the whole monologue is so damn beautiful it makes me cry

RWBY Vol. 4 Ch. 12

How many times is this show going to make me cry? Like, I’m not comfortable with this at all.

• It’s about to go down, guys.

• This Nuckelavee for real reminds me of that thing from CTCD and I just want it dead. Please. (“Return the slab”)

•Ren’s semblance is awesome.

•Qrow/Jaune wtf did that look even mean?

•Oh crap, their asses are getting handed to them on platinum platters.


•Stop screeching, man. It’s not that serious.

•Ren’s rage scares me. Like, honestly scares me. He, as I’ve noticed, gets a kind of one track mind when he’s angry and doesn’t think clearly so he starts getting a little reckless. And that’s so unlike him.


•My baby did that self sacrifice for her man ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

•Ren low key peeped and Nora low key liked it. Don’t lie. We all saw that smirk.

•That thing did not just throw her like a ragdoll

•Oh, shit. He’s losing it again. Don’t touch his girl or he goes nuts.

•Yeah, Ren. Chill. You’re getting more wounds than necessary.

•Ren, please take a moment to calm yourself and think rationally

•Damn, I felt that slap.

•I love Nora’s progression from when she was a child. She was so scared and dull. Now, she’s still scared, but she’s also so vibrant and more confident. Proof that things 100% can get better.

• On another note, I think Ren’s kind of finally seeing her as a young adult that doesn’t necessarily need saving. I think he still saw her as that scared, defenseless kid from years ago. Like, he needed to protect her. I think now he sees that she can protect him too if they work together. But I’m pretty sure he knew that the whole time. I don’t know. These thoughts are jumbled.

•Papa Ren’s knife ❤

•Her hand ❤

•Team RNJR strategy time!!!!!!!!!

•I love how teamwork skills have progressed through the series. Like, Jaune still needs help and Ren supported him because he knows his leader still has a long way to go.

•Nora, wtf?


•Ren’s getting serious. Back up guys. Give him some room

•Ren: Lol, did you think that pterodactyl screech would scare me?

•YES, REN. KILL THE BEAST. That inner monologue gave me a reason to be at peace

•Speaking of, I’m glad that Ren can set him mind at ease.

•Don’t ask why, but I thought Qrow disappeared because he would do some backwards shit like that.

•Where’d these airships come from?????? Who called you????? Who has service out here????

•Oh, makes sense.

•Baby Qrow is gonna live, guys

•Mistral really is beautiful (Lol, I don’t remember who posted it and I’m going to find out when I’m done here, but they’d said that if Ren, Nora, and Pyrrha stayed, and Jaune had been from Anima and stayed, they’d all be at Haven. So what made them all go to Beacon (how did Renora even get there?) Just something to think about. I promise to cite as soon as I’m done if I can find the post again 😅) Update: the user is Sunder-the-gold

•IT’S CANON. MY BABIES ARE CANON. They didn’t need a kiss to be canon and I just love that. Boop is playing. This is perfect. I hope Jaune starts teasing them in V5. I think this is good way to start making up for Pyrrha’s death. Key word: start. You’re not done until she’s back in the flesh.

•Oh… Rubes… she’s left already… babes, honey

•Weiss is finally getting out of here!!!!!!

•Baby Blake!!!! (F the new WF)

•Yang upgrade afffffffff

•Poor Tai. Both of his babies are gone again.

•Zwei is life.


•Jaune, baby it’s gonna be okay. I promise. (They’re playing Cold. I’m officially done.)

•Aw, it’s a little memorial now with Papa Ren’s knife.

•Team JNR cuddle and mourn time.

•(I’m pretty sure Nora and Ren share a bed, if I’m not mistaken…)


•Old WF for life!!!!! I love the look they share

•Is that Menagerie???? Sure looks like it kind of. SHE’S GOING FOR BLAKE

•I’m still confused about Oscar. I want to learn more

•Ilia, WF spies, fuck you

•Cinder, fuck you, too. (I still think we should her for human transmutation so we can bring back Pyrrha)

•Don’t say lost, Ruby. Please.

•Ruby is so strong. I love her to pieces ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

•Qrow’s dry humor is great

•Oh, shit. She’s going for Ruby and not Blake… great! (Lol, I think she’ll be the one to tease Renora instead ;3333)

•This letter drove me to tears

•Oh, hell no


Now, we have to wait for the soundtrack and V5 in Fall… I can’t wait that long. Please. Please no.

