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Doubts and Kisses

Hey hey hey! So this was a suggestion given to my by @alexfierrno where Fierrochase and Solangelo meet :D

BTW this is BEFORE Fierrochase gets together and Magnus has an embarrassing crush on Alex and is scared to admit it cuz he thinks Alex is gonna decapitate him and Alex is practically pulling her hair out with how much she just wants Magnus to say the stupid words (cuz lbr, Alex probably would know the whole time).

So ye Fierrochase and Solangelo r gonna be brought together cuz

A n n a b e t h



Magnus has no idea why he is even here. Here at a camp where the children wore orange t-shirts and ran around with swords in their hands. Sure, that was exactly like Hotel Valhalla, but technically they where all already dead so there wasn’t the problem of accidentally killing someone, but the residents of Hotel Valhalla tended to be older that 12. It freaked Magnus out when he saw a kid no older than 9 flash a toothy grin at him as she brandished her sword, pintails flying. He almost had a heart attack when the boy, Leo, set himself on fire. Really, it was an interesting day.

On top of all of it, Alex was with him. As if he wasn’t nervous enough, Alex frickin Fierro had to be at his side the whole time. Magnus didn’t really know what to expect from the demigods, and if his dubious expression wasn’t enough, Alex had to laugh at everything he did. He would stutter as another Greek came up to him with some ability that was just crazy and when they finally went off to do who knows what, Alex would pinch his cheeks and call him cute. It took every ounce of his will power not to blush, but he did it anyway. 

Magnus wasn’t really sure how Alex could do it so casually. Show affection towards him without thinking that it could play with the feelings of a crush Magnus wished he didn’t have. How she kept playing with him and teasing him, without having any romantic desires. Without seeing that he had a crush on her. Of course, Alex obviously didn’t return any of these emotions. To her, her relationship with Magnus was 110% platonic and she never had the thoughts that Magnus had of kisses that ran past midnight and hands running through green hair. Magnus was a mess around Alex, and everyone knew it. 

“Look Maggie! There’s your cousin!” Alex says. Magnus can make out the outline of Annabeth standing by a tree. The sunlight caught on her blonde hair and she was talking animatedly to two boys who where practically leaning on each other they where so close. The boy with golden hair like Annabeth and Magnus had his arm over the shoulder of the boy with black hair, who was noticeably slouching. The clothing of the boy with golden curls was much more colorful than the other boy’s, who wore a deep void of black. They where literally the day and night. 

“C’mon. Let’s go say hi!” Alex says excitedly. For some reason, she has been super hyped about meeting Annabeth. Magnus isn’t even sure why, but he chose not to ask for reasons concerning keeping his head. 

“Alright.” They walked up the hill to the tree and as soon as they where in sight of Annabeth, she called out to them, “Magnus!” She ran up to him and hugged him. Magnus, feeling really awkward, pushed her off, but his was smiling brightly. 

“Annabeth! It’s so good to see you! This is my friend, Alex,” Magnus says, gesturing to Alex.

“Oh is she the one–HEY!” Magnus elbowed her in the ribs. He knew exactly what she was about to say, and Magnus was regretting ever telling her about his crush on Alex. Before Alex or Annabeth could say anything else, the two boys Annabeth was talking to earlier came over.

“Oh! Magnus, Alex. This is Will and Nico. Will, Nico. This is Magnus and Alex.” 

“’Sup,” Will said. Nico waved his hand shyly. 

“Hey,” Magnus said and Alex offered a hand. 

“Well, why don’t you guys talk a little bit while I go check on my idiot of a boyfriend. I swear, I can’t leave him alone for five minutes without him making a toilet explode or something.”

“Sure,” Magnus says, not wanting her to go. Strangers and Alex. Great. 

“So you’re the dude with the scary father?” Nico says.

“Girl. It’s girl unless I say otherwise. And why?” Magnus has to give Nico some credit, he doesn’t seem to fazed at the fact that Alex is gender fluid. He just looks 100% done with the world. That is, until he looks at Will. There is definitely chemistry there. 

“Oh. It’s just my dad was dubbed bad guy too.”

“No way!” They started to walk away.

“Goodbye, Death Boy!”

“Shut up, Solace.” 

“Don’t steal him while I’m gone,” Alex says, causing Magnus to turn a bright scarlet.

“The feeling is mutual, my friend,” Will says. Just before they disappear through the trees,  Magnus catches Nico blushing as he digs his hands in the pockets of his black sweater, looking a little like he’s storming off from embarrassment. Will giggles. 

“He always does that. Sit?” Will asks, gesturing to some logs nearby. Magnus shrugs and they sit down.

