, it’s just a stupid flower crown. That’s when from behind them the kid just calmly says 'He’s flustered because you think he looks good.’ Yata’s all like 'huh’ and Fushimi immediately denies it, the kid’s like 'also he thinks you look good too because you’re smiling and he loves your smile.’ Yata’s kinda touched by that and then he’s like wait, no, and the kid says 'you’re really happy knowing he likes you.’ At some point the two of them realize that the kid has mind-reading powers but it’s too late and they’re basically just sitting there flailing and trying to deny their feelings for each other with the kid helpfully chiming in about their real feelings after every attempted denial.

Paperbacks (Librarian!Luke)

Librarian Luke gives me feels, so I thought I’d write something about it. Please enjoy! I’m thinking about writing a second part to this (which will contain smut btw) but I’m not sure, so let me know what your thoughts are :-)

It wasn’t that Luke hated his job, he just found it a bit on the monotonous side.

There was nothing exciting about being a local librarian; he didn’t save people’s lives, or stop bad guys from committing crime. He arranged stacks of books on shelves all day long, helped old women find books on gardening (or knitting), and had to put up with a lot of noisy kids that were dragged in against their own will by their mother’s.

The only excitement he ever got out of the job was the teenage girls that would giggle and whisper about him as he worked. He found it rather amusing that they were so flustered by him; he didn’t really see himself as an attractive guy, but they almost treated him like he was a super model. So, the attention they gave him wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. It had been quite some time since Luke had a girlfriend, or even went on a date, so to him it was reassuring to know that at least somebody found him attractive.

It was just a regular day when his whole world was flipped upside down. He was squatting, a stack of books on the floor beside him as he perused the first shelf of books. Each book was in alphabetical order, which was usually the standard for most libraries, so all he really had to do was fill the missing spot amongst the already shelved books. It didn’t usually take him that long, and within a few minutes the large stack of books that was beside him was diminished to just one.

Examining the book in his hands, he could see that it was the complete works of Edgar Allan Poe, who happened to be one of his favorite writers. In one of his college classes they did a whole unit on Poe, which didn’t go over so well with the students. They groaned and moaned about it, and Luke had even joined in on the disproval. What he didn’t expect was to fall in love with the writer’s work. It was macabre; it was haunting; most of it chilled Luke to the bone. It was something fresh amongst all the cliché love stories of the 21st century.

Edgar Allan Poe belonged a few shelves down, so Luke shuffled his way to the appropriate bookcase, weaving in and out of the many shelves that adorned the library. He had finally found the bookcase he needed, crouching down to get a closer look at the author’s names of the books that were stacked in alphabetical order. It was then that the familiar ding of the door went off, signaling somebody had either exited or entered the library.

Popping his head out from behind the bookcase, he spotted a girl. By studying her briefly, he presumed she was about the same age as him. Either that, or she just gave off a sense of maturity. Regardless, it was Luke’s job as the librarian to greet anybody who entered, and help them with any questions they may or may not have.

Clutching Edgar Allan Poe in his clammy hands, he stepped out from behind the book case. “Is there anything I can help you look for?” He asked with a clear of his throat, striding forward to greet her. As she looked at him, he had the sudden urge to run towards the bathroom to make sure everything about his appearance was okay. Was there something on his face? What if his fly was down? What if his button up shirt was crooked? What if his tie wasn’t straight? Despite his worries, she gave him a friendly smile while tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. His heart raced uncomfortably inside his chest as he began to sweat. He mentally cursed himself for being so awkward around the opposite sex.

“I don’t have anything in particular,” She spoke up, her voice soft and soothing. “I just want something new.”

Luke bit down on the inside of his cheek, racking his brain for any specific titles he could think of. There were so many different books he had read that it was hard to think of just one. It didn’t help that there were (what seemed like) thousands of different genres of books. He just didn’t know the girl well enough to tell which genre she was most interested in.

He shifted uncomfortably in the silence that fell between them, his fingers becoming slicker against the laminated cover of the book he still clutched in his hands. At this point, his brain seemed to shut down, his cheeks turning a dark shade of red as he became flustered. There was no way out of this; he was digging himself a deeper hole the more he stood there staring at her.