Read It Wednesday

Welcome to the first Read It Wednesday in 2017! I’m super happy to be doing this again, but I will admit it was nice to have a little break. This is week 6 of Read It Wednesday. Like always, if you don’t see a series here, it means I’m not caught up on it yet, but be on the look out for it in future Read It Wednesday’s. Now, onto some amazing fics!

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The Get Down (a review)

I’ve been anxiously awaiting for this series to drop on Netflix for over a year now. I found out about it through looking on Justice Smith’s wiki page and found out he would have a part in the show. I enjoy his style of acting and said I would try to follow his next project.
I awaited project announcements and there weren’t too many promotions outside of general YouTube ads but I was still stoked.
Then slowly, as the release date began to approach, more casting was revealed and the hype picked up pace.
Then, August 12th hit and Pt. 1 of The Get Down dropped.
I was honestly shocked.

This show exceeded every expectation I had.

Needless to say, I’m going to be spoiler free, this has it all. Action, comedy, tragedy, romance, even a little bit of sci-fi, music, and most importantly, representation for many different groups of people who don’t have a voice.

Great casting with young faces, new and familiar. The chemistry works well between each character and their own interpersonal relationships.
Also, almost every character has an arc that remains stable but continues to intertwine with the main plot.
The wardrobe/style team need awards and an infinite supply of cake because DAMN. The style of the clothing is so spot on, especially with how they’ve styled the hair/make up of each person? It’s not overdone or fake.
In conjunction with the styling of the cast, the location AND camera work make everything seem extremely authentic.
Everything from a broken brick to the vibe of a late 70s sidewalk view feels so real.
It’s like I’m diving into the 70s.
And the writing? My god. The dialogue is so well done. There are also a few monologues that had me tearing up or left me inspired as well.
Every character really does play a large role, even if they are not a principal or main part of the cast. Each character ties the whole story together.

Now, the music. I guess that would be the hardest part to translate over to a new audience. The beginnings of hip-hop intertwined with the peak of disco to our generation with all sorts of newer, experimental music.
Honestly? Sensational. Lyrically, some of the best I’ve heard. Especially considering half of it is freestyled during the show.
You can feel every word impact you in a different way that comes from the characters’ lips.
And the music always fits the scene or the theme of that particular episode.
The music never really misses a beat.
Zeke has the most sick bars but his own style and rhythm, as the audience finds out later though, every character brings their own style to the table.

And as far as exceptional performances?
I would say all but I just have to highlight a few(from the main group):

Justice Smith (Zeke): the reason I followed the production and release of this show. He delivered, most definitely. Don’t sleep on him. This is the beginning. A real impact in the show on and of screen and such a nice guy. His performance left me speechless because he can be so immersed in one thing that you forget he has 7383929372 other events going on but he eventually problem-solves and has time to do most things flawlessly.

Shameik Moore(Shaolin):
If you’ve seen this guy in Dope, you already know he’s dope (I’m sorry, I had to). BUT, what you may not have been able to catch as much is this guy’s versatility to play a character. Both verbally and physically. Not much to spoil but he does A LOT of moving. I’m physically exhausted after an episode of just watching this guy move. Jeez. Amazing performance and each time he interacts with a new character, it’s intense and meaningful. Wow.

Herizen Guardiola(Mylene): fresh face on the scene. Gorgeous, angelic, graceful with ambition and drive. She’s so refreshing to watch and has a lot of moral fiber that drives her character so far. Additionally, her singing voice is beautiful, wow. She’s new but I see many new opportunities coming her way soon enough. Plus, her Spanish makes me cry happy tears. YAS. Don’t sleep on her either. She’s blowing my mind.

Jaden Smith(Dizzee):
All I can say is, Jaden is playing himself. They wrote Dizzee for Jaden. I see Jaden on that screen and I am so HAPPY about it. He was born for this role and I love what they’re doing with his arc. Jaden is doing the damn thing. Also, if you download the soundtrack or if you’ve listened to any of his solo music, this guy is very much a triple threat.
Plus, as I’m seeing from the brand new gifs/photo sets on tumblr, he’s becoming the heartthrob of the show.
@ WRITERS, MOVE HIM TO PRINCIPLE CASTING. Right now, he’s marked as recurring but I don’t think that will last. He’ll be a main soon enough.

