the whole thing confuses me

Guys I have a question

If (assuming) Bethany isn’t Mary Drake’s second child, then who could it be? I want to know your theories on this. I’ve ruled out people like Ezra, Toby, Wren, Jason etc. because of their relationship with Charlotte/Alison/Spencer.
The whole second child thing has me very confused.

150 days of harley quinn — day 81

Batgirl Adventures (1998)


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Hi. I keep coming across narusaku fans saying sasuke and Sakura have never kissed because of her reaction in gaiden. I own gaiden and see the scene they speak of but the whole thing confuses me. Can you shed some light on it?

It’s never been stated anywhere that Sasuke and Sakura have never kissed. Anti extremists just like to spread that false information as a fact due to the following scene:

But if they just stopped to think for a moment, they’d realise that:

  • Sakura was blushing as she gave that look, likely because she missed being physically intimate with him.
  • She said that Sarada made her think of something better. In order for Sakura to make that comparison, she’d need to know what it’s like to kiss Sasuke.

But hey, if they wanna believe that Sasuke and Sakura got married and had a child without even kissing, then by all means, let them.

Oh but hang on, the majority of the extremists don’t even believe that they’re married or that Sarada is their actual child, even though these facts have been explicitly stated time and again. So I suppose we can’t expect them to stop and think for a moment when to this day, they still adamantly deny facts which require absolutely no thought to comprehend.

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I really respect your opinion and love your blog. I'm having a hard time understanding Sam's likes of MM's tweets and IG's when he never has before. Funnily enough Cait seems to be commenting more on HIS IG. The whole thing to me is v confusing. Is the liking of MM's tweets supposed to keep up some kind of narrative? The rugby pic clearly showed to me ppl love them together. Plus, I can't see a relationship with MM surviving after all things recently. V confused. Would ❤ yr thoughts. TY!

Thanks anon!
The liking of MM’s tweets actually fits very well with what we have been seeing recently from Sam and Cait. Ever since they left LA- even as soon as the Seattle fan con- they abruptly changed the narrative back to the self reported one of Sam and Cait as a couple. It’s the one that always seems most natural for them and predominates whenever they are not in LA. The fact that this narrative is self reported by both of them in their own words and actions on their own social media makes it a very hard one to discount. In fact the latest attempt to do so backfired rather badly when the press who reported on the rugby selfie of the two of them were saying on one hand how cuddly and happy they were together- which was really the only comment that could be made by anyone who saw that pic-and then awkwardly inserting what was obviously hand fed spin info about how Sam and some other girl called MM were “red carpet official”- which is not true at all as no red carpets were walked together at the cocktail party that both attended during Oscars week. Actually there is only an interior photo op that featured MM and Sam in a pic standing together, and then Sam included her in one of his photo ops with the party sponsors.
That someone is trying to make sketchy evidence from two pics taken from one party into a grand romance makes it all the more apparent that someone who is trying to support the Sam MM narrative doth protest this cuddly Sam Cait selfie overmuch, methinks! And that makes me trust what I, and almost 86 thousand other people, see in that selfie all the more!

So what do Sam’s latest likes of MM’s posts, or her likes of his, have to do with it?
If you look at what it is that Sam is liking, it is “keeping it professional” stuff that is being rewarded with likes. Her about to go running/arrow pointing north post got a like for a comment about “a step in the right direction” probably for her choice to post about exercise and encouraging other to do so. His other like was for a post that made it abundantly clear that she was traveling in the Pacific Northwest and was not inviting innuendo about her possibly being in SA by leaving her current location unknown.
In return MM has been liking Sam’s fitness and Barbour posts- both of which are professional topics.
It’s strictly business- and MM’s likes are mirroring Sam’s friend Amy Shiel’s likes which further support the “friends” scenario.

