the whole dang team

a sports movie
  • me: (straightening my black-and-white striped ref shirt thoughtfully) ok so both teams seem to really want the ball
  • me: like, a lot.
  • me: i have, ah, worked this out myself.
  • me: through ~observation.
  • (a pause in case either team wants to compliment me for my deep understanding of sports)
  • both teams: (confused silence)
  • me: (quickly) and all of you trained super hard to get here; you have drilled and practiced and probably even done push-ups!
  • me: and you each managed to coordinate your outfits perfectly with your whole group, like, dang, you guys, color me impressed.
  • both teams: (confused silence, growing more annoyed by the second)
  • me: on a narrative level? which is the only level on which i understand anything (lol thanks, humanities degree)? you all *deserve* the ball. both sides, you've earned it. like, really, it's a shame we can't chop the thing in half and divide it evenly between you, haha
  • both teams: (nervously looking around for the real referee)
  • me: (pulling a sword out of nowhere) OR CAN WE?
  • top sportsperson of team a: jesus, what's wrong with you?!
  • top sportsperson of team b: playing this sport is our passion AND our livelihood. our bodies will only hold out for a few years at this level of abuse before we'll all need to retire, so if you destroy the object at the center of this game, you are robbing all of us. not to mention every single person in the stands, who paid to be here and have likely been looking forward to this for a long time. I know it may seem stupid or frivolous to you, but people care about this game.
  • top sportsperson of team b: *I* care about this game.
  • me: (twisting my wrist so that the light glints off the blade) but are you SURE? half is better than a chance you might end up with none at all.
  • second-most prominent sportsperson of team b: my teammate is right. please put the sword down. you clearly don't know how to use it anyway, you're holding it like a pen.
  • me: ah, well in that case..........
  • me: congratulations, team b! you've won the big game!
  • me: your uncompromising love of the ball was greater than your selfish desire to possess it.
  • second-most prominent sportsperson of team a: dude, we clearly didn't want you to destroy the ball either, did you not hear my colleague yelling at you?
  • me: oh shit, i was unprepared for this.
  • top sportsperson of team b: did you just call us *team b*? we're literally wearing our team names *on our bodies*.
  • top sportsperson of team a: also, way to rip off king solomon. did you seriously think none of us have read the bible?
  • second-most prominent sportsperson of team a: oh, and by the way? it's called a puck.
  • me: um...
  • second-most prominent sportsperson of team b: please don't joke like that, she's obviously uninformed enough to take you seriously.
  • me: wait, so...IS it a puck?
  • (the second-most prominent sportspeople of their respective teams stare at each other. one's glare says "don't you dare ruin my funny joke." the other's says "if you don't lay off, we will be here all goddamn day, just come clean" but i am unable to tell which player's glare conveys which sentiment.)
  • top sportperson of team a: please, just tell us, where did you hide the actual referee?
  • top sportsperson of team b: oh god! chris! is chris okay?!
  • me: (yelling over my shoulder as i run off the area of play) look, you're finally agreeing on something! (attempting to flee to the stands and blend into the crowd) see how good it feels to find common ground?
  • second-most prominent sportsperson of team b: uh, we can still see you. you're still wearing your fake ref shirt, and also, more to the point, you're still yelling.
  • me: (as I throw my counterfeit ref jersey at a stunned drunk man, his face painted in the unmistakable colors of team a) i think we've all learned an important lesson today
  • me: about the true meaning of................
  • me:
  • second-most prominent sportsperson of team b: NO.
  • me: ..........athletics.....?
  • top sportspersons of teams a and b, simultaneously: somebody, catch her!
  • (i am cornered by a vendor selling souvenir foam fingers, who, caught up in the adrenaline of the moment, unwisely tries to punch me in the gut with a foam-covered fist, which glances harmlessly off me.
  • (we both laugh, and become best friends.)
  • (ironically, team b does in fact win the big game.)
  • (i never learn conclusively whether or not it was hockey.)

anonymous asked:

If Narti is revived by the Quintessence, what do you think she'll be like once she comes back?

I mean considering the similarities drawn between Haggar using that power on her and Narti using her own power on Throk (the whispering, for example) there’s the question of how much she remembers from when it all went down.

So it’s possible she’s going to wake up to an interesting scar and a destroyed cruiser with no idea where all her friends are and pretty ticked about the whole thing.

I doubt she’s really going to Become Evil Due To Resurrection if she does come back, because as I’ve said before: 90% of Zarkon’s “descent to darkness” / becoming a villain happened when he was completely unexposed to quintessence. Unlike Honerva who we could see visually, her becoming closer to Haggar, Zarkon kept his old design the entire time. His moral slide progressed at the same pace Honerva’s did and he wasn’t exposed to the quintessence until the very end. That tells us that quintessence isn’t the factor in Going Evil here.

That and Narti’s more likely going to have progressed from “they can serve their purpose until we’re in position” the way Lotor’s whole team felt about the empire to “I’m pretty dang sure whatever just happened is Haggar’s fault so fuck the empire”

…I suppose alternatively, if I’m right about Lotor having the revelation that Narti wasn’t to blame, it’s entirely possible he might figure out how to work the rift gate and, uh, follow in his parents’ footsteps in a not-so-good manner.

Reveling in Richonne

#25: The Checking In (6x12)

So in 6x12 we only get a few Richonne moments but they’re still so good because when are they not? 😋

One of them, is when Rick follows after Michonne after talking to Carol and it’s a really nice shot that I’m glad the show took time to include. Again, it always looks like there’s a magnet between them and they can’t be more than a certain amount of feet away from each other. And I love that their need to be together is not angsty or co-dependent, it’s just that being together is literally what they’re meant to be doing. 

