the whole ep


the subtle not so subtle change in craig’s expression when he realizes tweek might actually be mad at him


You ever raise worms by putting an electric current to the earth? That’s what this is like.


ユーリ!!! on Ice - TV & BD/DVD Comparison | episode 1

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ah sally face episode 2 came out today apparently! cant wait to see jack play it (hopefully) ^-^

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fave buzzfeed unsolved moments?

  • ‘hey ghouls the boys are here’ a tru #classic
  • so is ‘hey there, demons, it’s me, ya boy’ 
  • ryan: you can’t see gravity and thats real
    shane: i can drop an apple
    ryan (gently but with feeling): fuck 
  • ‘whatever. this demon’s racist. i don’t respect this demon’ 
  • ‘she’s writing lemonade in her head right now’ 
  • ryan’s ‘id be a friendly ghost who does chores and then tips my hat and tap dances out of the room’ 
  • the ghost of yankee jim 
  • also, shane trying to make small talk with the ghost of yankee jim about boats
  • ‘hey timmy i heard you like balls’ 
  • the bear vs shark argument 
  • ‘we’ve been over this before the bear is the most deadly animal of all time’ i love ryan
  • ‘i have a secret to tell you…… i am the phantom of the sky’ 
  • ‘just- to be fair…. fuck christopher columbus’ 
  • ‘you’re saying the ocean is full of ghosts’
  • underwater area 51
  • tbh the whole bermuda traingle ep is fav
  • all the arguments over whether or not bigfoot is supernatural ‘maybe he picks up on energies’ ‘oh he’ll pick you up all right’ 
  • ‘thats a guy i’d wanna share a cold one with. is what bigfoot would say. about me.’
  • ’i wasn’t fat shaming bigfoot’