the whole movie gets to me though tbh

ok but a few things I didn’t really like about BATB

- my #1 issue with this movie is how, instead of taming the Beast, it was like a courtship between Belle and the Beast. Don’t get me wrong, I still really enjoyed this version– I just prefer the other one
- Belle’s iconic ballroom dance dress. Was it pretty? Yes. Did it live up to expectations? No.
- The fact that the Beast was mainly cgi!!! At times it looked kinda weird, and I think if it was less computer generated then it would have been better.
- Also that they altered Dan’s voice! Dan KILLED IT in the movie but I wish either 1) a different actor was picked who could sing that deep or 2) less pitch-adjustment was used (cuz he’s amazing without it!!!!)
- Emma Watson’s lack of surprise and awe in the “Be Our Guest” number. She’s a lovely Belle, very innocent and strong and kind, but she lacks an amazement that Belle had for the castle in the original animated film
- I gotta say, the metal objects and all that… were kind of…. soulless? Realistic, yeah. Disney magic? Not so much.
- Get Ariana Grande off the fucking soundtrack or so help me Disney,,