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as all my jewish followers and friends know, we have a holiday coming up! the featival of purim is this sunday. purim celebrates hidden miracles and hidden beauty and hidden saviours. there’s a lot of hiding. that’s why we dress up!

i’m aware that the vast majority of gentiles and a lot of jews don’t fully know the story of purim, which is recorded in the scroll of esther, or megillat esther. the megillah’s my favourite story, and has so many amazing midrashim (bit like rabbinical fanfiction) that i study year round. this story, which is the story of how a young jewish woman saved our people from a genocide, has a lot of parallels with our current political situation in the u.s., so i thought now would be a great time to tell the story!

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Could Have Been Me

This is my entry for @mrsbatesmotel53‘s Motel Playlist Challenge.  My song was “Could Have been Me” by the Struts.  It got super angsty, so beware - there’s no happy ending in sight!

Summary: TFW finally figures out how to defeat Lucifer, once and for all.  It doesn’t end well.

warnings: angst angst angst, Dean x reader relationship

word count: ~1570 (with lyrics)

Originally posted by bugharpoon

You couldn’t believe what Dean was saying to you.  You were in some podunk town after following Lucifer’s trail here with Sam, Mary, and Castiel.  It was finally time, you were finally going to be rid of the bastard.

That was when Dean told you of the plan.  You were standing in your motel room, where you had shared an amazing night before, loving each other as many times as possible throughout the night.  You had thought that he was just getting rid of his pent up energy, excited to finally gank the Devil, but now you understood.  

He was saying goodbye.

Don’t wanna live as an untold story
Rather go out in a blaze of glory
I can’t hear you, I don’t fear you

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Temporary Fix | PJM |

Friends with Benefits AU

Written in Jimin’s POV, inspired in this song
A bit of angst, a bit of fluff and the tiniest bit of implied smut, the whole sha-bang lol. 

You shifted your weight from one feet to another, putting a strand behind your ear just before letting it fall back to the front of your face a few seconds after. Your fingers dancing on the counter while you nodded occasionally at the guy in front of you, whose lips haven’t stopped moving unless he took a sip of his drink.

When I turned around, I saw the silent scream of help coming from your eyes. I let out a light chuckle and peeled from the wall I was leaning in with a confident smirk on my face. As I pretended to walk pass you both, I took your wrist in my hand and pulled you along with me, smoothly, and while the guy was distracted. My back was facing you, but I didn’t need to turn around to see a relieved smile on your face.

The closer we got to the exit of the club, the more desperate I got to get you out of that pretty little dress and the clearer I could picture you wearing my t-shirt in the morning.

“Thank you for getting me out of there.” You said.

“What are friends for?” I said with a careless shrug.

So now, here we were. You millionth attempt to get someone on your bed failed once again.

“Back to my place?” I said. When you nodded, I took my phone out of the pocket in my jeans and called a taxi since we were too drunk to drive.

We’ve been best friends for as long as we can remember, and part of growing up together meant that we’ve been through up’s and down’s. We were the kind of friends that called each other at any time just to hang out, the kind of friends that will tell the truth no matter if it hurts. But we were also the kind of friends who kissed, who caressed and praised each other’s bodies when the lust was too much to handle.

Opening the door to my apartment became a harder task when I could feel your body against mine. When we finally entered, I walked the both of us to the couch with you sitting on my lap, my hands around your waist pulling you as close as I could, your hands on my hair and your lips never separating from mine.

The kiss became deeper and more desperate, our breaths quicker and our bodies closer. Being with you was a feeling I don’t get with anyone else, and I’m starting to believe you feel the same… or so I hope.

I really should be mad at you, always trying to run away of the feelings you don’t know I also share, then come back to my arms because you know I know you more than anyone else and then run away again. I really should be mad, but I can’t.

I love you too much.

Your breathing tickled my neck as I held you close to me under the soft blanket once I carried you to the bed. Even though your soft breathing and calm features relaxed me to sleep, I kept thinking. I kept wishing that one day you can be completely mine just like I am completely yours.

I am not sure what exactly are we, but I don’t really care. As long as I’m the one you call when you feel broken and the one you feel safe and loved with.

