the whole king in the north having to kill his own brother thing really got me too

The Queen's Justice | Another Jonerys rant

I thought I couldn’t be more overwhelmed by this ship after the cave scene, but then 😍😍😍…the epic boat scene came along, and I’m spoiled for life! I literally can’t stop thinking about it, and that’s a pretty big deal for me considering that I only got onto the ship after the ‘The Spoils for War’.

One major reason why I never even considered Jon and Dany coming together, aside from the fact that my sole focus would always be the bigger mysteries and whether or not my favorite characters would survive was, admittedly, the incest. Even after knowing the thing about incest and GoT, the creepy Cersei/Jaime relationship was off putting enough for me to feel physically sick at the thought of any more of it, especially with two of my favorite characters. So yes, even though I was interested in seeing them team up and take on the Night King together, I was not necessarily invested in them being romantically involved, in fact the opposite of invested, I was opposed to them getting romantically involved.

But then boom! I’m on the ship, and I’m on it for life! So since I can’t stop thinking about it anyway, I’m going to endlessly write about them until the next week’s episode, because I gotta do what I gotta do man🤷🏻 Anyway, the Big Meeting, right as they met and the way Jon looked at her the first time, I knew that meant something.

At the same time, it was at that moment that the distance between the two characters truly struck me (and I loved the way their first meeting was shot, laying stress on the distance between them which was slowly covered until they were finally together!).

Not only do these two embody their familial conflicts, they are opposing in so many other ways as well. She’s focused on her enemies aka the South, while Jon Snow is consumed with the Night King aka the North. They are not just strangers, they’re strangers with seemingly no common ground, they’re strangers so distant that they are more likely to be hostile. She hates his father for helping Robert usurp her family’s rightful crown, while he obviously resents her father for killing his own family members.

The distance was just so vast I could barely comprehend it all. And I think it was then that my interest in this ship started building, because where would they go from here? If this is indeed to be canon, how would they get to that point?

And then there were the gradually softening scenes between them, when Dany talks about losing her brothers and allows Jon to mine the much-needed dragon glass. That would have been it. He could have thanked her and gone on his way. But he stops, and he looks back, (while she’s not looking at him! Idk but the whole looking at someone when they’re looking away just gets me too mushy for words 😍💖😂),

and his tone is just so pleading when he says, “So you believe me then, about the Night King and the Army of the Dead?”, like it’s important to him that she believes him. She just handed him the dragonglass along with any needed resources, but our boy Jon wants to know whether she actually trusted him. Why does Jon have to be so earnestly cute at times man! 😂

But apart from Jon’s neverending cuteness, what I took away from that scene was how they were gradually moving closer (not just physically).

Before, during the courtroom scene, Jon looked at her as woman of nobility, who’s laying claim to a kingdom as if it’s a game, uncaring of the people living in it, far above their struggles and simply interested in wearing an undeserved crown. He saw a proud woman, who demanded what she wanted solely because she felt she had a right to it, (and Dany was definitely not being anything less than regal in that scene with the harsh tone and the constant ‘bend the knee’).

It was obvious in his tone, in his words, in the way he looked at her (after that first look!):

that this was a woman barely different from Cersei; he could hope to get nothing from her, which is why he had admitted defeat so easily.

But when she gives him the dragonglass, there’s a shift. You can see it in his eyes. He didn’t expect this. He looks at her as if he’s suddenly seeing her in a new light, like he can’t believe she would give him something without it benefiting her in any way whatsoever. And that’s obvious in this look he gives her.

Dany, for her part, may be beginning to realize she had been unreasonably harsh to him, believing him to be an usurper, just like his father. She had, in fact, been guilty of the very crime she had warned him against. Judging the son by the crimes of his father. She looked at this man, this self-declared King in the North, and what she saw was a man no different than Cersei (ironic! 😂), taking advantage of the war plagued Kingdoms, to take what was rightfully hers simply because there was no one to stop him.

