the whole sky fell

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Could you recommend some longer CanonVerse fics? Maybe ones where it's after everything has settled down, and bellamy and Clarke decide to date? Thanks!

+ post canon tag!

so, you meet a girl and she’s stardust, her world crashes into yours and it
isn’t your fault that she tears a hole in the atmosphere when she lands. so,
you meet a girl and solar flares have never been known to start wars but
there are firecrackers hidden in her wrists; whatever you do, do not reach
for her hand. so, you meet a girl and she’s fire and water wrapped into the
same creature, soothing while she burns everything around her. years
have taught you to keep distance, you have blades for hands and a wolf living,
growling in your throat; you were
not made to become a shelter for meteorites but this planet was not made
for girls that fall like stars- this is the stuff legend never told you about.
so, you meet a girl and you reach for her hand despite it all as if
constellations could ever be held and she looks at you like you are earth
and trees and everything solid that she wants to sink her teeth into in the
best possible way. you find yourself wondering what dwarf stars
dream of when suns burn out. so, you meet a girl and you’re wrapped around
her like saturn’s rings and you ask her what it’s like to be in orbit, to look
the sun in the eye and laugh at the heat. she smiles something cosmic and
tells you gravity takes some getting used to and she hasn’t quite learned
how not to fall for girls with skin like soil that she could take
root in,
see if stars can grow into something green, too.

so there was this mASSIVE CRASHING/SLAMING NOISE?? OUTSIDE?? JUST NOW?? like our whole heckin house shook it was like something fell from the sky and landed right next to us like what the heck

my mom went out to talk to our neighbor (who also felt it and wanted to be sure he wasn’t the only one who did) but I’m like,,, ,, lowkey freaking out what the hecc was that i’m calling aliens right here right now lmao

Here is a masterpost of all my favorite bellarke fics. These are not my fics. Theyre all Ao3 links. To read them on mobile download ibooks or the kindle app and then download the epub or pdf file from ao3 or just read them on your computer.

  • Hello, Princess - (45391 words) AU with Clarke in college as a pre-med student, and Bellamy her Calculus TA. More characters and tags will be added as they are introduced.
  • I’ll Take My Time If You Want To - (17940 words)  Ark AU wherein Bellamy’s a member of the guard and Clarke’s a medical apprentice, and among everything that’s going on, they meet, they talk, they fall in love, and they both realize there’s so much more to the other than meets the eye.
  • Same Time Next Week - (30134 words) "You’re awfully hung up on rules, aren’t you?“"You’re awfully not for being the one who’s supposed to enforce them,” she said, confrontation in her voice.“Someone has a problem with authority,” he said, amusement in his.
  • The Conversation - (44589 words) AU where Clarke left her phone number in a library book that one time and Bellamy finds it a couple of years later and decides that he has nothing better to do.
  • the pedal’s down, my eyes are closed - (33792 words) “You’re the one with the Masters funding.” He says it like he already knows, is already using it as the whole basis of her personality. “I’m Bellamy Blake.”“Nice to meet you,” she lies through her teeth.Clarke Griffin is the newest member of the Classical History Review and Bellamy Blake is at the bottom of her list of people to befriend. Well, she’s been wrong before. AU.
  • 100 Ark Street - (34089 words)  Bellamy moves into a new apartment; he couldn’t have asked for better neighbors.
  • Pistols at Dawn - (33236 words)  Bellamy Blake’s political star is on the rise, until his opponents throw some dirt that sticks. So he calls in an expert: Clarke Griffin, professional crisis manager, has helped many a powerful person weather outrageous scandals with her team.
    But Clarke has no idea that saving Bellamy Blake will unearth secrets that should have stayed buried – and change both their lives forever.
  • Love Will Come Through - (23251 words) “The vows were short, perfunctory; Clarke was asked to say I do, and she did. There were rings, too: Bellamy’s fingers were warm against her cold skin when he slipped a ring on her finger, and she put a ring on his. They were instructed to kiss. His lips were dry, pressing against her mouth for a moment, and that was it. They were done.She was a wife, and her husband was a stranger."AU. Clarke winds up in an arranged marriage with Bellamy.
  • We Could Be - (58826 words)  Modern AU. A peek into a couple years at college where Bellamy and Clarke slowly get to know each other.

