the whole sha bang

OTP ten
  • Person A: Are you from Tennessee? Because your the only TEN-I-SEE. *wink's, finger guns, the whole sha-bang.*
  • Person B: *actually clueless* Oh, well, they are from Tennessee too. *points to group*
  • Person A: ...(second attempt) Did it hurt?
  • Person B: Did what hurt??
  • Person A: when you fell from heaven? *smolder look*
  • Person B: ... Did you just call me Satan..?
  • Person C: *coughing fit of laughter, behind A*
  • Percy: Are you from Tennessee? Because your the only TEN-I-SEE. *wink's, finger guns, the whole sha-bang.*
  • Annabeth: *actually clueless* Oh, well, they are from Tennessee too. *points to group*
  • Percy: ...(second attempt) Did it hurt?
  • Annabeth: Did what hurt??
  • Percy: when you fell from heaven? *smolder look*
  • Annabeth: ... Did you just call me Satan..?
  • Piper: *coughing fit of laughter, behind Percy*

as all my jewish followers and friends know, we have a holiday coming up! the featival of purim is this sunday. purim celebrates hidden miracles and hidden beauty and hidden saviours. there’s a lot of hiding. that’s why we dress up!

i’m aware that the vast majority of gentiles and a lot of jews don’t fully know the story of purim, which is recorded in the scroll of esther, or megillat esther. the megillah’s my favourite story, and has so many amazing midrashim (bit like rabbinical fanfiction) that i study year round. this story, which is the story of how a young jewish woman saved our people from a genocide, has a lot of parallels with our current political situation in the u.s., so i thought now would be a great time to tell the story!

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Danny: Are you from Tennessee? Because your the only TEN-I-SEE. 

Danny: wink’s, finger guns, the whole sha-bang.

Wes: actually clueless Oh, well, they are from Tennessee too. points to group

Danny: …(second attempt) Did it hurt?

Wes: Did what hurt??

Danny: when you fell from heaven? smolder look

Wes: … Did you just call me Satan..?
Sam: coughing fit of laughter, behind Danny

queers-in-the-tardis  asked:

1) I personally think that you drawing POC with large noses is amazing. All of your different face types are amazing. 2) I'm trans and guess what. Body hair doesn't stop after you transition. Women trans or cis have body hair and you shouldn't feel like you can't draw body hair because one person doesn't like it.

Awww thank you <3 <3

I appreciate this, I really do. But I can understand why the individual was upset, I haven’t drawn many trans women nor have I drawn many women with facial hair. So my artwork of Lup may have come across as being representative of my only way to draw trans women, or trans woc (which is an unfair thing i did, because women are so different and diverse and amazing).

Really, I just need to draw more women. More Laaaadiiieees, more genderfluid peeps, trans people, ladies kissing, the whole sha-bang

Could Have Been Me

This is my entry for @mrsbatesmotel53‘s Motel Playlist Challenge.  My song was “Could Have been Me” by the Struts.  It got super angsty, so beware - there’s no happy ending in sight!

Summary: TFW finally figures out how to defeat Lucifer, once and for all.  It doesn’t end well.

warnings: angst angst angst, Dean x reader relationship

word count: ~1570 (with lyrics)

Originally posted by bugharpoon

You couldn’t believe what Dean was saying to you.  You were in some podunk town after following Lucifer’s trail here with Sam, Mary, and Castiel.  It was finally time, you were finally going to be rid of the bastard.

That was when Dean told you of the plan.  You were standing in your motel room, where you had shared an amazing night before, loving each other as many times as possible throughout the night.  You had thought that he was just getting rid of his pent up energy, excited to finally gank the Devil, but now you understood.  

He was saying goodbye.

Don’t wanna live as an untold story
Rather go out in a blaze of glory
I can’t hear you, I don’t fear you

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Alex seeing a prom on tv when she is little and wanting to dress like a princess and have a big party too so Lexa and Clarke set up 'mini prom' in their garden/house and invite all their friends' kids and Alex as Jake dance all night with their best friends and all the parents sit around crying over how cute their lil kiddos are. But it's a full on prom- meal,photographer,decorations the whole Sha-bang

“Momma will you dance with me?”
Lexa’s about to say she’s too old but Clarke nudges her and whispers “you’ll wish she’d ask you at her actual prom” and Lexa smiles and picks her up.
Flash forward years later and Alex gets ready a bit before her date arrives to pick her up and she taps Lexa’s shoulder and asks “Mom, wanna dance with me?” And Lexa grins and tears up a bit.

