the whitest kids u know




Whitest Kids U’ Know: Abe Lincoln

One of my favourite “The Whitest Kids U’ Know” sketch.


this perfectly captures the feeling of not wanting to tell a doctor how shitty your habits are because you want to appear to be a normal functioning human being but you just cant help being so absolutely irresponsible with your life


Whitest Kids U Know - Senator Clint Web, the archetype of politicians.

“We can piggy back some of our states legitimate needs onto my unquenchable lust for self glorification, and thats a promise”



“Dinosaur Rap” - The Whitest Kids U’ Know

Dear Friday afternoon: Thank you for existing.


I saw the Whitest Kids U Know on 6/13/13, and managed to take some photos.

I took them with my ipod touch, so you’re gonna get what you pay for in terms of photo quality, but here are some of the ones that came out surprisingly okay.