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Hiya, I want to read a story that can burst me in tears, so can you recommend me the angstiest angst you read? But no ModernVerse please. LOVE this blog by the way, I really apreciate your work, thank you already 💞💞

+ angst tag!

So this is a way to celebrate reaching 1K, and to be honest I never thought this would happen, so THANK YOU SO MUCH!! If you´ve been around my blog for a while you´ll know I´m obsessed with Bellarke and Bellarke ff, and that I actually had wanted to do this for while now. So without further ado, I present to you my 1st Bellarke fanfiction masterpost with 100 fics recs. (or what I call “100 ways to fall in love with Bellarke”

Disclaimer: These are not my fics, they´re all  on Ao3. Thanks to all the amazing writers, I dont know what I´d without your fics.♥

1.        Winners Don’t Always Get Lucky Breaks - crystalkei | Words: 23501

2.        The Feel-Good Hit Of The Summer - disco_vendetta | Words: 7553

3.        Sepulchral - helholden | Words: 21578

4.        Your Mess Is Mine - monroeslittle | Words: 42089

5.        Without Giving Anything Away - chash | Words: 10563

6.        Make It Through The Winter - frea_o  | Words: 18134

7.        And You Understand Now Why They Lost Their Minds and Fought the Wars - marauders_groupie | Words: 21620

8.        The Road Back - cpdcjatl | Words: 65387

9.        Matched - banshee_in_the_dark | Words: 11397

10.      Son Of Lycaon - one_flying_ace | Words: 14594

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Hi! Could you recommend me some bellarke fics that are pretty long? Can be AU or anything else. ~ c:

Try our completed tag.

Some other completed multichaps:

Some long one shots:

Here is a masterpost of my favorite Bellarke fanfics. This is a very long one, since I’m terrible at picking, but I hope you’ll enjoy it nonetheless.
Note: I placed the names of the writers above in case you’d be interested in seeing more of their work. Also my small descriptions of the fics can be too general, so check out their summary for more info

More Bellarke fic rec lists by me

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Can you recommend long Bellarke fanfics that take place when the show occurs?

Canon Compliant (fits with what happens on the show) / Post-Canon (set after events on the show)

Canon Divergent (canon compliant up to a point)

Canon ’Verse AU (set during the show, but with a different/altered premise)

(Note: These are tentative sortings based on tags and summaries, made for your reading convenience; they are not meant to be definitive and may not be totally accurate.)

Under the cut is a massive list of lyrics from Gregory Alan Isakov. I was making a list of lyrics from The Stable Song, The Moon Song, and Words for my own use and decided to round up a bunch more. I like my para titles short and bio lyrics long, so I tried varying lengths. The longer ones can obviously be trimmed, as well.  These lyrics can be used as para titles, blog titles/descriptions, on biographies, on graphics, for inspiration, etc & all that jazz. It’s a long list, but please like/reblog if you found it useful! 

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Happy New Year, Everyone! While we all are looking forward to another year full of bellarke fanfiction, we want to take a moment to reflect, so thanks to our team, bffnet and shippers in the fandom - and in no particular order, we give you bellarkefanfiction’s Top 30 Bellarke Fics of 2015

Three Months by virginiasoil [84k, M, modern au, roommates, cop bellamy, doctor clarke, slow burn]

Clarke moves to the big city for her residency and rents a room from Octavia Blake. What was supposed to be a 3 month rental agreement turns into much more as she makes new friends, struggles to move away from her past, and meets one very grumpy soldier.

How I Don’t Know What I Should Do With My Hands When I Talk to You by chash [9k, M, modern au, soulmates, bisexuality]

When Bellamy turns eighteen, he finds out his soulmate is some guy named Clarke Griffin. Which means he has to figure out how he feels about dating guys.

