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…the Church can survive without physical buildings. It can survive without candles, icons, and elaborate altars. It can endure in caves, forests, and barns. But the Church cannot exist without truth, it’s very bedrock. Truth, therefore, is what Satan is attacking. Truth is what the dragon desires to eclipse in order to cast the whole world into darkness…


Red vs Blue Furniture AU

rvb au where everything is exactly the same except everyone is fucking furniture

Red Team
Grif- Beanbag chair
Simmoms- Mahogany Computer Desk
Donut- Stripper Pole
Sarge- Weapon’s Case
Lopez- Garage Workbench

Blue Team
Tucker- Motel room bed
Caboose- little blue plastic chair
Tex- Fancy Lamp with broken lightbulb
Church- Weak ass pillow
Sister- Large Stereo
Shelia- Home Security System

Doc- Glitter jar
Andy- Temperamental little shit head microwave that never fcking cooks things right
Junior- Cradle
Chairman- a really uncomfortable chair with like spikes and shit on it like why do you even have this chair it’s awful
Director- the vacuum cleaner eater of all happiness

South- Paper weight
North- Memory Foam bed
Carolina- A broken Key
York- Door with a broken lock
Washington- a large comforter with a kitty pattern
something nice to go on top of that motel room bed.
Flordia- Rocking chair
Wyoming- Vanity Table
CT- Nice Cozy love seat that seems really comfortable but is actually really angry and will only cause you pain
Maine- Really rough looking blanket that everyone stayed away from but is actually the softest thing you have ever felt in your life
Georgia- a lucky Penny
479er- Airplane model

Alpha- A broken vase
Beta- A ceramic bowl that’s been glued together too many times
Delta- Gaming Laptop
Sigma- Fireplace
Theta- Toybox
Gamma- Desktop Computer
Epsilon- An old scrap book
Iota- Tool A 
Eta- Tool B
Allison- a portrait of a loving mother caught in a fire caused by Sigma

Chorus People
Felix- decorative sword on the mantle piece
Locus - Hunting Box
Palomo - a vintage 70’s teen magazine
Bitters - Refrigerator
Smith- little toy soldier that always somehow winds up near the blue chair
Jensen- Mahogany Bookshelf
Kimball- that one mirror in everyone’s house that just makes them feel good about themselves.
Doyle- set of crystal tea trays and cups
Doctor Grey- antique set of medieval surgical supplies/first aid kit
Freckles- M19 that was knocked off the wall and now sits on the blue chair

Band of brothers action figures should exist.

Nixon would have a little bottle of vat 69
Sobel would have a can of peaches
Roe would have a candy bar and scissors
Web would have a little book, and a toy shark
Bull would have a cigar
Speirs would have cigarettes and some little silver cutlery
Luz would have a radio
Shifty would have a rifle
Liebgott would have a tiny flash gordon comic book
Toye would have those fist rings thing
Welsh would have a parachute 

Penkala, Malarkey and Skip Muck would come all together in just one package.


It was odd how we had no sightings of her during season 5 filming which makes me think it’s once again a small mostly indoors role for Yara but-

From Gemma Whelan’s voice agency site (x)

And they correctly confirmed Reece Noi (Mossador) being back as well which was even less likely to happen (Indira was a given). So I think the news item is right. 

So we’re getting at least a bit of Yara/Iron Islands storyline this year.