But as Ser Davos spoke, she realized that she had judged him wrongly, and even later, while speaking to Tyrion, she understood that this was not a man hungry for power, this was a man dedicated to a cause, a man who cared for the survival of his people above his own, putting himself at risk for them, and it was this, this that made her give him the dragonglass even though she didn’t believe him.

This scene managed to convey so much to me (especially since I rewatched it!) regarding how two people worlds apart could begin to come closer together, by realizing they had much more in common than they had previously assumed.

And of course, the obvious parallels of:

echoed well in this scene because both of them started off by judging the other by their father’s actions.

And I felt this was important, because once they realized this and disregarded their prejudices, they moved closer to understanding the other, and to me, the gradual journey of realization, is the kind of ship I would die for!

So yes, Jonerys may seem rushed, but I feel the buildup to it has been really interesting to watch. How two strangers span this huge distance between them and come to know, trust and love each other, my God!

The beauty of this ship is going to kill me, I know it!

JON SNOW (KITN) // Season 7 Realizations

Season 6 episode 10, we experienced this glorious moment: 

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Anyway, now that Jon Snow is now confirmed (truthfully) half a Stark, and also declared the King in the North, I have come to an utter realization that we will most likely see in season 7 of GOT. Right now in the fandom, everyone in the North believes that Jon is still the  bastard of Ned Stark. Yet to us, Jon may potentially be something more than just the KINT, but may also be the rightful heir to the Iron Throne, more so than Dany. Whether if this comes into play later, for now Jon is considered a Snow and a hot bastard baby. :D

When Lord Wyman Manderly proclaims Jon the KINT, he says these words: “Jon Snow avenged the Red Wedding! He is the White Wolf! The King… in the North!” Jon Snow is considered the White Wolf. Jon being a Snow labels him the famous bastard of Winterfell. Now that Jon is considered the King of the North, drastic measures are going to take place. Because I’m talking entirely of the North, I’m going into book territory. So just be wary of potential spoilers for season 7. 

Whether Jon is going to do this or not is completely up to him; but usually when a Bastard wins a battle or claims as the heir of a house, the colors of the house sigil changes to be the opposite. House Stark’s sigil is currently a grey direwolf against a white background. Though now that Jon is the heir of Winterfell and the North, this means that the Sigil is custom to change. Meaning that the grey direwolf will turn into a White direwolf against a grey background. 


In the books, before Robb died, he actually named Jon his heir and not only that legitimized him so that Jon may be officially a Stark instead of a Snow. ( I cri.) This is witnessed by several people including Catelyn and a few of Robbs bannermen. Currently in the books, Jon is dead. And when he does come back, I believed he will become the KITN in a completely different way, under completely different circumstances. In the books, there is counter plot known as the “GRAND NORTHERN CONSPIRACY” in which all the houses in the North conspire to put back a Stark on the throne. Including Jon. So which houses are conspiring to put Jon on the Throne? House Mormont and House Glover. Notice in the the show how Lyanna Mormont and Lord Glover are the very two people to say “fuck Jon’s bastard title, he has Stark blood, and we’re standing right behind him until his last day.” In the books, it’s hinted that Maege Mormont (Lyanna’s mother) & Galbart Glover are headed to Howland Reed to help proclaim Jon KITN. (COINCIDENCE???)

Recently, when the season 7 episode titles and plot synopsis came out, we learn that Jon will face a revolt from some of the Northnerners. Probably due to Sansa being a dumbo  and causing chaos with LF. House Manderly, Mormont (for sure) and Glover will definitely be the houses to back up with Jon. The show hasn’t really covered the Grand Northern Conspiracy, so when Jon handles the revolt, we as the audience will see which house TRULY REMEMBERS. Honestly, fucking Umbers man. Book Umbers are legit fiercely loyal to House Stark and even try to deceive and bring down House Bolton for betraying the Starks. But in the show we get the whole fucking BOTB moment where they kill Rickon Stark/Shaggydog and Smalljon Umber being a dick and yelling “WE OWN THE NORTH!” shit. Honestly, what the fuck… #Triggered

