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Diana’s Room and what a room’s design can tell us about a person.

Warning: This is long. Really long. And probably not that important or interesting.

*Cracks his knuckles*

Ok, so, as always, this is going to relate to diana. 

Yet that doesn’t mean it’s actually about Diana, it just relates to her character.

Today i will analyze everything i think it’s important in Diana’s Room and how it conveys things to us without speaking.

Let’s begin for this first shot. 

It’s remarkable that they start here, and not with the whole room. Focusing the camera first on the Desk let’s us know that that’s the important thing on this room, at least for now. Yet here we can see things that are already telling us something.

The Books, aligned as they are, are not in a shelf but in the desk, meaning that they probably don’t belong there. Maybe burrowed from a library, or maybe just there temporarily while they are being used, probably because the readers of those books study them constantly, so having them there saves time and effort.

At the sides of the line of books we can see: A Crystal Sphere, Ink & Quills and a mirror.

The left side, with the Crystal Sphere and one set of Ink & Quill well aligned, shows us that, whoever sit’s there, is probably interested in foreseeing and is well organized, while the other, with the mirror and the other set of Ink & Quill not aligned, shows a more down to earth personality, someone who probably doesn’t take his studies as seriously as the other person.

I must point at the fact that here we can see only 2 chairs, when by instinct we know that there should be 3 students per room. Which, knowing who’s room is this, makes us thing automatically in Hanna&Barbara.

Then we have this.

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ME:A Review

I’ve finished the main story and all ‘meaty’ sidequests (I did skip some of the tasks), so here are my thoughts on the game as a whole. And some thoughts about the Jaal romance, as that’s the one I did.

Spoiler free until after the read more, where I’ll discuss some story specific things. I loved the game, so even though I also list the negatives, I am very happy with the game overall, and if any of you are still on the fence because of the negativity we’ve seen, I’d say definitely give it a go!


- The main story; even though some of it felt a bit predictable, I was really invested in it, and it has some great emotional moments. (I have some gripes, but I’ll discuss it more in the spoiler section)

- The crew; I loved all of them and by the end I just wanted more time with them. I know Bioware has said this isn’t a new trilogy, but I just really want Ryder and the crew back! And not like me2 where you can’t take everyone with you.

- The Angara; I was a bit disappointed that we were only meeting one new species (and the Kett I suppose), but that did give the game enough time to really establish the Angara, who they are as a species, what motivates them, and create a lot of Angaran characters who felt very real.

- Combat; it’s so much fun in this game! I’ve said it before, but really I love it. If you’ve just come out of replaying the trilogy, it’ll probably take some getting used to, but once you do, it’s a lot of fun.

- Crafting; sure it felt overwhelming at times, but once I took the time to figure out what was going on, I really enjoyed this system.

- The crew gets a lot of content. Which is good, because characters are the number one reason I play bioware games. And the content is good.

- It really felt like you were an explorer. The scale just felt bigger, and Ryder felt smaller, like you would in a new galaxy.

- I like the new ‘react now for a sudden reaction’ system. I wish there were more moments like that! Some were really tense and genuinely had me nervous about making the wrong choice.

- The sidequest felt more meaty and meaningful than da:i, and I enjoyed them.

- Havarl; that place is so gorgeous! I loved exploring it and it’s the only planet (besides 2 I can’t mention without spoilers)  of the bunch that I actually want to visit again in any possible sequel to this game.

- Kadara Port; it’s the closest Bioware has ever gotten to creating a living city (or settlement/ outpost).

- The Jaal romance, can’t speak to the others (I have seen the Reyes romance), but it was done so well it really felt like it added to my enjoyment of the game.

- Letting us colour our clothes/ armour

- Jumping! ;)


- While I liked playing explorer, the worlds felt so empty.

They can brag all they want about maps being bigger than da:i, but at least da:i’s areas had more than just seas of sand/ snow. There’s a reason why I loved Havarl, besides it just looking really cool, it also looked like a place I want to explore.

