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Taako owns a piano. He cannot play it, he only owns it to drape across dramatically while sipping wine in an evening gown. Lup, who CAN play the piano, will always, ALWAYS, do an overdramatic love song of longing for him while he mopes. Kravitz can play it, but when he tries doing a dramatic solo for taako he looks up, sees his husband do a fake overdramatic sigh, and starts giggling uncontrollably, fucking up the keys and devolving both of them into fits of hysteria.

kravitz is a dick and after taako basically begs him to do this with him, he’s giggling the whole time and then halfway in the middle of a beautiful rendition of debussy’s clair de lune he stops and plays the rugrats opening instead and taako just fucking loses it 

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Can i request a Road trip hc with the RFA please☺

This idea is soooo cute! For a general scenario: In each respective RFA member- MC is dating them! I thought it would be cuter that way!( ´ ▽ ` )

You guys can imagine wherever they’re going to! I left it up to yall!


- At first, he isn’t happy at all. Sure, all of you are going to go somewhere fun! Explore a new place!

-…But in Jumin’s car.

- The jerk wouldn’t even let him drive at first! He had to get it through to him that it would defeat the whole purpose of a road trip if he didn’t get to drive!

- Seven also didn’t help with the ‘I welcome death’ jokes he was spouting when he was trying to ‘support’ Zen driving.

- But after a few arguments, MC and Jaehee even popping in once or twice, Jumin finally agreed to let Zen drive

- Seven tried hijacking the radio, but Zen already filled it with CD’s he burned himself, some sort of mixmash of cheesy songs for him to play for you (ignoring the rest of the people in the car), songs from musicals he had preformed in, and his taste in music

- It…Was a very weird set of CD’s. He tried making a good playlist…He tried.

- Otherwise, the road trip goes pretty well. There’s lots of pitstops thanks to Yoosung and Seven, but Zen just uses the chance to take selfies with you and update his insta.

- (There was an argument, however, when he realized Jumin had donned on a set of noise canceling headphones somewhere along the trip)


- He is so confused when you want to take a long road trip with the RFA, let alone with you driving. It takes a lot of convincing, because he doesn’t see why all of you can’t just get on a plane, but eventually with your pleading eyes you get him to agree to it.

- The car is way too fancy, but Seven and Yoosung love it. Zen complains a bit, talking about how he doesn’t want to ride in something so damn expensive, but the others finally get him to shush and enjoy it a bit.

- Jumin sits beside you, a bit anxious the whole time. He trusts your driving, he does! He just doesn’t trust the other drivers. He’s holding your knee for a while, until you get out of the city and on the highway

- And soon, he’s fallen asleep completely. He usually sleeps on the plane and such for business trips! He felt so relaxed, hearing you hum along with the CD’s you brought, he just slipped into sleep.

- It’s really cute, later on, when you wake him up for a pitstop and he’s wildly confused for a moment, before remembering the road trip. Zen’s the one that snaps him to reality pretty quickly about that

- But enjoy trying to get him to try fast food/diner foods. It’s going to take a group effort to get him to eat that.


- Jaehee is probably the most prepped. She tries to drive the whole time, but you often have to interfere so she can get some rest.

- She definitely took Jumin up on the offer of a van from him, because she didn’t want to risk her own car having issues after a long trip

- She actually packed some healthy snacks for everyone, but unfortunately no one but the two of you gets control over the radio. Which usually means mainly music from plays/musicals Zen has starred in (Who also belts out the songs much to Jaehee’s amusement)

- For Seven she forces a strict No Weird Pranks rule. No pranking the others, no goading the others to fight- He has to be on his best behavior or else he’s getting no soda or chips

-The only one who knows how to read maps if the GPS gets you guys lost

- If Jumin complains about Zen, or the places she chooses to eat at (or her lunches she packed), she gives him a very long glare and he slowly shuts up

- She tries to hold hands with you at times, but Seven coos at the both of you and she gets so embarrassed

-Actually enjoys the trip, but suggests next time it just try to be the both of you (and maybe Zen) instead of the rest.


-Next to Jaehee, he is the most prepped. He’s got lunches planned (Not a wide variety but he is trying), some sunscreen and sunglasses, bandaids, even a blanket and pillow incase anyone wants to nap!

- He doesn’t have a wide selection of music, so he just opted for everyone to bring in a CD of their own to listen to!