Plus I love that Rick instinctually follows after Michonne immediately after his confrontational conversation with Carol. It just lets you know, Homeboy was half listening to Carol, half wondering when he can get back to Michonne lol. And then the fact that you see Michonne turn around as she sensed him walking towards her. It’s so small but so cute cuz I love that they just genuinely like being around each other and they’re so connected. They’re one y'all. 

And plus it’s cool cuz it feels like Michonne is Rick’s safe space. Like with everyone else he’s expected to be their gritty fearless leader right now and boldly lead them into this outpost, but you know with Michonne, Rick can just be Rick, the person, and discuss what he really feels and thinks about what they’re about to do. 

And then, later, we have Rick and Michonne with Uncle Daryl, taking people out in the outpost as they sleep. To date this is probably the most savage thing TF has done I’d think. (Another notable thing in this episode was Abraham in that do-rag, but that’s another discussion. 😂) I also think it’s funny that it’s just a given to TF that Rick and Michonne will pair up. Like post-cannon, pre-cannon, doesn’t matter, they finna be together like the soul mates they are. 

But I was also laughing when I first saw these three paired up cuz I was like “How are you going to have your three most elite fighters in one group and then leave Glenn (😭) and Heath alone? 😂 Don’t get me wrong, Glenn (😭) could handle business, but they might have wanted a mentor for this lol. 

But, that aside, I was here for it since I know R&M paired up cuz they’re gonna need to visibly know the other is safe. Like they’re not trying to have something go wrong and then not be able to see that the other person is okay. And for me, it also helped to ease the stress of watching this outpost escapade, cuz the minute I saw that they got the whole dang A-team in one group, I knew that they would be fine no matter what went down. Plus it’s cute that Daryl is with just them for the first time since they became "Richonne” lol.

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And then once all is said and done at the outpost, we get our last and cutest Richonne moment of the episode when Rick goes up to Michonne to check in on her. Like y'all, she really is something special to him. Rick is a leader in a fallen world. He has kids and a group that all look to him. And even with so much on his plate, I adore that no matter what else is going on, Michonne’s happiness and thoughts and closeness is always a priority to him, always.

I love this point that someone made about how Rick has a million things going on in his head all the time, but with Michonne, it’s like everything slows down and he’s able to fully focus on her. Like she’s his sanity, point blank. And just like his well being affects hers, her wellbeing affects him, hence why he checks on her first. He asks Michonne, “What is it?” and I love that it’s said this way cuz it means he already knows there’s something on her mind. They are that in tune with each other that he doesn’t have to ask if something’s up, he already knows. They weren’t kidding about that whole “I’m okay cuz you’re okay” thing.

Again, all up close and personal with each other, Michonne says she just wonders which one of them was Negan and I remember thinking “None of them, boo. Negan is played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. He wasn’t up in that outpost, girl!”…But then I remembered she doesn’t know this so that is a legit question. 😂 Michonne always asks the real questions lol. 👌🏽 And I love that Rick subtly nods when she says this cuz he also knows Michonne asks the real questions, and he’s aware that she has a good point.

But this moment of checking in with each other was significant to their relationship cuz it lets you know that they talk and check in on each other right away. They haven’t even left the place but they’re talking. Same with Rick in 6x11 asking Michonne if she’s “up for this” at Hilltop. They value each other’s thoughts so much that they don’t wait and table these discussion until they get home and I’m here for it. It shows that they consult each other and they are in this together.

I love love love that they are not just a couple, they are not just best friends, they are also legitimate partners in crime and equals in leading the pack and strategizing together. It does not get more “power couple” than that, and R&M do everything together, hence why Richonne is everything. 👌🏽

the best thing about this whole dang dress fiasco is the starkids reaction to it

like a pokemon

okay this may sound dumb but I had this thought in the shower

you remember when you were a kid playing pokemon for the first time, you didn’t really know what you were doing, you were just picking the team you liked the best and fighting battles but you didn’t know about type advantages or exp share or anything else

and then at some point you fight a gym leader and they absolutely destroy you? for me, it was Whitney in Goldenrod City in Pokemon Crystal with her stupid Miltank that had Rollout. my team couldn’t handle it, she automatically KO’d us. so I’d try again and put my strongest pokemon out first, but it didn’t matter, she still killed me. so then I’d reset and go to the pokemart and buy some potions and junk and try again, and maybe the battle lasted longer with these items, it prolonged it, but inevitably she killed my whole team again. 

so finally you’re like “dang it, I guess I’ll have to go grind and fight a bunch of battles and get a lot of experience and level up and then I’ll try again.”

why do we think life is any different? maybe you’re trying to accomplish something but you keep failing. you’re trying to lose weight but that scale’s not moving. you’re looking for a new job but no one’s hiring. you’re in school but your anxiety is shit and it’s tough to just go to class everyday. you try and try and maybe you’re looking for some aids to help but at the end of the day you’re blacking out and right back where you started…?

maybe it’s your time to grind. maybe you got to go back to the basics. you gotta take on some level two rattatas before you can handle level 30. you gotta get out of bed. you gotta take a shower. you gotta get dressed and face the day. and you have to keep doing it over and over. 

you have to keep doing your homework even though freaking accounting isn’t related to your major and it’s soo hard. you have to keep going to work even though your boss is super under qualified and gives you crap. you have to go workout even if you’re self conscious. 

you can do hard things. you can take on your gym leader, whatever it is. some battles you’ll breeze through, and others will take time. it sucks when you get passed up for the promotion. when you don’t get a call back. when you get dumped. when you get third place. when you fail the test. 

but friend, you have a team that’s on your side. you have tools to help. you have opportunities to learn. you gotta grind and it sucks but then one day you win. you get the badge. you get the job. you get the promotion. you get the degree. 

get grinding <3