Temporary Fix | PJM |

Friends with Benefits AU

Written in Jimin’s POV, inspired in this song
A bit of angst, a bit of fluff and the tiniest bit of implied smut, the whole sha-bang lol. 

You shifted your weight from one feet to another, putting a strand behind your ear just before letting it fall back to the front of your face a few seconds after. Your fingers dancing on the counter while you nodded occasionally at the guy in front of you, whose lips haven’t stopped moving unless he took a sip of his drink.

When I turned around, I saw the silent scream of help coming from your eyes. I let out a light chuckle and peeled from the wall I was leaning in with a confident smirk on my face. As I pretended to walk pass you both, I took your wrist in my hand and pulled you along with me, smoothly, and while the guy was distracted. My back was facing you, but I didn’t need to turn around to see a relieved smile on your face.

The closer we got to the exit of the club, the more desperate I got to get you out of that pretty little dress and the clearer I could picture you wearing my t-shirt in the morning.

“Thank you for getting me out of there.” You said.

“What are friends for?” I said with a careless shrug.

So now, here we were. You millionth attempt to get someone on your bed failed once again.

“Back to my place?” I said. When you nodded, I took my phone out of the pocket in my jeans and called a taxi since we were too drunk to drive.

We’ve been best friends for as long as we can remember, and part of growing up together meant that we’ve been through up’s and down’s. We were the kind of friends that called each other at any time just to hang out, the kind of friends that will tell the truth no matter if it hurts. But we were also the kind of friends who kissed, who caressed and praised each other’s bodies when the lust was too much to handle.

Opening the door to my apartment became a harder task when I could feel your body against mine. When we finally entered, I walked the both of us to the couch with you sitting on my lap, my hands around your waist pulling you as close as I could, your hands on my hair and your lips never separating from mine.

The kiss became deeper and more desperate, our breaths quicker and our bodies closer. Being with you was a feeling I don’t get with anyone else, and I’m starting to believe you feel the same… or so I hope.

I really should be mad at you, always trying to run away of the feelings you don’t know I also share, then come back to my arms because you know I know you more than anyone else and then run away again. I really should be mad, but I can’t.

I love you too much.

Your breathing tickled my neck as I held you close to me under the soft blanket once I carried you to the bed. Even though your soft breathing and calm features relaxed me to sleep, I kept thinking. I kept wishing that one day you can be completely mine just like I am completely yours.

I am not sure what exactly are we, but I don’t really care. As long as I’m the one you call when you feel broken and the one you feel safe and loved with.

I will always let you be my good morning as long as you always let me be your good night.

- Peach 🍑

colored concept sketch of another voltron oc (she may be scrapped though)

Her name is Nake (Nah-ke) and she’s a teenage ex-princess who developed a crazy bloodlust after the destruction of her planet and the death of her loyal servant (secret gf ;Oc). She’ll stop at nothing to get revenge on the Galra, even if it means hurting the innocent.

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DRUM MAJOR NICKY AND FOOTBALL PLAYER ALEX. So I'm high school the weekend of homecoming we'd have this pep rally/assembly. The band and color guard preform the whole sha-bang. So football team always got these roses to give out to their sweethearts. I 10/10 believe this is the way the school finds out Nicky and Alex are together.

can you imagine ostentacious show off football star Ovi being suddenly really shy when stepping out in the spotlight to give Nicky a rose, and Nicky just kisses him on the cheek, cool as anything, as a very red Ovi goes back to his team, who are all whistling at him and slapping him on the back 