This One’s for the Faithless by monroeslittle [23k, M, romance, angst, post-finale]

“He couldn’t worry about her, about how she’d fare, and whether she’d find her way home eventually, or make a home with strangers, learning to forget the friends she’d killed for. He needed to worry about those friends, to look after their people like she’d asked him to.

“She doesn’t need us to go after her,” Raven said. “She knows how to survive.”

They’d trust her to return when she was ready, and to look after herself in the meantime.” post-2x16.

teacher’s pet by troubledpancakes [16k, E, modern au, teacher!bellamy, single mom!clarke, fluff, smut, angst]

based off prompt: hey we hooked up last night and it turns out you are my childs teacher by anonymous

long day by crookedqueen [7k, M, modern au, roommates, slow burn]

bellamy + clarke as co-dependent, twenty-something roommates (or, the one in which they’re dating already but don’t know it, and bellamy only realizes he has a heart when it breaks)

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Dylan O'Brien - Sky High

warnings ; none

prompt ; in which your longtime boyfriend finally proposes to you in the most extravagant way on his birthday.

a/n ; this imagine was supposed to be posted on dob’s bday but it wasn’t lol. i couldn’t post this for the past few days bc i was WAYYY too busy but im glad i was able to get it up! i love my smol bean sm and i am so grateful to know he exists :)

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Elijah Mikaelson - Heartache

Prompt: Hello, I have a really weird request that I dreamt. The reader is human and fell in love with Elijah but he let her go to live her human life. She gets engaged to another human but hears that the Mikaelson’s are in danger and lies to her fiancé to go and help Elijah, her fiancé goes after her and ends up dying. Reader is heartbroken and then discovers she pregnant and Elijah says he will love her child as though it’s his own and really fluffy and cute?

Part 2

“Like I said, Tom, I’m going out to my sister’s for a few days but I’ll definitely be back soon.” You said into the phone, placing it in between your shoulder and your ear and ringing the doorbell the house you’d longed to forget. You were a bad fiancée. Lying through your teeth to your soon-to-be very much human husband.
“Okay, Y/N, but if you don’t come home soon I’ll come looking for you, okay?”
You smiled at how considerate the fiancé you didn’t deserve actually was. That was when the door opened to reveal a man that you hadn’t seen in a very, very long time.

He was tall and handsome but as it is with all guys that are tall, dark and handsome, he had a secret. His secret was a bit bigger than most considering he sent you away to live a regular human life because he was, in fact, not so human himself.
“Mhm.” You muttered into the phone as you looked into the dark brown eyes of Elijah Mikaelson; strong, noble, all round great guy for an 1000 year old origin of vampires. You hung up, dwelling in the shocked yet awkward silence.
“Y/N..” He said, his voice breathy before a frown dragged his eyebrows together. “What are you doing here? I sent you away so you would never return not for some pure enjoyment of my own sadistic pleasures.” He began, crossing his arms. You sighed, looking up at him with your eyebrows raised.
“I remember distinctly what happened that night when you told me to pack my bags, Elijah. You don’t need to rip open that old wound, at least not until you’ve invited me inside.”

He scowled at you but stepped aside anyway, offering you in.
“I heard you were having some trouble with a coven of witches. I came to see if you were okay.” You admitted, turning around and crossing your arms, matching his stance.
“How did you hear of our problems?” He asked, rather than answering your question.
“It’s impossible to avoid the name Mikaelson when it lingers on the lips of every supernatural being, despite your best efforts to secure my safe humanity.” You retorted, frowning.
“We have everything under control, I promise you that your assistance is not needed.” He responded, his voice distant.