I’m sorry but riding around sand/ snow dunes with the nomad isn’t exploring. And the occasional enemy isn’t going to relieve the boredom of having done that for 70 hours. There was some banter in the nomad, but that ran out long before I finished the game (and yes I used different combinations of crew members) and I was just left in silence, no music, no banter, just the sound of the nomad (sound that cut out half the time). Even at the remnant sites you didn’t have to activate there was nothing going on.

I get what they were going for and I get that it’s probably partially the limitations of what systems can run right now, but then just don’t do it. Much as people hate always comparing things to TW3, you can’t deny that that game had variety in the environment that invited you to explore without resorting to huge deserts. Or deserts with red trees. Or deserts with lakes. Or snow deserts. HZD had a much smaller map, but I will always prefer that over desserts.

Beside Havarl the other two planets I liked most were Habitat 7 (or Ryder 1), which of course we couldn’t really explore except for the mission set there, and Meridian, which we couldn’t explore at all because you have to rush through it in the final mission. But those two and Havarl were the nicest planets. Just let us walk next time, stop the giant dessert maps, smaller maps is fine as long as they’re alive with plant-life, animals, and content beyond random enemies.

- Pop up everywhere

Yes, oddly enough, even though the worlds are so empty, the game still suffered from a lot of pop up. I’ll be honest, I don’t normally mind a bit of pop up, most of the time when people complain about it I just shrug… but this game man… it was insane. Grass would pop up BEHIND the nomad, whole buildings would pop up when I was just meters away from it, even when walking the grass would pop up while walking over it. People would pop up, sometimes just in front of me, sometimes in the air before the building would pop up. I’ve run it on my PC (and tried so many settings) and on my PS4 and both had the same issues, even though my PC is a lot more powerful and should be able to run it on its highest settings.

Ironically enough, the place (the interiors not included) that had the least pop up - but still some - was Havarl! The least empty of the worlds!

- The family’s story

I’ll explain in the spoiler section.

- Lazy design of NPCs.

I’m sorry, while I don’t think Bioware deserves all the negativity we’ve seen,  they do deserve criticism over the lazy designs the game is full of.

Obviously the Asari are one of the most noticeable ones… they all have the same face!!! Only Peebee gets her own face. Who okayed that? In one scene there were three Asari standing next to each other and it looked ridiculous. They couldn’t even be bothered to give Lexi her own face.

Most of the Turians are white, for some reason, not only does it make them look wildly different from what we’ve seen from Turians before, in a lot of the lighting, the white plating looks really cheap. I’m not even sure how to word it. Honestly, Garrus with his nice HD mods on PC looks better than these Turians.

I’m not sure how they designed the human characters, at times it almost looks like they used me3 CC… but there are some hideous creatures out there. Obviously Addison is the worst, just because you see her clown-faced/ doll-eyed appearance A LOT in the game. But I’ve seen others that creeped me out as well. Some just looked really bad as if they’d been imported from me1, others looked… scary…

(^^This one was so bad I saved a picture to show my bf because I can’t describe how bad this face is. Why are the eyes so close together,  why is the nose sooooo small!? Was this generated by an AI raised on Hellraiser movies!?)

- Not being able to do anything with your crew when it came to their gear, or wtf they were doing in combat… Every combo I managed was a coincidence. Also, how is it even possible that you give them fixed weapons but then in some cutscenes they don’t even have their own weapons?

- Scanning (minor gripes really)

I don’t mind scanning, and I think it’s a believable thing for the pathfinder to do. But all forms of scanning have issues.

For instance, scanning from the Tempest forces you to watch the whole animation of travelling to the point you scanned. It looks beautiful, and it’s fine for travelling to a destination, but with scanning it just becomes so tedious.

Scanning in the nomad was better, but it looked ridiculous to then see that probe hanging above the car/ land. Still, it worked fine enough.

