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Skinship with Astro

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As you watched Astro performing, you of course kept your eyes on Jinwoo. He was your longtime friend after all.

“Alright the next song..” Jinwoo said as the Astro members walked toward the back of the stage and took a seat. This was something you haven’t seen them do in rehearsal before… 

Dongmin ran backstage and came back with a chair, putting it right in the middle of the stage then running back to the other members that were intently watching Jinwoo.

“The next song is to my lovely friend..” He annouced, his eyes darting directly to you. “Well she’s a girl. And she’s my friend.” He said staring, keeping intense eye contact. Your face turned red as he walked down the set of stairs on the side of the stage until he reached you.

“Do you want to be my girlfriend?” He asked with his eyes shining under the stage lights. You could feel your face burning red hot, but you managed to nod your head. He pulled you into a big hug and led you on stage, rapping to you as you sat on the chair that was in the middle of the stage.

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Adults always talk about how they liked school and how learning is such an important thing and about how I’m going to look back and think I wish I had enjoyed that time of my life.
Now let me tell you something. School has changed. People have changed. Nothing is the same anymore and the whole system is wrong. Do I like learning new things? Yes. Do I like going to school? No. School has become a place where you are judged for who you are instead of being taught to love yourself with your flaws and your qualities. School has become a living hell. I promise you, I’ll never look back and say I wish I could relive my time in school. Frankly, I’m tired of going to a place where girls play dumb to get boyfriends, where boys disrespect girls so they can look manly and tough, where there’s a constant fight for who’s the coolest and who’s the most popular and who wears the most expensive clothes.
I hate school and I’m not ashamed of saying it. Now try to understand me and stop making me feel bad about it.

Signs as Lisa Simpson Quotes
  • Aries: "Why is it when a woman is confident and powerful, they call her a witch?"
  • Taurus: "This whole damn system is wrong!"
  • Gemini: "Be myself? I've been myself for eight years and it hasn't worked."
  • Cancer: "It's not fair to toy with people's emotions."
  • Leo: "What will my life be like after I descend into mediocrity?"
  • Virgo: "It's easier to be friends with lots of people online than one person in person."
  • Libra: "Come on. Who wants to complain with me?"
  • Scorpio: "I may or may not die young. I haven't decided."
  • Sagittarius: "You are not born with a soul. You earn it with suffering, hard work and prayer."
  • Capricorn: "I pick up books like you pick up beers!"
  • Aquarius: "People say she's crazy just because she has a few dozen cats."
  • Pisces: "My interests include music, science, justice, animals, shapes, feelings."
A leaflet slipped under your door

“Friend, I regret to inform you that London is in dire straits. Despite the promises of Sinning Jenny, the poor of the city remain oppressed by the wealthy and powerful. They are subjugated by factory bosses who underpay them for their labor and by landlords who overcharge them for their rent; is it any wonder that these wretched conditions drive them to the easy escapes of drink and honey or the easy money of spirifage? In order to right London’s wrongs we must dissolve this whole vicious system. It’s Teatime for London: won’t you join us at the table?”

anonymous asked:

Holy shit, those screenshots you just posted LOL. I especially love the one where she says a "solo career is not something I have seen Harry want" - a rational person might then realize, after he did indeed go solo, that maybe their read of that person was off and they need to re-assess - and yet, not Larries. Like Cris's bio says they "ignore things I don't like" - including things like evidence, fact, proof, etc.

I think the most amazing part about that is that you can post that these people have provably lied and provably know nothing about the situation, yet their followers don’t care.

We go so hard on Larries because there are so many mental choices you have to make to remain a Larrie. There are so many points you could stop and go “we shouldn’t be doing this, maybe is harmful, I can see things which show that I’ve been wrong and should reconsider”. But each and every time to remain a Larrie they ignore those things because their fantasy and their “fandom” is more important to them.

If Harry goes solo and you told your followers he didn’t want that and insisted on that for years… then fucking re-examine your whole belief system about this man. You were clearly wrong about him, you clearly knew nothing about him. Start from scratch and trace your steps back through him. Because the rest of us had seen those signs coming for years and had Larries gaslight their fandom telling them it wouldn’t happen when it had been there plain as day. If you’re so hype on your “big brains” and “critical thinking” then use some of that and actually re-examine your own beliefs when you’re wrong and show that you understand what the basics of critical thinking actually even are.