I will always let you be my good morning as long as you always let me be your good night.

- Peach 🍑

colored concept sketch of another voltron oc (she may be scrapped though)

Her name is Nake (Nah-ke) and she’s a teenage ex-princess who developed a crazy bloodlust after the destruction of her planet and the death of her loyal servant (secret gf ;Oc). She’ll stop at nothing to get revenge on the Galra, even if it means hurting the innocent.

The ultimate guide to secretive and minimal over night packing.

There are going to be those times in your life where you KNOW you’re not coming back home that night, but you don’t want to pack a bunch of shit because you don’t want to look like you’re 12.
•First of all, for contact wearers, THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU CAN BRING IS YOUR GLASSES, TRAVEL SIZE CONTACT SOLUTION, AND A CONTACT CASE. Seriously, driving home feeling like satan just took a piss in your eye is distracting and unsafe for the drive home the next morning.

•For you lucky bastards with good vision and a knack for good dental hygiene, I recommend bringing a travel size mouth wash and some dental floss. It’s not as good as the whole tooth brush sha-bang but it’s better than nothing.

•A clean pair of underwear in a ziplock bag. Then when you change you can throw the dirty pair in the ziplock.

•For you make-up wearers it’s also helpful to have a small pack of makeup removers on hand.

•Chapstick because chapstick is awesome.

even more aus for your otps
  • i’m cold, wet, and homeless. you work at a fast food restaurant across the street and one day, you decide to toss a burger at me. eventually, you help me get back on my feet by cleaning me up and getting me a job at said fast food restaurant.
  • your mom and my dad are getting married and we don’t like that so we’re plotting to break them up. but later on, we realize that we really like each other ?!
  • i’m a writer, you’re a poet. we’re in the same literature class and we continuously argue about symbolism because we always see the works differently.
  • you’re a long-time substitute teacher and i’m the teacher across the hall that feels really bad for you, because you’re new at this and all the kids hate you. somehow we ended up being drinking buddies.
  • in time au: you saved my life by giving me one hour of your time, so now i’m forever indebted to you.
  • sky high au: our powers work so well together but we hate each other.
  • i’m a new employee at starbucks and you’re always coming in here with these long orders of triple shots whatevers, and that’s kind of annoying so i purposely misspell your name every time.
  • we’re best friends with the same person and we kinda don’t like each other because of that but we’re forced to get along because of said best friend.
  • you’re a grim reaper and i’m a guardian angel. we’re assigned to the same human and you keep insisting that their time is up when i’m telling you it’s not.
  • i’m part of the mafia and you’re really spiritual and traditional. by fate, you saved my life, so now you have a mafia member for a bodyguard.
  • we’re the epitome of cliches. meeting at a cafe, miscommunications, the whole sha-bang. and we hate it but we can’t seem to break out of it.

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Formal wear headcanons for the paladins? Like what color, dress or tux and whatnot.

Lance: Goes all out for formal parties. He gets his nails done if he can, has Shiro do his eyeliner, the whole sha-bang!

Shiro: Military-esque parties and such have made Shiro used to wearing formal wear. Always gets worried that his robotic arm will cause issues with the sleeves.

Hunk: Issues with finding affordable wear in his size, so dressing up isn’t that common. Doesn’t enjoy that much unless everyone else is happy.

Keith: Has a love/hate relationship with dressing up. Likes how he looks but can get uncomfortable after a few hours.

Pidge: Prefers to stay in uniform or comfortable clothing but will wear a dress if necessary(hides weapons under it).

bimonlewis  asked:

Do you have any headcanons for going on a date with Genji/Mcree/Hanzo/Bastion/Zenyatta? It's be cool if you could make the s/o gender neutral or male aligned!

☆(・ω・*)ゞ On it! Also sorry but I don’t do romantic Bastion things! I’d write some headcanons for just hanging out as friends with him but it’s getting late and tomorrow’s Monday. I gotta sleep!


