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ACOWAR Fandom Pre-Release

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Ok everyone. We are already going to have to deal with a war in the books so let’s not start some sort of war on Tumblr. The amount of anger and disappointment going around in concern to spoilers is quite honestly getting out of hand. (Now give me a second ‘cause I’m going to play neutral here and show both sides even though there shouldn’t be sides to begin with.)

To those that WANT spoilers: ENJOY THEM! Be happy knowing little teasers of the book and read the hell out them to you heart’s content. Honestly if that’s what you want then feel free to do so and share them with other’s who would love to know about them! It’s great knowing that people can share this information and be happy and/or emotional wrecks together when they read a spoiler. 

BUT also be courteous to those that don’t want spoilers. I for one GREATLY appreciate the lengths you are all going toward in tagging, “read more” and etc. to make sure spoilers are not revealed to the rest of the fandom. Except some people do not do this which is a tad irritating. Even posting your reactions to spoilers and tagging the character involved is a spoiler to some degree. So please for those who are not tagging “acowar spoilers” or such then PLEASE DO SO. Have mercy on your fellow readers who want to read this book with an “innocent” mind. (Though I’m sure our minds aren’t that innocent since we are looking forward to some smut in the book *wink wink*)

To those who DON’T want spoilers: That’s fine if you want to be in the dark. It’s ok to leave Tumblr or other social media that could potentially give away parts of the book you don’t want to see. Or if you stay on Tumblr and block tags/words/users temporarily. I understand. You are being diligent and hey that’s incredible if you are able to avoid those spoilers like Neo in the Matrix dodging bullets!

BUT please don’t bash people that want spoilers. That’s not cool. And if for some reason they reveal a spoiler to you then remain calm and either block them for the time being or try to block more tags. Throwing hate isn’t going to help erase that spoiler from your mind. But your words will leave a lasting impression that can’t be taken back.

As a fan who has read a spoiler and enjoyed it AND has accidentally stumbled across a spoiler and was upset about it let me just say I understand both sides in some way. No one side is better or worse. But the fandom as a WHOLE is disappointing right now. I’m not blaming one person, but to those who are pouring gasoline on a fire about that’s about to combust, please be considerate to other fans. (AND THAT GOES FOR BOTH SIDES THAT ARE INSTIGATING IT.)

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In the end we are one fandom who loves the world of Prythian and can’t wait to be immersed in the emotional roller coaster we are preparing for. And I am honored to be reading alongside the fans who have helped me expand my love for this series. If anything from this post please remember that.

In Which You Slay A Dragon
  • Inquisitor: That thing you just said, you shouted it during the fight too. What does it mean?
  • Iron Bull: Oh, "Taarsidath-An Halsaam?" Closest translation would be, "I will bring myself sexual pleasure later, while thinking about this in great respect."
  • Inquisitor: You shouted that while it was breathing fire at us?
  • Iron Bull: I know right?!

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Okay brand new to the fandom (wow four years of material is more than I will ever be able to get through) I'm finally thinking I've got the hang of what is happening right now, BUT I have a question: what is the porn tweet??

My tag is ‘fire their whole fucking team’, which gives you a flavor. But to give a bit more context:

Pride Day, Harry posts Johnny Cash lyrics about feeling like he’s in prison. (I’ve got stripes.)

Pride Day, they’re in Milan filming a concert for the concert dvd, instagram questions had previously been cut from the concert but was temporarily reinstated for the purpose of the dvd. During those questions, Harry responded to a ‘if you were a girl’ question with ‘I’d do Niall’, then immediately followed that up with ‘Happy pride’.

Next concert, he shows up on stage having painted four of his nails bright yellow (after fans noticed him wearing nail polish before and flipping out about it), and he sings ‘It’s Raining Men’.

That night, on Harry’s twitter a pornographic tweet is favorited, of a girl fingering herself and asking somebody to lick her fingers. That tweet is left up for about nine hours.

At the next concert, while singing Best Song Ever Harry changes the line from ‘Just like she already owned it’ to ‘Just like HE already owned it’, and punctuates it by grabbing his crotch, something he’s never done at that line before.