“Okay, dude, you have a crush on her,” Will says bluntly. 

“Wh–what?” Magnus chokes out. Will rolls his eyes and crosses his arms. 

“Dude. It is literally the most obvious thing in the world. Plus, Annabeth told me.”

“She did what?!” Magnus yells, drifting into hysteria. He should’ve known not to trust her.

“Dude, calm down. It’s not that bad. Just go for it. It’s what I did with Nico.”

“Wait. You two are… huh?” This is the stupidest Magnus has felt all day. 

“Yes. Me and Nico are dating.” There is a silence.

“How did it happen?” Will flashes back to the memory that is the happiest memory he had. 

It was one night during the campfire. Will insisted that he needed to be with Nico a little more often to help his “mental health”. In reality, Nico probably would’ve been fine with a few pills, but Will just wanted to spend more time with Nico. Somehow, Nico’s darkness touched the corners of his heart until his head filled with Nico’s dark curls and perfectly shaped lips. 

They where all singing campfire songs and being merry, but Nico was his usual self, staring menacingly at the fire. Will threw his arms around Nico’s shoulder and got him to sway with him.

“C’mon. Sing with us,” Will whispered in Nico’s ear.

“Why?” Nico said grumpily. 

“Because. Doctor’s orders,” Will said simply. That was the best part of his job. Whenever Nico doubts what Will tells him, he just shrugs and says, “Doctor’s orders.” And he gets away with it. Nico rolled his eyes but started to murmur the words. Will kept his arm over Nico’s shoulder. When a breeze blew through, Will subconsciously pulled Nico closer, which caused Nico to blush a bright scarlet. 

As soon as Will was in his right mind, he let go of Nico hurriedly. He was surprised to find Nico still at his side, shivering through his thin sweater. Nico grabbed Will’s shirt and turned him to face him. 

“Don’t let go,” he said, his teeth chattering. 

“I’ve got you,” Will said, pulling Nico closer. Nico settled his head on Will’s shoulder, breathing in deeply and letting out a happy sigh. Will was only partially aware of his hands combing Nico’s hair. This was the best possible moment for it. 


"Hmm?” Nico says sleepily. 

“I like you.” Finally, the words where off his chest. He felt free, like he reached the top of the highest mountain. 

“I like you to, Will.” Nico says, sounding confused. 

 "No, Nico. Like, like, like you.“ 

 "Oh….” Nico says. For a second, Will wonders if that was the best decision. Then, Nico turns his beautiful face to Will so he’s looking up at him. 

 "I do too,“ he says, hugging Will even tighter. Will felt his insides squirm as he rested the side of his head on top of Nico’s. He likes me. 

 On the other side of the woods, Nico and Alex where having an interesting conversation. 

 "You seem really comfortable with that boy,” Nico says. 

 "Yeah. He’s really great underneath that snarky exterior he puts on.“ 

 "You like teasing him?" 

 "Oh all the time. He’s just so easy to make fun of and he’s always getting so flustered. It’s a miracle he hasn’t found out…." 


 "Well, it’s obvious, isn’t it? I like him. I like him a lot." 

 "And you don’t think he likes you?" 

 "I know he likes me." 

 "Then why don’t you ask him out?" 

 "I don’t know. Because he’s scared? Because the last thing we need is distractions when my father is still out there, plotting Ragnarok?" 

 "But that doesn’t mean you should let that stop you from achieving your happiness." 

 "But what if he doesn’t want to be with me?" 

 "I don’t understand your reasoning…." 

 "Being with me is confusing. My father is the evilest person there is, sometimes I just randomly take out my anger on people who don’t deserve it, and on top of it all, I’m genderfluid. Why would anyone want to be with someone who doesn’t even know what gender they want to be?” Alex says, collapsing on the ground with her head in her hands. 

 "I’m a mess.“ Nico crouched down to her, moving her hands away from her eyes. 

 "Alex… I’ve heard all of these wonderful things from you and Annabeth about how nice Magnus is. If he really did all of these things to help his friends, then I don’t think he’ll blow you off because of all of these things that make you, you. Before he fell in love with you, he knew everything that went into just being friends with you. Plus, if he breaks your heart just call me and I’ll raise a skeleton army for you." 

 "Aww Nico.” Alex felt tears start to stream down her face. She ran her fingers through her hair, took a shaky breath, and hugged Nico. 

 "Thank you. Thank you so much.“ She breaths. 

 "How about we get back to our boyfriends?" 

 "He isn’t my boyfriend." 

