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“Arthur and the Ginger” - Digital Oil Painting

“We gingers need to stick together. She tends to take it literally. Maybe she thinks she’s a parrot?”

Couldn’t leave out my darling Rory, just look at that smoulder! This is the last painting I currently have for ‘Hot Guys With Baby Animals,’ but I may sporadically add to the series later on. ^_^

If you enjoy my art, please consider subscribing to my Patreon! I am saving to buy a wheelchair lift.

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Oh my god your canon vs fanon Kuroo post was perfection can you do one for Bokuto please!!! I will never inderstand where people got the "pary animal sex god Kuroo" thing I mean the dude makes poetic speeches and insults people using chemestry he is probably full nerd

oh man this is so much harder because bokuto is actually really complex

fanon bokuto:

  • hopeless moron
  • helpless baby bird who cannot tie his own shoes without akaashi there
  • fluctuates between fragile, crushed soul and raging egomaniac
  • collapses at everything for childish reasons
  • also a party animal
  • constantly talking

canon bokuto:

  • measures up tsukishima’s entire character and primary struggles after 2-3 meetings, after even kuroo failed to understand him. you know,  because he’s a bristly asshole who is hard to understand. gives him pinpoint accurate advice. still punctuates it with “well hey i might be wrong though”
  • does this for hinata as well
  • able to strategize in midair, something that is notoriously hard to do. has an outrageous skillset to go with it. practices nonstop to achieve this
  • for the most part extremely reliable. akaashi keiji’s words, and i get the feeling that akaashi keiji does not embellish
  • scatterbrained and easily distracted but also able to get into moments of crazy focus during a game
  • his mood swings are clearly involuntary and pass quickly when he’s given a success to focus on which btw is not easy to do in a fast paced sport. i mean i know akaashi kind of leads him to the success but it’s bokuto who manages to get back on track after 1-2 good points which… holy shit that takes some killer determination when your brain is on fire in a mood swing
  • brags some. asks for verbal validation more. is super happy but also kind of sheepish when hinata is amazed by him, and subsequently dedicates himself to teaching hinata tricks
  • overjoyed to talk or work with anyone
  • takes a lot of teasing. seriously, everyone he hangs out with pokes fun at him, and he handles it with very minimal sulking
  • actually spends a lot of time kinda sizing things up silently? seriously, though, he’s actually… not that much of a chatterbox, unless he’s pestering akaashi for praise.
  • i would literally fight anyone for bokuto koutarou but i don’t have to because if someone has hurt him then akaashi keiji has already murdered them in a back alley
Let's talk about Lucas

I’ve been away  from Tumblr for many months now. On my return I’ve discovered a disturbing trend relating to Lucas Baker from Resident Evil 7.

Let me preface my thoughts by pointing out that I’m a 43 year old woman, happily married with 4 children, ranging in age from 14 to 18.

It may not be relevant  to mention this but I feel some context is essential.

There are people out there loving on a psychopathic fictional character.

I am one of those people. Sorry.

“Why?” I hear you ask? “Why are you attracted to an evil, unattractive - to many - fictional character?!”

Meh. It’s complicated.

The main point, I feel, is that he’s FICTIONAL. I’m not some lonely woman writing to serial killers on death row because they’re misunderstood  babies who just need the love of a good woman - those are real men who have done terrible things to real people to satisfy some godawful urge they felt. They did unforgivable things to make themselves feel better.

Lucas Baker is just a face - the lovely Baptiste Parisi - a voice - Jesse Pimental - and a collection of pixels. He is not a real person. Therefore, he can be whatever we want him to be.

Evil? Psycho? Murderer?

Nope. He just never met ME. Things would have been different if he’d known me. My cuddliness would have been his redemption.

Hey, he’s fictional. Who the fuck knows his backstory? Who cares? He’s ours. He can be who we want. He’s my fuckdoll, my grateful sex slave, my perverted master, my lonely loser. Whatever.

I’ve  a long history  of obsessions with fictional bad guys. Show me a photo of Tom Hardy and I’m indifferent. Show me a pic of Darth Vader, Jason Voorhees or Freddy Kreuger and I’ll  have them doing my dishes in a frilly apron in my head before the picture has left my line of vision.