Other casting notices (not as in depth)-

Skylan Brooks(Ra-Ra): reminds me of every friend that had something important to say but got slept on. LISTEN. TO. HIM. He always has the best interest at heart. Plus, his facial expressions give me life.

Stefanée Martin(Yolanda): so sweet, so pure. Loves everybody. She reminds me of a fun aunt. She’s not the mom because she likes to cut loose but at the end of the day, she has everyone’s interests at heart.

Tremaine Brown Jr.(Boo-Boo): the little brother I always wanted but I know I’d probably get annoyed with because he’s always hype and ready to go. He’s so much fun and brings life to the crew.
Plus, he probably roasts people the best, next to Zeke. Love this dude.

Shyrley Rodriguz(Regina): she is ruthless and won’t let any damn body tell her what to do. She has fun, bad af, but she’s a softie on the inside. She loves her friends. Give her love.

I don’t want to spoil anything but watch for every little detail that may seem insignificant because it will definitely show itself later on.

Overall, 11/10 for this show. The only thing I could be nitpicky about is some of the driving scenes were a bit awkward and I wanted more backstory on some of the main characters but hopefully, that’ll be what Pt. 2 is for.
Everybody get on Netflix and watch this damn show as soon as you can.

P.S. Let the fan art begin. I’m READY.

Things I have learned from Fifty Shades of Grey (part 5/?)

1. I can’t believe I’m only at the half mark and this is my 5th post of this kind. Wow. If this isn’t an indication of the crapfest that is this book, I don’t know what is. 

2. “Don’t think, Ana”. Well screw you too, Christian. I feel offended on Ana’s behalf, because she doesn’t seem to be capable of this emotion. Us chicas gotta stick together.

3. Ana’s subconscious suggests that Ana should pretend to be a car, in order to feel like a possession of Christian’s. I don’t know how to respond to this. How do you respond to this. Wow.

4. They’re drinking in celebration of Ana’s graduation, but she feels like it’s really about her “capitulation”. Ana is capable of thinking something logical. 

5. “I will take you across my knee”. There are a million things wrong with this sentence. Also, this is not sexy, this is slightly pedophilic.

6. “Your ass will need training”. In the future, when someone asks you why they shouldn’t read Fifty Shades of Grey, show them this sentence. It should be enough.

7. Please, please, can someone pay for an assassin to take care of her damned inner goddess? 

8. The conversation about limits and toys and issues with the contract is the most difficult and cringeworthy piece of crap I have read in my entire life.

9. Sure, get her drunk so she agrees with crap. A+ in manipulation for Christian. Star student here, folks.

10. “My subconscious runs, screaming, and hides behind the couch.” Ana, listen to your subconscious. Mirror her actions. Get the fuck out of there. Dooooo iiiiiittttt.

11. I wonder if Christian is slightly bipolar, with all his mood swings.

12. They’re having sex again. Lovely. This is agonizing to read. Especially since Ana’s questions pop up all the damn time: “Oh no, how? Oh no, what? Oh no, why? What does this mean?”. *snoooore*

13. I have close my eyes and taken deep calming breaths at least 5 times so far, since the sexy times have begun.

14. “Whoa…wow…oh, my…”. PLEASE STOP THINKING CRAP LIKE THIS. We get it, he has a big dick/is the most beautiful man in existence. Now stop.

15. That was so painful to read. I want to compare it to something, but nothing comes close in my head right now. Yes, it was that painful.

16. Finally, praise the gods, Christian speaks the truth: “I am fifty shades of fucked-up.” Preach it, brother. Preach it.

17. She finds the idea of him holding her against her will hot. Maybe Ana is fifty shades of fucked up too. Guys, I think I’ve stumbled onto something here.

18. I do not find any of this sexy at all. Which is a testament to how good the writer is. *snort* Good, yeah.

19. Make up your mind: is spanking demeaning, scary or hot.

20. This is fucked up and abusive in so many ways, I cannot. She’s in pain, you moron.

21. Wow. Just wow. No. This is wrong on so many levels. (to explain, Christian is spanking her because she rolled her eyes and apparently, that doesn’t sit well with mister billionaire, cause he’s a sensitive little duckling)

22. “I’m so pleased that he’s happy.” It’s literally taking me every ounce of determination I have to continue this piece of crap at this point.

23. What’s with this author and the word smart. STOP IT. Smart doesn’t work in every context ever. *whispers* use a dictionary and save us all a lot of headaches.