  • He’s always up for going to a restaurant, but you, without fail, say no every time. In fact, when he first asked you out that almost made him think you’d rejected him! “Wait- no, that’s- YES. Yes, I will go on a date.” Food isn’t really the same for him since he’s a cyborg, so you just really don’t want to remind him of that. He thinks it’s really sweet, but he does still want to treat you to a nice dinner someday.
  • Since dates never really involve food, they often take place at museums or hiking trails. You like to go on walks with him through town/city centers often too. (You tell him not to, but every now and then he spoils you and buys you a little something.)


  • DANCING. This boy loves taking you dancing. And if you say you can’t he’s darn well gonna teach ya. “C’mon, darlin’, I gotcha.” And then once he has you pulled close to his chest: “See? Isn’t this nice?”
  • Slow dancing with Jesse is literally heaven. He’s naturally warm and when you’re snuggled against a warm cowboy who’s wearing flannel you will never go cold. He also has a habit of kissing the top of your head.
  • McCree is the guy who gives the cliché kiss on your doorstep. At the end of every and any date he always makes sure he gets a peck on the lips from you before you leave. He reminds you if you forget, haha!


  • He prefers to go on dates in places where it’s just the two of you. That way he doesn’t have to be self-conscious. He wants you to have fun, and he knows that his shyness towards affection in front of others would affect that.
  • Fun fact about being alone with Hanzo: PHYSICAL AFFECTION. It just happens. He holds your hand, he whispers little things in your ear to make you laugh, he openly stares at you endearingly…the whole sha-bang. 
  • I don’t think Hanzo is one to get cold, considering he always has an entire half of his chest exposed to the elements. So if you got cold? Here take his scarf. Or his jacket. Just taKE ALL THE THINGS STAY WARM. 


  • Dates with Zenyatta have a lot of variety, as he is a very open-minded individual and is pretty much up for anything. So they’re not just the relaxing things you’d expect. Though there are plenty of restful dates, lemme tell ya.
  • TAKE HIM OUT TO SEE THE CITY OMG. We know from his in-game dialogue with Genji that he is very much interested in learning about Hanamura, since Genji grew up there. Imagine how much he likes to see your favorite places! He asks a bunch of questions as you two make your way around the sights, and oh my gosh is it adorable.
  • Though he may not be able to enjoy food the way you do, Zenny actually likes restaurants. Especially little coffee shops where you can sit and chat for hours. Window seats are a must for him, and he holds your hand as you sip a warm drink and comment on whatever passes by your view.
  • au where keith is in a band and lance gets roped in to go see them by his friends (aka pidge and hunk) because ‘lance you need to see this band they are amazing. plus you’ll think the lead singer is sooo cute’ 
  • so he finally gives in and goes 
  • and holy shit he sees keith up there singing his heart out and jamming on guitar, and smiling and it’s over
  • lance is completely and utterly smitten by this boy
  • he tries talking to keith after the show and uses his shitty pickup lines.., keith sort of just stares at him for a few moments
  • lance is about to burst he’s so embarrassed
  • BUT THEN he actually fucking giggles, hand covering his mouth and a small blush the whole sha-bang
  •  keith gives lance his number and now hunk owes pidge 20 dollars bc he honestly didn’t think lance would score the guy’s digits
His True Lover

Summary: Dean x Reader where they each have clocks that count down to when they meet their soul mates.

(A/N): Hey guys! Sorry about the slight delay, I had some stuff come up and that was a whole sha-bang. But anyways, here it is! Hope you like it!

‘Stupid clock’, you thought as you approached the victims parents house.

'Why did everyone have to get these things installed? It’s so dumb. I don’t have a soul mate. This clock will never start.’ You knocked on the door hard, stepped back and waited until it was opened.

The city of Portland, Oregon rumbled with noise in the distance. Five people were killed in
the past week. All went to the same bar, went home with someone and never came back.

Squeaking was audible from the rubber on wood as the door swung open in front of you.

“Hello Mrs. Thompson, I’m Agent Barton, FBI,” you quickly flashed your badge “and I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions about your son Matthew.” She stared for a minute then nodded.

“Yes, yes of course. Please come in.” You entered her home and the scent of citrus flooded your nostrils.

“Please, have a seat.” Mrs. Thompson pulled out a chair from the dining table and sat across from you.

