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Being a member-guest is “very, very danger”~~

└ Sho-kun really should have read the signs better, even if it started innocently enough with a carrot stick. (^_^)

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Best parts of the new Ducktales premiere - Part 2

Glomgold: You’re here because you’re the best of the cheapest.


Glomgold: But first, here are your company IDs. Also good for 40% off life vest rental in case of emergency. Gabby McStaberson! Hack and Slash Smashnokoff! Donald Duck! Duck! DUCK!
Donald: [puts a finger up and nervous laughs] [turns away back on his phone, keeping up the ‘one moment, I’m on the phone’ finger behind him]


Louie: Webby! That’s irresponsible! She’ll be worried sick! Call your grandma this instant! And tell her! You are spending the night and a friend’s house, okay? Lying! It’s the responsible thing to do.


Scrooge: Launchpad, have you ever piloted a sub before?
Launchpad: I sunk a helicopter in a wade pool once. Same thing?


Dewey: Classic Scrooge-Dewey banter. The seasoned petard explorer passing the torch to his cocky young successor.
Huey: I’m pretty sure he doesn’t actually know our names.
Dewey: I’m sorry, what?
Huey: I think he called me ‘Herbert’ once.
Dewey: Don’t be ridiculous. Hey Scrooge! When are we gonna set sail, Scrooge?
Scrooge: In a moment, Sonny Jim.
Huey: [holds up one of his ‘road trip’ sub t-shirts]
Dewey: I will cram it down your throat.


Scrooge: Ah-ah. Lad. The shortest distance between two points isn’t always a straight line.
Dewey: Okay. But. Yes, it is.


Scrooge: You kids’ll be the death of me.
Dewey: DEWEY! Dewey will be the death of you!


Huey: Can we make a pit stop? I have to use the bathroom, but it’s, um. [struggles with a sea monster pushing on the bathroom door] Ah! Occupied? [closes the door]
Scrooge: For the love of- It’s the middle of the ocean! There are no pit stops!
Launchpad: How ‘bout that conspicuously unmarked tanker?


Donald: Ah. [holding up a picture of a tiny Dewey on his phone, walking on a mat, surrounded by pillows, to Donald wearing baseball gloves] -Little Dewey’s first steps. [switches the picture so you can see Donald holding the shoulders of a kid in heavy padding and a helmet, his finger covering up most of the kid at the moment] And that’s Huey at the play-offs. [removes finger to reveal Huey holding a tray with water cups] He was the water boy.
[frame shifts to reveal his attempt to engage this with the Hack and Slash guys is being met with total disinterest]
[he shifts to Gabby, who is using her sword to whittle a wooden knife]
Donald: Oh, look! That’s us climbing the Grand Canyon- [shows the picture - initially visible is the triplets on the ground and Donald climbing…something] [he moves his finger to reveal that what he’s climbing is a sign in the shape of a bottle reading “Grand Canyon Cola”] -display at the supermarket.
Donald: Ah, I miss them so much. But we need this job. So tell me about your family.
Gabby: I was raised by warrior monks who spoke only the language of the blade. [stabs the wooden knife she whittled into a counter] [then slices it cleanly in half with her sword]
Donald [flinching]: Ah-hah.


[security camera reveals the triplets coming out of the bathroom after Scrooge]
Donald: THE BOYS?!
[Huey goes back to wash his hands]
Donald: Wait til I get my hands on- [angry duck sounds] I’m gonna kill him!
Glomgold: Ooh! Better idea! Nab the jewel *and* kill them all! Somebody’s angling for employee of the month! [laughs]


[Webby looking at phone nervously]
Louie: Just call your grandma already! It’s no big deal. [presses the call button]
Webby: Ah! [fumbles with phone]
Louie: Remember, you’re at a friend’s house, okay? You got this.
Webby: Hi Granny! I’m spending the night at a friend’s house so nothing is wrong! [hangs up]
Louie: Oh, you don’t got this.


Glomgold: He thinks he’s *so* rich and *so* Scottish! Well, I’m wearing a kilt, McDuck! A KIIIIILT!