- Thankfully, he doesn’t have to borrow a car from Jumin- His parents were kind enough to let him borrow the family van, as long as he was careful and fulled it up when he was done! (And if he called his mom every day for a few weeks)

- He drives decently, but sometimes simple road rules get him a bit flustered, so you gently have to remind him that he desperately needs to turn his turn signal on when switching lanes and such

- He really likes driving, and going to rest stops and getting stuff from vending machines, but sometimes he wants to catch a small nap or just rest, so the two of you switch sometimes

- He really likes trying to hold your hand, but sometimes he gets too flustered, so its rare, but when he does he always gets such cute dorky smile on his face

- You do have to keep an eye on Seven. Sometimes he starts trying to get Zen and Jumin to fight, or trick Yoosung, so you may have to threaten no soda if he tries to do too much!


- Seven, wildly enough, is the only one prepared for the whole thing. Well, in the ‘right’ way.

- He’s got loads of snacks, drinks, tunes, and the all windows rolled down (until both Zen and Jumin complain)

- His CD’s are a mixture of popular, weird, and calm songs. Stuff that everyone can try to enjoy! Well, maybe not Jumin, but he’s a bit interested in what people are listening to nowadays

- He belts out the songs as he drives down in a car Jumin supplied to fit all of them, his hand tangled with yours, sometimes giving you a big cheesy smile when it’s a silly love song that comes on. 

- Only eats at places that serve Dr. Pepper, though. Him and Yoosung are so excited to eat out at fast food places, or good pizza places, and the rest of the group S u f f e r s.

- He does try to trick/prank the others sometimes: Pretending the car is messing up, that someone is tailing them- a lot of silly things until everyone starts complaining

-If Jumin and Zen argue, he jerks the car a bit to get them to hush (and for his own amusement)

-Sometimes, late at night when everyone but the two of you are asleep, he pulls over and wants to step outside and look at the stars with you

I’d like to think they’d all get along well, even Jumin and Zen a bit (only bickering about small things, like Zens constant selfies or Jumin’s complaints about the music), and overall they’d have small conversation and laugh a bit, and enjoy wherever they were driving to! More Rfa road trips in the future!!!


Imagine Jared sending you a video when you’re missing him

The idea had first creeped into Jared’s thoughts over a week ago when you’d first told him you missed him. His heart ached at the words, wishing he could be there with you, hoping somehow he could make it all better.

The more he thought about the idea, the more excited he got. He someone managed to convince Jensen, Misha and a few other crew members to help him in his mission.

Misha tried his best not to laugh as he filmed both Jared and Jensen. The two of them nodded along to the back ground music, sunglasses on as the crew members bounced the car up and down. Jared effortlessly mimed every word to the rap song, hand actions to go with it hoping the whole thing would have you in fit of giggles.

“Hope this cheers you up sweetheart.” He blew a kiss at the camera, a wink following.

“We love you Y/N/N!” Jensen added before Misha flipped the camera nodding in agreement before sending his love and goodbyes before ending the clip.

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I loved Kaylie’s contribution to the ritual so much. It was already so beautiful with Grog and Pike making their own efforts at performing, channeling their love and grief into poetry and song, but then Kaylie. Kaylie, with no words that could sum up the depth of her feelings. Kaylie, mourning a father she barely even knows, angry and hopeful and sad at the same time, proud and furious and, if she’s anything like her father, full of love. Kaylie’s song starting out sad and slow but then changing into something lively and bright and vital, celebrating everything that was the best of Scanlan, every part of him that still lives in her. Kaylie, stonefaced and half despairing, but a performer to her core, /dancing/ in celebration, in triumph, in joy and in despair, with pride and with aggravation and with love. Their first real conversation was a song played together, and so it seems only fitting that Kaylie’s music is what was needed to pierce through the veil to bring Scanlan back and the whole moment was so perfectly suited to the both of them.

Music Producer!Jihun as your Boyfriend

Request: @milkteafairy-hyeri asked: Hi!! I love your Jihoon barista AU! It’s so cute! So can I request a bullet scenario where Jihoon and his s/o are rival producer but eventually became lovers? Thank yiu!

Thanks for liking it! Sorry it took me so long to do this. I was trying to figure out how I could write this and then Thanksgiving holiday came up but now I’m in a writing mood. Sooo….here we go!

