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Gorillaz, Humanz Album so far

Hallelujah Money:

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Tokyo Ghoul Fandom.
  • ishida: *draws a dot*
  • tokyo ghoul fandom: *internally screaming* what could it mean?
  • ishida: *draws a line*
  • tokyo ghoul fandom: *sobbing and crying* oh my god this could like represent someone's sexualit-
  • ishida: *writes a number*
  • tokyo ghoul fandom: *hysterical sobbing, crying and screaming* Oh my god is that like the days till Kaneki dies FUC-
  • ishida: *shit loads of scribbles and lines*
  • tokyo ghoul fandom: WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT WHAT THE HELL COULD IT MEAN MY FEELS ARE EXPLODING WHY DO YOU DO THIS SENPAI YOU SON OF A BI- *launches into some full blown theory that's so fucking deep adele can't even roll in it.*

Joonyoung’s message to congratulate his favorite hyung on his special day.

Jongmin was crying so much.

Taehyun was crying so much.

The staff was crying so much.

The whole 1N2D fandom was basically just bawling their eyes out at this moment haha…. ha…. aaaah… T_T

This show really managed to stay on air for so long because it was made by and with such a lovely bunch of caring people!

1N2D is ♡

It’s so bizarre when handwringing posts lump Cassian in with Characters Who Should Be More Popular, But Fandom!!!

Like … I know it’s hard to accept, but Jyn/Cassian fans are, in fact, Cassian fans, and Jyn/Cassian fic and gifs and art are Cassian fic and gifs and art, whether you like the ship or not. On Ao3, Cassian is the most written-about RO character by a solid margin.

It’s like people actually want to live in the depressing alternate reality where Cassian is undeservingly unloved?? I mean … why? Since when are fans of the most popular character intent on arguing that people don’t like him?

paigemarie007  asked:

Do you have any Nessian fix recommendations?


*cracks fingers*

alright, so honestly, I guess this will be more of a general author rec thing? if I were to mention every single fic/drabble, I would need to take my sweet time…

so starting with some excellent klaroline writers who also write for nessian, we have:

1) @lynyrdwrites whose nessian banter+sexual tension is A+++ and here is her nessian fic tag (x)

2) @purestheartslove with her “Royals Like Us” series and more, which you can find here

3) @austennerdita2533 and her fantastic humour and word-play on nessian here and here

**edit/BONUS** BECAUSE I CANNOT BELIEVE I FORGOT THIS GENIUS ONE BY @maevelin - “A Song of Wings and Embers” !!!


4) anything nessian (and not only nessian, look up her Nesta/Azriel brotp fic “A Candle In The Darkness” for example!) by @filippaeilharts (ao3 / tumblr)

5) known throughout the whole fandom - “Unbound” by @pterodactylichexameter and basically the rest of her nessian fics here or here

6) all the nessian goodness by @laviperagentile which can be found here

7) though she’s mostly famous for her superb elucien fics, here’s a bedsharing nessian drabble (part 1) and “It Hurts to Become” by @valamerys

8) this list would be incomplete without @modernbookfae ‘s fics, like this “Modern Nessian” story and the rest of her writing (x)

9) some amazeballs drabbles by @catastrophicallyinlovewithbooks​, like one my favs - “Illyrian Sunbathing” and more (x, x, x )

10) some truly wonderful nessian by @illyriantremors (link to masterlist)

Happy reading, darling!

Things I love about the Miraculous Ladybug fandom:

  • Everybody is so friendly! You can just message people and they’ll actually talk to you and people will message you!
  • A whole fandom with basically a single unanimous ship (with some occasional shipping everyone with Nathaniel to shake things up).
  • So many talented people!
  • “Sin warning” for explicit content.
  • Everyone calling marichat sin, whether it’s actually explicit or not.
  • Only like 5 explicit fics, for that matter.
  • A single pairing with 4 ship names, all of which imply different things.
  • “Let Adrian Eat 2015″
  • Basically everything.
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lmao hi guys!

It’s been 7 months or 8 months since I’ve been here and since I’m free (finally, hectic Asian lifestyles) I feel like I should do a Follow Forever to show my appreciation to you all. You all have no idea how much you mean to me and how much joy I’ve found during this period of time that I’ve been on this web(hell)site.

I’m not sorry that ‘all teams welcome’ is my motto according to Malisa @bergkampp Not really. It’s just that I love too many players and it makes me seem like I like a lot of teams. But no. So my newest motto should be ‘all players welcome’. I mean… Other than Vardy of course. Or maybe a few others.

Thank you to everyone who beared with my shitposting and liveblogging and gave notes to them lmao y’all make me feel loved. Y’all can always find me whenever you want to talk, I’m always here. Of course, if you can bear with me and my mood swings lmao

Bolded ones: Few meanings. You are people whom I’ve interacted with. Or I THINK we’re friends. If we don’t know each other but you’re bolded, it just simply means that your blog’s one of my absolute favourites.

And yes, I did go through my following list for this. This is basically my whole following list in the football fandom. Took a lot of effort. #determination

Last but not least, I love y’all lmao

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yes, it happened in the good old days too, you just were lucky to miss it