“Uh…Well – I – I – I – “ He stammered, getting cut off as the book slid from his grasp. It crashed to the floor, the portrait on the back of Edgar Allan Poe staring up at him. It looked as if he were judging Luke based on the unamused look on his face. Screw you, Poe. Luke said to himself, bending down to pick up the book.

He turned it over, looking down and reading the bolded title that was printed on the front. Luke just wished there was something he could suggest to her. If only something fell from the sky and landed directly into his hands that he could share with her.

That’s when the lightbulb went off inside his head.

Luke, you are a dumbass. He mentally scolded himself, holding out the complete works of Edgar Allan Poe, the book that had been in his hands the entire time he had made a fool of himself. The girl took it from him gingerly, studying the front cover before flipping it over to the back. “Is he any good?” She asked, her eyes skimming the little summary that was printed on the back next to Poe’s photograph.

Luke nodded, letting out a small sigh of relief that the conversation was actually going somewhere. He didn’t know if he could take any more of the awkward silence. “Yeah, he just so happens to be one of my favorites.” He smiled, feeling a little more comfortable talking to her now that they were on the subject of books. Luke could go on and on for days about books – he was a librarian after all, that’s what his job consisted of.

She looked up at him for a brief moment, their eyes meeting for a split second before she quickly looked away, instead focusing her attention back onto the book. She flipped through the pages, her eyes briefly scanning each page before flipping to the next.

“It – uh – looks big and intimidating, but I promise it’s not as bad as you think.” Luke stated, his arms crossing in front of his chest. His cheeks were still warm, but to his luck, they were only tinted a light shade of pink. “I’d give it a shot if I were you. It’s different, but definitely in a good way. It’s almost refreshing, actually.”

The girl nodded, giving him a light smile as she closed the book. She held it gently in her hands, almost as if she was worried she might damage it in any way. Luke was already beginning to like her just by the way she handled the large paperback. “I’ll give it a try,” She spoke up, a light blush appearing on her cheeks, “And m – maybe afterwards we could go someplace and discuss his work?”

Luke’s mouth almost hit the floor at her suggestion. Was he being asked out on a date? He stood there, looking like a fool once again, his mouth slightly agape as he tried to find the right response. His hands began sweating once again, his mouth dry as he licked his lips. “Y – Yeah, that sounds nice.” Luke finally choked out. “Let me get that checked out for you.”

He took the book from her hands, going over to his desk. All he had to do was scan the barcode, hand her the book, and she’d be off. The thought of her leaving so soon bummed him out. It wasn’t every day a good looking girl came in interested in what he had to suggest. Despite the bitter feeling in the pit of his stomach, he scanned the barcode and handed her back the book. He reminded himself that it wouldn’t be long before he’d see her again. At least, he hoped he’d see her again.

She turned to leave, making it half way to the door before she stopped. “Oh!” She turned on her heel, moving back to Luke’s desk with a bit more confidence than what she showed earlier. Grabbing a piece of paper and a pen, she scribbled out her number before handing it to him. “I guess it’ll be easier for you to contact me with this, huh?”

Luke only nodded, chuckling awkwardly as his cheeks blazed. There was no doubt in his mind that his cheeks were as red as tomatoes. He watched as she left, feeling like he was on cloud nine. There was a part of him that wanted to jump for joy despite the fact that he was in a library, and the number one rule about libraries was that you needed to remain quiet.

Despite the awkward encounter, he managed to get her number, and even scored himself a date in the process. What seemed like a normal day to him when he woke up in the morning soon became the day he met the love of his life, and he owed it all to Edgar Allan Poe.

Thank you, Poe. Thank you.