 "Not yet,” Nico says with a smirk. Alex rolls her eyes and they stand up, walking back to the tree together. When they saw Will and Magnus again, Alex walked straight up to him, her face set determinedly. Magnus backed himself up against the tree and winced. 

 "Magnus Chase,“ she booms. Magnus was practically trembling. Will and Nico shared a knowing smile. 

 In the end. Alex was not as patient as Will and Nico who still haven’t had their first kiss even though they’ve been dating for three years. She did not want to take Magnus gently into her arms and whisper "I love you,” until he finally believed her. No, she wanted him to know right now, and she wanted him, right now. 

 That’s why, instead of taking out her garrote as Magnus expected, she pressed her hands to his chest and dragged him towards her, guiding him to her lips. Magnus let out a startled cry, but then melted onto Alex, feeling the fireworks bursting between them. His hands dangled at his sides and Alex grabbed his hands, forcefully putting them on her waist. Magnus was practically swooning, the only thing holding him up was his back pressed against the tree. 

Alex whispered her thanks to all of the gods, Norse, Greek, and Roman alike, and felt like finally something was finally going right in her life. As quietly as possible, Nico and Will slipped away, leaving the two of them to sort out their feelings alone. Nico put his head on Will’s shoulder as he wrapped his arm around Nico’s waist. 

 "You know I love you, right?“ Nico asks. 

 "Of course, Neeks. I never had a doubt in my mind." 

 "Then why haven’t we kissed?” Will stopped in his tracks.

 "I-I-I didn’t think you’d want to.“  

"Gods, you’re as stupid as that Magnus guy." 

 "C-c-c-can I kiss you?" 

 "Your a dork,” Nico says as he pulls Will’s face towards his, pressing his lips to his. This was the confirmation. This was the confirmation that they belonged together as Nico felt Will radiate sunshine beneath his fingertips. Nico pulled away just enough so he could whisper against Will’s lips, “But you’re my dork.”


Best Memories with the Signs

ARIES: wandering in a cornfield talking, streaking in a gated community, watching funny movies and eating all day, sitting in a coffee shop together looking out the window at a sunny day

TAURUS: writing a story and sharing art together, talking about our deeper selves, making funny snapchat stories in a hotel room

GEMINI: talking for hours and hours about anything and everything, singing on stage together at the farmers market, walking to the bakery in Glasgow, revealing our deepest secrets

CANCER: laughing while walking around in new york city for the first time, playing improv games and doing accents, snuggling on the couch watching movies

LEO: sitting on the bus together every day making fun of life, waiting in full costume outside of a showing of rocky horror picture show

VIRGO: staying up till 5am watching videos on youtube, running on the beach at night, walking arm in arm through a park in Xalapa eating churros, smoking a cigarette outside a coffee shop with a latte

LIBRA: them teaching me how to cook, swinging on the front porch in the rain, coloring in coloring books, feeding chickens

SCORPIO: sitting in their passenger’s seat listening to them sing along to the radio, running out into a storm, petting their hair for my own comfort, smoking pot for the first time

SAGITTARIUS: having sex under a staircase in a lake, going on a road trip all by ourselves, listening to them play guitar and sing the songs they wrote themselves

AQUARIUS: arts and crafts time, dancing like a frickin maniac, eating whole limes with salt on them, chasing birds in central park

PISCES: lowkey snuggling without trying to be obvious about it, texting about our weirdness and realizing we aren’t that weird, playing instruments we’ve never learned and singing songs about each other

***(sorry capricorns, ive never known one of you before! Some memories from one person and some from several people)

allycakesxo  asked:

you've probably been asked this loads, but which is your ultimate favourite episode?

Actually, you’re the first! My favorite episode is Season 3 Episode 22: Beach Day. SPOIL ALERT IF YOU HAVEN’T REACHED THIS FAR!

I love this episode because it’s when Pam confesses everything to every one. I feel as if it’s where her character truly starts to grow and mature. The first two seasons I had a hard time liking her, just because she was so shy and quiet. This episode makes me love her. She confessed to her co-workers that their absence at her art gallery made her feel bad. She also confessed to Jim that she canceled her wedding for him. And she did the frickin coal walk! The whole time I wanted to scream that’s my girl! 

And not to mention it was so much fun seeing all of the other characters out of their element. Fighting in fat suits and watching Andy float off into the night in the fat suit was amazing to watch. 

I could come up with a lot more of my favorites, but this is definitely on the top! 