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  • He’s a genius at what he does and everybody is always wanting him to write their next comeback.
  • But he’s very picky and only writes for certain groups who are worthy of his music
  • Like no joke…like he only writes for groups that have at least won an award already or something.
  • The public doesn’t really know his real name or anything.
  • He kind of remind everybody of a NEET but HE ISN’T he’s just not out a lot
  • You on the other hand is a genius too
  • But you write for groups who are worthy too but for COMPLETELY different reasons
  • You only write for groups who are determined to win their next comeback 
  • It’s like you write music that brings out the groups strength you know?
  • EVERYBODY knows about you but it’snot like you enjoy the publicity…it’s more like it just kind of happened after his one group you write for at the very beginning of your job stated your name and brought you out for everybody to see what you look like 

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#236 - For emmernems & anonymous x2

Filling the prompts “…the idea of Van and his gf/wife/etc etc not being able to have kids. Like they’re trying for a baby but it’s just not happening and BAM! TESTTUBE BABY 2.0! They try IVF and the miracle of baby McCann is born, a quite literal mini Van.” from @emmernems and “it’s modern day and reader casually sings lyrics to Van from his songs that relate to their situation.”  and “reader is super into health and fitness and is a total gym bunny?”

Note: Shout out to @simpaticoswift - the most beautiful test tube baby ever.

Each store bought pregnancy test was discarded in the public trash can on the corner of your street. There was no use in both you and Van having constantly shattered hearts. The stupid plastic sticks all said the same thing, like a tragic groundhog day. Maybe they were wrong. Maybe dozens of them were wrong. Maybe every brand you had purchased over the course of a whole year and a bit were dead wrong.

In the beginning, neither of you were worried. But fear set in in you first, then Van. He’d watch you from the other side of the room pretending you really did care about the positioning of throw pillows and that all the jars in the fridge faced forward. He’d bite his nails and huff to himself, before escaping the sad to have a smoke alone outside. 

Nobody wanted to be the one to bring it up, make it real. Van was a true optimist and you knew he’d just keep hoping and trying before he was willing to admit that his family dream wasn’t going to pan out like all his others. You were simply terrified.

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So, completely random thought, but the last line in “The Last Hero” would also be an incredible last line for “Song of Achilles”.

Like, “No one remembers the singer. The song remains.” is just perfect for so many reasons. The whole story is the song of achilles, and the singer is Patroclus (its his pov). The whole thing just fits so well I’m baffled how two completely unrelated books could have one line sum both of them up so well.

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I was wondering why it's called 'children wake up' and the meaning behind it, also for the titles of each stories, if you don't mind me asking. I loved the whole story so much, it meant so much to me. Thank you for sharing this beautiful piece with all of us.

Hey, thank you for asking! I’ve talked about this before but I just looked and found an old post about it and my explanation there was so rambling that I’m just gonna redo it: Children, wake up is a lyric from “Wake Up” by Arcade Fire, which is like the series theme song– I made an ~official soundtrack for this series back in January and for a while I was constantly working in it/switching songs in and out and obsessing over which lyrics I would quote when I would make a big soundtrack post after finishing the story (coming up– tomorrow?? soon anyway).

Music has been really important to this story! The Life Sentence, No Cellmate title was inspired by a lyric from Evil by Interpol, and Under the Ruins of a Walled City is the first line from Fortress Around Your Heart. Meanwhile, Ceasefire just sounded like a good title and comes from nowhere in particular. (Though Ceasefire definitely has its own theme song and it’s Location by Freelance Whales).

As for meanings, I came up with Life Sentence first and it refers to how Ren and Hux have both committed themselves to a friendless life of serving out a role that was handed down to them as what they should want for themselves– glory for the Order in Hux’s case and serving Snoke faithfully in Ren’s case. Ceasefire just refers to the fact that they don’t fully trust each other yet in that part but they tell themselves they must lean on each other in crisis and that this is the only reason they’re being (sometimes) kind to each other and clinging to each other. I chose the Under the Ruins title for the third part because this song is really thematic for the whole story, which after the sort of introduction parts is really about the two of them trying to exist in the world that shows them mercy even after they’ve both done huge damage to it, and them being forced to confront that damage (and also still just wanting to protect each other from it :B)

The overall series title was the hardest to choose… I went to the lyrics of the Wake Up song to look for a title or title inspiration because it’s kind of the no. 1 theme song for the series, and I thought “Children, wake up” was fitting because the story is about the children of the original trilogy, literally and figuratively, and about Ren and Hux waking up to the fact that their respective ideologies are actually killing them along with their enemies, and of course it’s a reference to the Force ~awakening as well.