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I honestly really like underworld Genos' light headband thingy(?) And I can't help imagining that the light wings change depending on his emotions. Like when he's upset they point down and go dim (maybe even turn blue?) But when he's super happy they point all the way up and glow really bright. ^O^ It's... just such a cute idea. X3



(i know that they look like they’re pointed down but) POINTED BACK: content, relaxed, and passively happy

UP AND OUT: inquisitive, curious, and amused 

SHORT AND FLARED: agitated and aggressive 

SO MANY AAAAH >v< I really like the idea of them changing color as well, anon, but I think their ability to brighten and dull would correspond a little better with his emotions since colors may represent different things aaah

But that being said, perhaps with more intense emotions: rage, joy, and even fear, they glow brighter. With less intense emotions: sadness, calmness, and him being bored, they’d dull quite a bit.

I’ve mentioned before that he is able to conceal them and they may vanish from the sides of his temples, but their little quirks (movement, brightness, dullness, and shape) are things that occur subconsciously that he has no control over aah

btw sai’s long ears do the same thing >//////<

This idea is definitely cute, kind anon, and now it is law uvu ♥♥♥

First Imagine Ever

Hey there! So this is my first ever imagine here on Tumblr and it’s inspired on a few other imagines I’ve read recently. I’m not a native English speaker so if you see any mistakes, kindly point them out. Enjoy!

Summary: (Pyrokinetic!Reader) You’re the team’s newest recruit but you’re extremely closed off and stoic. One day, the team catches you dancing and singing around the kitchen. 

Since I haven’t seen CACW yet (and even if I did I wouldn’t add spoilers) this will be sort of an AU and cause Pietro will be in it and Bruce is back. You can change the songs in your head to your liking, of course. 

Warnings: Language maybe? Dancing? I don’t know, really. 

(Y/N)= Your name 

(Y/L/N)= Your last name

(E/C)= Eye color

(H/C)= Hair color.


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Petty Encounters: Part 19

Summary: The angels want you, but why?

Word Count: 2552

Warnings: Possibly a little anti-climatic… but there’s some fluff at the end to make up for it!

A/N: This is my 200th post!! Amazing how things like that happen, isn’t it? 

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5   Part 6  Part 7   Part 8   Part 9   Part 10   Part 11   Part 12 Part 13   Part 14  Part 15   Part 16  Part 17  Part 18

The angels want me, you repeated, still processing. Or, whatever powers they think I have, anyway.

“And what is it you think we want you to do?” Inias asked unaware that you’d been puzzling it out with your group already, though he was trying to cover his anxiety with a layer of calm.

“I’m not going to answer that question until you answer my first question. Why me?”

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For the shippy starters thing, one of the guys saying 27 to Bones (probably) as a joke

From the moment McCoy had woken up that morning he’d gotten a gut feeling that the day was going to be strange. And not just the Enterprise’s brand of strange, if the behavior of the passing officers was anything to go off of.

As he made his way down to medical bay every person he happened upon looked at him with a bizarre glint to their eyes and poorly stifled laughter. “What the devil are you lookin’ at?” He spat, bristling with the creeping suspicion that they were snickering at him. Self-consciousness hung over him like a dark cloud threatening to swallow him up.

McCoy hastily reached his destination and checked his appearance in the mirror. The beginnings of a beard had shown on his face, but otherwise nothing was out of the ordinary. He glared at his reflection and crossed his arms over his chest indignantly. He couldn’t fathom what was wrong with everyone.

Mercifully, the morning progressed rather routinely. McCoy had his daily dose of paperwork, a trickling of patients here and there, and the occasional visit to the labs. He’d almost forgotten about the oddness of earlier.    

Until the landing party beamed up from their latest mission.

The intercom on the wall beside his desk chirped, signaling an incoming transmission.

“Bones, something happened to Spock down there. He kind of… Well, he’s… There was an incident. It’s rather difficult to explain and frankly it’s better if I don’t try. I’m sending him straight to sickbay so you can see for yourself. Kirk out.”

With a resigned sigh, McCoy leaned back in his chair and rubbed the bridge of his nose. An incident. Of course there was. If it wasn’t Jim getting himself into trouble, it was Spock. Apparently they took turns maiming themselves just to keep McCoy on his toes. Perfect.

