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Deftones - Around The Fur Cover Girl Lisa M. Hughes in 1997 and more recently in 2015. The album cover was shot by photographer Rick Kosick during a late-night party in Seattle where the band was recording. Upon seeing the candid photo, the band proclaimed that they wanted to use it as the album cover. Kosick was unsure who the girl was, so the band had to find out and track down the woman (Lisa M. Hughes) to obtain her permission to use the photo, which she eventually granted.

Why you need to watch David Tennant in “Richard II”

So David Tennant’s performance as Richard II in 2013 is the best thing ever, an instant camp classic, and the production is gay Shakespeare fanfic and you need to watch it now.

Tennant’s look in this production is David Bowie on the Man Who Sold The World album cover, also Stevie Nicks meets Sexy Jesus, and his performance is King Joffrey meets Bette Davis in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, which is ethereal transcendence.

The best part of all is that Tennant got ACTUAL HAIR EXTENSIONS for the role. No cheap wig for a true diva. Here he is with it braided:

He looks like Kate Bush in the “Hammer Horror” video. The hair is so fucking glorious. His hair is better than 90% of humanity’s

But the thing that makes the production itself, and not just Tennant’s gloriousness, seminal, is the gay fanfic subplot the director stuck in there between Richard and his Hot Cousin

Just when you’re thinking, “I could do a queer reading of this,” they actually make out, which is not in the play:

And the director (on the far right, below) looks like a sexy Slavoj Zizek so you can just picture Sexy Zizek rubbing his hands together plotting how to piss off Shakespeare purists with gay fanfic

So in short this is the best thing ever, especially because it got a critic to write this:


The album Hide bought in the 3rd novel. It’s Backstreet Boys‘. Yes.

In all 6 stories of the novel there are little drawings in the corner of the page (+ the index). For the second story, Kaneki and Hide’s, the picture was one of Kaneki’s books and the CD Hide wants to buy in the story:


(The album was released in 2001 so maybe this is when the story took place?) No, the numbers don’t add up, so it’s definitely later.

Guess what’s this album’s first song? I Want It That Way.

And the best part is Hide got the CD with the special edition poster.

Guys, I love the “Jingle Bell ga Tomaranai” album cover so much because LOOK AT THEIR ACCESSORIES:

The third-years are the only year group with matching hats. But not only that - Kanan and Mari have hair clips that are similar to Dia’s! Also:

Yoshiko doesn’t even have bangs that require a hair clip, BUT SHE PUT ONE ON ANYWAY TO MATCH WITH MARU BLESS THIS CHILD


Nick Drake’s 3rd and final studio album was released on 25 February 1972. It was the only album to be released in the US during Drake’s life.

Disappointed with his first 2 albums, Drake decided that he didn’t want any other musicians on his next effort. Pink Moon was recorded in 2 late night sessions in October 1971, with only Drake and engineer/producer John Wood in the studio.

The label wanted to include Drake’s photo on the album, but the images Keith Morris (who had taken the cover photo for Bryter Layter) took of Drake showed a hunched figure with blank expression that the label deemed unusable. Island’s creative director Annie Sullivan then went to talk with Drake about what images to use for the cover, and found him uninterested to the point he didn’t speak. “I knew the album was called Pink Moon, and I can’t remember how he conveyed it, whether he wrote it down,” said Sullivan, “ but he wanted a pink moon. He couldn’t tell me what he wanted, but I had ‘pink moon’ to go on.” Sullivan selected artwork by Michael Trevithick, who was a friend of Drake’s sister, Gabrielle.

Island’s entire promotional budget was spent on full-page advertisements in all major music magazines. It didn’t help sales, nor did almost universal critical acclaim.

‘’The song ‘’Dirt’’ was written to a certain person who basically buried my ass, so the woman on the album cover is kinda the portrayal of that person, being sucked down into the dirt (laughs), instead of me. The picture is the spitting image of  her, and that wasn’t even planned. Actually, I was pretty angry about it when I first saw it  - she’s not happy about it either (laughs). It was real eerie.’’

~ Layne Staley