the whole 1st half was amazing

Going to a patriots game with Chris Evans would Include......

-Wearing matching jerseys

-Getting ready super early so you can be there on time

- Going out for lunch First

-Him talking about how exited he was

- “Tom Brady’s gonna kill it today”

-“ You say that everyday, even when there’s no games”

- Him also talking about all the players, there standings & things about them

- Him talking about really specific football plays

- “ They should get there receivers to run 15, out 7 and a fly”

-“ Chris sweetheart, I love you, but u have no clue what that means”

- Him swearing whenever something happens, and blames it on the other team

- you laughing at all his reactions

- at halftime, him talking about the first half, and all its pros and cons

- “ They we at the 5, and got to the 70 yard line, then got the 15, at 1st down, but the ref called it at 2nd and they lost the ball! ”

- “ Chris I still have no clue what your saying”

- Him stressing out about the other team scoring

- but becoming happy when Gronk scores a touchdown


- you smiling and laughing the whole time, when he reacts at something

- after they win, he’s in a great mood

- “today’s gonna be a great day, thanks to the amazing Tom Brady”

- “It’s 11:45pm Chris”

- “Well then tomorrow will be great”

-“ him talking about plays and touchdowns all the way home

- when you get home he hugs you and thanks you for coming with him

- ” Your the best girlfriend"

- ‘I Know"

-You laughing when your lying in bed and one of the last things before he says before he goes to sleep is something about Tom Brady

- Know that you went to one game, you will probably end up going to the rest to

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Warning: super depressing post ahead, if you don’t feel like reading negative stuff, please save yourself and don’t read. I just need to vent, that’s all.

The thing that makes me truly and honestly happy and can improve my mood 180 degrees is Team Rocket, but of course recently they haven’t been delivering much and I’m worried about their future in the show. Of course there was this live event 2 weeks ago with, but paradoxically, as much as I loved it, it made me even more anxious in the long run. Now I don’t want to sound like an ungrateful shit, I’m truly grateful. It’s just because… the promised Rocket event, aimed at Team Rocket members (sic!), turned out to be more about Pokemon in general than about Team Rocket. The Rockets talking to the audience was an amazing experience, but it was painful to know what they were talking about. Very few people in the audience were truly Team Rocket fans and their indifferent attitude was upsetting. And it’s a TR event, why would you talk about Gym Leaders? About Satoshi? About Gekkouga? WTF!? And of course half of the event was the showing of the 1st episode that didn’t even have TR in it. I just have no clue why they even advertised it as an event for Team Rocket fans. The whole thing just struck me as a desperate attempt to do something with Rockets in it, because of their total lack of appearances in the anime. A deja vu from the BW era.

Now this wouldn’t feel bad if not for one thing. People cared about Rockets in BW. Now… they don’t? It doesn’t help that SM anime has good ratings, so it’s basically telling the staff that whatever their choices are, they’re good. I know that there are still some people that care, but that still doesn’t change the fact that in general, people don’t care if Rockets are in the anime or not.  I guess that people rebelled so much in BW, because their main problem was Rockets being serious, and not the lack of appearances?

I hope I’m wrong and they’re preparing something big (and I mean, the Radio level big) in secret. I just wish more people cared, but it’s hard to make them care, when the characters themselves hardly even appear anymore, you know?

I don’t know what I’d do if Rockets were written off. My life just depends on them so much. Lots of my life choices were made because of them. They created me. They made me do my best.

Sometimes it’s horrifying to think how dependant I am. It feels like an addiction, I always want more and I’m upset when I don’t get enough. But I don’t want it to stop. I know that people are like “we will always have them in outr hearts and we will always have like 1000 episodes to rewatch!“, but sadly I’m not like that. It wouldn’t feel right to not have a new episode to look forward to. To know that it’s over.

I need something constant in my life. Rockets appeared in my life when I was 12. Lots of things changed since then, my family broke apart, I moved places around 10 times, met hundreds of people that came and went… But Rockets were always there, you know?

Now, I’m almost 30 and it’d be naive to think that I’d die before they leave. Unless I get cancer or get into a car accident or something like that. But yeah I don’t think I’ll ever feel ready for that day to come. At least when I was a teen I hoped that by that time I’d get my shit together, so their departure wouldn’t depress me as much. Ugh, 10 years later I’m nowhere near getting my shit together. It actually got worse, haha. Depression and anxiety is a bitch. Definitely what a struggling young adult needs. Scumbag brain.

Btw, as for the TR event, I regret I just didn’t shout from the audience that I simply loved them and want them back on the show. Even if I didn’t get the mic. Even if my Japanese is shit currently. Kojiro would probably correct my grammar lol. I hope that I’ll get another chance.