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I would rather, I would rather not. Thank you.

“The peace sign was something that ran with Abraham and Sasha, throughout the whole series. It was this sort of unspoken, this very loaded peace sign. We had to find a way for Abraham to connect with Sasha, for him to say goodbye, specifically to Sasha, because we had already established in the finale of last year that eye contact was not broken, but you saw Abraham’s point of view when he got hit by the bat, he got knocked down, he came back up. We could add dialogue, because we didn’t know if he was talking or not, with the ‘suck my nuts’ line, but there was no way for him to literally turn away and address, any way, even kind of nod, and nothing to Sonequa [Martin-Green], because we’d already filmed that. So going back into it, we had to figure out a way that he could basically tell Sasha that everything was gonna be okay, and to say goodbye.” - Michael Cudlitz on Abraham showing peace sign right before his death

i just want to point out one thing the gifs are never able to capture about the first malec meeting, which is that after alec stammers about returning to the fight and leaves you can hear the quick “pat pat pat” of his footsteps like alec literally ran out of the room he was just so overwhelmed by the whole situation he literally ran away.


Disney Alphabet Gif Meme  • M A A Y A N 
  ↳ a song: A whole new world

                 "A whole new world A new fantastic point of view No one to tell us no
                                                                   or where to go Or say we’re only dreaming“

this is late but saf2016 did hakyeon and vixx so dirty.

hakyeon was one of the highlight dancers in the opening modern dance performance but there’s literally barely any shots of him in the broadcast. he did flawless turns across the stage and had an amazing stage presence with sensual facial expressions and graceful body movements but the cameraman didn’t showcase it so he had to upload his own video onto his sns. like literally, n fansites can’t create gifs of him.

Also, I watched vixx’s whole entire stage during the live broadcast but I didn’t even realize that hakyeon did a baton performance in the god of domination until someone cropped the video on twitter.

also can we just point out how vixx is a four year group but had their performance in the first part of the concert and even at that, their performances were cut short.

sbs didn’t even upload their performance on youtube :’)

BTS reaction to their s/o winning best female artist


He would be sooo shook. His mouth would be wide open the whole time until one of the members would point it out. When he overcame the shookness he would be so cocky about it he would be like well of course she won she had no competition nobody compares to one and only y/n and everyone would just roll their eyes

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I don’t think in the moment he would have as big of a reaction as the other members, he would probably just smile or clap but when you two were backstage he would give you a surprise backhug and would hold you so tight and kiss you cheek and congratulate you for the award and tell you how proud he is.

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I think he would be similar to yoongi in a sense he wouldn’t have as much of a reaction in the moment. He would smile and clap but other then that all the affection would come out of him later on when both of you would be alone backstage ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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At first he would be sooo shook, like the thought he heard it wrong until he saw you walking up on the stage and in that moment he would turn into an actual fluff. He would giggle and nudge other members and clap and giggle some more. You get the point he is hella cute.

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This cutie. He would smile really wide and clap obnoxiously from the moment you got up to accept the award to the moment you sat down. He wouldn’t even hear your acceptance speech because of how happy he would be. Literally he would be over the moon about the whole thing.

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He would feel like he won tbh. He seems like the type of boyfriend to be extremely clingy and affectionate so he would probably get so attached to you he would feel like you two are one person which would be why he is so hyped about you winning such an important award. He would definitely cheer you on from the crowd.

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I feel like he would get really emotional. He would clap and smile and be soo proud of you. His eyes would get teary eyes and just duck his head down so nobody could see. When he sees you afterwards he would kiss you and tell you he is proud and that he loves you.

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me @ minerva:

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I’ve been getting lots of messages about the latest bangtan bomb and the whole “are you happy?”/”KTH?” moment. I wasn’t going to say anything because to be honest, I don’t want any part of this shit (because that’s what it is..), but since I figure people will continue to ask me anyway.. I want to point out some things that I’ve observed.

First of all, I highly recommend everybody to exercise caution when reading translations. I’ve seen so many people (including the more popular content creators on tumblr) use shoddy/lazy translations in their gifs or videos or whatever. And then their followers just blindly believe whatever is on the gif.
Listen, I’m a native Korean speaker who is fluent in the language but even I make mistakes when hearing something. But they’re my mistakes and when I go back, I can hear and understand where I went wrong.

If you see somebody say “I’m Korean and all other native Koreans agree with me,” DO NOT take that as confirmation! Why are people so eager to agree with people on the internet? Use your critical thinking skills, be more skeptical! Take translations from multiple sources! Again, I’m saying this as a Korean who is fluent in Korean. Shit, I don’t even trust half the things I read in Korea/English and I’m fluent in both languages.

Wait 6-12 hours (or heaven forbid, a day) for more clarification! I cannot stress this enough. I realize that there are many people who want to make gifs and videos as soon as they’re out, but like I said, even Koreans make mistakes. I understand the need for instant gratification, but if today’s fiasco has taught me anything, it’s that people jump the gun WAY too early. And then they defend their decision based on …what, exactly?

Okay, now that I’ve done preaching.. Let me get into some of the more boring, technical(?) stuff. It’s like, I don’t know..Korean Language 201 stuff, I guess.

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