Scanning by hand… it works fine except for some things, like it isn’t always *that* clear where it wants you to scan, and some of the quests that involve scanning need to be changed. Especially that minesweeping quest! AHH! It was the most frustrating thing in the whole game, and I’m fairly certain it just kept creating new mines because I kept finding new ones in the area I already scanned.

- The CC, yes, still. There are some amazing facial animations in the game (in a few important scenes), I think that’s why they’ve gone with this restricted CC, but I’d happily trade those few moments for a real CC.

- They could have done so much more with SAM (will discuss it further in the spoiler section)

Story discussion, and some thoughts on the Jaal romance (with SPOILERS):

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Honestly, I think the whole “don’t pay the writers” thing boils down to the notion that everybody thinks they can write. It’s the old saw about the novelist at a cocktail party having to hear someone say, for the millionth time, “I’d love to write a book someday.”

Someone–Stephen King? Pretty sure I saw this in a Stephen King foreword–once said they’d like to say to a brain surgeon, “Boy, I’d love to do brain surgery someday.”

We treat “the ability to put words into a sentence” like it’s just the same as “the ability to form a coherent narrative that engenders a variety of emotions within the reader and puts them in a scene and shows them what they didn’t see before”.

And that’s like me drawing a stick figure and saying I’m an artist.

Writers are constantly devalued because everyone thinks they have a book in them and don’t realize the level of skill and commitment it takes to finish even a short story, much less a whole book. 

This goes well beyond fandom, but man, I would’ve hoped fandom would know better.

  • Zen: Pretend I'm your brother, speak to me. What would you say?
  • Saeyoung: I can't do this!
  • Zen: Of course you can! Alright, here we go
  • Zen (in a whiny voice): "I don't want to come with you!! I want to stay in the dark hacking room and let my jacket flow in the wind as I sulk around Mint Eye's Base, destroying things in my random rage fits!!!!"
shitley’s ‘favour’

hey it’s friendly local defender of the schnee siblings back again trying to redeem whitley 

kid walks in on weiss training, mocks her a little and then with fake hurt mentions that he’s here to do her a favour 

he’s going into town to meet jagoff’s besties and mentions that he was willing to pick up a few things if she needs anything 

except he’s not stupid. whitley may be a sneaky prick, but he isn’t dumb. weiss is 

- training 

-furious at him 

-hates the whole family and is done with their lifestyle and wealth 

wtf would she need anything? but whitley knows this. he isn’t legitimately asking her if she needs anything, he is doing her a FAVOUR. 

[“me and dad are not going to be home, we’re going into town, i’ll make sure we’re gone for a while. this is your chance to gtfo. just go”]

he even pushes it further by humiliating her and asking what all that training is even gonna do for her 

he’s not JUST mocking, he’s MOTIVATING her to leave (albeit in a super insensitive manner but still)

this could go both ways though. he could either really dislike her and just want her gone and be forewarning her, or actually care and feel bad and is giving her a chance to go. i just obviously hope that he gives a shit about his big sister. 

tl;dr let’s hope shitley is a very complex character who despises his abusive father and the damage he’s done and is trying to sneakily aid his family and free them of jackass’s abuse. #doubleagentplz

Both of their smiles are just one of a kind.



tfp rewatch

Hold me, I’m going in from a mind bungalow perspective.

So far so good, and wow?¿€¿?

If John is the little girl on the plane, “wake up wake up” has an extra layer of yikes to it. He’s telling himself. He’s dying. He’s on the flight of the dead from asib.

The ringing phone is his own phone. In reality, Sherlock has just found the note from Euros and deduced the whole thing and is trying to call him.

In John’s nightmare, it’s Jim on the line.

Okay this is incredible I am so happy about this reading here we go.

*disclaimer: I’m a tin foil hat skeptic, meaning I’ll believe it when I see it, but I love this reading as a way to confiscate tfp, regardless of what the creators have or haven’t planned.