24. Ana thinks the concept of Christian being worthy of her is “interesting” and the first time this even crossed her mind is when her mom points it out. Are you fucking kidding me? Does this girl have no shred of self respect?

25. Ana be like: “Naaaah, do anything you want to me, even though I may not agree with it/enjoy is, it’s cool, I don’t mind”. Ugh.

26. “I fell over and landed on my behind” = I fell down the stairs and that’s why I have bruises; I ran into a door; I tripped and fell. Say it with me, Ana: I am a victim of abuse. This shit isn’t even funny anymore, it’s deplorable.

27. Abuse, then flattery. Typical Christian. Saying that he’s a dick to Ana doesn’t even cover it anymore. We’re so far past that point, that not even smoke signals can reach us anymore.

28. Yes, Kate, thank you, Christian is an asshole.

29. “I want him to stay because he wants to stay with me, not because I’m a blubbering mess, and I don’t want him to beat me, is that so unreasonable?” This fucking piece of shit has twisted this girl’s views so much that she thinks requests like “don’t beat me” are unreasonable. How so many people have found this story romantic astounds me. This is Fifty Shades of Fucked Up. Reevaluate your life choices, please.

30. And now he’s calling her untrustworthy. You manipulative piece of shit. Fuck you, Christian. Please go die in all the fires.

31. Cringe, gag, shudder, cry, sob = me for the whole book last pages.

32. If I ever see the words “inner goddess” again, it will be too soon.

33. Ana should be walking around with a permanent flush, based on the number of times this word has been used.

34. Why aren’t these people capable of holding a normal conversation is beyond me.

35. “Is that all you want me for - my body?” Yes. Now run, Ana. Run like the wind.

36. These people’s breath hitches a lot. I would like to kindly direct the author towards a thesaurus, because if I see the same words again over every page, I may do something I regret. Like murder Ana’s inner goddess. Wait…I won’t regret that :D

37. “Are you going to hit me?” ACTUAL LINE OF DIALOGUE.

38. You want to know why this story is unrealistic? It’s because Ana was a virgin, not interested in sex AT ALL until she met Christian, and whoa, look at that, she happens to be into BDSM. Oh my, what were the odds of that happening. It was written in the stars. Oh look, so cute, they’re made for each other. Please excuse me while I try not to vomit.

39. And the sad part is that this book feeds all these unrealistic expectations to young readers (because, let’s face it, kids are reading this). I’m honestly appalled.

40. The emotional manipulation…oh, the emotional manipulation…

41. “My inner goddess has a do not disturb sign on the outside of her room” - For the love of all that is holy, don’t disturb her and maybe she’ll just disappear *prays in silence*

42. Tying her hands with plastic cables? Dude, that doesn’t sound comfortable or safe at all.

43. Her inner monologue shows how uncomfortable she is…yet she still, um, finishes. And every single time they do it. Nope. Nuh-uh. Anyone with a basic knowledge of women and how pleasure works with them knows that it takes a bit more to get a woman to that point and it doesn’t happen every single time a woman gets jiggy with it. Repeat after me: unreaaaaaliiiissstttiiiiccccc.

44. Okay then. I want to salt and burn this book so I make sure it doesn’t haunt me. 

45. 120 pages left *uncontrollable sobbing*

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Fic Submission: The Name On Her Back

Written by: stydiafan89

Author’s Note: hi! This is for the prompt of Stiles giving Lydia his jersey and Malia finding out. I had lots of fun with this one! Sorry it’s so long overdue. I hope you all like it :)

From stydia-xo: Can we talk about how precious this is? I went through and proofread for you my dear! Hope everyone loves it as much as I did! 

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“And Mrs. Prentice says that like her husband, I’m a burnt-out old shell of a man who cannot even remember what it’s like to love a woman the way her son loves my daughter. And strange as it seems that’s the first statement made to me all day with which I’m prepared to take issue. Because I think you’re wrong. You’re as wrong as you can be. I admit that I hadn’t considered it, hadn’t even thought about it..but I know exactly how he feels about her. And there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that your son feels for my daughter that I didn’t feel for Christina. Old? Yes. Burnt out? Certainly. But I can tell you the memories are still there..clear, intact, indestructible. And they’ll be there if I live to be 110. (…) The only thing that matters is what they feel and how much they feel for each other. And if it’s half of what we felt…that’s everything.”