There was a loud crash as a heart flew through the window next to the large front door of the Mikaelson Mansion. You were barely even fazed, even after all these years away from the Mikaelsons. Looking up at Elijah, you walked over to the organ, kicking the still warm tissue with your foot. “‘Under control’, he says.” You mocked, smiling slightly, watching as Elijah tried to hide his own grin.
“Elijah! There’s another organ shower outside, do feel free to clean it up.” A voice you’d recognise anywhere called.
“Bloody hell, if it isn’t little Y/N!” The same voice shouted from the next floor up. You turned towards the stairs, smiling at the original hybrid, Klaus Mikaelson.
“I would say that I’ve missed you but isn’t it rude to lie to the host?” You teased as he rolled his eyes, walking down the staircase. He swept you up into a hug and you found yourself missing what your life used to be.

“Now, this is the kind of welcome I deserve.” You mused, pulling away and looking at Elijah who looked positively done with the whole ordeal. That was until the chandelier fell from the sky, bringing down the ceiling with it. Elijah darted towards you, Klaus too as the entire room seemed to collapse. Suddenly everything went black and silence replaced the previous sound of crumbling.

“This is all my fault.” You heard a voice whisper though it could’ve been more of a shout, it was hard for you to hear, even harder for you to try and peel your eyes open as you did. The ceiling of the room you were in was perfectly intact, the cream paint matched the dark red walls surprisingly well and you found yourself admiring the decor of the whole room despite the inopportune timing, including the people in it. You recognised the two Mikaelson’s immediately but you couldn’t bring yourself to speak, your head throbbing.

“How do you feel?” Elijah asked, his mouth moving but the words far behind. You squeezed your eyes shut and when you finally opened them, the world seemed to be right again.
“How long have I been out?” You asked, thinking immediately to Tom.
“3 days, love.” Came Klaus’ voice. Your eyes darted to meet his and even you could hear your heart racing. Without hesitation, you pulled your phone from your pocket, dialling Tom’s number. It was ringing and ringing and-
“Y/N, there is something you should know.” Elijah started, his voice as grave as the expression on his face.
“Wait.” You told him, listening for any sign that your fiancé would pick up. That’s when you heard it, a phone ringing from downstairs.
“You’re pregnant, Y/N.” Klaus stated.
“Just wait.” You insisted, what he was saying getting lost in everything else that swarmed in your head. You walked towards the sound of the phone, out of the bedroom and towards a room at the end of the corridor.

Tom’s phone sat in a pile of phones and jewellery, held in a plastic box.
“Where’s this box from?” You asked, knowing that one of the vampires would’ve followed you.
“It was picked off a warlock. He was the collecting kind, took all of this off of corpses.” Klaus informed, frowning.
“No.” You stated firmly, your phone clattering to the ground as you leant on the door frame. “No, no, no.” You whispered, running a hand through your hair as you slid down the doorway, your world falling apart as you did so.
“I’ve got her, Niklaus.” Elijah supplied though you barely noticed Klaus take his exit.
“This cannot be happening.” You hissed under your breath.

There was silence for a while as you processed what had happened to Tom, what would happen to you. Every part of you felt lost as you closed your eyes and time seemed to stop when a warm hand found your own. Your eyes shot open to see Elijah facing you, leaning against the other side of the frame.
“It’ll be okay, Y/N.” He told you, his eyes concerned yet just as warm as you remembered. “This child shall not grow up without a father, without a family, I can assure you of that.”
You wiped the tear from your cheek before taking his hand.
“Please don’t tell me to go.” You whispered, your voice sounding broken to even your own ears.
“You’ll always have a home here, Y/N. This child is as much a Mikaelson as I am. We’re here for you, I’m here for you and this baby.”

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hi! some slow burn/falling hopelessly in love/partners for life in canon fics please?

As always, thanks to my bffnet gals for the help on this one.

