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“I wanted you to kiss me. Why didn’t you?”

The high of winning a Grammy was beginning to wear off for the whole cast, most of them still lingering around the theater as the snow fell harshly outside, none of them in a rush to go anywhere. Jasmine had gone upstairs to change out of her costume long ago, Anthony in his dressing room with Oak before Oak decided to begin making his way home, making his way out into the snow.

There’s a knock on the door as Jasmine pushes it open, sitting down in the chair that Anthony had once occupied. Anthony wraps his mic up and leaves it on his dressing table, turning his attention to his girlfriend. He notices the hurt in her eyes, realizing that something was wrong despite the night that they had had.

“What’s wrong?” He questions, looking at her as he grabs his sweater to throw on over his t-shirt, Jasmine sighing as she looks up at him, feeling as though she’s ruining the moment by even being slightly upset less than an hour after they had won their first Grammy.

“I wanted you to kiss me. Why didn’t you?” Jasmine questions, and Anthony immediately knows what she’s talking about.

In the midst of the chaos of running on stage after their name was announced to Jasmine reaching up to hug him in celebration, Anthony hadn’t kissed her. Looking back on it, he wasn’t sure why he hadn’t, although the thinks it’s a mix of the adrenaline rushing through him in that moment and the fact that they very rarely were affectionate in front of people, let alone a room full of people who they mainly didn’t know.

“I don’t know,” He confesses, letting his eyes trail back to his lap, upset that he had upset her. “I was just caught up in the moment, and I didn’t know if you’d want to kiss in front of a room of people we don’t know,” He sighs, Jasmine smiling as she nods.

She stands up from where she had been sitting, making the short walk over to him, sitting down on his lap. Her arms wrap around his neck as her free hand tilts his chin up so he’s looking at him, smiling when he saw her smile.

“I think, if you kissed me right now, that would more than make up for it,” She whispers, Anthony leaning forward as he presses his lips to hers, letting her take control of the kiss for as long as she wanted.

They only pull apart when there’s a knock on the door and Lin opens it seconds later, his eyebrows raising before he smiles at the predicament he walked in on. “I’m going home, you two should do the same before it gets worse.” He looks between the two of them, a smile still evident on his face.

“See you in a few days. Happy anniversary,” He smiles, both of them saying goodbye as the door click behinds him, Jasmine turning her attention back to the boy in front of her.

“Happy anniversary,” She whispers, kissing him again. Anthony pulls apart, leaning up to rest his forehead against his.

“Happy anniversary, my love,” He replies, kissing her again.

And what an anniversary it was.

someone told me that they thought the 2004 revival of fiddler was way better than the 2015 revival at carrying the intensity and emotion through in act 2. I’m based because the 2015 revival is the only professional version I’ve seen live and I’m in love with the whole cast, but I just listened to Far From the Home I Love from the 2004 cast recording and it seemed really flat? which is disappointing because I love Laura Michelle Kelly and I was expecting it to be really good. but in the 2015 version that scene is so raw and intense and in the version I just listened to it’s just. not. has anyone seen both and have opinions?

Isabella as Harley Quinn theory

Based on a discussion with @bizarre-transmission.
Perhaps Isabella is Kristen reanimated (an old theory but a good one) and she was originally reanimated as therapy for Ed.
Not a very strong story is it?
What if she is reanimated again and one of the first things she sees is Jerome or footage of Jerome? Even better if Jerome is the one who happens upon her and decides to reanimate her. To make someone like him: though it’s really just for kicks like it always is.
Would certainly cast whole new light on her obsession with unhealthy relationships wouldn’t it? 😉
On a more mundane note Isabella is already blonde (like Harley usually is), the creators have said Harley will ‘be someone we’ve seen before’ and the actress has begun to pop up again on Gotham social media.
To be honest I will accept anybody but Barbara Keane as Harley Quinn.

Saw a screening of Newsies today and oh my Lord it was so incredible and I’m now obsessed!!!! The whole cast were amazing and I was SERIOUSLY impressed with the dancing!! Really really hope it comes to the West End or they at least release the recording on DVD/blu-ray!