Elizabeth Keen is not a child

so I started this as a response to a wonderful discussion (here, and I fully agree with all of it by the way, except…)  with roominthecastle, yayfortea and kissthefuture, but tumblr are it and I realized in the rewrite it had evolved and actually needed it’s own post. (And yes this whole post makes the assumption that Liz and Red are in no way related, see redandlizzie‘s complete and current evidence summary for details if you see the need, however while this post is partly about shipping, it’s mostly about Liz’s autonomy.) [{edit: now the link to the original discussion actually works}]

I love how the Red/Liz relationship encompasses so many things, how it’s so hard to define and they each play so many roles to the other. You can’t just simply say “it’s like this” and move on, and IMO it’s the only complex part of the show. It’s a sign of both how poorly adjusted and confused they both are about interpersonal relationships and how deeply they’ve formed some kind of attachment.

Leaving aside all the other aspects, the caretaking role is what’s on the forefront of everybody’s mind. Perhaps even the authority figure role, with that “Elizabeth, we need to talk”  line. I really value these aspects of their relationship. Both of them are closed off, untrusting people, and Liz especially right now is hurting and defensive and so now she’s distancing herself from everyone by dismissing all their opinions as not applicable to her – except when it came to Red, who could still make her nervous, whose opinion she still values even when she’s furious at him, she is vulnerable to him and listens to him when she doesn’t listen to everyone else. She accepts comfort from him and confesses her hurts to, even when she also wants to continue to find ways to hurt him, get back at him and undercut his power. That’s remarkable and interesting and multi-faceted, and I love it (even when I don’t seem to even like much else about this show rn).

But here’s the thing. Some people are calling Red holding and comforting her when she was in deep distress “paternal” and some people are calling Red calling Liz out about her strange and dangerous behavior, that directly impacted him and his livelihood “paternal” – people in both camps, mind. Caretaking is a part of their relationship, the weird kind of mentor/mentee roles they sometimes put on, the way Red acts with his usual lack of understanding of boundaries or proportion when acting as protector, it’s all part of their dynamic and that’s great, I love that.

But can we please leave the word “paternal” out of it? can we please the concept of “parental” out of it? Elizabeth Keen is a grown woman. She makes terrible choices a lot of the time, but she’s in her 30s, she’s had an education and a career and a husband, and even more than that she had a father named Sam who loved her and raised her and they seemed close. Elizabeth Keen is not a child. She is an autonomous woman. She is not in the market for a new daddy. 

The pairing most absolutely important to me right now is Sarah Linden/Steven Holder from the Killing(US). Two people who argue all the time, mostly because the are each the other’s only trusted person they can behave badly in front of and blow off steam to when things are miserable (and they are miserable a lot), yet they take care of each other. Holder especially, looks after Sarah as much as she allows, brings her food, bugs her to talk about stuff, gets her to sleep sometimes, comforts her as much as she will let him. She depends on it ones she realizes she’s safe with him. That is some serious caretaking, and yet I’ve never once heard the word “paternal” used for Holder’s care for Linden. Because they are the same age. They are visibly the same age.

Comforting some one, actual, heartfelt comforting someone you care for, *especially in a romantic or pseudo romantic relationship,* is a platonic, non-romantic, non-sexual thing. Or it really *really* should be. It says I care for you and I wish you weren’t hurting. It says your wellbeing is important to me, and I don’t only view you as a romantic or sexual object. It says I’m not just being nice to you so you’ll have sex with me later. 

Of course that hug was not ~romantic~ and should not be viewed that way, because caretaking is not the same thing as romance. It is however a huge part of strong, lasting partnerships – whatever kind of partnership, platonic, romantic/sexual, or pseudo-romantic. It’s about a depth of feeling. It’s about a level of trust. It’s about valuing each other and making a safe place to explore and experience your feelings, a safe place you might not otherwise have without that other person.

Caretaking is not about parenting though. It’s not about accountability, it’s not about power being more in the caretaker’s hands than the one looked after. It’s not about anybody’s bedtime, and it’s certainly not about making the other person answerable to you by stepping in the the role of surrogate parent.

And as for being protective of Liz, not only is the threat very real for both of them, the role of protector as always been as much a part of the archetypal husband as the archetypal father. And Liz with her stubbornness, her independence, her ready fury and her inability to face up the gravity of the situation 80% of the time would “rebel” against any man or woman who tried to protect her when she didn’t feel it was warranted. 

Let me say this again. Liz is a grown woman. Liz makes a lot of terrible decisions but a lot of adults make a lot of terrible decisions, and that is her goddamn right. Liz is out of control, she’s hurting and she needs support right now but that doesn’t mean she’s weak, and it doesn’t mean she’s a child, and it doesn’t mean that she needs someone to be her parent.

This whole fandom is bound an determined to make sure Liz is defined by her potential-fathers, by her adoptive father, her father who died in a fire. She is surrounded and dogged by patriarchs we’d like to force on her.