Anyway yeah, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the remaining members of house Umber are going to be a part of that revolt against Jon in season 7. I’m also going to count in the Karstarks as well, just cause based on the leaks, we’re getting that whole thing with Alys Karstark next season. It’s too long and complicated to explain what happened in the books just cause it pretty much revolves around the Arya Stark (Jeyne Poole) plotline that Sansa took over in the show and the storyline up at the Watch… Yeah and also the Karstaks haven’t exactly forgiven the Starks (specifically Robb) for beheading Lord Rickard for committing fucking treason. Also they sided with the Boltons… -.- 

Other realizations for the KITN next season would be Gendry and the BWB to head over the wall to fight WW. Along side Davos, Tormund, (also I think Brienne) and maybe one person from the Northern houses. And the Hound too, ofc. I also believe that Bran is going to help Aid Jon beyond the wall. 

Finally, Last but not least. The controversial Sansa and Jon rivalry next season. Tbh I’m still salty that Sansa took Arya’s line in the trailer for s7 so I will skim this one quickly. When the Starks do reunite next season there is no fucking doubt that ARYA WILL BACK JON AS THE KITN. Arya is loyal to Jon AF. And this is proven in the fact that both in AGOT and s1, when Ned asks Arya where she got Needle from, she bites her lip and stays silent about Jon. Claiming that she would never betray him. Out of all the Stark siblings, Jon and Arya are the two closest siblings and have a special bond that no other Stark sibling have with each other.. They constantly think about each other in the books and Jon even died at the end of ADWD for her. (Jeyne Poole) Arya even considered at the time to go to the wall to be with Jon. “Needle was Jon Snow’s smile.” No doubt Arya would rather have her “bastard brother” rule instead of Sansa. Which if Sansa does end up scheming against Jon, THERE WILL BE TENSION BETWEEN ARYA AND HER. This will probably ultimately provoke Arya to kill Littlefinger. Then there’s Bran. Bran is considered the rightful heir of Winterfell. However I believe that with the flashback from s6 and now that Bran is a tree boy, his priorities are much more important than running the North. Bran knows that Jon is a good soldier. And also a good leader. Bran knows that the North needs someone with good leadership/swordmanship qualities to lead the realm into battle against the White Walkers. (Something that Sansa lacks) No doubt too, Bran will back up Jon as the KITN and maybe even the throne (if there even will be one) And he will also be the one to help Jon when the long night comes. The moment Bran and Arya back up Jon as the KITN will be the moment Sansa will come to terms with Jon and realizes that truly the pack survives if they are together…

Anyway, s7 is going to be lit af and I honestly can’t fucking wait. Just 5 more days guys! Honestly, this post was originally me talking about Jon snow and sigils, buuut it turned out to be a whole prediction post soo… :D 

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Furs and Scars

Chapter 1

Dwalin looked at the sky, scowling at the snow-heavy clouds far above him.

“It’ll snow soon,” Víli said, from where he was crouched, checking that his snare was placed correctly. They still had another five to go, but the two rabbits already strapped to Dwalin’s pack would be a welcome addition to their winter stores. He rumbled something not particularly polite aimed at whoever controlled the weather, but Víli simply smiled.

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Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6 Recap Pt. 3

WARNINGS:SPOILERS; not a D@€n€r¥$ fan; Jonsa shipper ( I still believe)


6.- Back on Eastwatch, we have this morons trying to not freeze, too late for Thoros tho, I mean dude was a walking corpse since the Hound had his fire vision, he was completely obtuse for the plot so they got rid of him. I feel nothing. Guess his conversation with Jorah (that I totally skipped cuz boring) was heartwarmming but still I knew he was dead as soon as the bear got him. They burn his body with his own alcohol.

7.- An invitation arrives for Sansa to go to KL, amd she is like LMAO I think no you trick ass bitch, my girl is not an idiot and there is no way in hell she’ll go, if Cersei wants to make her prisioner again she can damn well bring her ass to the North and try, and she sends Brienne in her stead, Brienne doesn’t want to leave her on her own with LF, Sansa has to snap and her and basically throw her on the street to get her to go (god Jon is gonna have a hissy fit when he sees Brienne at KL and knows Sansa is alone at WF with LF) very wise decision knowing LF wanted to get Brienne tagled up on his schemes.