In my experience, a lot of communists get very uncomfortable at the suggestion that the immediate, sectional interests of some workers may be mutually exclusive / flatly contradictory to the interests of other workers. I don’t think people really consider the possibility that one of the ways that the capitalist system sustains itself is that the system is structured in precisely such a way that the most immediate interests of workers over here will be opposed to workers over there, and that so long as organizing remains focused on these sectional demands, said organizing will only solidify divisions among workers. I think people really underestimate the ability of the capitalist system to reproduce itself. When i talk about how the system is set up in a way where the majority of ostensibly “left” organizing actually ends up solidifying allegiances between workers in particular contexts with the bourgeoisie—because if the bourgeoisie could channel the majority of resistance in a way that ends up serving the status-quo, why wouldn’t they?—far too often the reaction from most leftists seems to be an indignant disbelief that the bourgeoisie / the capitalist system would be capable or willing to do that.

And i’m like… what!? Why wouldn’t the bourgeoisie do everything in its power to stay in power?

Related point:

If workers in location A are making demand “a” which is based on their most immediate conditions, and workers in location B are making demand “b” which is based on their most immediate conditions, and “a” and “b” are mutually exclusive, which set of workers/demands are the “proletariat?”

The answer is really that neither of them are, because the proletariat is to be found in the process through which workers overcome narrow and sectional demands and begin acting as a cohesive unit with a common consciousness. This process of unification can only happen in and through a political body which synthesizes initially disparate workers’ struggles into a political platform which, as it gains strength, comes to challenge not just specific wrongs in the workplace but the whole capitalist system and the class at its helm. In that process, the communist political organ will certainly have to stand against certain actions of workers to the extent that these actions set back the development of a revolutionary, collective consciousness.

Long story short any communist organization worth its salt will undoubtedly encounter situations where it has to act against some workers, and i think it’s really nonsense when people look at that and say “you’re suppressing a part of the proletariat in the name of ‘communism’ how hypocritical and evil” or whatever. That kind of statement has to privilege a particular set of sectional or individual interests as “the proletariat,” which is nonsense because, as i said, the development of the proletariat entails an overcoming of these sorts of sectional demands.

I think that “missing moods” post captures something that has been puzzling and unsettling me about the whole nazi punching Discourse. The best I can explain is something like this:

Most people on the left say that “race is a social construct,” meaning that it has no independent objective reality–which means racial identity doesn’t either. “European identity” is something people created, and in its specific case people created it out of stereotypes for political reasons–at least if you believe the people who assert that white and black American workers used to see themselves as co-resisters against an exploitative richer class until that rich class said “but you’re ‘white’ like me” and divided the coalition.

Also, if race is a social construct, it means it’s something people are taught. It’s not observable objective reality. “You’ve got to be carefully taught,” as the song says.

Which means Richard Spencer is incorrect. Is someone whose whole system of ordering reality is wrong all the way down.

But to me, the mood I associate with “your whole fundamental personal project is flawed so your every action is a mistake at best and horrific at worst” is pity, not “you need a punch in the face, HA HA!”

This doesn’t mean I think punching him in the face was obviously wrong, mind you. His actions and speech are horrible, however mistaken their grounding. It’s entirely possible that the most effective course of action in this case is physical violence. I doubt that it is, personally–but I’ve been wrong many times before.

But if this is so, it seems to me the attendant emotion is pity. “I know that the things you think are things you were taught, whether by someone else or through elaborately persuading yourself of them. Most humans can be unconvinced of things they’ve convinced themselves of. But after reflection I have concluded that I cannot unconvince you, which makes you very dangerous. Hence, to my great sorrow, the action I must take is one absolutely likely to further entrench your awful views. I’m sorry I can’t persuade you. *decks*”

Which i don’t see, and that makes me suspicious. I also don’t see how we measure when Nazi punching means we win. Are we expecting a white flag of surrender, as in a declared war? Do we declare victory if they speak less frequently at universities? If they cease marching or holding conventions?

Once violence wins us this victory, what does the reconciliation and peace building look like?

For the most part we are all taught that we are born with freewill. We decide who we’ll listen to, what we’ll do, ect ect. Yet then as a witness you’re taught that you don’t have the right to decide what is best for yourself. If you don’t follow Jehovah you’ll never be happy. That you’ll die at the end of this system of things just because you decide something makes you happy that is “wrong”. So even if I did everything else “right” I’d be killed because I fell in love with a female. It’s (was)love so how is it so wrong?

You have freewill, but no right to exercise it. Because if you use your freewill then you’re showing an independent spirit which is somehow wrong.

Honestly this whole “new system” is sounding more and more like a personal hell. And/or a complete fantasy they dangle in front of you to keep you in line.