It comes right from the top, and right from the first episodes. Bokenkamp has literally stated that he feels Liz’s character is defined by who her father is – not her parents, her father, the mother apparently doesn’t enter into it. But it’s not.

A woman is not a child. A woman who seems “unstable” is not in need of a new patriarch. A woman is not defined by her biological material alone, especially when she already had a parent who raised her.

Liz is herself. Her character is defined by herself. She alone is accountable for her actions and her identity is not defined by some mysterious past that is unknown even to her. 

Maybe the show is never going to embrace this but we is a fandom should. Why can’t we stop playing the game they want us to play? Why can’t we stop asking “Who is Liz’s Father?” and start asking “Who is Liz?” Why can’t we please stop trying to make sure someone is parenting her and start parsing who she is as a person right now? Why can’t we pay attention to Liz herself, furious, beloved, stubborn wreck that she is, rather than where she may have come from long ago?

We haven’t had a new scene for almost two years.

We have been mistreated, disregarded, disrespected.

We have had to deal with a lot of hate and hate blogs. And even with hate coming from the writers and the show’s actors and crew.

We have had our ups and downs and we are still here. We are able to compete with the flagship of TVD in numbers; all that while Delena and Steroline have had endless scenes and attention while we have had none. Imagine where we would be if Klaroline was an active canon ship right now that had the same screentime Delena and Steroline have. Those ships manage to bring out massive numbers while they have scenes to nourish them and keep them going. The same can’t be said for the Klaroline fandom. We are still here because we have a great family that keeps on supporting each other and creating a beautiful fanon world that keeps the fire raging.

I am not even bothering with the TO ships because it is obvious that Klaroline is in a whole different league all together and there is no comparison there.

I do not know about you but I for one am extremely proud -and amazed- of this fandom. We are unique. We are one of a kind. You do not meet fandoms like ours out there.

The media loves Klaroline. We have one of the most amazing fanon worlds that many envy. As a fandom we are still strong with great events and ideas. We have great strength and endurance.

We are still here and when it is needed we know how to be positive and strong and to show to everyone that we are still here and that we are not going anywhere.

Thank you for this. You are all wonderful.

Just keep having fun with this sweethearts.

Keep on voting. Keep showing your love.

This is our ship and our fandom and we are never going to give in or give it up.

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I think what could MAYBE make it dan is the "it would affetct my work outside of youtube" tbh

Yeah, I just made a really long post /kind of/ explaining my thoughts on the whole thing but I didn’t talk a lot about the actual comment. 

If you read it through, it really really sounds like Dan, it honestly does. What I have been saying since I entered this fandom is basically that coming out would affect their lives SO much, especially their works at bbc. Obviously I don’t think the bbc would fire them since they have several well known non-straight employees (nick grimshaw, aled etc.). But if they are non-straight, and in a relationship, a lot of people’s views on them would change. 

Right now they are known as a duo, they are Dan and Phil. They aren’t known as Dan Howell or Phil Lester, they are known for being an almost-joined-by-the-hip duo. And that works, because as of right now they are just best friends goofing around. But if they were more than friends, everything would get so much more complicated. People might be extra careful giving them jobs together since if they break up it’s over, basically. Working side-to-side with your best friend is cute and admirable. But working side-to-side with your partner is kind of weird for many. I really hope you understand what I am trying to get through, but yeah this is what I think.

Did some exploring in the Bleach related tags

I saw Bleach a few years ago and I loved it (it was my first anime ayy) and I still do. Since I was feeling nostalgic, I went on the Bleach tag. Between all the new manga stuff with Yoruichi and some fanart, I saw a quite a bit of IchiHime and IchiRuki stuff. Mostly anti stuff. When I first watched the anime, I really shipped Ichigo and Orihime (and myself with Uryu cause I’m a lil’ shit like that) and saw Ichigo and Rukia as really good friends, because it reminded me of my relationships with guys at that age. Now that I looked through these tags, I’m very sad about the IchiRuki fandom. I have no problem with them shipping the ship, but my impression of them is very bad from all the posts. The IchiHime tag is very calm and open to debate (from what posts I saw). I don’t understand why people have these ship wars, but right now, the IchiHime fandom seems a lot more mature.
If I get back into the fandom, I hope to avoid the fire between these ships. I still ship IchiHime, but I don’t hate the IchiRuki ship, even if I do ship Rukia with Renji. I hope to be accepted into the fandom without thorns under my feet.