Grand Prix Final: Newbie Guide

Or beginner’s guide, if you want. 

So I decided to write another redundant post (there are other eloquent previews written by various bloggers already) about LE GRAND PRIX DE PATINAGE ARTISTIQUE as my former fave Tatsuki Machida would say (by former I mean when he was competing). The Grand Prix season has quickly flown by along with the pigeon from Trophee de Flaque d’Eau France but not without shitting harvesting enough carrots for the whole winter from now on. I’m pretty sure y’all already know what we mean by carrots but if you don’t it’s underrotation calls. So we have 6 guys, 6 girls, 6 pairs and 6 dance teams fighting for that one shiny medal Yuuri Katsuki hasn’t been able to get in his 24 years of life. Here we go.

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Ey it’s the dork squad! I’m putting them both up because I’m still liking my lineart way too much to not do so. XD I grew up with BTAS as I’m sure you can tell.

So I know I haven’t posted in a bit but since it’s a whole new year now, I’m gonna try harder to get more stuff up on here; even if they’re silly things like this. Here we go!


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


~ We’re very very sorry that we got it wrong!~

Aaaand HERE WE GO. This comic ended up being real long, so it’s been split into two parts. Link for next is below!

And big thanks to Rebamakash because she came up with the secret service joke!


–Dogs of Future Past–


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Masterpost and FAQ

Viktor is retiring, right? I’m not so sure

I’ve been following the discussions in the fandom for the past weeks, and more or less all of them seem to agree that Viktor is going to officially retire once the GPF is over.

So I’m going to be a bit controversial here and present another interpretation on what might happen with Viktor once the series end.

In short, there are subtle hints throughout the whole show that Viktor might as well go back to competitive skating, and there’s one very important thing in particular that people seem to have overlooked completely.

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So I’m angry at everything and the world and I’m especially angry

about the fucking fanfic called I Hate Love You.

I was going to do the n///ame thing so it won’t come up in tags but lol sorrynotsorry this kind of needs to be seen so here we go

Let me just come right out and say it: This fanfic is problematic because it deals with abuse, victim-blaming (so much fucking victim blaming), drugging, manipulation, blackmailing, and a whole bunch of other problems.

If you read this fic, and even if you don’t, I really fucking hope you don’t sympathize with Adrien past the first half of the first chapter or whatever.

This version of Adrien doesn’t deserve forgiveness, happiness, a second chance. He doesn’t deserve sympathy. The next thing you’re gonna tell me is that if some man drugged a girl in real life and took suggestive photos to blackmail her with, that he should be forgiven for it if he “does everything he can to get forgiveness.” If you wouldn’t sympathize with someone who does that to your friend or any stranger, then you’d better not fucking sympathize with it in this fic.

“Oh but Megatraven!! Fanfiction isn’t real, sweaty!!!” you say.

Yeah, fanfic isn’t real. But do you know what is? Being affected by a fanfic. If people think what’s happening in this fic is okay, they’re going to wind up romanticizing abuse and won’t see it as a problem when it is. Fanfic can impact a person’s mind and thoughts, just like reading any book can.

There are a lot of younger people in the fandom, people who aren’t even out of high school yet, and when a fic as popular as this victim-blames and makes a sympathizer out of you for a very abusive person, then it’s going to affect the way they think. They’re going to go out in the world (or maybe experience it young, even) and they’re going to get hurt and be expected to forgive someone that hurt them for fear of being blamed for it all.

In this fanfiction, Marinette made one mistake. Just one. She snapped at him. Then she apologized. But he decided to make her life hell.

He made her look bad in front of everyone.

He drove away her friends, or made them (Alya included) try to convince her to be nice to him.

He abused his miraculous’ power to get in good with Marinette (who was crushing on him) and made her trust him.

He stole her first kiss as Adrien, and her second as Chat Noir near immediately after.