  • Will: Are you from Tennessee? Because your the only TEN-I-SEE. *wink's, finger guns, the whole sha-bang.*
  • Nico: *actually clueless* No, I'm from Italy, Will. You know that. But they are from Tennessee *points to group*
  • Will: ...(second attempt) Did it hurt?
  • Nico: Did what hurt??
  • Will: when you fell from heaven? *smolder look*
  • Nico: ... Did you just call me Satan..?
even more aus for your otps
  • i’m cold, wet, and homeless. you work at a fast food restaurant across the street and one day, you decide to toss a burger at me. eventually, you help me get back on my feet by cleaning me up and getting me a job at said fast food restaurant.
  • your mom and my dad are getting married and we don’t like that so we’re plotting to break them up. but later on, we realize that we really like each other ?!
  • i’m a writer, you’re a poet. we’re in the same literature class and we continuously argue about symbolism because we always see the works differently.
  • you’re a long-time substitute teacher and i’m the teacher across the hall that feels really bad for you, because you’re new at this and all the kids hate you. somehow we ended up being drinking buddies.
  • in time au: you saved my life by giving me one hour of your time, so now i’m forever indebted to you.
  • sky high au: our powers work so well together but we hate each other.
  • i’m a new employee at starbucks and you’re always coming in here with these long orders of triple shots whatevers, and that’s kind of annoying so i purposely misspell your name every time.
  • we’re best friends with the same person and we kinda don’t like each other because of that but we’re forced to get along because of said best friend.
  • you’re a grim reaper and i’m a guardian angel. we’re assigned to the same human and you keep insisting that their time is up when i’m telling you it’s not.
  • i’m part of the mafia and you’re really spiritual and traditional. by fate, you saved my life, so now you have a mafia member for a bodyguard.
  • we’re the epitome of cliches. meeting at a cafe, miscommunications, the whole sha-bang. and we hate it but we can’t seem to break out of it.
The ultimate guide to secretive and minimal over night packing.

There are going to be those times in your life where you KNOW you’re not coming back home that night, but you don’t want to pack a bunch of shit because you don’t want to look like you’re 12.
•First of all, for contact wearers, THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU CAN BRING IS YOUR GLASSES, TRAVEL SIZE CONTACT SOLUTION, AND A CONTACT CASE. Seriously, driving home feeling like satan just took a piss in your eye is distracting and unsafe for the drive home the next morning.

•For you lucky bastards with good vision and a knack for good dental hygiene, I recommend bringing a travel size mouth wash and some dental floss. It’s not as good as the whole tooth brush sha-bang but it’s better than nothing.

•A clean pair of underwear in a ziplock bag. Then when you change you can throw the dirty pair in the ziplock.

•For you make-up wearers it’s also helpful to have a small pack of makeup removers on hand.

•Chapstick because chapstick is awesome.

bimonlewis  asked:

Do you have any headcanons for going on a date with Genji/Mcree/Hanzo/Bastion/Zenyatta? It's be cool if you could make the s/o gender neutral or male aligned!

☆(・ω・*)ゞ On it! Also sorry but I don’t do romantic Bastion things! I’d write some headcanons for just hanging out as friends with him but it’s getting late and tomorrow’s Monday. I gotta sleep!


  • He’s always up for going to a restaurant, but you, without fail, say no every time. In fact, when he first asked you out that almost made him think you’d rejected him! “Wait- no, that’s- YES. Yes, I will go on a date.” Food isn’t really the same for him since he’s a cyborg, so you just really don’t want to remind him of that. He thinks it’s really sweet, but he does still want to treat you to a nice dinner someday.
  • Since dates never really involve food, they often take place at museums or hiking trails. You like to go on walks with him through town/city centers often too. (You tell him not to, but every now and then he spoils you and buys you a little something.)


  • DANCING. This boy loves taking you dancing. And if you say you can’t he’s darn well gonna teach ya. “C’mon, darlin’, I gotcha.” And then once he has you pulled close to his chest: “See? Isn’t this nice?”
  • Slow dancing with Jesse is literally heaven. He’s naturally warm and when you’re snuggled against a warm cowboy who’s wearing flannel you will never go cold. He also has a habit of kissing the top of your head.
  • McCree is the guy who gives the cliché kiss on your doorstep. At the end of every and any date he always makes sure he gets a peck on the lips from you before you leave. He reminds you if you forget, haha!


  • He prefers to go on dates in places where it’s just the two of you. That way he doesn’t have to be self-conscious. He wants you to have fun, and he knows that his shyness towards affection in front of others would affect that.
  • Fun fact about being alone with Hanzo: PHYSICAL AFFECTION. It just happens. He holds your hand, he whispers little things in your ear to make you laugh, he openly stares at you endearingly…the whole sha-bang. 
  • I don’t think Hanzo is one to get cold, considering he always has an entire half of his chest exposed to the elements. So if you got cold? Here take his scarf. Or his jacket. Just taKE ALL THE THINGS STAY WARM. 


