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I was tagged by @banana-beeeeean

Star Sign: Aquarius

Height: 5'1

Time Right Now: 10:32 p.m

Last Thing Googled: How to spell aquarius lol

Favourite Music Artist: Lady Gaga and Chance the Rapper

Last Movie Watched: Dear White People (finally)

Last TV Show Watched: I’m currently watching law & order svu

What am I wearing right now: A turtleneck and leggings

When did I create my blog? This one I’ve had probably for about 4 years, but my first tumblr was started in 2010

What kind of stuff do I post? Aesthetic-y stuff?

Do i have any other blogs? Nope

Do i get asks regularly? Not really

Why did i choose my URL? It’s a lyric from Tennis Court by Lorde and I really liked the song at the time (and still today). I don’t know how what I would chance it to today.

Gender: Female

Pokemon Team: IDK?

Favourite Colour: Green

Average Hours Sleep: About 9 hours is ideal

Lucky Numbers: 21! (it’s also my gf’s fav number)

Favourite Characters: Also IDK

How many blankets do i sleep with: 1-2

Dream Job: Teaching people (who are interested) about nutrition and how to ENJOY healthy eating (i’m actually a RD and have a four year degree not just someone that really likes “healthy living/clean eating/etc” so im really trying to do this like fr)

i tag @genderbandit @badgyal-k @therantingsofafunnelcakelover @survivalofking @boatengtings @ru-kah @gatita-jotita and thats all i feel like tagging rn cause im not able to focus rn