8.- In Dragonstone Tyrion is trying to stop D from going to the rescue cuz he doesn’t want her to die even tho he is fine with the man that volunteered for this stupid ass mission that was his idea dying (consistent characterization where art thou?) but she goes anyway cuz #YOLO

Also this unsubtle shift to white clothes now that she is gonna do an heroic thing, she honestly looks kinda like Elsa from Frozen, where does she get this clothes anyway, did she brought a new wardrobe from Essos? Are the Dothraki sewing and knitting clothes??

Where are the Unsullied and the Greyjoys????

7.- Yeah so they just kinda waiting around for their Uber, but the Hound is taking none of this boring but safe bull, let’s throw rocks at the wights for funnsies. So he does and the wights get angry? Annoyed? Who knows really? And they begin to close in our heroes.

Jon thinks they’re doomed without D’s help but Beric points put that not really (Beric and his sexy ass voice are winning me over)“as long as they kill the Night King everyone else is gonna be detroyed (this sounds waaaaaay to convinient, almost as if d&d want to get rid of the WW as fast as possible so they can focus on the political/human problems) but Jon is not so optimist.
So yeah we get some fighting in, and things are beginning to look real bad for the Wight Hunters when boom Khaliisi comes in rising and burning wights (and ice) as she goes! They are saved OMG what a relief! (excuse my sarcastic ass) everyone is getting on the Dragon choo choo, except Jon (guess we’re saving the dragon riding for laters) who keeps on fighting.

Now I guess this is relevant, he thought they were doomed until D arrives, she is burning her way through th wights like you couldn’t believe and Jon is visibly relieved, he is getting the hope that maybe they can win this war, he is clearly trying to fight his way to the NK, I thought he wanted to end it right there, go for the NK and be done with it that is why he refuses to go.

Now his hopes get dashed away when NK throws at spear at Viserion and kills him, now I’m really worried, did I broke something inside me? Why is it that I don’t care? Oh right we never got a scene with Viserion alone, if he had bonded with Jon last episode instead of Drogon (Jon still thought this giant lizards ugly af tho) then Hey maybe I could have cared, but this feels like super dramatic and emotionally manipulative from the writers tbh. I feel the whole purpose of killing him off was to have “Cool Ice Dragon” and for some rushed J/D moment (I have a lot to say about it) D is stunned by grief I guess? Jon gets angry but I don’t think it’s cuz he cared about the dragon or for D, i mean of course he must have felt sympathy for her she stated that she loved them just last episode, but i think his rage comes from the frustration of knowing he can’t end this right now, he can’t prevent more people from dying and now with a dragon in the army of the dead…

So yeah Jon tells them to go away cuz the crazy ass bitch wants to die I guess, and he doesn’t want anymore Dragons joining the wights.

The lake gives away, but Jon comes out of the water freezing to death, the Wights surround him but he is too weak to fight, when BAM! Magical convinient Uncle Ben saves him, Jon is clearly surprised and emotional at seeing the uncle he loved so much and thought to be dead (dammit those Starks are hard to kill) but Benjen is having none of that cuz he has to be a martyr saving your ass Jon! So he gives his stupid ass nephew his horse, Jon gallops away while seeing his uncle dying (OK my emotions are back, I love uncle Ben even if D&D made him this protagonist characters convinient saviour).

8.- Back at Eastwatch, you know the actual castle, D is waiting for Jon looking hopefully at the horizon, while Jorah is trying to save her the heartache (I mean if this had any realism anymore Jon would be totes dead) but here he comes riding and all that jazz.

