the whole cast


                            “ You know, we could make one horrifying mash up.”

                                 “ Oh -I’m listenin’ dear ol’ death.

So I’m slowly getting around to drawing more ‘nightmare before christmas’ AU related things - and though Marluxia and Larxene in the AU deserved some limelight. Not too sure if the duo is up to any scheming  to take over Halloween tow ( it’s a lil’ undecided at this point for the plot ). 

For now, I kinda found this as a chance to update their designs kinda.

I hate when people in the OUAT fandom refer to Killian as a “hot privileged straight cis white guy.” 1. He is the LEAST privileged character on the show (given that he spent his childhood as a slave and his late teens as a soldier). 2. He could very easily be queer. 3. So are Rumple, Neal, Charming, Robin, and Henry. 4. This whole cast is hot. 5. He is disabled. Killian is the opposite of privileged.

on that note, i really want to express how immensely proud i am of ryan and danny’s performances, and not only theirs but the whole cast and crew’s, again it goes to show how blessed we are with such a captivating bunch of actors and i’m so proud of everyone who made this week happen, especially our lads.

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i checked my inbox and i have like 18 requests (including repeats) and,,, that’s a lot and I don’t know if i can do them all

but just because i have a lot doesn’t mean that I’m not open to more suggestions!!! and not just ship suggestions i’m totally down for just some simple “imagine” fics with the whole cast

so yeah

Get Ready For More Of My Horrible Writing.

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sleepover crush story ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) my boyfriend was in a play tonight and I gave him flowers after and the whole cast was yellin aww and he'd never gotten flowers before and he kissed me in front of everyone aaa I lov


How was the Series of Unfortunate Events movie literally the best thing ever and the worst thing ever at the same time

Like how could they nail the casting, atmosphere, music, narration and basically everything aesthetic so perfectly while completely disregarding the actual story that they were adapting beyond the point where it can even be enjoyable


“Listen, if you… if you… if you do see us out and about, not at a convention, say “Hi!”. You’re… you’re… you’re family. And… and the fact that… that you love the show - we love that you guys love the show and seriously, treat us like a friend. Because we are.” (x)


Normally we see Latin American actors playing gangsters and drug dealers, yet since you emerged on the big screen, you have been playing characters that are often reserved for white guys. How do you do that?


“I actually had the opportunity to perform when I was in Vienna. My mother took me to some auditions and my first role was the one of a homeless Romanian child. I was filmed in a subway in a short movie” - Sebastian Stan, GQ Romania [x]

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you 11 year old Sebastian Stan in 71 Fragments of a Chronology of Chance (1994). 

(and here’s the video clip)