the whole sky fell

Last nights dream was apocalyptic, just the sense that it was one of the worlds last days stayed in my mind. It was night the whole time.
A whole apartment building fell out of the sky while I crossed the road, I nearly got crushed. I went to the hospital and tried desperately to find the maternity ward, I thought that seeing babies would give me some kind of hope. I got lost and sat down and felt that for the first time I could feel death, honestly and without my own perception clouding it. I sat with a lady giving birth and stayed during her labour. Her insides were hanging out of her despite it being a vaginal birth.

I attended school for the last time. Someone made my professor a dinner, spaghetti with a whole bunch of spices and sauces. The next day she asked the girl questions about the spaghetti, she said it was like the one her late husband used to make, and I could feel it again. And I wished that I could feel her husband the way she once had. One girl was always absent from our class, I asked what her problem was and they said she could never stop moving or she’d fall into depression so she was always doing ballet. A man from Nunavut kept calling and asking me to come over there and have sex with him, I didn’t like it and yet I felt like I should. I filmed myself masturbating and sent it to him. I had sex with a different man, told him he ought to fuck me now, but it sucked and I couldn’t get my mind into it so I blamed Jupiter. I left school to go back to London, there was disorder and gangs of men on the streets. Made it hard to walk around. I met one man who seemed safe and I told him that what I would miss the most about life was tenderness. I told him about how a friend of mine, during a firework show where I was scared of the embers, went and got me an umbrella to keep me safe. In turn I promised to always tie her shoelaces, and I did. Then the dream got fragmentary, I could see places on Earth tumbling down or crumbling or whatever. The seaside with waves getting larger. A map of the world with a talkshow host announcing what would be next to go. All of it at once in a feverish way.

nevergrowupplease  asked:

Hey! Ok so I have never read a bellarke fanfiction even tough I am a huge bellarke shipper, so can you please suggest some fanfics? What are your favorites?

Hi! Okay, so these aren’t necessarily my faves, but they are what I’d recommend to start with - as a first time bellarke fanfiction reader. 

Season 1 Based:

Season 2 Based: 


Modern AU:

With the arrival of Season Three nearly upon us, we decided to compile a list of our favorite Season Two fanfictions. No voting went into the selection of these ten stories, just simply a few personal favorites that we wanted to share. 

As a warning, since we’re about to enter the inevitably torturous Season Three, that most of the following are angst ridden and painful, due to the devesating nature of the Season Two finale. However, most of them have happy endings, so lucky us. 

bellarkefanfiction’s Top Ten Season Two Fics:

Tell Me by justvisting80

Bellamy and Clarke would fight an entire planet for their people, and for each other. They may have to. Set after the Season 2 finale.

I Threw Stones at Stars (but the Whole Sky Fell) by somethingofatrainwreck

Everything about them had a steady pace: a couple hundred tiny steps and then one big leap, like the way the wind would blow against a door that never closed all the way, little by little until eventually it flew open all at once.

Or the story of how two walking disasters gradually stumble into something beautiful.

We Meet Again by brennanaphone

Bellamy and Clarke meet up for the first time Post-Season 2 and finally acknowledge their amazing friggin’ chemistry. So, this started out as a simple way to get Bellamy Blake’s dimples out of my mind, but that didn’t work, because it turns out that he also has a voice like gravel dragged through chocolate sex pudding, so this kind of spiraled out of control and I guess I wrote a slow burn episode of The 100 on accident.

Only, like with porn in it? So say we all.

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(For “Most Unexpected Death”)
My first D&D group was in the middle of the fight that would finish the campaign off. My paladin was just about to kill the Big Bad Guy when suddenly an ENORMOUS Elder God fell from the sky and crushed the whole group. We were all so pissed at the DM!

He’s not some poor downtrodden knight pining after a beautiful princess the earth has destroyed. It’s not about romance or lust. It’s devotion, it’s always been devotion. Clarke is his friend. She’s a partner, someone to talk him down and share the burden of bad decisions. There was something about her that made him feel safe, confident, hopeful even. She was good for these people and good for the earth. She may have made some tough decisions but it didn’t make her any less of a hero. The truth is, Clarke had never given up on him, not when she knew the horrible things he’d done, not when he’d done horrible things right in front of her. No amount of blood on his hands ever made her turn her back on him.
—  i threw stones at the stars but the whole sky fell, by somethingofatrainwreck