He drugged her so that she would stay sleeping, and then proceeded to touch her (without consent!!!) to make sure he got some nice photographs that made it look like she was taking advantage of him and proceeded to blackmail her into being his girlfriend with them.

Nobody heard her cries for help, they just saw them and went “awww cute couple!”

He apparently fell in love with her through all of this. (That’s really fucking unhealthy and disgusting, falling in love with the girl you’re manipulating and abusing and forcing to be with you.)

She found out he was Chat Noir, and was rightfully upset and devastated and hurting. She made him stay away from her, and she told him what he is- a monster who doesn’t deserve to say he loves her or is sorry or full of regret.

TIKKI! OH BOY GUYS, LISTEN TO WHAT TIKKI FUCKING SAID. SHE SAID “Aww he tried to apologize!” BECAUSE APPARENTLY SAYING “SORRY FOR DESTROYING YOU AND ABUSING YOU” MEANS YOU SHOULD FORGIVE HIM. She also tries to defend him. “Maybe he was just confused?” Yeah fucking right.

Anyways, he felt bad, so he told Nino, Alya, and Chloe what he did to her. Nino tries to defend his actions a tiny bit, Alya is furious, and Chloe wants to help him fix the situation.

Tikki lectures Marinette on forgiving him for herself, not for him, but you know???? You don’t have to fucking forgive anybody if you don’t want to. Maybe it works for some people, but it doesn’t work for everyone.



And then

And fucking then

they decide to make Marinette and Adrien meet. Because, you know, Marinette’s unhappiness is because she’s only heartbroken, not because she was drugged, abused, manipulated, used, etc. Because seeing her abuser and talking things out is the only way to solve the problem.

They made her sit down and eat lunch with him or some shit

god there’s so much more and i stopped reading around here because I couldn’t fucking deal anymore, but i’ve watched some live reads of it and also skimmed some of the time and basically

Adrien gives her space and time and when they get together again, because Marinette somehow still loves him, he gets super clingy and over protective and Marinette doesn’t like it at all. She needs more space and time and he tires to give it to her, all the while victim-blaming and guilting her because he’s “done everything [he] can to earn her forgiveness” wHEN HE SHOULD DAMN WELL KNOW HE HASN’T

he ends up giving her his miraculous and leaves france for a few years?? Plagg is a fucking asshole and tells Marinette he gave up his happiness for her own as if he deserves happiness after everything that happened

So anyways

A lot of the readers (if you don’t believe me, read the comments on the fic holy shit) find that Marinette is being a bitch who should forgive Adrien because he’s said sorry and given her a few things

and they find Adrien as a perfect little angel who did some bad things but doesn’t deserve how he’s being treated now because apparently Mari said they was okay but decides she wasn’t ready to completely forgive him yet and that she needs more space.

They think what he’s done for forgiveness and out of ‘’’’love’’’’ means what he did to her doesn’t matter anymore

Let’s also, just for a moment, touch on this very problematic thing:







the author also says “ After [these polls] please, don’t come shouting to me that you’ve got traumatized because the story is so … “traumatizing”. If you don’t like it, don’t read it.”



I don’t fucking care if you personally don’t find this shit problematic, it doesn’t change the fact that it is.

Unfollow me if you sympathize with Adrien in this fic. Unfollow me or talk to me so that I can explain in more detail why he does not deserve sympathy, forgiveness, happiness, or really anything people seem to think he does.

Edit: I know I didn’t put everything I could have into this, but trust that there is a ton more wrong in that story.

Serial Killer AU(Part 3)

Oh boy, here we go again. You know, for a serial killer au, this thing is awfully fluffy.

|Part 1| Part 2 | Part 4Part 5| End 1| End 2|  

The whole department was in chaos. They finally got some kind of clue on the possible reasoning of the murderer and they were looking for. Tikki went entirely rampant and actually considered getting a sample of writing from every citizen of Paris. Marinette went to great lengths to convince her it would be a waste of resources. She would know. Adrien’s handwriting wouldn’t have fitted. Because this wasn’t his normal handwriting. It was a silly handwriting they created for secret notes back in college. Adrien had always been the most successful with it, given he was ambidextrous and could use his left hand if he needed to make his writing a little different and he wasn’t curving the letters that much either. For the department, this murderer was a mystery, but not for Marinette. Or not as much. She still needed to figure out why he was doing this.