July 14

St. Mungo’s

Moody was texting furiously away on his phone.  Of course none of them were sending, but it made him feel better in any case to pound on the damn keys. And they would send once whatever was wrong with the whole damn system was fixed. But it maddened him that the phones weren’t working. “Bloody useless technology,” he muttered as he typed. “Give me an owl any day. Freaking reliable, that’s what they are.” Unfortunately, the hospital would not allow the number of owls in here that he needed to send out. Moody just wanted to know what was going on and if his people were safe. He also wanted to know more about the attack, but that was another matter entirely. That would take more than just a text message. 

He wished he could just on with it. He felt fine–even if his head was still pounding and his side where he fell still sore. But his ribs had been floated back into place by a Healer’s wand. The soreness would remain, and he would have to be careful of the area, but he had had worse injuries. The main concern now were the cuts, scrapes, and burns that refused to obey the Healer’s spells. It reinforced Moody’s idea that a wizard had been involved in the attack if not behind it. Injuries from Muggle weapons could still be healed by magic. Unless magic was involved anyway. The Healers were just waiting to see if there was any indication of poisoning or curses being used on the components of the bomb that he needed to worry about. As soon as Moody got the all clear though, he was out of here. He could handle the discomfort of the cuts and burns. They would heal eventually even without magic and if they didn’t, well that would be an entirely different problem.

Moody was tempted to throw his phone at the wall. But then he really would have no way to communicate with anyone, even after the phones started working again. And he didn’t want anyone coming in and lecturing him about a temper tantrum. He settled for throwing the mobile down on the bed instead.

He looked up, seeing the person in his doorway and sighed. “Yes?” 

Lucifer Morningstar: ENTP [Lucifer]

Dominant Function, Extraverted iNtuition, Ne: Lucifer is not one for the details or sense based experiences. This may come as a surprise as he sleeps around, drinks, etc. As we see throughout the show is that these activities are short lived for him and bore him. Lucifer longs for mental stimulation and often is bored before actually experiencing anything. He moves from one thing to the next before actually experiencing anything. As a dominant Ne user his mind hops from one thing to the next needing very little to piece the big picture together. Once he has mentally done that he moves on. This leads him to jump to man of his own conclusions and assumptions, which are sometimes very accurate and other times, especially when it comes to self-reflection, can be very off because he ignores the details. We see this a lot on his therapy sessions as he comes to quick assumptions of those outside himself jumping to conclusions about situations in his life. 

Auxiliary Function, Introverted Thinking, Ti: Lucifer isn’t really people focused, but focused on a good challenge. He likes his Ne to be tested and Chloe offers a great challenge to him. He can’t use his powers on her, she is new, she is different. His focus on her and living this new life on earth all feed into his Ne having fun and not being bored and his Ti thirst for a challenge.  

Ti also pushes Lucifer to be focused on systematic logic. It is what has him question the plans of God and his position in life. He questions the system as a whole and finds it to be wrong. Ti looks for the exceptions of the logic of Te, the systems in play. Just as the Fi user seeks to help the individual lost and forgotten by the larger social realms and systems, Ti looks at the problems in logic of the very same realms and systems. This is why Lucifer has so much fun play detective as well. His Ti is strategic in nature but only when it is being used, when Lucifer has to improvise. It is why he is the best when he is on his feet, and his Ne-Ti combo leads him to make connections that those around him can’t see. 

Tertiary Function, Extraverted Feeling, Fe: Lucifer’s tertiary Fe makes him strive for social appreciation for his efforts. This is another contributing functional factor to Lucifer leaving Hell. He is under appreciated in his job and he needs and craves social acceptance. As the one banished to Hell he doesn’t feel he gets this from God or his brothers. His tertiary Fe also makes him great at reading people and helps him know how to push people for specific social reactions he anticipates. As a tertiary function he doesn’t conform to the social decorum of Fe, but he knows how to read it and use it. Some can see right through this and that is Chloe. Another fascination for him with her. She doesn’t react the way he expects her to, she doesn’t conform to typical human behavior he knows and expects. 

Inferior Function, Introverted Sensing, Si: In the inferior position this pushes Lucifer to long for unconditional support from others. Hence, why his Fe pushes him to play with others. However, in constant conflict with the Ne need for freedom and constant options, Si factors can make Lucifer feel utterly trapped. When people try to control or tell him what to do, his Si freaks him out and he pushes people and rules as much as possible, just to float the rules. To prove he isn’t constrained. But again, the unconditional need for approval leads Lucifer to act out to push for the reactions he wants (Fe). Often making others feel uncomfortable like Chloe. It is why when he thinks Chloe does not trust him unconditionally and thinks Lucifer killed people his heart sinks, he acts out. Without that unconditional approval he thinks everyone sees him a certain way, in a certain role. Which just keeps the functional unhealthy cycle going.