“Was your son acting strangely before he disappeared?” You pulled out a small note pad from your pocket, preparing to write down any useful information.

“No, not that I remember. He was fine, same old Matthew.”

“Okay, and did you feel like something may be wrong with him? Maybe he was trying to run or hide from something?”

“Again, he was just the same as he was six months ago. Happy and extatic about everything.” The woman’s eyes started to tear up. That’s when you knew you had to leave.

You stood up and muttered a “Thank you for your time” sort-of thing then let yourself out.

Your red 1971 Chevelle SS was parked outside the house, glistening because of the light rain. The car door squeaked as you opened it, and you drove to the motel. There your partner, Garth, would be waiting for you.

The sky quickly became darker as it started to rain harder. You covered up the clock before exiting the car.

'Can’t have the wires getting wet.“ You thought as you ran out in rain, opening the motel door and slamming it closed.

"Hey, how’d it go?” Garth looked up from his computer, the light from the screen illuminating his face.

“She said that he was just fine. The same as always.” You muttered as you took off the blazer and high heels.

“What are you thinkin’ this is?” He looked up at you, prepared with his answer.

“To me it looks like a vampire nest. These people go to the bar, leave with someone from the nest and they’re never seen again.” Your head slightly nodded in agreement as your mouth opened to yawn.

“If you don’t mind, I’m gonna hit the hay. You should too.” The bed was in contact with your body as you fell backwards.

“I’ll do some more research, then I’ll go to bed.” With your face smothered against the pillow you mumbled an 'okay’ before falling asleep.

The next morning you were woken up by someone shaking your body.

“(Y/N), come on we have our chance to gank the son-of-a-bitch tonight.” Garth kept on shaking you.

“Five more minutes,” you mumbled.

“(Y/N) it’s one in the afternoon.” You shot out of the bed, eyes locking onto the clock on the nightstand.

“Why the hell didn’t you wake me up?!” A pillow was thrown at Garth. As your arm was thrown up in the air he spotted something out of the corner of his eye.

He grabbed the arm that had the clock on it. Garth’s eyes lit up. You scanned his face as he looked at your arm.

“What? What is it?” He gave your arm back and you looked upon the clock. It read twelve hours.
Your body was in shock. It froze up and you couldn’t keep your eyes off of the clock, watching as each number started to decrease.

“T-this isn’t possible. H-how” eyes glancing up you saw Garth with the biggest smile on his face.

After staring at each other for about five minutes, he walked off a yelled something along the lines of “get ready for the hunt”.

The rest of the day was a drag. Garth told you that the vamps were in an abandoned warehouse two miles outside of town. He would go to the bar as a target and you would follow as he would leave the bar with someone. After that, well, both of you know how it goes.

For the next seven hours, all you did was stare at the clock on your arm, counting down. The numbers went by fast as time went on. It felt like you had only been staring at it for a minute, but Garth was shaking you back to reality.

“Go time,” he said as he grabbed his jacket and waited by the door. You arose onto your feet and walked over to him. The ignition to the car soon started as you two were off.

Garth headed into the bar, glancing back at you as he opened the front door. Some hours later he walked out with a chick under his arms.
They quickly got into a nearby car and drove off. You quickly followed them as they sped down the road. With the warehouse in sight, you pulled over and popped the trunk; grabbing what was needed and leaving.

Grunts were heard in the distance and you broke out in a sprint. Garth was up against on of the walls of the warehouse, surrounded by five vampires. One heard you and turned to face you. He pounced as he approached quickly. You chopped off his head in one clean slice, the other vamps looking back at you. They all gave you the time to throw Garth a machete. You both worked fast getting rid of the monsters.

Sitting on the ground, tired and beat, you let out a sigh. Garth slightly chuckled at you, then suddenly two tall men broke through the door in front of you. Getting up quickly, you put yourself in a defensive position.

You locked eyes with the one with the strong jaw line and bright green eyes. The clock on your arm lit up as it went off, and so did his. Garth looked at the boys, not even noticing the clocks.

“Sam? Dean? That you?” The green eyed one broke eye contact with you and looked at Garth.