You’re fictional? Yeah, you’re mine, bitch. You’re whatever I want. Lucas, come and cuddle. You’ve been waiting for some love, and I’m just the woman to give it to you……💜💜

Thomas turns into a baby.
  • <p> <b>Alby:</b> Newt, where the Shuck did you get that baby from?<p/><b>Newt:</b> He was lying in Thomas's hammock, and I can't find Thomas anywhere!<p/><b>Minho:</b> Well he seems to really like you. Hey, he kinda looks like Thomas.<p/><b>Gally:</b> A baby? What in the world? Let me see! *Gally takes the baby* Ouch he bit me! What's wrong with this kid!<p/><b>Minho *takes the baby*:</b> Well, he likes me as well. Yep this is definitely Thomas.<p/><b>Y/N:</b> Awww! Who's this baby! let me carry him! *takes baby Thomas*.Hmm, he's touching my breasts, I wonder if he's hungry.<p/><b>Minho:</b> .....<p/><b>Newt:</b> Give me the shank Y/N.<p/></p>
TW Episode 1.10 “This Date Became Really Creepy Fast”

Melissa suddenly buying a clue that perhaps she should have gotten to know who the man was before getting into a car with him.

Peter upped the creepy factor here. Even I stared, “Peter, No baby. Who taught you how to flirt with women?”

Cannot do this without showing Peter’s crazy Alpha Face.

Stiles, I’m going to crash your car so you don’t make out with anyone else and have werewolf babies, Stilinski.

Nice One.

Scott finally impresses Peter, but it doesn’t end up in Scott’s favor and he has to go rescue Jackson. Still don’t understand why Derek was okay with killing Jackson but idk. That whole scene confused me and that’s another story. 

Poor Melissa doesn’t get her date.

I  love how Stiles flails in this scene trying to get Melissa away from Peter. But then, he can’t help but stare.

Melissa: Damnit. He was cute too. A little creepy, but cute.  (Wait until Season Six)

Stiles: Yes he is.

Melissa: What? 

Stiles: Did I say that Out Loud?  Oops.

Peter: I heard you Stiles, but we’ll discuss that later.  I have things to do and  people to kill. Hold that thought.

Stiles: “…”

I’m an autistic, mentally ill baby radfem who’d like to connect with other disabled, neurodivergent and mentally ill radfems. If you are a disabled/mentally ill/neurodivergent radfem, please like and/or reblog this post so that I can make sure to follow you 💕 (Neurotypical/ablebodied people are welcome to boost this post so that the people I’m looking for got a chance of seeing it, just remember to note that you’re neurotypical and ablebodied in the tags or in a comment.)

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Oh my god I was extremely tired I meant "I think Dazai's kid is pretty scared of Fukuzawa and Kunikida but loves to pull Tanizaki's red hairs and Atsushi's longer strand" sorry T~T

[It’s okay, but, this does make a more sense lol] Dazai’s baby is notorious for pulling hair, jewelry and hair pieces, really, anything they can get their tiny baby hands on. Junichiro avoids holding them for fear that they’ll rip out more of his hair… Atsushi, however… Atsushi never seems to learn his lesson. In terms of who the baby is scared of, Kunikida is up there, but, they also seem to like it when he carries them around, and Fukuzawa is a real pushover when it comes to the baby.

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Kakasaku pls :)

Send me a ship and I’ll tell you…

who’s the cuddler:  Kakashi teasing sakura to give him more hugs and kisses is a thing

who makes the bed: ehm kakashi ehm

who wakes up first:  sakura to train

who has the weird taste in music: both have normal tastes

who is more protective:  Kakashi cuz poor baby he has lost almost everyone dear to him , poor baby

who sings in the shower: sakura bae

who cries during movies:  sakura while kakashi teases her for doing so

who spends the most while out shopping:  No one of them actually

who kisses more roughly: kakashi ofc

who is more dominate : Sakura because of her character

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Also this stupid mutsuki vs touka now? what? Like as if its not obvious how this will go down touken will end up destroying the 'devil' that is mutsuki with the power of boobs and love like saiko and end up hapily ever after or whatever

lmao Mutsuki is going to die, and Touka who’s just been off doing whatever is gonna get with Kaneki.

They’re gonna make one quarter ghoul babies who’re stronger than half ghouls.

These quarter ghouls are gonna “change this cruel world.”

And they’ll be named Arima, Furuta, and Hideyoshi.


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baby + nick amaro please :))

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You never pegged Nick as the type who was good with babies. But once again, Nick Amaro was out to prove you wrong. He knew just how to hold Noah. Knew just what to do to make the toddler smile and laugh. It was a whole other side of Nick you’ve never seen before.

As your partner glanced over, he noticed you watching and his smile widened. “He’s pretty cute, huh?”

Nick’s words snapped you back into reality, and you realized that maybe you were watching him, and not Noah. Blushing, you straightened up. “I didn’t know you were so good with kids.”

Nick threw you a look. “‘Course I am. I have Zara, don’t I?”

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