the whole reason i got a ds

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No one has said this yet I don't think but what if Allison went away that summer because Mrs. Ds twin already took over and put the real Mrs D in Radley. So that night Allison went missing the reason she was so hostile to her "mother" was because she was her crazy aunt, then someone hit her, and the crazy aunt would burry her alive. Then the whole 4 seasons it's the crazy Aunt and the real mrs D got out at the finally and killed the aunt and buried her in the finale episode

OMG now that would be a twist! x

There was an incident…

Gray dress lady pulled beside the lot and knocked over a sign. She was pretty distraught. It was a very gorey sign and she had a kid in the back seat. A protester approached her with his own gore porn to confront her. She started telling him, loudly, why what he’s doing is wrong and why she strongly disagreed with what he was doing. Immediately, the group of protesters had more or less swarmed her and her car.

The other escorts and I got concerned that the situation might escalate. We saw one on her phone and knew she was calling the cops on the lady. One of the escorts approached the swarm of protesters to tell the lady that the cops had been called and that the protesters were just trying to stall her, I stood to the side recording  everything on my phone in case shit got real. She was yelling at them, “this place saved my life! You don’t understand, you never will because it will never happen to you! They saved me, they saved my son!” The protesters weren’t having it, of course, and kept repeating the same tired shit about murder and selling baby parts and why do you condone child murder, ma'am? She got in her car and drove off the lot. At this point, I saw that one elderly protester, a regular who seems to be there every week, was recording me. I smiled and waved for his camera.

Gray dress lady pulled into the clinic parking lot. We walked over to her car, she got out and immediately began thanking us. She seemed so frustrated and upset by the whole thing, but when she thanked us, I could see how sincerely she felt it. She was so grateful that we were there to help. She asked us if we wanted to meet her son , whom she more or less told us was the reason why she was so defensive of Planned Parenthood. She opened the back seat and introduced her son, a boy who was about ten, playing a special edition Pokémon DS (I told him I loved it and had one of my own). He hugged us all and told us thank you too, he was so sweet.

The cops showed up after the woman and her son had already left. Unfortunately for the protesters, nothing came of their complaints. The cops took no action against the lady, no matter how much the woman who called them whined about “an altercation” and “excuse me but I really feel like” and “destruction of property, officer!” A cop pulled into the parking lot to get into the clinic, looks at the us escorts and says “I don’t know how you guys do this” while shaking his head.

It might be petty, but we were laughing at them..