But Sam and Cait are definitely upping their “together” game in their recent interactions- probably in answer to the upping of the Sam and MM game during Oscars week in LA. In fact Sam and Cait started this even before they left LA with Sam’s making quite clear that he was spending his days and evenings with his old crowd of friends and with his friend Valbo who was also visiting LA at the time. By Sam’s own words there would not be much time left over for the romance that was being hinted at by the “official” narrative. Then they were very couply looking at the Seattle fan con and not a whiff of MM to be seen even though that is her “home turf”. Once they got to SA we have got pics of Sam and Cait at drinks and rugby and shopping together. They presented a united front with a retweet of an anti bullying message. And now Cait has taken to commenting on Sam’s posts, putting herself into the conversation between Sam and his fans that these posts represent. The same way a wife or partner would feel comfortable inserting themselves into a spouse’s conversation at a party.

So the way I see it the likes from Sam are actually in service of his and Cait’s “together” narrative. Those likes are in keeping with the sort of interaction that two friends or acquaintances might have. And these stand in contrast to what Sam and Cait are showing with their posts and comments on each other’s social media- a pattern that says they are more than friends to each other. A pattern that has been consistent with them for almost four years now.

I’d Love To

Request: (Before I start this I would like to say I’m horrible with explaining! 😂) but could you do a reggie x Reader where their both jocks? The reader is a new girl and becomes a football player and reggie takes an interest in her? IM SORRY OF IT SOUNDS STUPID!‘😀😅

Requested by: anonymous.

A/N: Hey, so I altered this a bit as the whole the girl being a jock thing to me didn’t make complete sense. Like of course a girl can play sports, but for some reason the whole football thing kinda confused me? So I just made her a river-vixen instead. Hope you dont mind!

ALSO, I am aware girls can play on boys teams for football and any story. It just isn’t anything i’ve seen, so i wasn’t completely sure how to write it. And I didn’t want it to be completely wrong or anything, i hope no one minds.

Pairing: Reggie x Reader

Warnings: none.

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You were new but already you were pretty popular, you were a river-vixen and even the great Cheryl liked you, which surprised a lot of people. Though you didn’t really have a set group of friends, you definitely were friends with a bunch of people.

Everyone thought you were really nice and didn’t completely make sense to be a river-vixen and a friend of the Cheryl Blossom, but you still were. 

Though there was some person (boy) you really liked (had a crush on) but never seemed to be able to talk to. Just being near him made you nervous and being friends and a cheerleader you were near him a lot. You weren’t shy normally, per say, but this boy definitely had you stuttering like an idiot all the time.

Reggie Mantle. Captain of the football team and a definite hotty. Though, after being at this school for a while and hearing what little you could about him, you deemed him more than just that and actually a sweet guy if he wanted to be.

You heard about his bullying but that didn’t really affect you so much. Sure it bothered you, but you’d rather get to know him a bit more before you started making assumptions. So here you were, wriggling your hands together as you stood just a few inches behind him trying to think of what to say.

You’d be standing here for a while, while he talked to his friends.

Luckily, it seemed as if you wouldn’t have to start the conversation as Reggie himself turned with a bright grin, and almost immediately caught sight of you. You didn’t want to set yourself up, but you could swear when he saw you, his grin widened and his face lit up just a bit.

“Y/N! Hey!” He greeted, immediately stepping towards you and now standing directly next you. You swallowed, trying to push away your shyness.

“R-Reggie, hi…”

“So, was there a reason you were standing behind me?” He asked, a knowing smirk on his face. You flushed, embarrassed at being caught but staring at the emptying halls you decided it was now or never.

“Actually yes.” You said with a sudden, renowned confidence, that seemed to shock poor Reggie. “I was wondering if you’d take me to Pop’s?” You asked, holding out your arm. Reggie looked at your arm in shock, pausing with his answer before a sly grin crossed over his face.

“I’d love to.”

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I have a crush on you now that you described yourself 🤔

*sigh* I specially requested the opposite of this!