Hamilton Characters as Troubled Birds

After much debate with a lot of good friends, I am proud to present, Hamilton Characters as

Aaron Burr:

Alexander Hamilton:

John Laurens:

Marquis de Lafayette:

Hercules Mulligan:

George Washington:

King George:

Samuel Seabury:

Charles Lee:



And Peggy!:

Thomas Jefferson:

James Madison:

Maria Reynolds:

James Reynolds:

Philip Hamilton: 

George Eacker:

My 19 year old cousin looks like Sirius fucking Black and my grandparents are nagging him about his long hair at Christmas lunch and he said it was because he wanted to be a ‘space pirate Jesus, stop crushing my dreams’ and if that’s not something Sirius Black would say when Remus nags I don’t know what is



sartorial headcanons
  • Taako cannot walk in heels. It’s an embarrassment. 
  • He’s not going to let that ruin an outfit, though, so he just. Levitates everywhere when he wears them.
  • You know who can walk in heels? Who is actually preternaturally good at it?
  • Angus. Taako is in turns blindly jealous and proud and baffled.
  • Killian cannot wear sleeves. 99% of the time she walks around in shirts with the sleeves cut off.
  • She has a lot of nice vests for date nights, though.
  • The regulators have team jackets. Like, bomber jackets with elaborate embroidery on the back.
  • They hoisted Boyland’s into the rafters of the training room like a hockey jersey.
  • When No3113 joins the team they make her like… a cape, essentially? That ties to her back.
  • She loves it an only takes it off for missions.

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reading “Yuri on Ice” fanfiction is an experience cause the fic can be in English (sometimes Spanish for me) and then a character will say something in Russian, someone else will say something in Japanese, some random Italian, some French for ballet of course, that random Spanish when in Barcelona, some Thai and Korean from time to time, etc.

And unlike other fandoms where stuff like this are details that the fans add as a way to further explore the character backgrounds, this is an actual part of the show’s composition. In canon we have had:

  • characters who speak Russian that are encouraged with “Davai”
  • characters who speak French that are encouraged with “Allez”
  • Viktor and Yuuri use Spanish during their day in Spain 
  • Viktor’s phone goes from English to Japanese after living in Japan for months
  • Guang Hong is asked to be a translator while in China
  • Yuuri uses Russian to thank Yakov and praise Yurio 
  • he also uses English to explain things to Viktor
  • as well as use Thai to thank Phichit
  • Celestino congratulates Phichit in Italian 
  • Viktor congratulates Hiroko’s food in English 

it is one of the few cases of a show having an international cast and fully incorporating it into the character’s way of speaking and how they react to the world around them. When surrounded by Yuuri’s family Viktor stays mostly silent at first unless he is speaking directly to Yuuri who translates for him. When talking to other skaters whose English or Russian is better he is more talkative. 

Even their motivations are shaped by this as Phichit’s was to use a song that no other Thai skater had used on a mayor competition before but that is therefore implied to have been used by skaters from other countries, while Seung Gil’s coach mentions the importance of qualifying for the Winter Olympics which will take place in Korea in 2018

it even gets a little political to some degree if one looks for it and many people have. Leo, who is Mexican-American, skates to a song about living in spite of difficulties and it feels almost poetic how his character was introduced literally the day after the Ameircan Presidential Election and the skater shown to be closest to him is Guang Hong from China.

Others also pointed out the “shaky” relationship between Russia and Kazakhstan , and yet Otabek is described as Yuri’s first real friend, after Otabek literally asked him wherever he was willing to be that or not. Hell Russia and Japan have had a pretty shaky history as well and our main leading couple are from those 2 countries as well. 

I don’t know how historical the show is willing to go, but if those countries were chosen I’m sure it was for a reason. 


Glenn Howerton, Charlie Day, Kaitlin Olson, & Rob McElhenney practice their choreography for season 12 of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (x)