“Garth?” All three broke into smiles and a bunch of man hugs. You continued to stare at your proclaimed soul mate. He eventually looked back at you, Garth noticing and taking it upon himself to introduce everyone.

“Boys, this is (Y/N), one of the best hunters I know. (Y/N), these are the Winchester’s. Sam,” he gestured to the tall one,“ and Dean,” then to the green eyed one.

Sam smiled at you and gave a small nod. You didn’t know what to say. You’ve heard of the Winchester’s, the brothers who saved the world multiple times; but one of them was your soul mate? Not possible.

Garth lightly nudged you towards them and grunted. Irritated, you turned to him and tried to point at your clock without the brothers noticing. His eyes went wide. Dean caught on and stared intently as you both communicated silently.

“Everything okay guys?” Sam still hadn’t caught on. Garth looked down at his hands, then up at Sam.

“Can I see your arm?” Sam’s brow furrowed, but he obeyed. As Garth checked Sam’s arm, Dean stuck his out arm and pulled his long sleeves back so that the clock was visible.

“She’s my soul mate Garth.” He sounded scared as the words left his mouth. All eyes were on Dean, two sets surprised, one anxious.

Dean laughed lightly, then continued to speak.

“Never thought I would have a soul mate, especially a hot one,” your cheeks burned up,“ but, uh, I think that you should come with me and Sammy. Garth trusts you, you’re a well known hunter and you’re my supposed soul mate. No harm in getting to know you. I know it’s a bit forward, but how else am I gonna get to know you.” Your eyes scanned him, Garth scanned you, Sam scanned Dean and Dean scanned you.

'It is a little bit too forward, ’ you thought, “but he did have a point. Garth trusts 'em, they’re well known and we are soul mates. No harm done, well, unless something wrong happens on a hunt. But that’s not the point.’ You nodded your head.

"I’ll go with you, I see no harm in it. If that’s alright with you Garth?” He nodded his head almost furiously.

“For God’s sake (Y/N), most hunters don’t have a soul mate. You have yours now. If your looking for my consent, you have it.” He punched your shoulder softly. You laughed, then looked at Dean.

“I do have one condition though.” Both brothers raised an eyebrow.

“Name your price,” Dean said a little too quickly.

“If I go with you, I will get to bring my car with me. I don’t care if I go in your car every once in a while, but on occasion I get to drive my car.” Dean immediately sealed the deal.

Sam looked between you both, he could already see why you were soul mates. Even though he only met you minutes ago, he knew you were the one for his brother. His true lover.

missy-jinx  asked:

Not sure if someone's already said this,but you should really watch boku no pico it's got a great story and engaging characters.I think you'd really like it.




anonymous asked:

Okay, that's little weird. What if s/o would be like a doll for a day? (Idk, let's say one of Reji potions put her into a permanent paralysis) Would they take care of her or just toss her around?

Shu- Shu would cuddle her all day and let her use one of his buds to listen to music to with him until the day was over.

Reiji- He’d just sit her down and go on making potions and shit, trying to fix her.

Ayato- Ayato would just toss her around all day, doing annoying things, accidentally slamming her into a wall, etc. He would also dedicate an hour to playing with her boobs.

Laito- Laito would actually be a bit nice and would just put on her favorite tv show and let her watch tv all day. He may join her later to cuddle.

Kanato- Dress up time, mother fucker. You’d be used just like a doll, dressed up, put make up on, the whole sha-bang. 

Subaru- Subaru would actually be very gentle and would take you everywhere. He’d set you up outside to stay with him and then take you inside and wrap you in blankets. Everything.

Kino- Kino would cuddle you for a while and try to make you play video games, but would grow bored and have the maids take care of her. 

Wish Upon a Star | Taylor & Jesse

Today was Jesse’s birthday and they were still in Florida and she was quick, and quiet in the morning. She’d ordered a big breakfast for their hotel room, with candles and the whole sha-bang. The day before Taylor made sure they did a lot of things that would keep Jesse nice and tired so he would sleep longer than usual. It was 10:45 am and everything was set-up and ready. In a little outfit he picked to bring on their vacation Taylor climbed on the bed and kissed him, until he woke up. “Happy Birthday.” She whispered softly and ran her hands down his bare chest, and back up until he woke up all the way. 