The ever prompt first officer graced the doctor with his presence shortly after the call. “Alright, Spock. Get up on the bed so I can see what kind of shenanigans you’ve gotten yourself into this time.”

Spock removed his tunic and undershirt before easing himself up onto the bed and reclining stiffly. “If I may clarify, doctor, my current predicament was no fault of mine.”

“Sure it wasn’t.” McCoy agreed flatly, checking the readings on the computer. The outputs were incredibly anomalous, even for a Vulcan hybrid. “Jesus, Spock. Your hormone levels are through the roof. What in blazes happened down there?” He continued to stare incredulously at the machine as if it were in error. “Wait, you’re not going into pon farr again are you?” McCoy narrowed his eyes accusingly.

He had missed the ephemeral quirk of Spock’s lips in the confusion.

“I assure you, I am not entering my time. However, I had a quarrel of a… stimulating nature.”

“You had a quarrel.” McCoy repeated dubiously.

Spock shifted atop the bed in what could only be described as discomfort. Spock was nervous, McCoy realized with astonishment.  

“Perhaps it will be better if I simply explain to you what my ailment is. You will find that your databases have virtually no information on my current status.”

McCoy cocked his head to the side and scrutinized the strange readings one last time. “Okay, then. Get on with it.”

Taking a deep steadying breath, Spock pushed himself up into a sitting position and folded his hands neatly in his lap. He steeled himself and fixed McCoy with a grave stare.

“I am pregnant.”

McCoy spluttered in shock and collapsed his full weight against the side of the biobed. All of the color drained out of his face and he nearly slid to the floor in a crumpled heap. “You’re what? How did this—Vulcan males can— Holy shit on a shingle. Pregnant? Sweet mother of Moses, Spock.” His mind reeled. How in the hell were they going to take care of a child on a tin can floating in the middle of space? His heart rate picked up and he realized with horrified fascination that he might in fact be having a heart attack.

In that moment, Jim fell through the open bulkhead and rolled around on the floor, laughing uproariously and clutching his sides. McCoy startled and jerked to face the door, noticing the rest of the bridge crew was crowded around it. How long had they been standing there?

“Oh my god,” Jim cackled as tears formed in his eyes. “You should have seen your face. Bones, it was priceless. Did somebody get a picture of that? I really hope somebody got a picture of that.”

McCoy gaped at the onlookers, then back to Spock. “Are you telling me this whole thing was a fucking joke and the whole ship was in on it?”  

Spock simply held up his hands defensively, his eyes full of unbridled amusement. “I had tried to tell the captain that this sort of jest was in poor taste. Alas, he can be quite persuasive, as you are well aware.”

Of course. Nobody else could have come up with such an elaborate and convoluted lark. McCoy glowered at Jim who was slowly realizing the severity of the situation. Ending up in the doctor’s territory, which was equipped with a ridiculous number of hypos, was a severe oversite on Jim’s part.  

“Bones. Don’t do anything rash, now. It was just a bit of fun, that’s all! Just a prank, a harmless prank. Bones. Bones, please. Don’t—

“I trust you are satisfied with the results of your ‘prank’, captain.” Spock was glancing at him from his post, the barest hints of a smirk ghosting over his face.

Jim sat in his chair with a smug smile and a bag of ice held to the impressive black eye mottling his face.
“Totally worth it, Mister Spock. Totally worth it.”

The whole B.o.B vs Neil deGrasse Tyson thing was pretty amusing for a little while until I noticed on Twitter the amount of people coming out saying that it’s actually a cover up and that the Earth is actually flat, and then try to use science to prove it. Quite frankly, this is now getting a little concerning.

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TLC characters as Disney characters? (which one do you associate most with them?)

Fair warning, my knowledge of Disney movies isn’t the most extensive (I grew up watching Star Trek with my dad instead, okay?!). I feel like most of my answers are going to be really stereotypical, but here goes:

Cinder = Mulan (Mulan)

I know, I know, that’s a really boring choice, but there’s a reason that’s the character everyone matches her with. Much like Mulan, Cinder didn’t set out to be a hero. She set out to do the right thing and protect people(including the people she cared about), and in doing so, she saved millions of people.

