the whole sha bang

  • au where keith is in a band and lance gets roped in to go see them by his friends (aka pidge and hunk) because ‘lance you need to see this band they are amazing. plus you’ll think the lead singer is sooo cute’ 
  • so he finally gives in and goes 
  • and holy shit he sees keith up there singing his heart out and jamming on guitar, and smiling and it’s over
  • lance is completely and utterly smitten by this boy
  • he tries talking to keith after the show and uses his shitty pickup lines.., keith sort of just stares at him for a few moments
  • lance is about to burst he’s so embarrassed
  • BUT THEN he actually fucking giggles, hand covering his mouth and a small blush the whole sha-bang
  •  keith gives lance his number and now hunk owes pidge 20 dollars bc he honestly didn’t think lance would score the guy’s digits

colored concept sketch of another voltron oc (she may be scrapped though)

Her name is Nake (Nah-ke) and she’s a teenage ex-princess who developed a crazy bloodlust after the destruction of her planet and the death of her loyal servant (secret gf ;Oc). She’ll stop at nothing to get revenge on the Galra, even if it means hurting the innocent.

Wish Upon a Star | Taylor & Jesse

Today was Jesse’s birthday and they were still in Florida and she was quick, and quiet in the morning. She’d ordered a big breakfast for their hotel room, with candles and the whole sha-bang. The day before Taylor made sure they did a lot of things that would keep Jesse nice and tired so he would sleep longer than usual. It was 10:45 am and everything was set-up and ready. In a little outfit he picked to bring on their vacation Taylor climbed on the bed and kissed him, until he woke up. “Happy Birthday.” She whispered softly and ran her hands down his bare chest, and back up until he woke up all the way.