“The first corpse with a love letter. The killing process is the same. Inject poison and then get an organ or a member. However, this new development could be the key to our case. Stil, something so vague won’t help us at the moment. We need to make more than a profile of our criminal, but also a profile of the object of his affection. And don’t get me started on the madness today. Two murders in less than 24 hours, could only mean something changed with our killer.” Tikki ranted messily, obviously distraught by the events of the day. “Ladybug, do you have any input?”

Marinette’s fingers traced absently over the love letter. “No. None at all.”

By the time Marinette arrived home, she was dead on her feet. It didn’t matter she had a free day, not when they spent most of the night at work trying to find connections and profiling.If she wanted to get out early she might have as well told all that she knew. But she didn’t. She wouldn’t rat out Adrien, not until she drew the conclusions of her own little investigation. Heading to her living room, she looked for what he knew she will find. And there it was. On her small coffee table was a red velvet box, made to carry expensive earrings. When she opened it, she was greeted by the sight of two green eyes. They were nice, she supposed. But comparing them to the one pair of green eyes she had loved for years, they looked so awfully bland. Staring down at them, Marinette thought back on the gesture. Murder aside… it was quite romantic, but Adrien had always been a hopeless romantic. The deeper she got in the case the more the line between her Adrien and Chat Noir blurred. Closing the box, she settled it back on the table and crossed her arms.

“You came again.” Marinette turned around slightly, keeping her eyes on a dark corner of the room. Slowly, Chat Noir appeared from the shadows his green, cat-like eyes shining in the dark. He gave a theatrical bow, before coming closer to her.

“No matter what I do, I always seem to come back to you.” he whispered, but Marinette heard it loud and clear in the silence of her apartment.

Marinette looked up at him. She knew she should have done something. Knock him out cold, question him, try to figure out his reason or even unmask him. But she couldn’t. All she was able to do was stare at him, trying to figure out what that look he was giving her meant. Marinette wasn’t sure how much time they spent just looking at each other, trying to decode the other’s thoughts and feelings. It was Chat who spoke first.

“Can I touch you?” he spoke in a low tone, almost unsure if he should have spoken at all. And maybe it shouldn’t have been her first thought, but that was such an Adrien thing to ask.

“Yes,” she answered. She wasn’t afraid. If this was Adrien, and she was pretty sure he was, he wouldn’t hurt her. Murderer or not, he would never. Not her.

He made three fast steps and then he pulled her into a hug. As Chat wrapped her arms around her, she let herself melt against his chest. His scent was much more leather than Adrien’s ever was, but given his clothes, she could overlook it. He seemed fond of her scent too, as he hid his face in her her, inhaling her perfume. Marinette wrapped her arms around him too and in all honesty, she could stay like this forever. It was such a good hug and Marinette really needed it, the warmth, the comfort. They stayed like that until Chat decided to lean down and nuzzle her cheek with his nose. Marinette opened her eyes to side glance at him. He was really acting like a cat… oh. Her face heat up as his tongue poked out, licking her cheek before he restored to nuzzle her again. Marinette giggled, reaching up and running her fingers through his hair. He seemed to take his nickname very seriously. A chat indeed. Marinette sighed contently, her eyes slipping closed as she more or less fell against Chat’s chest. He stopped his little affections and straightened his back. With a sigh, he began to caress her cheek with the back of his fingers.

