the whole cast is awesome

World Building and Drugs
  • Matt: I started small with a small town, and then just said, well what's near there? It's a coastal side. Okay, so does that mean there's a swamp nearby? What else might be in the swamp? Ooo, like a dark cave would be cool. Oh and like, you know, a day's travel out of that swamp there might be a trading post that splits off into two different roads. And those roads -
  • Sam: Then he starts thinking about the tax structures. Is it a flat tax structure? What's the government like? Is it an elective representation?
  • Matt: Well, eventually you do get to that point, because you have to have some sort of governmental structure for there to be any sort of political intrigue.
  • Orion: Sewer ways, plumbing, the whole thing.
  • Matt: Yeah.
  • Marisha: He knows what the local drug is.
  • Matt: There are two illegal substances that are sub-traded in Emon.
  • Travis: WHAT!? REALLY!?
  • Sam: Really!?
  • Marisha: Aw, yeah, man!
  • Sam: What are they?
  • Matt: What? What do you think The Clasp makes a lot of it's money from?
  • Laura: WHAT!?
  • Taliesin: Woah, really?
  • Sam: Scanlan would know what those are.
  • Matt: You guys haven't - You guys haven't inquired about that!
I love you and our little baby - Henry Cavill One Shot

Anonymous: Can u do a mini story when the reader pregnant and Henry aboard

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The last three years seemed like a dream to me. I got everything I ever wanted. 

Three years before I was just a little, unemployed actress searching for a job. Sometimes I was so broke that I didn’t even now how to pay for food. It was a hard time.

But then came the best opportunity of my life. I was invited for a big casting, thinking I’d never stand a chance against the more famous and professional actresses. But I got the role, a big role. 

It was my first big leading role and I was relly nervous. When I met the male leading role I got even more nervous. It was Henry Cavill. And damn was this guy handsome! 

Working with him was just awesome. The whole cast and set was so great and it was a really good time. 

Henry and I got closer with each week working together. I fell for him and it seems like he did, too. After half a year of working together, he invited me for a date. After that we met more often and became a couple.  

Even after the movie was done our relationship remained and became even stronger. 

Two years later was our wedding and I became Mrs Cavill. I couldn’t have been more happy. 

And right now we made the next step in our relationship. I was pregnant. Henry and I always wanted children and now seemed like the perfect time. 

While Henry countinued to work, I kept it low and enjoyed the pregnancy. But that meaned that Henry was abroad a lot and I was alone sometime. 

I had a check up and I could have find out the sex, but without Henry I didn’t want to know. We should find out together. 

After the appointment I drove back to ur house and made myself a snack. I heard my skype ringtone and searched for the tablet. I accepted the call and immediately Henry’s face poped up.

“Hey babe. How are you?”
“I miss you!”

“I miss you, too. What did the doctor say? Is everything fine?”

“Yes, the baby is well and healthy. Everything is fine.”

“And did he tell yo the sex?”

“He would have, but I didn’t want him to. We’ll find out when you’re back here. I want you by my side when we find out if we get a little baby girl or or boy.”

“I’ll be there at the next check up. Just a few more days, then I’m back. I love you and our little baby. I have to go back. Love you!” 

I went to see Hidden Figures today. Y'all GO. SEE. IT. NOW. 🙌🏾👏🏾🙌🏾👏🏾🙌🏾

So inspirational. I look forward to reading the book. Taraji, Octavia, & Janelle all killed it! The whole cast was awesome! Makes me want to go into work tomorrow and demand what I deserve then chunk the deuces and go conquer the world! Lol anyway wonderful movie that came at the perfect time. Go see it!! 👸🏾👸🏾👸🏾


this was supposed to be just a post of my infinite love to Lana Parrilla, but when i was stealing photos from her instagram i found some pictures of Emilie de Ravin, Robert Carlyle and some other cast members so gorgeous i couldn’t resist posting them here as well.

so yeah, this post is basically about Lana, who i’m in love with so much it hurts, a bit about Emilie de Ravin, a bit about SwanQueen and Rumbelle, which are my OTPs in here, and in general about the amazingness of the whole Once Upon a Time cast.

There was a special screeing of the first 2 episodes of the ”The Night Manager” provide by the Selwyn College of the University of Cambridge in cooperation with BBC. I don’t want to spoil it for you. All I can say is that you will be amazed how the book by John le Carre has been put on the small screen. The whole cast is just awesome.

The Night Manger starts airing in the UK and Ireland from 21/02/216 on BBC One and from April 19, 2016 in the USA on AMC.

I swear I literally CANNOT say anything without this fandom getting mad. I can’t even publicly talk to my friends because other people get their panties in a twist because God forbid I have friends. It’s not my fault people don’t talk to you. I can’t post my unoffensive opinions on a fucking trailer without someone yelling at me because I said I didn’t like the music. I can’t ask why one person is worshiped while the other actors are ignored without you guys acting like I said I’m gonna set that actor and all his fans on fire. I can’t say “y’all should stop calling this man ‘dad’ because it’s fucking creepy and makes people uncomfortable” without getting yelled at for telling people what to do with their blogs. I can’t say “let’s talk about how awesome the whole cast is” without you guys running with that and using it as an excuse to tear other actors down just so you can build some of the others up. I can’t point out that arranged marriages are a thing in TSC, so it’s not odd that the show is POSSIBLY doing something with that, without someone yelling at me that I’m only saying that because I don’t like CC. I can’t indirectly respond to someone I disagree with without them coming onto the post and letting everyone know who they are and then blaming me because people won’t stop arguing with them. And a hundred other things that have happened to me in just recent months that I’m just like why do I even bother with this blog? I like blogging and talking and fandoms but some of you are so fucking MEAN that I honestly am thinking about deleting my blog and just going somewhere that people actually know how to treat each other like PEOPLE and not some target they can attack over and over again simply because they’re protected by the internet. 


Suicide Squad The whole cast looks amazing!! Why is Jared Leto so AWESOME!!!! Great contrast to all the marvel cheesiness. We deserve this!!