the white tide


23 photos from Trump’s first 100 days show the true power of the Resistance

  • The day of President Donald Trump’s inauguration wasn’t just the beginning of an unprecedented presidency. It was the launch of one of the most sustained protest movements in American history.
  • Over the past 100 days, immigrant communities showed the force of their protest, anti-fascists have lashed out violently at the rising tide of white supremacy and anti-war coalitions long dead have come to life with renewed interest and energy.
  • Here is a concise look back at some of the most significant marches, disruptions and protests that pushed back against Trump’s agenda at every opportunity. Read more. (4/29/17, 10:55AM)

The Trump administration has pulled funding from a group that fights white extremism

  • Fighting right-wing extremism takes work — resources, research, experienced counselors who can speak to those entrenched in hate-based communities, and a network that can help those trying to escape.
  • The Department of Justice stopped funding Life After Hate on Friday, quietly taking the group off the list of organizations that receive grants for fighting violent extremism. 
  • The Obama administration had promised $400,000 to the group, which provides a pipeline for those who want to escape violent white supremacist and reform their lives. 
  • Now, that money is off the table for the only group on the list that worked to stem the tide of white supremacist violence. Read more (6/23/17)