Astro Internet Friend AU

i couldn’t add gifs bc my computer is being a bitch so sorry :’) hopefully you all still enjoy ^-^ 


  • ok nerd
  • always makes dad jokes
  • “how are you doing today, jinwoo?”
  • “i know it’s cheesy, but i feel grate.”
  • then he laughs at his own joke for ten minutes
  • and it’s a MESS when mj ends up plopping down beside jinjin and making his own jokes
  • it’s a legit fuckin joke battle

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for the first time i can remember in my whole frickin life i instigated an argument

i literally felt?? physically sick?? i couldn’t look at my phone and i had to psyche myself up before reading the replies cus it was done through text (which is probably the only reason i had the balls to do it)

it’s been a long time coming considering i’ve been a doormat for the past three years in my house. and i’m annoyed that it ended with me apologising for ‘overreacting’ instead of carrying on the argument and telling them why i was pissed and how my housemates have been selfish assholes for the past three years

and it’ll probably be awkward as fuck when they move back in tomorrow and i already feel sick again at the thought of her starting the argument back up

cus it’s the two of them against just me, and they’ve got each others backs and i’m the ‘weird one’ in the house so of course they would

and i get angry because?? in my head?? i know why I’m pissed?? and i can justify my emotions and it all makes sense but as soon as someone confronts me on them in person i immediately back down and doubt myself and think i must be wrong and they’re right and i’m just overreacting again

and then it ends and i get even more angry - mainly at myself for not being honest and not articulating my thoughts and just generally being pathetic

how the fuck do i improve that character trait tho like

anyone know a good therapist??

anonymous asked:

I just... Homeworld has serious fuckin issues, putting their own kind through that type of mental-scarring bs... Centi was SO torn up, and her crew frickin WAITED FOR HER THAT WHOLE LONG TIME, TOO. This brings me back to when Lapis mentioned that Homeworld wasn't how it used to be... HmmmMm...

Yeah … I get it man. What the diamonds did to their own kind is messed up. For me, I’m not sure if there is a shot of redemption for what they did and have done.
Hopefully Steven can find a way to help the corrupted gems. I mean … Garnet said they are broken mentally … maybe Steven can go into their minds and help them heal like he did with Kiki.


Sighing, and sadly sitting by my love,
He asked the cause of my heart’s sorrowing,
Conjuring me by heaven’s eternal King
To tell the cause which me so much did move.
Compelled (quoth I), to thee will I confess,
Love is the cause, and only love it is
That doth deprive me of my heavenly bliss.
Love is the pain that doth my heart oppress.
And what is she (quoth he) whom thou dost love?
Look in this glass (quoth I), there shalt thou see
The perfect form of my felicity.
When, thinking that it would strange magic prove,
He opened it, and taking off the cover,
He straight perceived himself to be my lover.



anonymous asked:

so details on tatinof? what did you think? was it cheezy or just plain amazing or just give us some details please!

as for the show itself, i thought it was well done and very entertaining. i got a bit confused a couple of times but i’m sure that’s mainly just bc there was so much going on at once. it’s obvious that dan and phil poured their hearts and souls into tatinof and they truly do give it their all at every show. they aren’t in it solely for the money, they’re in it to make people happy. it was apparent they didn’t half ass anything and that they cared about the audience as a whole and made sure we were all having a frickin zazzed time. although they were putting on an act, it was still our dan and phil and their personalities shined through. ig i understand how some people found certain parts of the show cringey, but it was cringey in a good way ygm?? a type of cringe that made you want to laugh/cry instead of curling up into a ball and desperately hiding your face in your hands

the way the show brought everyone together as a community was incredible as well. ngl the phandom sometimes scares the shit out of me (as i’m sure it has to all of us at one point or another) so i was a bit nervous to go, but everyone was so friendly to each other. complete strangers were socializing, singing songs, and literally complimenting each other all over the place. if anyone is worried about going alone, i just want to let you know that you actually have nothing to worry about. it may seem a bit awkward at first and you may have to be the one to break the ice if you wanna talk to other people, but just remember that these are people just like you. you’re literally in the midst of thousands of people who share your same love for dan and phil, make the most of it and i promise it’ll be the most fun you’ve ever had

anonymous asked:

you seem to read a lot of interesting and difficult stuff. do you have any advice on reading difficult stuff? long books with complicated ideas where you have to have a dictionary next to you the whole frickin time. i want to read all this stuff but i can never quite get my head around it before i run out of energy and can no longer concentrate on what i'm reading. any ideas?

Ah! This is a great question! And one I don’t think have a great answer to. My interest in reading difficult stuff didn’t really develop until well after I was in a position to be taught, by professional Readers of Difficult Stuff, how to do so. BUT! I’ve learned some things on my own and they work for me and maybe they’ll be of some assistance?

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