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About Animal Kingdom's future night show, do you know if there will be fireworks usage? I'm kind of worried about it, as it may disturb the animals and everything.

No. Trust me when I say they know what they are doing in terms of this shows implementation. The show is going to have music and lights the whole sha bang. But no booms from fireworks that shall disturb animals. 

The day that I never thought would be - Meeting Jason Dohring and others!


So if anyone has been wondering why I have been so inactive, [anyone at all,] it’s because I have been at Oz Comic-Con in Melbourne. My very first Comic-Con EVER! So on Friday morning, I got up bright and early, and headed off to the airport. Anyway this is the boring part.

Skip to Saturday:

Saturday was proclaimed Jason Day, as I attempted to maneuver myself through the Royal Exhibition Building (gorgeous building) just so hectic. So the very first thing I did was go to Jason’s panel, which was great, listening to him talk about how if he was on Game of Thrones he would be a direwolf. He answered the questions; but he still seemed super shy, plus it didn’t really help that the speakers were positioned in the opposite direction, so he was struggling to hear people’s questions. After the panel, I headed upstairs to have my photo taken with Jason, and stood patiently in line - honestly, trying not to die from nervousness. Way more difficult than it sounds!

Anyway, I reached the photograph booth and moved inside behind two friends who were getting a photo together. I was desperately trying to decide what I was going to say, in case I had just one moment, one moment that could slip away and I didn’t want it to fade, having not said anything. I was called over for the next photo.

Jason grinned at me and held out his hand, ‘Hi, I am Jason, what’s your name?’

I shook it almost instantly, 'Hi, I am Jessica,’

'Jessica,’ he repeated.

We posed and snapped a quick photo, I was hoping to be able to fit in whole words before they ushered me out the door.

Words come at me. Words, where are you when I need you?

'I have been a fan of Veronica Mars since I was eleven,’ I blurted.

'ELEVEN! Really, eleven years old? (Jokingly) that’s tragic,’

'Anyway, I am going to get an autograph later, so I’ll probably speak to you then,’

I headed out taken a deep breath. I’d met Jason Dohring - Jason Dohring who had been Logan Echolls. I ended up coming back to take a group Veronica Mars photo with Sam Huntington, Aaron Ashmore and obviously Jason.

Both Sam and Aaron greeted me with a 'hey,’ as the line was super long and there wasn’t much time to talk. Jason sauntered over and gave an excited 'YEEAHHH!’

'Couldn’t pick a favourite, huh?’ the photographer pointed to my shirt, 'I understand, me neither.’

I said thank you and exited.

Now, later on in the day, I headed over to the autograph booth to get Jason’s autograph. 

As his assistant passed him my photo, I let out a rather, nervous 'Please come to Adelaide!’

'Okay,’ He laughed, 'I’ll try,’

'Tell them I’ll pay for your ticket, 

'I’ll tell them,’ He smiled.

'I really wanted to go to your dinner; but I missed out unfortunately and I didn’t get to see the movie when it was at our theatre across town… I cried,’

Really, why are you telling him this?

'So have you seen the movie now?’ He queried, still writing on my photo.

'Yeah,’ I added triumphantly, 'I got the digital download, the whole sha-bang,’

Who even says sha-bang anymore?

Okay, good,’

'When I was little, I used to sneak out of bed to watch Veronica Mars…’

'Really?’ He was looked kind of intently at what he was writing, I was beginning to get curious.

'Yeah, actually, I sent Rob a letter a while ago. He answered it. It was addressed to all of you, I should see if he can copy it or something, and asked him to send you a copy,’

I am rambling, I am so nervous, I am rambling.

'Thanks, that’s really nice of you, that would be great,' 

'Thanks,’ I said, gesturing to my photo.

As I left the line and began to walk away, he was still looking at me, quite intently.

Then I looked down at the photo in my hand:

'To Jess,

I love you baby!



NOTE: Just for the record he has his arm on the Epic speech!