But in all seriousness, Tumblr, you’re amazing. I love you guys. But I’m not a person you have a crush on, so to put an end to this whole thing, I’m posting a picture of myself so you can see how attractive I am (I’m not) and move on to having crushes on movie stars and K Pop singers. I love the love, but it’s not real, and my ego doesn’t deserve the trip. Thanks again, and here’s a photo of me being confused about how this whole thing even happened.

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KNK - U (Part Switch)

Youjin → Youjin
Seungjun → Jihun
Inseong → Heejun
Jihun → Seungjun
Heejun → Inseong

I’ve had Delmar’s story in my head for a while now, so I figured I should finally write it down. I know a lot of people like Delmar and might be interested in reading about how he became a sith?? HERE WE GO:

FUN FACT: Delmar grew up in the Jedi temple while still learning sith teachings from Darth Scorpious. As he grew older he knew he would eventually have to choose a side, the light or the dark. He saw wisdom in both teachings and for a long time was something in the middle, but no matter how much he ignored it some part of him knew that staying in the middle wasn’t sustainable, especially as he became more powerful.

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Hey I'm just curious but I saw your post on lesbian visibility and you use the pronouns they and them. I truly don't want to be rude and please delete this if I'm out of line but if you do not identify as a girl the why do you consider yourself a lesbian? Or was the post just in celebration? I just want to understand better so I can avoid being insensitive I really don't want to offend you.

hi!! don’t worry, i get that you mean no harm so you’re fine! 

honestly it’s kind of complicated. when the term lesbian was originally coined, it didn’t really take nonbinary identities into account, so it’s evolved a bit now. a lot of us define lesbian as “someone who identifies partly as a woman/woman aligned and is only attracted to women and other nonbinary people.” since there are a lot of genders, how we fit exactly varies, but as long as a person fits the definition and is not aligned with men they can use the term!

so, for example, i identify as agender. most of the time i don’t have much of a gender and i feel extremely uncomfortable being referred to as a girl, so it was difficult for me to realise i was sapphic. i just knew that i felt some kind of pull toward the woman side of the spectrum and after researching things a lot and trying to get past my initial discomfort, i realised that i might actually be just a hint toward that side of the spectrum. so, usually it’s faint, but it’s there. 

when it comes to attraction, that’s when i feel the most gendered, for lack of a better word. it’s super confusing to put into words but that’s just how it feels. like, when i see girls, it’s gay. i feel like i’ve slid closer toward the girl side of the spectrum. so, yeah, i’m sapphic and i’m only attracted to women/other nb people so?? i’m a lesbian. 

but yeah the whole thing is complicated and varies but i hope that helps a bit!! also i found a couple of post about it that might help explain things a bit better if you need and show different povs [x] [x]

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So when people post 'unfollow me if straight', is that a serious request? Like do these people ACTUALLY want any straights to unfollow or is this just one of those jokes like when straight people make bad gay jokes? I'm not offended or anything about it cause not straight, just curious cause I see it a lot and can never tell if people are serious or not and you're generally a pretty good person from what I've seen so just figured it'd be easiest to ask you.

to be honest, i don’t think i can provide an answer that covers the entire spectrum of people who make posts like that. some people make them as lighthearted jokes, others genuinely feel they don’t want to be near people who remind them they live within the minority in a heteronormative society, and others lie in the middle somewhere. however, whether or not we actually want straight people to unfollow us isn’t quite what’s important here. what is important is the reason we’ll make posts like this in the first place. they’re not just malicious attacks at all straight people, that would be counterintuitive lmao, they’re a response to the predominately heterosexual society that we live in. these posts, ranging from lighthearted to seemingly harsh, are a reaction to the life we live, one in which we’re generally held back from being who we truly are. sure, things are getting better, but the fight still goes on. so honestly, when i see posts like that, i really understand. it’s just a lot to take on. sometimes we just get so tired my dude..sometimes we just want to rest.

