the whole band is beautiful

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not a very Wild Story™ but one time during band camp we were supposed to go forward 8 and FREEZE in position instead of closing to set position, and one senior trombone player forgot that and instead of saying "7, place, freeze" like the rest of the band, he just yelled "7, place, SHIT" really loudly and the whole band laughed, including the instructors


I just finished my 107 shows in 10 months. 100% live every night. I bloody smashed it, even if I do say so myself. You lot have been incredible, every night you’ve been so beautiful, loving and engaged. My band and my crew you made the whole thing turn. And my beautiful family made it easy for me to do.
Big love x

Summary Of The “Dive In” Music Video

So a while back when the Circles (by PTV obvs) music video came out, I did one of these and a lot of people really liked it so here’s the Dive In version (bc I totally forgot to make one when it came out whoops)

  • How did they even film that? Did they put a camera underwater or something?
  • Aquarium aesthetics
  • Concert aesthetics 
  • For real though, what was that big empty space/warehouse thing
  • The least creative font you’ll ever see in a music video
  • More concert aesthetics
  • The band finally shows up
  • Filming fans without consent
  • The words “Dive In” are sung just as the title “Dive In” pops up on screen, I see what you did there
  • Setting-up for concert aesthetics
  • Aesthetic top-down/bird’s eye view shot very nice
  • But why an aquarium- oooohhhh I get it, because the song is called “Dive In”, but still, they should’ve at least included like a diving board or something which would make more sense
  • Slo-mo videos 
  • *Mike gives camera the middle finger* well fuck you too
  • Vic eating a cookie while a music video is being shot more like same
  • Four 30 something year old men act like 5 year olds
  • But for real were these guys drunk while this whole thing was being filmed?
  • Vic feeling Jaime up as he’s working out fuenciado confirmed!!11!
  • Plane aesthetics
  • Smol tiny Vic trying to arm wrestle how cute
  • Train/subway/tube aesthetics
  • Hand-hearts what is this early 2000s??
  • Stop throwing basses
  • That one guy in the audience filming with two phones like okay then why are you filming with two phones? If you’re helping someone film then can’t you just film on one phone and then send/transfer the video onto the other phone? And if you’re afraid one of them is gonna die or run out of battery then why are you using both phones simultaneously? Assuming they’re the same type of phone then wouldn’t they both die at the same time then? So there’s virtually no reason for this guy to be filming with two phones
  • Vic lip-syncing his own song
  • Vic and a piano aww
  • Fuentes brothers or pirates 99% of people get it wrong
  • Jaime doesn’t like selfies… either that or he just doesn’t like Mike’s selfies. Either way both say a lot about Jaime as a person
  • Did Jaime just metaphorically shoot Vic with his bass onstage? I’m sorry, how old are these people again??
  • Vic sucks at ping pong
  • Is Jaime having a seizure or something? Should someone call the doctor or like an ambulance or- we’re just gonna leave him like this? Okay then
  • Roller coaster aesthetics
  • “666” The Deal much
  • Vic playing an air guitar while looking like an old man, Tony playing another air guitar while looking hardcore and shit, Mike is actually using drumsticks but no drums so I guess he’s only partly air drumming?? And idfk what Jaime is doing. So pretty much ptv in a nutshell: Vic being old (well the oldest out of the four anyways), Tony trying to be hardcore but failing, Mike actually doing what he’s supposed to albeit half-assedly (is that even a word) and Jaime being Jaime
  • Vic’s leap of faith
  • Vic apparently sucks at soccer/football as well, jeez Vic I thought you were a referee or some shit
  • Vic giving up at soccer/football is literally me
  • How not to juggle - a guide by Tony Perry
  • Kinky bondage with Tony and Jaime
  • Vic pretending to be British with sunglasses on drinking tea??? Idk tbh
  • Jaime lip-syncing his own song
  • What even was that spinning cage thing
  • Reflection aesthetics
  • Even more concert aesthetics
  • Perrentes??11?
  • Simultaneous headbang on couch
  • Nice cactus amigos
  • Vic in the ladies toilet- oh wait, that’s normal
  • Ptv or birds 99% of people get this wrong
  • Jaime never got his high-five from Vic wow rude
  • Do a barrel roll, Jaime!
  • Literal 5 year olds
  • How tf did Vic even get in that cage
  • Fuenciado or Mickey Mouses (mice??) 99% of people get this wrong
  • Standing in front of wall aesthetics
  • Vic and Jaime pretending to be fish
  • Mike teaching Vic how to drum 
  • More lip-syncing
  • Jaime playing the piano 
  • That’s a piano, not a bed, Vic (I guess you could say he’s Bedless *ba dum tst*)
  • This whole thing felt like a montage/crack video/day in the life of being in a band video/aesthetic video