Kai = Tadashi (Big Hero Six)

A significant part of this choice is just that he looks almost exactly like what my mental picture of Kai is, but honestly, his personality isn’t that far off, either. They’re both incredibly caring individuals who tend to put the greater good before their own safety.

Scarlet = Tiana (The Princess and the Frog)

This one has less to do with physical similarities and more to do with similar work ethic, determination, and stubbornness level. Plus the fact that they both cook. I think they’d get along really well.

Though, if you open it up to include all animated films rather than just Disney, I’d go with Tip from Home in a heartbeat since the plot of Home bears a striking resemblance to the plot of Scarlet and Tip has a very similar temperament to Scarlet’s.

Wolf = Stitch (Lilo and Stitch) 

I know Beast from Beauty and the Beast is a popular choice, but Wolf just doesn’t have that kind of bad attitude. Much like Stitch, he’s just a poor guy who’s been experimented on and is trying to fulfill his purpose, even if it doesn’t make him happy, when all of the sudden, love—of one kind or another—happens.

Thorne = Eugene Fitzherbert (Tangled)

Did you really have to ask this one? He doesn’t quite match my mental image of Thorne, but they have a ridiculous amount in common personality wise.

Cress = Rapunzel (Tangled)

Ditto the above statement. The fact that the book and the movie are both based on the same original story has a lot to do with it, but there are an awful lot of similarities between Cress and Rapunzel

Jacin = Elsa (Frozen)

The whole “conceal, don’t feel” thing is basically what Jacin does throughout the entirety of the series. Also, it would be vastly amusing to see him do a sweeping musical number.

Winter = Jasmine (Aladdin)

A trapped princess, romantically pursued by a creepy royal official, who can’t marry the guy she loves and spends a great amount of time with an exotic pet. I think Jasmine fits.

(The Bill Simmons Podcast w/David Duchovny)

I listened to the whole thing! And honestly, there is something altogether amusing & soothing about this man’s voice. Boo is captivating, but I digress…This was pretaped, about a week prior to Shandling’s death and so David’s discussion of The Larry Sanders Show and meeting his friend for the first time is especially sweet. David really loves basketball; he’s a dude’s dude, a guy’s guy. He is truly a romantic. Loves his kids, loves The Kiss Cam, for ‘beautiful’ reasons and is quite proud of himself for creating his very own X-Files Bitmoji :)

Did you know he auditioned for 'White Men Can’t Jump’? Yeah, neither did I! Says he wasn’t ready for such a role at the time. Bottom line, I love him. He’s funny, humble and tells adorable little anecdotes about the quirkiness that is his life. Like this fun moment with an unexpected, high profile X-Phile:

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Anni, you need to draw the new lumberjack!David to complete the set. Collect them all!

…I don’t even know what this turned into.

for anon: destiel x gallavich crossover ficlet

“God,” Dean mutters under his breath as he sits down on the bar stool, in quite possibly the most rough looking bar he’s even been in, “I can’t wait till we leave this shithole,” he sighs, flicking his beer bottle to make it clang, “I feel like I’m getting crabs from just being here.”

Castiel, ever the take-it-literal-guy, leans into him and murmurs, like it’s really important that Dean knows this titbit of information, “I can assure you, you’re not.”

“I know I’m not really getting-“ Dean starts to say but trails off with a shake of his head, part frustrated, part amused at Cas’ reassurance.

“This place is a shithole,” Dean repeats, eyeing up the other customers, most of which are drunk and look like they’ve partaken in even more illegal things than Dean has in his lifetime.

They’re only in Chicago because there’d been a massive lead which they couldn’t have ignored even if they’d wanted to. When Sam had said Chicago, Dean hadn’t quite expected this place. The whole town’s population looks homeless and drunk, like they’ll steal the pants you’re wearing with a flip knife if they have the urge.

