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I really needed to do some low stress drawing tonight, so here’s Aveline teaching Anders to fight with a sword.  

There’s some really cute (but unfortunately cut) banter that involves Aveline giving sword fighting lessons to the whole cast, and her interaction with Anders made me smile.

[Lin-Manuel] invited me to one of the first rehearsals at a small studio in the Garment District. I remember poking my head into the room and seeing eight actors standing in front of eight music stands, thinking, ‘‘Oh my goodness, they’re all black and Latino! What on earth is Lin-Manuel thinking?’’ I sat down with Thomas Kail, the director, and Jeffrey Seller, the producer, thinking to myself, ‘‘When this is over, I need to sit down and talk to Lin-Manuel alone. We’re talking about the founding fathers of the United States.’’ But after a minute or two I started to listen and forgot the color or ethnicity of these astonishingly talented young performers. Within five minutes, I became a militant on the subject of color-blind casting.

The whole concept of ‘‘Hamilton,’’ I realized, was inseparable from casting. The miracle of the play is that it shows us who we were as a nation but also who we are now. This young, multiracial cast has a special feeling for the passion, urgency and idealism of the American Revolution, which maybe shouldn’t surprise us. Our history is the saga of outsiders becoming insiders — of the marginal and dispossessed being welcomed as citizens. Lin-Manuel offers us an Alexander Hamilton who is the quintessential immigrant and outsider who lends his talents and energies to creating the new nation.

—  Ron Chernow, The American Revolutionary (T Magazine)
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name: Amy

nickname: i don’t really have any proper ones? except Mini sometimes idk

star sign: Libra

gender: female

height: about 5′3″ I think

sexual orientation: umm so I don’t really know but possibly demiromantic bisexual ?

favourite colour: blue

time right now: 2:34pm

average hours of sleep: atm about 10?

lucky number: 7

last thing I googled: panic! at the disco acoustic versions

number of blankets I sleep under: 1

favourite fictional character: I have way too many… but cas probably ?

favourite famous people: the whole spn cast and their families, kevin zegers, and allen leech

crushes: I don’t really have any ?

favourite bands music: fall out boy and panic! at the disco

dream trip: Nepal

dream job: novelist and/or opening a bookstore with a cafe and running different events like slam poetry evenings and creative writing workshops and stuff

what I’m wearing at the moment: pyjamas because I’m ill atm :(

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thank you huang lei laoshi for taking care of yixing. and to yixing, for always walking to the end without ever giving up, for daring to challenge yourself, for conquering your own mountains again and again, thank you. (x)

Red vs Blue Furniture AU

rvb au where everything is exactly the same except everyone is fucking furniture

Red Team
Grif- Beanbag chair
Simmoms- Mahogany Computer Desk
Donut- Stripper Pole
Sarge- Weapon’s Case
Lopez- Garage Workbench

Blue Team
Tucker- Motel room bed
Caboose- little blue plastic chair
Tex- Fancy Lamp with broken lightbulb
Church- Weak ass pillow
Sister- Large Stereo
Shelia- Home Security System

Doc- Glitter jar
Andy- Temperamental little shit head microwave that never fcking cooks things right
Junior- Cradle
Chairman- a really uncomfortable chair with like spikes and shit on it like why do you even have this chair it’s awful
Director- the vacuum cleaner eater of all happiness

South- Paper weight
North- Memory Foam bed
Carolina- A broken Key
York- Door with a broken lock
Washington- a large comforter with a kitty pattern
something nice to go on top of that motel room bed.
Flordia- Rocking chair
Wyoming- Vanity Table
CT- Nice Cozy love seat that seems really comfortable but is actually really angry and will only cause you pain
Maine- Really rough looking blanket that everyone stayed away from but is actually the softest thing you have ever felt in your life
Georgia- a lucky Penny
479er- Airplane model

Alpha- A broken vase
Beta- A ceramic bowl that’s been glued together too many times
Delta- Gaming Laptop
Sigma- Fireplace
Theta- Toybox
Gamma- Desktop Computer
Epsilon- An old scrap book
Iota- Tool A 
Eta- Tool B
Allison- a portrait of a loving mother caught in a fire caused by Sigma

Chorus People
Felix- decorative sword on the mantle piece
Locus - Hunting Box
Palomo - a vintage 70’s teen magazine
Bitters - Refrigerator
Smith- little toy soldier that always somehow winds up near the blue chair
Jensen- Mahogany Bookshelf
Kimball- that one mirror in everyone’s house that just makes them feel good about themselves.
Doyle- set of crystal tea trays and cups
Doctor Grey- antique set of medieval surgical supplies/first aid kit
Freckles- M19 that was knocked off the wall and now sits on the blue chair

This blackface incident with raina is so ugly and wrong yet people in the OC/Afterschool/over all kpop fandom are just trying to make it seem like its no big deal just bc she didn’t look rly dark like the rest of the actors in the play but its like lol that doesn’t matter?? its still fcked up?? bc 

  1. She was still wearing makeup to look darker
  2. She participated in a play wit damn near the whole cast is in blackface
  3. Her only worry when it came to doing this play was being worried people wouldn’t see her as pretty anymore when they saw her in the darker makeup and not that she was supposedly playing an african child using blackface and cornrows to do so. 

The situation is disgusting and racist up no matter how you slice it, if your gonna try to excuse this your excusing blatant anti-black racism.