alessiasmusic: I’m never good at thank you’s, but I have to try my best to let these four dudes, the entire crew, and every single person reading this know how grateful I am to have been apart of this beautiful tour. the best band in the whole world let me share their stage and play my songs in places I had never imagined I would be. thank u endlessly to the band, the entire CP team, and of course my band and crew for making this tour one of the most memorable things I’ve ever experienced. I couldn’t have asked for better people to share this with. I ALSO GOT TO WITNESS THESE STARS KILL IT EVERY SINGLE NIGHT AND IT WAS MAGICAL. (get ready for the worst pun ever:) I’m very much a kid with a head full of dreams and I’ve lived a huge one because of u @coldplay. thank u from the bottom of my heart. 💙

It genuinely breaks my heart that Calum is feeling down right now. Not only Calum but that whole band is so beautiful and perfect and I wish I could tell them how much they mean to us. Calum is the most kindest soul I’ve ever seen. He bought fans concert tickets???? Like when do you see a member of a band do that??? Calum deserves nothing but love and support because he has an amazing personality and he is killer at what he does. If I can remember correctly he wrote Beside You when he was 16??? That song is beautifully composed, along with all the other amazing songs he’s written & it shows how talented Calum truly is. I just want Calum along with Michael, Ashton, and Luke to take a break, clear their minds, spend time with their families, and just relax. The amount of things they do for us is actually unbelievable and they deserve as much time off as possible right now.

How they take photos with you (BTS)

I am very proud of myself, I got 2 exams done today (French and Biology). Mais maintenant, je ne fais plus le français qu’est dommage . J’adore parler en français car la langue est très belle <3 Sorry, if that was a bit dodgy! I did another BTS reaction so I could get more acquainted with writing the members. Please enjoy!!

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Rap Monster:
This absolute cinnamon roll would always love to make silly faces. He’d scrunch up his eyes and put on his biggest smile, showcasing his dimples. You would laugh at him pulling that expression and SNAP, there’s the picture. Sometimes he’s a little more serious, he’ll take the phone from your hands and rest his chin on your head. It’d probably be his lockscreen and will subsequently show the whole band how cute you actually are.

“Guys, look how beautiful (Y/N) looks in this!”

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(this actual cutie wth)

I can imagine him being all cute and coupley with you. In every picture of you two, he’d be gazing at you with the biggest smile as you tried to take a serious selca. You sometimes nuzzle into the side of his neck which makes his cheeks go a rich shade of pink. He’ll sometimes sneak in a peck on the cheek as well and, like RapMon, he’ll show the others your pictures together because he feels so lucky.

“Send that selca to me, (Y/N). I love how pretty you look in that one. Well, all of them.”

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let me tell you about what happened on september 22nd

on september 22nd, I saw the 1975 for the second time this year

obviously they killed it but something happen just before they played sex which is so fucking important y’all have to know

basically Matty told everyone to be quiet and got his phone out because he said his manager got sent an email which he wanted to read

as the entire venue listened, typical matty started reading out the email in a very humorous fashion

to summarise, it said:
“my friend is a huge the 1975 and him and 8 others of us were meant to see you guys on the 22nd september. his name was also matty. sadly, 12 days ago he tried to take his life. after an agonising few days, his body finally gave up. he is the reason we bought tickets and it would be a pleasure for you to mention him or even just read this as he loved the band so much. thank you.”

matty then started crying. I repeat. CRYING

he didn’t even know the guy yet one email reduced him to tears.

next thing we know everyone was applauding this guy and I can’t express how beautiful it was seeing the reaction of matty, adam, ross & george seeing the whole venue clapping for a fan of their band.

that was a beautiful moment which made the night.