[Launchpad drops down with snakes on him]
Huey: Launchpad? Are you okay?
[Launchpad makes odd noises and stands up]
Launchpad: A little snake venom nev-ve-eerrr [appears to fall asleep standing up]
[Huey pushes at him]
Launchpad [suddenly straightening up]: HI! NICE TO MEET YOU! I’M EVERYBODY’S FRIEND! [collapses]


Scrooge: Because you have no idea what you’re doing!
Dewey: So show me! Give me a chance instead of lumping us all together in the backseat while you drive!
Scrooge: I’m not lumping you all together!
Dewey: Oh really? Which triplet am I?
Scrooge: Itch…eh…Bluey?


Dewey: Let go of my uncle!
Glomgold: No.
Dewey: …I wasn’t prepared for that.


Scrooge: What are you doing here, Flinty?
Donald: What are YOU doing here, Scrooge? I told you to keep the boys safe!
Scrooge: Ah, they’re perfectly fine.
Donald: Oh yeah? Where are the other two?
Scrooge: Back safe in the room with the fire and the snakes.
Donald: What?!
Glomgold: Ah, Scroogey! I see you know my newest employee.
Scrooge: Your new job is with my sworn enemy?
Donald: I can’t keep track of *all* your sworn enemies!


[phone ringing, Webby goes to answer]
Louie: Oh no no no no
Webby [answering]: Oh, look! Uncle Hampus is here and he only speaks Swedish. We don’t want to be rude, so…goodbye?
Louie: And…you’re done. Yeah, you’re never gonna be able to back up that lie. That was crazy.
Launchpad: Waaaah! [falls, grabs phone, speaks a bunch of Swedish into the phone]


Hack: But I thought employees were greatest treasure of all.
Glomgold: Don’t be ridiculous! Treasure is the greatest treasure of all, that’s why it’s called treasure! Glomgold out!


Scrooge: That bauble? It’s nice, but it’s obviously super cursed.
Glomgold: No it’s not!
[people run, a huge tentacle slaps him into the water from behind]


Donald: It might be okay if the boys saw you every once in a while.
[triplets celebrate]
Donald: Sometimes. Like on birthdays. Or federal holidays. Nothing too-
[houseboat bursts into flames]
[everyone stares at Dewey]
Dewey: Oooh, I may have left the engine running in the houseboat.


[Dewey lifts the corner of the picture depicting Scrooge and Donald on an adventure together to reveal a girl fighting someone and obviously adventuring with the other two]
Dewey: Mom?

[Della Duck DELLA Duck DELLA DUCK]

[okay I’m done now]


Doctor Who Rewatch: Aliens of London



Have some random robron gifs that I didn’t use for the robron awards 2017

  • Alya: [giving Marinette advice before her first date with Adrien] Try to compliment him without stuttering, laugh at all his puns...
  • Marinette: But what if they aren't funny?
  • Alya: Oh honey, the cute ones rarely are. God doesn't give with both hands.

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what are you head canons for oikawa's backpack?

I suppose this is a long time coming, forgive me for taking so long!

  • Oikawa keeps his headphones neatly organized because he can’t stand when they get tangled
  • He uses the bobby pins to pin back his bangs while studying because they hang in his face and irritate him
  • He has a Millennium Falcon keychain and has had a crush on Han Solo since he was 12 years old
  • (He refuses to let Iwaizumi speak during the Han/Leia kiss scene in episode V even though he has the whole scene memorized and can quote it verbatim on demand)
  • The USB drive to the right has game footage of several teams he may play against in the future
  • He’s got eyedrops because his eyes are dry and itchy from the late nights he pulls
  • He uses the concealer to hide his undereye circles… he doesn’t want Iwaizumi noticing how little sleep he’s gotten
  • The ibuprofen. For the constant aches and pains from his overworked body
  • He has the nail clippers to make sure his nails are always short enough that they don’t interfere with his setting
  • The notebook is full of his notes on other teams/his own technique… half of it is unintelligible because he’s written it at 2AM
  • THE OPTIMISTIC CHILD HAS TWO CONDOMS ALRIGHT. HE PROBABLY HAS MORE. When you’re as pretty as he is, it pays to be prepared!!
Okay I ship them so much Jesus Christ. Can we go back in time, so they can make out?
—  Pewdiepie playing episode 4 of Life is Strange.
I could see it in your eyes, that you honestly believed that I didn’t want you anymore. The most absurd, ridiculous concept — as if there were any way that I could exist without needing you!
—  Edward Cullen, New Moon, Chapter 23.