Bellarke Fic RecList

*** UPDATED***!!! 

(*Warnings: the fics are only divided in two diferent categories, AU MODERN OR CANONVERSE. Most of them are M, or E rating, but there’s a little bit of everything. OS and Multichapter.) (Also, I will updating this) 

Canon verse/ Ark AU:

*And I Love This Place, the Enormous Sky by Chash

* A Long Way From the Playground by MelikaElena

Burning Kisses by KateWare

Cacoethes by Skyknight1987

darkest of marks by importantmetaphors

* Doing the Right Thing Has Never Been So Hard by kashinoha

* Found Blood, Saw Stars by raincityruckus

here we go (just lose control and let your body give in) by viansian

* I came here to get some peace by tryalittlejoytomorrow

I Threw Stones at the Stars (but the Whole Sky Fell) by somethingofatrainwreck

i want it to be you (worth the risk) by dust_and_gold

In My House on the Hill (there is room for you still) by monroeslittle

* It’s all elementary my friend by queenofchildren 

it’s not easy being in charge by seditonem

Long Time Now by raincityruckus

Love Will Come Through by monroeslittle

Meet Me in the Morning by monroeslittle

our hearts are oceans, our ribs are cages by oseastarved

Professional Pride by cardinalrachelieu

put your sweet lips on mine by autumnmelodies

say you’ll remember by buries

shake off all of your sins (give them to me) by banshee_in_the_dark

Sepulchral by Helholden

shadows run from yesterday by importantmetaphors

Rain by Shippershape

This One’s for the Faithless by monroeslittle

this poison comes instruction free by 9crimes

*   There Is No Fear by enoughtotemptme

Turn You On, Turn You Up, Figure You Out by Chash

Unsteady by somethingofatrainwreck

We Meet Again by Brennanaphone

Whatever the Hell We Want by Brennanaphone

when the stars are the only things we share by jamiemoriartys

* Winners Don’t Always Get Lucky Breaks by crystalkei

* You’ve Got Me Wondering Why by enoughtotemptme  

Modern Setting AU:

*A Song To Keep Us Warm by KindClaws

* After All by Lightyears

* After the beep (I’ll tell you i love you) by Emullz

* An Absolutely Defining Sense of Self by shinealightonme

* Claret by flirtingwithtrackers

Don’t Let The Days Go By by HawthorneWhisperer

* filling your empty heart by alltheworldsinmyhead

Firehouse 49 by SereneCalamity

Focal Point by grumpybell

For What It’s Worth, It Was Worth All the While by Chash

* I Choose You by winterwaters

I Like Us Better When We’re Wasted by AlexiaArianna

I Know That Fortune Is Waiting to Be Kind by Chash

i saw the devil in the mirror last night by adolescentwolf

*  I’d Love to Change the World but I Don’t Know What to Do by marauders_groupie 

It’s Called A Hustle, Sweetheart by prosciutto

* It’s Just That It’s Delicate by Chash

i think it’s called love by LaughingSenselessly

Jumping To Conclusions Is Sacrificing Yourself To Embarassment by bowlingfornerds

Livewire by marauders_groupie

morning glow by flirtingwithtrackers

No Space Lies In Between by prosciutto

not much of a secret by thatweirdparamedicstudent for troubledpancakes

On the run by dropshipheroes

Release by peanut_butter_vibes

Run For The Fences by prosciutto

Take Me By The Hand by HawthorneWhisperer

Take Shelter by insideimfeelindirty

Time Enough for Rocking When We’re Old by Chash

* Time Is Running out (but We Are Running Free) by marauders_groupie

* The Dream Was Just the Same by Chash

The Start of Us by winterwaters

The Chains (Only Break Me) by hooksandheroics

The Delinquents by HawthorneWhisperer

The Provenance of Griffin-Blakes by enoughtotemptme

The Shine On Her Chevy by raincityruckus

Thunderstorms Instead of Blood by marauders_groupie

To Thine Own Self Be True by Chash for bgonemydear

Trip On Love by madjm

when the sun came up, you were looking at me by heartsinsync

Your Mess is Mine by monroeslittle

you touch me (and the stars make love to the universe) by banshee_in_the_dark

Well, I’ll Be Your Partner In Crime by prosciutto

Without Giving Anything Away by Chash