  • Dates with Zenyatta have a lot of variety, as he is a very open-minded individual and is pretty much up for anything. So they’re not just the relaxing things you’d expect. Though there are plenty of restful dates, lemme tell ya.
  • TAKE HIM OUT TO SEE THE CITY OMG. We know from his in-game dialogue with Genji that he is very much interested in learning about Hanamura, since Genji grew up there. Imagine how much he likes to see your favorite places! He asks a bunch of questions as you two make your way around the sights, and oh my gosh is it adorable.
  • Though he may not be able to enjoy food the way you do, Zenny actually likes restaurants. Especially little coffee shops where you can sit and chat for hours. Window seats are a must for him, and he holds your hand as you sip a warm drink and comment on whatever passes by your view.

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hey idk if you're still doing match ups but if you have time could you do mine? i'm 6ft (ik im so tol cry) and have super gangly, skinny limbs. my hair is super curly and kinda long. intj, virgo, i really love maths&physics (nerd ik) and i wear these huge glasses bc my eyesight is horrible. i have dark skin with little freckles and my fashion consists of turtlenecks and jeans which make my legs look way too long lol. my accent is pretty thick so i don't talk much but i'm a slut for science memes

I can do that for you, love! 💛 hope you like it!

[ matchups are CLOSED :c ] 

I match you with…707!

  • saeyoung can and will hold onto you like a koala, im sorry but its true
  • stuffs his face in your hair, the whole sha-bang
  • but listen. he loves math and physics too
  • you guys are giant nerds in the chatroom
  • and in real life
  • gets you matching glasses, obviously
  • but you decorate it with stickers on the sides 
  • like, little star stickers man i want those 
  • the stickers match your freckles
  • like they look like little dots from far away but you can tell up close
  • you have a Signature Turtleneck and he has a Signature Jacket
  • iconic, honestly
  • half of your texts are science memes
  • the other half are you two being all lovey dovey
  • its cute

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Formal wear headcanons for the paladins? Like what color, dress or tux and whatnot.

Lance: Goes all out for formal parties. He gets his nails done if he can, has Shiro do his eyeliner, the whole sha-bang!

Shiro: Military-esque parties and such have made Shiro used to wearing formal wear. Always gets worried that his robotic arm will cause issues with the sleeves.

Hunk: Issues with finding affordable wear in his size, so dressing up isn’t that common. Doesn’t enjoy that much unless everyone else is happy.

Keith: Has a love/hate relationship with dressing up. Likes how he looks but can get uncomfortable after a few hours.

Pidge: Prefers to stay in uniform or comfortable clothing but will wear a dress if necessary(hides weapons under it).

So, I’m honestly not sure if the new route is V or not, but if it is, wouldn’t the pic they used have to be from before he lost his eyesight when he was younger? What if another story means not like an alternate universe type story but what if they make it somehow so you’re playing back in time, before V lost his eyesight and before the whole sha-bang with Rika. Like, what if to keep everything consistent, what if the potential V-route is just a huge flashback??? Like I doubt it but still, the thought occurred.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Never too busy for you

Summery: Written for @regularlyscheduledjolynemom and @marinebiologistjotaro
Word Count: 285
Ships: JotaroXHis wife(named Marina in this case)
Other Info: I was asked to upload this to Tumblr, not sure if I did it before but, here we go. lol 

Jotaro was hard at work; signing paper work, answering phone calls. The whole sha-bang. Outside the door of the marine biologist’s office, a young woman lurked. She knew he was busy, but she had something on her mind, something that was very important to her.

Once hearing there was silence for more then two seconds, Marine knocks before opening up the door.

“Ah…sorry to bug…!”

The man just let out a sigh, getting up from his seat as his slightly tipped his hat. “No no, you’re fine.” stopping a few feet before the woman. “Need something?”

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  • Ashley: Are you from Tennessee? Because your the only TEN-I-SEE. *wink’s, finger guns, the whole sha-bang.*
  • Near: *actually clueless* Oh, well, they are from Tennessee too. *points to group*
  • Ashley: …(second attempt) Did it hurt?
  • Near: Did what hurt??
  • Ashley: when you fell from heaven? *smolder look*
  • Near: … Did you just call me Satan..?
  • Nick: *coughing fit of laughter, behind Ashley*