Before we dive into that scene (you know which) I’d like to stablish some thoughts:

-I believe D’s feelings for Jon are real, but they are not based in real things. First let’s ask ourselves why is she even in love (if we can call it that at this point) with him? She is clearly attracted yes, but Love is different than lust, so yeah he is a great guy I guess? But she hasn’t really seen him at that, everything she knows about him is based on the stuff Tyrion knows about him: his brothers are dead, as well as his father,he was at the Wall, he has a wolf?? I dunno if Tyrion mentioned that cuz the only one who remembers Ghost exists is Sansa, and the mystery about the dagger to the heart. And that’s where I think this fixiation comes from, this man could be her equal he is not afraid of her and stands his ground (on her POV) and maybe he is as magical as she is, Drogon let the man pet him!!!

But what she sees vs what actually is, shows she doesn’t know this man at all, what’s more Jon doesn’t want her to know him.

-She talks to him about her brothers when she is telling him the names of her Dragons, perfect oportunity for Jon to talk about Robb,Rickon and Bran(Jon thought he was dead as well) but doesn’t.

-She is talking about Ned on her big speech on their meeting, yet Jon his biggest admirer didn’t jump to defend his beloved father??

-When she is talking about her Dragons he could have very well mentioned Ghost yet he didn’t

-Davos jumped to defend him, and was telling D all Jon went through but Jon stopped him, she asked directly about the dagger to the heart and he said nothing.

-She was happy for him when he finds out his siblings aren’t dead, but Jon doesn’t show any emotion about it.

-As a matter of fact he never símiles or seems at ease in her presence. Fuck it even jondry has more build up in their two episodes together. Jon smiled at Gendry and talks with him about Ned. (not to mention Sansa, she makes him smile like no other.

It all feels almost like he has no goddamned interest in getting to know her (she is always the one to share this information without him asking) as a person, he doesn’t want her to know him. Why???

Reminds me about this quote:

“When you are attracted to people, it’s because of the details. Their kindness. Their eyes. The fact that they can get you to laugh when you need it the most.”

- Jodi Picoult, Sing You Home

Jon has never laughed or smiled near D, and that’s the most telling stuff about this whole romance debacle in my humble opinion.

9.- Boat time! so Jon is just waking up (I knew my son didn’t decided for himself to ditch WF and go to KL instead) and D is there (no I was just joking about the Twil1ght and 50s0g last week stop staring at people while they are asleep and shirtless is creepy) Honestly her eyes when she saw the scars on his chest made me uncomfortable (I could practically see her delusions about how magical Jon is and barfed, cuz yeah Jon is pretty magical, but the amazing thing about him is that he wants none of that he doesn’t want t be a hero or a god, hells he didn’t even wanted to be King!!) Anyway Jon’s eyes focus on her and the first thing that comes out of his mouth is that he is sorry about Viserion?For real? Uncle Ben died to save you and you care about this? Of course not! Have some faith in Jon ffs! Goddamn it he got killed by the NW when he rushed from his office cuz Uncle Ben had returned!!! He loved uncle Ben, why would he care about Viserion?? He does not! This is another ‘they are gorgeous beasts” he is bullshiting her so hard it’s obvious.

She thinks he is her equal and defy her and all that jazz, but in all their interactions (except that time he said I am King to get away from DS) he caters to her, he is never sincere with her, for he has learned she doesn’t listen.

She says she’ll fight the WW and about how the dragon are the only children she’ll ever have, doesn’t mention a thing about kneeling everything seems almost too perfect, so why would Jon bullshit her?? Maybe I am just a salty shipper, but point is I don’t think Jon trusts D a lot, oh yes he talked about trust when he wanted to get away from DS, and he did show trust going to meet her without weapons or a proper guard, but I stand by what I said last week she betrayed that trust the moment she called him a rebell and took his boat making him prisioner in all but name, not to mentionhe saw in frist row how she blamed Tyrion(her hand) for things going wrong and he doesn’t have the luxury of having her turn on him, she is alright now but if another Dragon or one of her friends died what then? She could just go back to Essos, he can’t afford that.