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Ok so I stole it directly from your post (#plagiarism) but "Bellarke FWB, Clarke buys Bellamy a coupon book for his birthday and just assumes it has stuff like do dishes and make dinner but she accidentally got the couples one and it’s all sexual favors and they just go with it" sounds amazing?!? Any chance you might actually write it???

I got several requests for this, which I basically saw coming. Also on AO3!

It’s an impulse buy; Clarke is getting decorations for the party and sees the coupon display, a bunch of colorful little booklets called Everyday Favors. She flips through one, grins at the selection, and puts it back, carefully selects the one with the best color scheme. Aesthetics are important; it needs to match the wrapping paper she used. She figures it’ll make Bellamy smile, and she’s always good with random things that make her roommate smile.

She tapes it to the outside of his actual present (fancy booze, as usual) and, as she hoped, he smiles when he sees it.

“A coupon book? Really?”

“What, you don’t like it?”

He glances through the book, frowning a little. “You really want me to use these?” he asks, giving her a look she can’t read.

“It is your birthday.”

He clears his throat. “Yeah, uh–it is my birthday.” With another inscrutable look, he puts the booklet into his pocket, strangely careful, but she can see him checking it throughout the party, flipping through and glancing at her. She knew he thought her room needed to be cleaned, but she didn’t think he’d be that interested. He definitely likes it more than the booze, and it’s really fancy booze.

They send everyone home around midnight, and Clarke collapses onto the couch next to Bellamy with a groan. “I’m not doing that again for at least a year.”

“So we’re not having birthday parties for me every week? That’s a letdown. I have birthdays all the time.”

“Dick. You have fun?”

“Yeah.” He has the coupon book out again. “So, uh, when can I start cashing in on these?”

“When I’m conscious,” she says, yawning. “You cannot possibly want to make me–” He tears one out and hands it to her. This coupon good for one back rub. “You want a back rub?”

“It never says who’s giving the back rub.”

“You want to use a coupon to give me a back rub?”

“It looks like you need a back rub,” he says, shrugging. “Start small, right?”

“I’ll owe you one,” Clarke says, because a massage really does sound good. She’s tired, and Bellamy has the best hands ever.

“Yeah, uh, don’t worry,” he says, with a cryptic smile. “I’m pretty sure I’m going to come out ahead.”

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From a request on Wattpad


Taylor and Adam had been at the after party for the people’s choice awards and, thinking it was pretty safe…or not really thinking at all, had let their affection go a little further than usual. Most of the time they were photographed it was no more than holding hands or Adam with his hand on Taylor’s waist or hugging like two friends would….but this time photographers had photos of Adam with his hand on Taylor’s butt and other photos of them kissing and in general getting very affectionate.

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“I’m sorry that I got way too into playing house and accidentally kissed you passionately.”

Scoffing softly, he raised an eyebrow at Dirk over the cards he was laying out. There was something satisfying about bending them just right as he put them down and letting one end slip out from under his thumb, coming to slap against the table with a small thwacking sound. Though, in order to do it every time he put a card down, setting up for the game was made much slower. Dirk hadn’t complained yet, though he’d been oddly silent, and Kankri had suspected that he’d been mentally cursing him this whole time. Until what was really on his mind was finally revealed. Kankri couldn’t help but sound slightly amused as he asked, “That’s what you’ve been thinking about?”

It seemed like such an odd, random thing to say. Though, saying odd, random things was not completely out of character for Dirk. His mind traveled a million miles a minute and in the time that Kankri had known him, he’d said some of the weirdest things when Kankri had least expected it. However, Kankri did remember the instance he was talking about. It’d made quite the impact on his younger self when a four year-old Dirk had unexpectedly stolen his first kiss during a silly game of pretend. Enough so that Kankri had gotten extremely angry with him and thrown the little toy teapot at Dirk’s head. It had been very upsetting at the time. Maybe even devastating might be a word he’d use. First kisses were supposed to be special, and he’d lost his to his father’s long time friend’s son in a stupid game. Though, now that they were older, Kankri had gotten over it long ago. He shook his head, laying down another card. “We were kids. We did stupid things. It’s fine.”