I’m Confused

Whenever Non-Kpop fans go “Oh, they’re only popular in Asia. No one else knows them” I get so confused cause they make it seem like that’s not good and a small feat. Like Asia is the biggest continent population wise (4,157,300,000 people) and physically, so even if kpop was only known in Asia (which it is not) that’s pretty big. What they mean is “Oh they’re not big because the’re not western or they don’t speak English and that means they are irrelevant”. Say whatever you want though cause my faves keep slaying charts while you all are ignorant and racist.

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urilysjaewul replied to your post “So… do the new spoilers prove that Matt never actually needed his…”

I have myopia and astigmatism, and I do martial arts, so I can tell by experience that I’m more comfortable fighting without my glasses ^.^ through, I’ve never been in an more than 1v1 fight and I’m not totally blind without glasses

…I don’t know what any of those are but yeah, I usually take my glasses off for sports too. I’m nearsighted and assuming that Matt is too (otherwise he wouldn’t have chosen as stick as his weapon, right?!), I can safely say that it’s hard to judge distance without your glasses. So like… I’d prefer to have them in a fight for life or death? Especially when the enemy has guns?? The Galra love their guns??? D: He looked pretty at ease with his weapon though so maybe he got used to it? After all he didn’t really have much of a choice on that. Or maybe he never needed them at all?? Or just a little???? Who knows (not me) I want answers T^T

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Can you explain to me the whole "28" thing. I am so confused by it? I mean everyone was having a melt down over it I'm just like.. lost

we think it’s an anniversary for h/l since it’s been so centric in a lot of the things they do

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Erinn so if Clarke gets implanted with the flame will she be able to communicate with Lexa and the past commanders?? I thought once the city of light got destroyed they wouldn't be able to communicate anymore ,im sorry this whole thing really confuses me D:

I have written previously about this [HERE]. Yes, she wouldn’t be able to speak with Lexa ‘CoL-Style’. It would be more of feeling Lexa’s presence and comfort course through her body. Hopefully reading that post will give you more clarity in how I see the Flame and Commanders. 

So like. I’m not a fan of buff as a person but I’m s o glad they’re bringing this dynamic in because my gay ass is thriving off seeing him struggling and flustered and in flaunty mode he’s so cute

Sirius x Reader: Baby

Warnings: Mention of teen pregnancy & adoption

Requested: No (bc I don’t have any lol)

A/N: omg I had so much fun writing this! Also, don’t you think dumbledore would’ve done the pairs as his ships? Hope you enjoyed and please remember to request!

“Before I dismiss you all, I am required to ask the 6th years of all houses to stay in their seats for a special announcement.” Bellowed Dumbledore. You groaned, along with the rest of the 6th years, your 2 role transfiguration essay was waiting for you on a table in the common room. 

 “What do you think it’s about?” Remus enquired. 

James and Sirius shared a look. 

“Oh for godrics sake what did you do?” Lily moaned 

“Nothing, yet. It’s more what we were planning to do. I hope they haven’t taken it.” said James, turning to Sirius. Everyone turned to look at Sirius except you, you were currently ignoring Sirius due to his constant flirtation with you (or, as you’d said to Lily, “unfair toying of emotions.”). 

 “Okay settle down, settle down.” Professor McGonagall began. “An exciting opportunity has been presented to us by the ministry. As part of your education we are giving you a weekend long project to look after a baby.” You looked at Lily who looked back, both incredibly confused. “You will be paired, with someone of your house chosen by the headmaster himself, and you will be given a ministry enchanted toy baby to care for. I am afraid this is not optional, you will receive your baby’s tomorrow morning after breakfast and the unions are pinned to your common room notice board. Now, back to your common rooms!” The hall erupted in excited and confused chatter as everyone discussed the new (muggle like) project. 

 “Hope I’m with you Lils.” James said affectionately, “sorry Y/N.” 

“Ah it’s fine, I’ll probably be wit-” 

“Me, hopefully.” Sirius interrupted. You rolled your eyes and turned away to hide your reddening face. Yes, Sirius was hot but he was your friend and would never like you like that- he just liked to tease you. 

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