So he calls her Dany, and she laughs (bitch me too the fuck) but he doesn’t smile at all, and he takes her hand, this gave me serious flashbacks of the Jonsa scene Back on S6 when Sansa takes his hand, or the scene from 7x01 when she takes his arm and he looks down, just his time positions are reverted, Jon is the one touching D (this gesture he has come to learn is very effective to have someone listen to you) and D looks down on their joined hands but Jon doesn’t, he looks almost pained and guilty (he is an awful liar) Jon goes as far as to call her my Queen and saying he would bend. Seriously y'all think he was being sincere, why would he go from calling her stranger just last episode to being all Dany my Queen with no development in between the very next? No this doesn’t make sense at all.

Why do you all think all this random ass conversations about Honor=Dead and “bending the knee is OK if you do it for your people’s life” if not to foreshadow this? Jon himself said he went on the mission for the North, why would he seriously ditch his family and people for someone he just met? You can scream he is attracted to her all you want, I personaly don’t see it, but it’s a disservice to Jon to think he could mean any of this, he is not above using sex and romantic feelings (Ygritte) to do his duty, even if he developed feelings in the last situation he choose his duty and he will again because he loves Winterfell and he loves the Stark shipping aside. It would be ridiculous to have Lord Glover talking about foreing whores, Sansa warning about to be smarter than Robb and Ned, Tormund going on and on about Mance’s pride, Jorah and Jon’s conversations about Jeor and Ned and Beric talk about how thrones and Queens don’t matter if Jon is suddenly gonna forsake it all in the name of a love we have no proof but Tyrion’s and D&D’s words (that we shouldn’t trust cuz it’s not likely they would give away such a twist) that it exists at all.

D eats it all up (I kinda feel bad for her, almost, only if she weren’t such an entitled brat) and she tells him to rest. Jon clases his eyes and as soon as she is out he stares at the ceiling and sighs, again not subtle at all.

Anyway that is just what I think.

10.- The wights are getting Viserion out of the lake with some big ass chains, where do they even get this stuff? Hardhome? The had this big ass chains? A convinient again. Anyway so Viserion’s out and his eyes open, and they are blue. Real talk the NK has had more bonding with him in this 2 min than D in all the seasons.


That’s all I hope the finale is a bit better cuz this episode was hella boring.

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top ten WORST adapted plots from asoiaf