“One of these days, I’ll use some really nice pink silk and tie you to your damn bed till you get enough sleep.” he said in an exasperated tone that was all too familiar to Marinette even in her sleep deprived state. It didn’t even sound bad. Silk was good and pink silk was her favourite and bed, she really wanted to be in a bed right now. She let herself rest against Chat’s chest. He was sturdy. He would make a good bed too. Marinette gave out a little huff as she was lifted bridal style and carried through her apartment. Her eyes felt too heavy to keep them open, but she knew where they were heading. She clung to Chat as he settled her atop her bed.

“Don’t… go.” she muttered sleepily while he slowly unwrapped her arms from around his neck. Marinette whined a little as he distanced himself from her. He wasn’t leaving, though. Marinette felt lighter as he took her shoes off and placed them somewhere by the bed. She was so happy she opted for flats and a comfortable dress when she run out. She had to change in her uniform anyway and the more comfortable the day clothes were, the better. She shifted as Chat unfolded the blanket at the end of the bed and covered her with it. After he made sure she was tucked in and comfortable enough, he bent over the bed and kissed her forehead, making her lip curl up in a sweet smile. As he straightened his back and began to retreat, Marinette hand shot up from under the cover, grabbing his.

“Stay… “ she knew she was half asleep, but she didn’t want him gone. His presence made her feel so comfortable and warm, it was almost funny, given who he was.

For a second, she thought he might refuse. Instead, he kneeled next to her bed, resting his head on the soft sheet and allowing Marinette to run a hand through his hair absently. He stopped her ministrations to kiss her hand, her knuckles, and her palm, before holding her gently. And then, to her surprise, he began to hum. Even in the almost asleep state Marinette could recognize her favourite part of The Rite of Spring. Of course, he would know. With the low hum filling the room and the warmth of his hand in hers, Marinette slept better than she had in months.

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Hi eden. Is everything alright with you? Just a random anon checking up on you (^u^)

Hello, sweet random anon!  <3  If it seems like I haven’t been online as much these past 2-3 weeks or so, it’s because our whole family got the flu one person right after another, so it’s just been one looong sickfest.  And of course I’m the one who takes care of everyone, so I’ve had very little free time.  Thankfully, we’re all on the mend, so it’s all good!  :3

I’ve been slowly working on some things in between commissions, so here’s a teaser of one of the things that’s been taking me a long while to finish.  ^^

I’m just going to leave this here with no background or explanation, MWAHAHAHAHA~!  *evil laughter continues* 

Why is our cat son so sad?? Find out next time on Miraculous Ladyball Z~! 

Here’s something to add to the whole “humans are weird” thing going around fantasy tumblr: how fucking weird is it that when we run into something unfamiliar or awkward or sometimes even scary, we laugh?

Like imagine we’ve made contact with aliens, and they’ve figured out that laughter is how we react to funny stuff. Simple! And then one of them brings out this horrifying abomination they keep as a pet…

And their human contact just starts giggling nervously.

Another alien from the same ship bluntly asks a human how reproduction works, only to receive a lot of awkward laughter in response.

Another one elicits surprised laughter just by arriving. 

When they return to their ship, they hold a conference over one nagging question: what about these interactions was so damned funny!?

After Hours - Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Summary: Based on the prompt: “I have a key to the theatre, and sometimes I go there when I need to think. Apparently so do you.”

Words: 5,296 (ren and i are just…yeah)

Warnings: Swearing. 

A/N: From Ren (@alexanderhamllton- Guys, it happened!!! Here’s my first collab with Liv, which I’m so so excited about, we wrote the whole thing in one afternoon and I couldn’t be more proud of the result. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do <3

From Liv - I am still dizzy from how much I enjoyed writing this. I finally had the honour of collaborating with Ren (aka real human sunshine) and it was so much more than I could have ever hoped for. Honestly, it is amazing. Happy reading!

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There is something very beautiful about a theatre without an audience. It is filled to the brim with potential, all these seats just waiting to be filled, an empty stage that could become an entirely different universe. The lights are dimmed down, and from inside a deserted Richard Rodgers, it is as if the entire world has stopped spinning.

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