Critical Role + Aesthetic: Pike Trickfoot (x) (x) (x) (x)

“But I’m here and I want to help in any way that I can.”

Six sons and two daughters were born to Queen Margaret. Three of the sons, Edgar, Alexander, and the noblest of his family, David, were kings. Edgar was a pleasant and lovable man, like his kinsman King Edward in everything. He did nothing tyrannical, nothing harsh, nothing avaricious to his people, but governed his subjects with the greatest charity and benevolence. What is more, Alexander was humble and lovable to clerics and monks but dreadful beyond measure to his other subjects. [David] was a great-hearted man, extending himself beyond his powers in everything. He was educated, and he was extremely zealous in regulating the churches, in searching out the relics of saints, in making and arranging priestly vestments and sacred books. He was in fact so devoted to the poor that in nothing did he seem to take more pleasure than in receiving, washing, nourishing, and clothing them.

But we have digressed somewhat in the foregoing description of what we feel about King David. The sister of these men, Matilda, married the most glorious king of the English, Henry. Anyone who wants to write about her wonderful renown and her strength of mind, how assiduous and devoted she was at the divine offices and holy vigils, how humble she was, especially considering her great power, will show us another Esther in our own time.
The sister of this blessed woman, Maria by name, was given as wife to Count Eustace of Boulogne. Of this excellent and Christian queen [Matilda] was born Matilda, who first married the Roman emperor, then the noble count of Anjou, Geoffrey. Of Maria was born Matilda who was given in marriage to him who was then the count of Morocco; she is now the wife of Stephen, king of the English. By the arrangement of King Henry, King David took to wife Matilda the daughter of Count Waltheof and Judith, who was granddaughter of King William the First. From her he received his son Henry, a man gentle and devout, a person of sweet spirit and cheerful heart and worthy in every way to be born of such a father. I lived with him from the very cradle. I grew up with him, boys together, and even when we were both adolescents I knew him. To serve Christ I left him while he was stamping out the flowers of youth, as I did his father, whom I loved beyond all mortals, at that time illustrious in the flower of old age. I left them bodily, but never in heart.

These are the ones which survive from that holy generation. From the Empress Matilda you [Henry of Anjou] came, most illustrious man, whom we now hail as Duke of the Normans and of the Aquitainians, Count of the Angevins, and truly heir to England. Your brothers are Geoffrey and William, of whom we hope for good things, to whom we wish the best. From Queen Matilda and the devout King Stephen came William, count of Warenne and Boulogne. From Henry [of Scotland] came Malcolm, William, and David, heir to his grandfather’s name. May God have mercy on their childhood, and may you too be merciful, whom divine loving-kindness has established as the most noble head of your whole people. May your holy gaze, your loving heart, and your effective action be upon them in all their necessities. They are orphans, left to you by their grandfather, who loved you above all people; you will be a helper to these your wards, for you are in age more mature, in hands stronger, and in feeling more mature than they.


Aelred of Rievaulx, in his Genealogy of the Kings of the English, translated by J.P. Freeland.

 I don’t usually quote at length on this blog but I’m being lazy tonight and thought I’d share this.

Ailred of Rievaulx, mostly famous for his spiritual treatises but also the author of several historical works, was born in Hexham, Northumberland, but spent much of his youth at the court of David I of Scotland, where he rose to the position of court steward. As he himself testifies, this meant growing up alongside David’s son, Henry of Scotland, and though he eventually left the Scottish court to enter Rievaulx Abbey, Ailred seems to have remembered both David and Henry fondly.

(Henry II of England)

In 1153, Ailred completed his ‘Genealogy of the Kings of the English’, which was the same year that David I died in his castle of Carlisle. The genealogy was dedicated to David I’s great-nephew Henry, Count of Anjou, and then heir to the English throne (he would succeed as king of England the following year). Through his maternal grandmother, Matilda of Scotland, David’s elder sister and the daughter of St Margaret, Henry II was descended from the House of Wessex, thus uniting both the old Anglo-Saxon ruling house of England, with the House of Normandy (Henry being descended also from William the Conqueror). As well as this, though, Henry had been knighted by his great-uncle David at Carlisle in 1149, and in his preface to the genealogy Ailred names Henry as the heir to David’s spirit, expressing his hope that he would mould himself in his great-uncle’s image. 

