the who's glow girls

@all you ‘’’’’’sapphic blogs’’’’’’, you’ll know yourselves

This might be a little wild, but what if I told you

that black wlw

aren’t??? inherently??masculine??

I know it’s a strange concept but hear me out

Black femme lesbians,,,,,exist

Black(especially dark skinned) femme lesbians can be just as feminine as non black lesbians

I’m so damn sick and tired of going onto every feminine or ‘’lipstick lesbian’’’ blog and seeing nothing but thin, white or white-passing women being represented

What about black girls with flower crowns and soft makeup and glowing skin?

What about thicker black girls who are thick in the ‘conventionally sexy’ areas?

 What about thicker black girls who aren’t but are just as beautiful and feminine?

What about thin black girls? 

What about trans black girls? 

What about black girls who aren’t the same pictures that you people keep reusing over and over again, because it doesn’t matter enough to you find new ones?

Black girls are beautiful

Feminine black girls are ethereal and gorgeous

I don’t care if black women don’t fit your feminine sapphic #moodboards and #aesthetic

Black femme lesbians and feminine wlw are valid 

Stop trying to erase our femininity 

P.S.- This is in no way trying to invalidate butch lesbians, or otherwise GNC female aligned wlwoc. You are all absolutely breathtaking, regardless of how you wish to present.

date a girl who has greenish-grey skin. date a girl whose lipstick transforms into a chainsaw. date a girl who has fangs and glows. date a girl who drinks blood. date a girl with assymetrical horns. date a girl who has killed the same man multiple times and can’t seem to keep him down

anonymous asked:

Why is bendy glowing red? Where is mugs? Who is the girl mugs is with? Why is cuphead so cute while holding a cat? Where did the cat go? Will Felix ever kiss Ozzy? Who knows

  1. cause he’s oozing with power
  2. in the giant mermaid’s head
  3. she’ll answer that
  4. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. he’s still there behind cuphead
  6. uuh ಠ_ಠ 

on earth day, she takes you on her favorite hike. you lie on a checkered picnic blanket, enjoying your homemade lunch, and watch scattered clouds race by. you reach over to kiss her cheek and she blushes. there is absolutely nowhere you’d rather be. you walk back in the gathering dusk, distant city lights just starting to glow.