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I Trusted You

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It was inevitable, right? The little brother getting jealous of the older brother for spending too much time with his girlfriend. Obviously she wanted a real working man and not a young boy, right?

“I trusted you.” Finn said angrily right before walking out. You knew he was talking to you, but you couldn’t help think some part of it was directed at Tommy, who stood with you in shock.

You sighed as Finn fled hurriedly from the betting shop, needing some fresh air.

“Is he ok?” Tommy asked between furrowed brows.

“He’s fine.” You say rolling your eyes slightly as you go to follow him out.

You find him outside, smoking a cigarette.

“Finn?” You ask as you approach him.

“This is why I didn’t want you working here. Y/N.” He says, shaking his head. You were new to the company, only officially working with the Shelby’s for a few months now at your volition. You had basically begged him for a job one night long ago now…

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I have never forgotten what I learned from Eric. Kindness, honesty, and more respect for human beings than I’ve ever known anyone else to have.


Oliver Queen sits quietly in the booth staring out the window. He doesn’t expect to eat and feels it’s enough just to be invited along. He’s so often overlooked by his parents and when he does earn their attention he tends to regret it. He is chronically reminded of past bad behavior he’s outgrown or sought to make amends for. Oliver has been punished — some would say unduly so when compared to his crimes. […] He just ambles along, constantly trying to do better, stumbling sometimes. At times even throwing himself on the ground to catch someone else’s fall, for which he’ll blame himself. No Oliver doesn’t make a scene about the things in life that aren’t fair to him — of which he has seen more than his fair share. He just sits in the booth nibbling on the dried scrambled eggs and burnt toast his parents give him to “feast” on. He takes slow, unsure bites because even though he’s allowed to live, err, eat, he never knows how long the goodwill will last. Soon he’ll be given another empty plate. Oliver is flawed but he is redeemable. He is already redeemed in many ways. [x]