As the genealogy was dedicated to Henry II, Ailred narrates his descent from St Margaret, among others, describing the virtuous lives of several of her children, three of whom became kings of Scots in their own right (as named above, Edgar, Alexander, and David). The other three sons, who are not named here, were her eldest Edward, who died alongside his father Malcolm III at the Battle of Alnwick, Aethelred the lay abbot of Dunkeld, and Edmund, whom William of Malmesbury claims was the only son of Margaret to fall from grace through his role in the death of his half-brother Duncan II and who may have been briefly regarded either as co-king or tanaiste by his uncle Donald Ban. The daughters meanwhile were Edith or Matilda, who married Henry I of England and was the mother of William the Atheling and the Empress Maud, and Mary, who married the Count of Boulogne, and was the mother of King Stephen’s queen, also Matilda. Henry II was the eldest son of Empress Maud, and was eventually named Stephen’s successor. After a period of civil war, hopes must have been high for the young but capable Henry to bring peace and order to the kingdom, and Ailred seems to give voice to these hopes. 

(David I and his grandson Malcolm IV in the Kelso Charter)

Meanwhile in Scotland, David I had died in 1153. The previous year, his only son Henry of Scotland had beaten him to the grave, leaving behind several children by his wife Ada de Warenne. Malcolm, the eldest, was to succeed his grandfather as king of Scots at the tender age of twelve, and he himself would die young in 1165, having lived an apparently chaste and pious life. He was to be succeeded in turn by his brother William, who was of a very different character, though in 1153 both boys were still children and succession by primogeniture to the Scottish throne was far from certain, though fortunately for Malcolm IV he succeeded in comparative peace. Thus Henry II is charged- at least rhetorically- with protecting the interests and moral development of the boys, though in the end relations between Henry and his young cousins would not always be friendly. Also mentioned in the list of Henry of Scotland’s children is his posthumous son David, later Earl of Huntingdon and ancestor to the Balliol and Bruce kings, while Henry also had at least two daughters who survived to adulthood but are not named here- Margaret, Duchess of Brittany and later Countess of Hereford, and Ada, Countess of Holland.

The whole quote, though, I think is an interesting one from a man who had experience of both the English and Scottish kingdoms at a time when it may have seemed like relations between the two would be much friendlier than we usually assume in hindsight, and also as an indication of Ailred’s view of major figures of his time, particularly Henry II and David I and their relationship to a ‘holy generation’, as well as perhaps expressing hopes for the future that may well have been shared by many others in 1153.

(I skipped over the section where Ailred gives an anecdote relating to Matilda washing the feet of the poor, though it’s still of interest that he claims that David I was his source, but I didn’t want to go on for too long). 

(Ailred of Rievaulx being presented to Edward the Confessor, in a fourteenth century copy of his life of that saint)

I think I just thought of a similarity between Kairi and Naminé:

This is because someone somewhere, was saying that they think Sora and Riku are closer to thinking Nobodies have the right to exist than Kairi is…

And this argument is really flawed–and I’m not going to get into it now, because that’s not what I’m here to talk about right now–but if the person was using Kairi’s easily accepting Naminé returning to her at the end of KHII as an example… I think that was because it was what Naminé herself wanted, and Kairi respected her choice. But just in the little they knew each other, Kairi treated Naminé better than anyone else ever has.

But this got me thinking that Kairi and Naminé both, as a whole, respect people’s choices. And I think this is a trait that connects them both and shows how they’re the same person (or are supposed to be).

Kairi with the Naminé returning to her thing, as I said above, and also in letting Sora and Riku go off without her–when they say that that would be the best option, even though Kairi wants to go with them.

And Naminé in giving Roxas and Xion both the choice to return to Sora, and then being on board with the decisions that they made about it. She even went against DiZ and Riku, so she could tell Roxas the truth and let him have the option to willingly return to Sora. 

And, I mean, we get that whole quote in Days about  Naminé from Roxas (though he doesn’t know he’s talking about her at the time.” “Somebody knows where I come from. If I can’t get answers here, I’ll get them there. That’ll be the person… I trust.”  Naminé, unlike everyone else, gave Roxas all the information and let him decide what to do based on that.

So, yeah: I now think this is supposed to be a canon trait in both Kairi and  Naminé, that they share with each other.