Thank you for asking!! So glad you’ve enjoyed the story, and I really appreciate the note <3

My Spuffy Vid Recs

I’ve been thinking of all those beautiful Spuffy fanvids that i’ve watched this past year and how they made me want to cry or did make me cry and i thought why not share all those feels i got from them with you? So here’s my Spuffy Vid Recs. Warning: the list is gonna be really long. Enjoy! :)

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For Sorey (after he sleeps), “Wherever You Will Go” by The Calling:


(Also best theory is that when Sorey finally gained his physical body in the end, he followed Mikleo and watched him like usual but then Sorey forgot he’s in an actual body and he accidentally leaned on a trap wall that caused the ground to collapse where Mikleo was standing wwww After all, Mikleo only falls because of Sorey hahahahah)

And for Mikleo, “When You Say Nothing At All” by Ronan Keating:


(The smile on your face, lets me know that you need me)

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(There’s a truth in your eyes, saying you’ll never leave me)

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(The touch of your hand, says you’ll catch me wherever I fall)

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(You say it best, when you say nothing at all)

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Good evening everybody! C-3PO here with yet another pop album review. Regular readers may be surprised to find such a review posted on a Sunday, as Sundays are normally reserved for a post on my chronicled database of obscure T’Chlakan languages and budding tomato plant. I’m afraid I must, however, post this review quickly, for I am happy to say I am in possession of Miss GaGa’s premier jazz-themed cover album “Cheek to Cheek - Deluxe Addition” featuring Mr. Tony Bennet. 

I was so prepared to wait until my mid-week route to pick up food for dinner to retrieve a physical copy of this CD, but much to my surprise, my godson Luke was able to download it to my harddrive in mere minutes! I simply can’t wait to tell my blog about it – it has been on repeat since I found it. R2-D2 is certainly on his way to grumbling about it soon, but until then, our cat Bette and I will have nothing but contentment from hearing it.

The 15-song spread starts with a tasteful and enthusiastic rendition of “Anything Goes”. Truly a masterful start to the album – it riled us all up quite a bit in favor of it. Myself and R2-D2, of course, were absolutely thrilled to hear homage being given to a showstopping tribute to the incomparable Cole Porter classic. Luke and Leia, my godchildren (both of whom were over at the insistence of myself) were quite excited by this song, and even Mr. Solo seemed receptive, citing it sounding like “an old Sinatra”. This was followed by a shining version of the titular “Cheek to Cheek”, the Fred and Ginger hit that was meant for them. I must say, Miss Gaga singing Fred Astaire’s part was enough to rile me into an excitable fit, R2-D2 following soon after (though perhaps in protest to my own!).

The whole album was a stunning grace upon Miss Gaga (and Tony Bennet’s) already illustrious discography. In it was a stirring take on an already dynamic genre. After the love letter to the youth of America that was Art Pop, I can’t help but feel that Cheek to Cheek was an unprecedented love letter to the classics which inspired her. 

Final thoughts: love, love, love! I am absolutely honored to have such an album on my data drive, and will not be deleting it any time soon.

That’s all for today, I believe. Join me tomorrow to see how those tomatoes are doing!

- C-3PO, 3PO Unit, Old Queen. xoxo

1D- Larry MITAM

I am missing them so much and songs from made in the a.m. are always in loop in my music player.

I noticed that in this album Harry and Louis are singing more chorus and bridges in the songs together.

and most importantly those lines are having more deep meaning as compare to the whole song.

Their voices fit so well. They just do it so well.. even though they both have so different level of voices …I guess that’s why we say they are our power couple and we love t when they do power couple strut.

So only Harry and Louis singing the best line from the song, I’ll make this feel like home…….. I only wanna imagine them singing these to each other… no matter what…..

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This was the part that made me fell in love with this song I wanna write you a song … The music and then voice… louis’s  voice fit so well in this part but when they sing these lines together …they just killed me….seriously… it’s like they are telling us whole thing ….Best romantic lines

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So, this is a friendship song and that is even an emotional song for those who have been together for long like our boys…. always on tour together and then partying together, singing and writing songs together and may be they don’t show us but they spend more time together…

best part for me is  I’m always coming back to this place, I’am always gonna look for your face…… So they just give us hint that no matter what is going on in their lives they will always have each other’s back and they will always hold those memories in their heart forever….

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If I could fly is so close to everyone because we all know that harry wrote it and the lines purely dictate Harry’s feeling….. (as everybody writes from personal experience) Special part is when when they sing I can feel your heart inside mine…. this just gives me feel.… and then saying together that they are wasting time ( on other people like their girlfriends)…  This actually makes me sad…

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Temporary fix is a naughty song and their lines made me realize that this is the reality of their relationship of friendship…. That they help and comfort each other only behind the lights in the darkness…. 

I also think that the whole song has different beat but these lines are just making a statement kind of.

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The lines that You’re the one I want at the end of the day says it all….. 

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More I listen to these lines more I am getting weaker…..

These lines make me believe in Larry so 10000% and so I have started missing them more….

I wish we could see them singing these lines on stage… 

Because of these lines and that they have written them by themselves by their personal experience just made this album my fav…..

In love with their love….

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