  1. You can’t just have a list like this and not start it off with Dorne. A plot that showed the unrest of the realm, that some old Houses still hold loyalty to the Targaryens, that really explains just how much bad blood there is between House Martell and House Lannister. Not to mention told strongly from the POV of POC female who is going to be ruler of her lands by her own right because Dorne allows the succession of a first born child rather first born male. This is changed into a group of angry, violent women murdering rooms full of men and posioning little girls because feminism. You know what- just read my piece on Arianne Martell.
  2. Sansa Stark, post King’s Landing. Certainly there’s problems with Sansa in King’s Landing but post King’s Landing… oh me oh my. Sansa in the books is sitting in the Vale- yes, in the clutches of Petyr Baelish, who ends up being the lesser of two evils. She’s eating lemon cakes and trying to supress the Stark inside her. Still being promised off to wed to some dirt bag- but ultimately safe and satifised. Instead Littlefinger is selling her off to be raped and beaten by Fuckwad Bolton. Now she’s empowered because woman need to be brutalized in order to be strong. Thanks D&D.
  3. The North Remembers. In the books, the post-Red Wedding is extreme. The North is harsh and unforgiving. They don’t trust the Boltons- they sort of hate them- and are only bowing to apease them and keep themselves as safe as possible. (See: the Manderlys, who have family members kept hostage by the Lannisters and don’t want to cause any trouble.) In the show… well the North doesn’t really remember shit. Robb Stark’s death served no purpose because there was no backlash. The North just accepted the Boltons as Wardens of the North, and are still doing so- even with Sansa and Jon staring them down.
  4. Stannis Baratheon- is that enough to say? Stannis Baratheon, is probably the only Baratheon once giving a shit about. He is firm when he needs to be but the show took his strong beliefs and morals into make him practically stone and one dimensional. Stannis is shown to be flippy floopy with his daughter, very loving and caring- would do anything to keep her safe then just allowed her to burned because of her kings blood. Also within this plot is Selyse, who keeps her dead babies in glass jars. Because why not add dead babies to such a horrible plot? Obviously. 
  5. Jon Snow + For the Watch. Remember when in 5x10 seemingly murdered Jon for no damn reason at all and claimed it was “for the watch.” Yeah, well it was.. in the books. Jon was much too concerned with finding “Arya”. The Brothers of the Night’s Watch did what they felt they needed to- kill Jon for the safety of the Watch and all they’ve stood for for thousands of years. Maybe it wasn’t the smarrtest decision, but in the show’s tranistion from Jon Snow to Jonathan Snowflakes (and the brutal rapes and beatings of Sansa Stark) the whole Arya thing got lost, and Jon’s death was done entirely to drive his revenge plot. 
  6. Margaery Tyrell’s Oversexualization. This had been mentioned many times, taking this very ambitious character of Margaery Tyrell, and making her become everything book Cersei feared she was. It altered the entire plot, Cersei is no longer the terrified paranoid queen but a mother very concerned for her child. She manages to have Margaery shamed without getting any blood on her hands, though the Tyrells blame her anyway. Margaery only manages to get away from being shamed because Tommen wants the V. Let’s not get into the regular sexual abuse of twelve year old Tommen Baratheon, because that’s just so much. And how Loras Tyrell does absoutely nothing but be gay, and certainly isn’t storming the walls of Dragonstone and dying slowly so that his father’s men can be free to go help Highgarden from the attack of the Iron Borne. Can I just change this to: House Tyrell and Kings’ Landing?  
  7. The Brotherhood Without Banners. This wonderful group dynamics who are supposed to rally the Riverlands to their cause, who are helping and basically ASOIAF Robin Hoods. In the show, they’re basically thieves with no purpose half the time. There’s no Lady Stoneheart, all they ended up being nothing more than a plot device for Meliandre to see R’hllor resurrecting so she can use it on Jon Snow in three years. Also the way they completely sell Gendry, which is ridiculous.
  8. Bran Stark & The Three Eyed Raven. On first inspect, this could almost be considered a decent adaptation. Bran reached his Raven, is being trained. But Three Eyed Raven (Not Brynden Rivers, because D&D threw that away when they mentioned that he was like, a thousand years old) yet really, Three Eyed Raven is sort of a horrible teacher. Bran has left his care- which hasn’t happened in the books yet- and knows nothing more than he did before, and the only thing he has from his time with TER is three less people who loved and likely a horrible case of survivors guilt and PTSD. 
  9. Tyrion Lannister- his “alcoholism” and how he’s not Quentyn Martell. Tyrion Lannister drank his way across the Narrow Sea, and he’s always been prone to drink. So ofc, his driking problem is cured the second he sees some dragons. Obliviously. Not to mention that they gave away certain points of the lost Quentyn Martell to a white cis male. (Too bad the dragons didn’t eat him.) While in the books we see Tyrion bonding with Penny- another dwarf- and having his suicidal plots. We meet “Aegon Targaryen” and start see how everything in falling into place for the uprising of House Targaryen. Instead we got Tyrion “drinking and knowing things”. Well done D&D, there goes the character development. Show Tyrion has been the same pile of white washed, boring shit for six years now. Podrick’s dick has better development that show Tyrion. (ugh more sexualization of children.)
  10. Arya Stark and the House of Black and White. Aside from the fact that The House of Black and White doesn’t make sense in their own moments- see, Jaqen making it apparent that a face can only be used once the person has died then proceeding to show Arya’s face for simple shock value- it continues to just not show Arya as the fighter she is. Yes, there was some nice blind fighting on her part, but it’s non of the Arya Stark who willing drank the blind milk to empower her training. Add in the Waif who seemingly wanted nothing more than to murder Arya from the day one, and the fact that Jaqen is randomly training her. The House of Black and White had been a stretch from the beginnig, and almost close enough to pass as a decent adaptation when that is actually far from the truth.