So I left Comic-Con that night feeling a tad elated and beaming, still uncertain whether I would get my group photo signed, I stewed over it all night. Barely getting any sleeping.

Should I? Shouldn’t I? Will it ruin the perfect experience of yesterday? What would I say?

And the beat went on.

I ended up deciding I would get each of them to sign it. I headed over to Aaron’s table, a little uncertain of what to say:

'I was telling Jason, I’ve been a fan of Veronica Mars since I was eleven…’

Yep, that’s all I got.

That’s cool,’ Aaron answered and I thanked him for signing my photo. 

Then it was off to Sam’s table.

'Hey again darling,’ Sam called.

'Hey,’ I smiled.

'Did you make that?’ He pointed to my Veronica Mars shirt that I had been spending days working on; but wasn’t incredibly happy with, 'I mean, obviously you made that, let me look,’

I felt incredible self conscious and tried to subtly let him look at it (despite my priority pass hanging over the front.)

'You’re not letting me see,’ He prodded.

'I-I didn’t get to finish it, it’s not as good as it could’ve been,’ I lifted the pass out of the way cautiously.

'That is so cool, you went all out… and you’re not having anyone sign it?’

'I don’t know, I didn’t really think about it,’

'Fair enough, that’s cool,’ He scrawled across my photo quickly and handed it to me.

'Thanks,’ I smiled, 'Thank you so much,’

'No, thank you, darling,’ Sam answered with a heartfelt smile.

I joined Jason’s line and waited patiently me for my turn, this time I was going to say exactly what was from my heart, exactly what I’d wanted to tell him yesterday. But had chickened out.

I walked over to his table, handing his assistant my photo.

'It’s so great to see you again,’ He grinned that sweet grin.

'Well, I realized amongst all my blabbering yesterday because I was trying to make sure I said something, I forgot tell you something,’

'Yeah, sure,’ He looked up from the photo.

'I wanted to thank you for being on Veronica Mars,’ I could feel my eyes already welling up with tears as I spoke. I choked them back.

Please don’t cry, please don’t cry.

You know, you and Kristen and Rico, you all helped me a lot growing up and in high school. I don’t know where I would be without you guys and the show.’

He could see I was about to cry and he reached out and held my hand.

'Thanks so much for telling me that because that is why we do what we do.’

I walked away, noticing that his eyes still followed me as I wandered back to where my cousin was waiting, still trying to steel myself and not cry right there in view.

I looked down at the new photo:

 'Jess, can I be your favourite?’

You already are Jason, you already are.

back to the promo pics from the barn.

we all know now that these pics are from the barn where they hide from the storm.

yes, Bob & Beth are the only ones with a solid wall and yes, Bob is dead-dead (Carl’s wall has gun shots, just like Rick, Glenn, Abraham, Michonne, Carol & Rosita so he’s out)

but can you imagine, after the trailer with the barn came out and we look back at the promo pics with wooden walls behind, what the reactions would be if she also had a wooden wall/ wall with gun-shots? after her supposed death in coda?


would they really make it THAT obvious?

all this early crap with people saying “it was a last-minute decision to kill her off” AND Emily being like “I found out the day the script [for the episode] came out” is DAMN WRONG. 

it’s not a coincidence, that only the two of them - who are “dead” - have the solid walls.

they planned her story. they planned THIS. the whole sha-bang.

- Melina

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I highly recommend watching "Boku no pico". It is truly a work of art. You haven't lived until you've seen it.




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* a whistle sounds! seemingly out of no where when suddenly a burst of cheerful seafearing music, accordions,acoustic guitars,pianos, the whole sha bang * LAND AHOY * a robotic voice ventures! what looks like a wooden pirate ship roped to a giant balloon flew over the tree's,coming in for a landing*

Tawny comes climbing out of a cavern near by, covered in all sorts of things, a bag full of iron ore and coal and other things. She holds her pick, made out of stone. “What the..What in the name o’ Notch..” She looks at her house, and run as fast as she can manage. She gets on the roof, yelling. “WHAT IN THE NAME O’ NOTCH ARE YE DOIN’ HERE!? WHO ARE YE!”